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									Winter 2007-08                                                                    Volume 44.1

                 S AN D IEGO C HAPTER
                     N EWSLETTER
            Message from Chapter President
                                                                  SAVE THE DATE!
    We have been notified by RMA National that the
    San Diego Chapter was a gold star chapter for
    last year! Please join me in congratulating Stan         San Diego Dinner Meeting
    Cruse and the 2006 – 2007 board for their

    In case you’ve missed our first two dinner              Joint Meeting with California
    meetings, we had wonderful programs with Gary
    London of the London Group and Rich Benard             Society of CPA’s and Financial
    from the Midway Museum. We learned that San                 Women International
    Diego is in a better position to weather the current
    softening economy, having successfully
    diversified after the last downtown in the
    80’s/‘90s, but look for continued softening             Wednesday January 9, 2008
    throughout 2008. We also learned that a non-
    profit with the right product can be very
                                                                       Guest Speaker:
    successful and very profitable in a very short             Dr. Stephen Happel, Economist,
    period of time. What a wonderful history and
    landmark we have in the Midway Museum.
                                                                   Arizona State University
    January will be the joint meeting with the CPAs &
    FWI. We will have a repeat visit from Dr.
    Stephen Happel, an economist from Arizona State          National Economic Trends
    University. Come and laugh through economics
    as you’ve never heard it before (unless you were
    there last May)! We also have Bob Zadek on tap         2007-2008 Remaining Dinner Programs
    for March to talk about Commercial Loan
    documentation issues. Both of these programs
    offer excellent speakers with a wealth of take
                                                                General Membership Meeting # 4
    home information.
                                                                        March 12, 2008
    Next time you see a board member, please thank
    them for their service to the San Diego Chapter of         Bob Zadek, Esquire (tentative)
    RMA….as the pay for the job is lousy….and they         Commercial Lending Documentation Pitfalls
    really work hard to create a vibrant chapter with
    successful programs.
                                                                General Membership Meeting # 5
    Best wishes for the upcoming Holiday Season.                         May 14, 2008
    See you all January 9, 2008.
                                                                  Bank CEO Panel Discussion
    Gail Jensen-Bigknife
    Chapter President
                                                                          Seven Laws of Satisfaction

