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Careers with a Degree in Engineering Science


Careers with a Degree in Engineering Science document sample

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									                                                   What can I do with a
                                         DEGREE IN ENGINEERING?
                                       The University of Georgia Career Center
                                    Clark Howell Hall, 542-3375,
                             Faculty of Engineering, 706-542-8855,

                  The information below describes typical occupations and employers associated with this major.
                        Understand that some of the options listed below may require additional training.
                   Moreover, you are not limited to these options alone when choosing a possible career path.

Description of Major
Engineering is about creating new solutions to existing or future problems. Engineers are problem solvers who employ science, math,
analysis and synthesis to design unique and practical solutions to everyday problems. They must accomplish this often under the
constraints of time, budgets, and safety and health issues. Engineers also must be concerned about the environmental, political and
social impact their answers will create. Under the Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering degree, students may choose
engineering fields of study in biomedical, environmental and bioprocessing. The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
degree is actually a General Engineering degree program and students have alternatives in computer systems engineering,
electrical/electronic systems, engineering physics, mechanical systems, natural resource management, process operations and
structural systems.

Job Titles of Engineering Graduates
(*As reported by Career Center post-graduate survey)
Application Engineer*                     Food Engineer*                                     Project Engineer*
Associate Planner*                        Illuminating Engineer                              QC Lab Technician*
Biomedical Engineer*                      Manufacturing Engineer*                            Research Engineer*
Civil Engineer*                           Mechanical Engineer*                               Sales Engineer
Conservation Engineer*                    Molding Analysis Engineer                          Service Manager*
Controls Engineer*                        Node Specialist*                                   Software Engineer
Design Engineer*                          Packaging Engineer                                 Systems Engineer*
Distribution Engineer*                    Pharmaceutical Engineer*                           Task Engineer*
Electrical Engineer*                      Plant Process Engineer*                            Test Engineer
Environmental Engineer*                   Process Engineer*                                  Trust Designer*
Fleet Engineer*                           Product Application Engineer

To research careers of interest, you may want to visit these web sites:
Georgia Career Information Center (accessible only on campus computers)
O*NET (click on Find Occupations)
Occupational Outlook Handbook (type in general term for career of interest)
Alberta Occupational Profiles (click on Occupational Title Search)
*Please visit the Career Center Library or your Career Consultant if you need additional information or assistance.

Employment Settings of Engineering Graduates
(*Jobs as reported by Career Center post-graduate survey)
Bechtel*                                    Fowler Products*                                 Milliken Industries
Bell South Communications*                  Georgia Power Company*                           Pierson Land Surveyors*
Brock Design Group*                         John Deere*                                      Proctor & Gamble
Carter & Sloope, Inc.*                      Jordan, Jones, & Goulding*                       Reliance Electric
City of Gainesville*                        Kelly Manufacturing*                             River Construction*
ConAgra, Inc.*                              Load Star*                                       Robins Air Force Base*
Cryolife, Inc.*                             Logic Technologies                               Rockwell Automation*
Dynamco*                                    Lowe Engineers, Inc.*                            Savannah River Nuclear Solutions*
EMC Corporation*                            Lummus*                                          Siemens*
FAA*                                        Merck & Company*                                 Stork Gamco Co.*
Food Machinery Service*                     Michelin Tire Company*                           Trident Environmental*

Career Center Library Resources for Engineering Majors
Careers in Focus: Engineering by Ferguson
Great Jobs for Engineering Majors by Garner, Geraldine O.
Metro Atlanta BioScience Industry and Georgia Company Directory by Metro Atlanta BioScience Council
Job Opportunities in Engineering and Computer Science by Peterson
Campus Resources
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences-

Clubs & Organizations:
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, & Air Conditioning Engineering
Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Society of Women Engineers

        Obtain related experience through co-op or internships for business/industry-related career.
        Develop strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
        Learn federal, state, and local government job application procedures.
        Learn to work well within a team.
        Develop physical stamina for outdoor work.
        Get experience in organizing and directing workers and materials.

Employment Websites
UGA DAWGlink (

Making the Difference (Federal Jobs & Internships)

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

ASABE Career Center

Engineering Jobs, Job Source, Technical Jobs

Additional Resources
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Institute of Biological Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

American Society of Civil Engineers

Society of Women Engineers

Agriculture Future of America


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