Help for Small Businesses in Pittsburgh

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					  Resources for
 Small Businesses
  Carnegie Library
   of Pittsburgh

Micro2Millions Symposium
    February 20, 2010
Karen Rossi
  Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -
    Downtown & Business
• What can the Library do
  for entrepreneurs?

• How do you access
  Library resources?
  What are the Library’s
     resources for
•Online databases
•Business Plans & Profiles Index
•Government websites
•Trade associations
•Marketing plans
•International business
How do you access Library
• Visit 612 Smithfield Street
  – Expert librarians are the best search
  – Weekly free Business Program series
  – SCORE counselors
• Visit
• BizNews monthly e-newsletter
• Call 412.281.7141
           If you are:
• Entrepreneur
  – Start new business
• Experienced entrepreneur
  – Growth / expansion
  – Marketing
• Small established business
  – Growth and management

         We can help!
What can the Library do for

• Information and search experts
• Skilled at helping you find
  information to:
  – start
  – grow
  – market
  – manage
Your library card is the key
•   Allegheny County resident
•   Out-of-county with local library card
•   Photo ID
•   Proof of permanent address
•   Free!
Library research resources
     for entrepreneurs

• Business tools and research

• Business online databases
         Business Plan

• Business Plans & Profiles Index

• Business Plans Handbook,
  rq HD62.7 B865
    Products & Services
What features and benefits are
 customers seeking?

• Small Business Sourcebook
  rqHD2346.U5 S66
• Business and Company Resource
  Center database
       Market Analysis:
      Industry Overview

What does the industry look like?
• Post-Gazette database
  Pgh Tribune-Review
  Pgh Business Times
• Associations Unlimited database
• Professional trade associations
       Market Analysis:

Who is doing what you are doing?

• Reference USA database
• Dun & Bradstreet’s Million Dollar
      Market Analysis:
      Market Segments
Who will buy your product or service?

• U.S. census data
• Reference USA database
  – U.S. Residential module
• Demographics USA 2008: County,
 rqHC110 C6 S847
      Market Analysis:
     Marketing Strategies
How do you convince customers to
  buy from you?
• Marketing plan
• Instant Marketing for Almost Free, Susan
  J. Benjamin HF5415.B4292
• Know Your Market, David B. Frigstad
  qHF5415.2 F73
• Tips and Traps for Marketing your
  Business, Scott Cooper HF5415.C588
    Price and Profitability:
      Pricing Strategies

How much will they pay?
• Online databases
• Professional trade associations
• The Art of Pricing: How to Find the
  Hidden Profits to Grow Your
  Business, by Rafi Mohammed
  HF5416.5 M64
    Price and Profitability:
          Cash Flow

How profitable is this business?

• Annual Statement Studies:
  Financial Ratio Benchmarks
  rqHF5681. B2 R6
• Professional trade associations
      3 key concepts:

• ____________________________

• ____________________________

• ____________________________
Contact information
• Karen Rossi
  Manager, Downtown & Business

  612 Smithfield Street
  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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