          Educational Program Series                            These customer-satisfaction rules will keep you
                                                                ahead of your competition:
                                                                −   Treat the customers you have as though
      •   January 16, 2008 Structuring                              they’re prospects.
          Commercial Loans                                      −   View customers as partner’s⎯members of
      •   February 20, 2008 Fundamentals of                         your team.
          Financial Statement Analysis
      •   March 19, 2008 Beginning Cash Flow                    −   Consider recruitment as serious
          Concepts                                                  business⎯hire only the best.
      •   April 16, 2008 Problem Loan                           −   Give your staff members the tools they need to
          workouts                                                  build skills and develop as professionals.
                                                                    Evaluate them on what they accomplish, not
    More information on the Educational Series                      hours worked.
              will be coming shortly
                                                                −   Prepare for the inevitable conflicts that arise in
                                                                    any customer relationship. It’s how you handle
                                                                    a problem that sets one professional or
Managing Your Time:                                                 organization apart.
Gain against Procrastination
                                                                −   Foster exchanges among your organization’s
Every time you push back a deadline or submit                       groups and individuals to get their ideas on
late work, you lose ground in your campaign to                      how to better satisfy customers.
present a competent and professional image.
                                                                                       From Communication Briefings
Fight back with these tactics:
-    Take small steps. Start by focusing on a
     single task at a time instead of the broader and               RMA Audioconference Series
     possibly overwhelmingly large project.
-    Ask for advice. Don’t delay work on a project                   Lending and Risk Management Series
     because you feel that you are in over your
     head. Seek out colleagues with expertise in                January 8, 2008 – Credit Review Today
     that area and ask them for information and                 February 5, 2008 – Best Practices in Small
     advice.                                                       Business Lending Today
-    Chart your progress. Create a visual guide                 March 11, 2008 – Compliance Issues for
     to motivate you as you progress through the                   Commercial Lenders and Risk Officers
     task. Examples: a checked-off “to do” list or a            May 6, 2008 – State of the Commercial Real
     progress graph that lets you see all that you                 Estate Market
     have accomplished.
             Adapted from “Put off Procrastination for Good,”                Community Bank Series
                   Christine Zust, www.emergingleader.com
                                                                December 11, 2007 – Commercial Real Estate
                                                                   Portfolio Management: Managing Commercial
CREDIT RISK CERTIFICATION (CRC)                                    Real Estate Risk in Community Banks
What a difference certification can make, especially
                                                                February 12, 2008 – Lending/Credit Issues for the
when it represents RMA's stamp of approval. Consider
obtaining a Credit Risk Certification from RMA.                    Next 18 Months
                                                                April 15, 2008 – Implementing a Dual Risk-Rating
For more information on our CRC program, please go                 System at a Community Bank
to our Web site:
                   www.rmahq.org                                June 10, 2008 – Regulatory Update with Senior
                                                                   Regulators from the FDIC, Federal Reserve,
                                                                   and OCC
Time: All audioconferences will be held at 1:00 p.m. (ET),     Treasurer
10:00 a.m. (PT).                                               Tom Schmidt
Fees: Multiple listeners are permitted free on the same line   Comerica Bank
(include as many officers as can fit around your               350 Tenth Ave, Ste 700
speakerphone). Information: 1-800-677-7621
                                                               San Diego, Ca 92101
RMA Members: $400 for all five audioconferences or $120
for each selected audioconference (per telephone line).        tjschmidt@comerica.com
Nonmembers: $600 for all five audioconferences or $180 for
each selected audioconference (per telephone line).            Directors – 1 year
                                                               Brian J. Smith
                                                               Security Business Bank
           RMA Officers 2007-2008                              2701 Loker Ave., West, #150
                                                               Carlsbad, Ca. 92008
President                                                      760-448-8308
Gail Jensen-Bigknife                                           bsmith@securitybusinessbank.com
Security Business Bank
701 “B” Street, Ste. 100                                       Directors – 1 year
San Diego, Ca. 92101                                           Monte Schwartz
619-237-4806                                                   Regents Bank
gjbigknife@securitybusinessbank.com                            875 Prospect St., Ste. 201
                                                               La Jolla, Ca. 92037
Immediate Past President                                       858-729-7710
Stan Cruse                                                     mschwartz@regentsbank.com
Pacific Coast National Bank
905 Calle Amanecer, Ste 100                                    Directors – 2 years
San Clemente, Ca 92673                                         Harvey Friedman
scruse@pacificcoastnationalbank.com                            San Diego National Bank
                                                               1420 Kettner Blvd.
First Vice President                                           San Diego, Ca. 92101
Gerry Veal                                                     619-744-2144
Pacific Western Bank                                           hfriedman@sdnb.com
401 West A Street ,2nd Floor
San Diego, Ca 92101                                            Directors – 2 years
619-338-1408                                                   Marvin Groner
gveal@pwbonline.com                                            California Southern SBDC
                                                               600 B Street, Ste 2450
Second Vice President                                          San Diego, Ca 92101
Kristine Price                                                 619-232-7771
Torrey Pines Bank                                              mgroner@casouth.com
12220 El Camino Real.#100
San Diego, Ca 92130                                            Committee Chairs
kprice@torreypinesbank.com                                     Audit Chair
                                                               Rick King
Secretary                                                      Regents Bank
Kim Tronerud-Coy                                               501 W. Broadway, Ste. 550
Security Business Bank of San Diego                            San Diego, Ca. 92101
701 B Street, Ste 100                                          619-233-4900
San Diego, Ca 92130                                            rking@regentsbank.com
Communications Chair
Brian J. Smith
Security Business Bank
2701 Loker Ave West #150
Carlsbad, Ca. 92008

Education Chair
Chris Burr
Security Business Bank
12770 High Bluff Dr., Ste. 180
San Diego, Ca. 92130

Facilities Chair
Joel Ewan
California Bank & Trust
4320 La Jolla Village Dr., Ste. 355
San Diego, Ca. 92122

Membership Chair
Gil Evans
Vision Capital Corp.
16935 West Bernardo Dr., Ste. 150
San Diego, Ca. 92127

Program Chair
Louis F. Cumming
5440 Westknoll Dr.
La Jolla, Ca. 92037

Our chapter presents opportunities for
individuals to get involved. Chapters rely on
the talents of volunteers to stage many of their
programs, conduct membership development
efforts, and promote the ideals of the
Association. To find out more about how you
can get involved in our chapter call any board
member listed above.

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