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         Application: 2008

    DUE DATE:           25 JULY 2008

             Alabama A&M University
                Auburn University
               Tuske gee University
            The University of Alabama
       University of Alabama at Birmingham
        University of Alabama in Huntsville
           University of South Ala bama

                 Alabama EPSCoR
    Alabama A&M University Researc h Institute
        Buchana n Way, Ca rnegie Building
                  P. O. Box 313
             Norma l, AL 35762-0313
              Phone: 256-372-8703
                            Table of Contents


Request for Proposals                                   2

General Guidelines                                      2
      Eligible Applicants                               2
      Grant Applications                                2
      Proposal Evaluation Process                       2
      Application Deadline and Announcement of Awards   3
      Awards                                            3
      Grant Renewal Applications                        4

Grant Coordination and Administration                   4
      Responsibilities of Campus Coordinators           4
      Responsibilities of Faculty Advisors              4
      Directory of EPSCoR Contacts                      5

     A:    Application/Cover Sheet                      6
      B:       Content and Format of Proposals          8
      C:       GRSP Brochure Data Collection Template   10
     Alabama EPSCoR Graduate Research Scholars


The Graduate Research Scholars Program (GRSP) is designed to strengthen and enhance
the research capacity of member institutions of the Alabama Experimental Program to
Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR).      A significant goal of the GRSP is to position
these institutions to be more competitive in attracting eminent senior faculty and as well as
to prepare graduate students for careers in disciplines related to science and engineering.

The Alabama EPSCoR GRSP was established in 2006 with funding through the Alabama
State Legislature with a $1 million increase in the Alabama EPSCoR line item appropriation
to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.         Initially the funding was targeted to
support graduate students contributing to the research of the four (4) Centers of Excellence
funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Infrastructure Improvement Award (RII2).
Due to the initial success of the program and w ith continued legislative funding in FY 2007-
2008, the program was expanded to include qualified students at all Alabama EPSCoR
universities whose proposed research or field of study and career interests were congruent
with the funded science and technology programs of the NSF, Depart ment of Energy (DOE),
National Aeronautics Space Administration NASA), U.S. Depart ment of Agriculture (USDA),
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Depart ment of Defense (DOD). In accord with
the intent of the legislative appropriation, this expanded effort not only establishes a
resource base to attract distinguished faculty and researchers, but also addresses the
economic need for a highly trained workforce to ensure the growth of emerging technology

While the GRSP is an invest ment in Alabama EPSCoR universities, students who receive
support through the GRSP do not incur formal obligations to the State of Alabama. Alabama
is best served, however, if graduates from the program pursue f urther stud ies or careers in
this state within disciplines relevant to EPSCoR funded science and technology programs.

   Inquires regarding the program should be addressed to the Alabama EPSCoR
                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

The Alabama EPSCoR invites all eligible graduate students to submit applications for the
Graduate Research Scholars Program (GRSP). This program supports research at the seven
(7) member institutions congruent with sponsored research by the NSF, DOE, NASA, USDA,
EPA and DOD.

                              GENERAL GUIDELINES

Eligible Applicants

1)   Full-time graduate students enrolled at Alabama EPSCoR voting member institutions;
2)   Full-time graduate student s from non- member Alabama EPSCoR voting institutions
     provided applicants are able to meet the entrance requirements of the member
     institutions at which the applicants propose to study; or
3)   Beginning graduate students who have achieved a minimum general GRE total score
     of 1300 (old scale) and GPA of 3.0.

Grant Applications

Applications for the GRSP may be submitted at any stage of the applicant’s graduate career
or prior to completion of an undergraduate degree.        Applications are submitted to the
Campus Coordinator of the Alabama EPSCoR institution of choice. See Appendix B for
Content and Format of Proposals.

Proposal Evaluation Process

A preliminary screening of applications will be conducted by a review team at each
institution led by the Campus Coordinator to determine:

1)   The academic qualifications of the applicant (GPA and GRE scores);
2)   The quality of the proposed research program or plan of study and its relevance to
     Alabama EPSCoR funded programs;
3)   The interdisciplinary nature of the proposed program;
4)   The prospects for completion of the project within the allotted time; and
6)   An assessment of the applicant’s       motivation toward a career in science and
     technology in Alabama.

Proposal Evaluation Process (cont’d):

Follow ing the initial screening, t he Campus Coordinator will forward t he ratings as well as
hard copies and PDF versions of applications to the Alabama EPSCoR Executive Director for
tabulation and classif ication within one week after the due date. Ratings w ill be reviewed by
a team consisting of the Executive Director of Alabama EPSCoR Prog ram and the Campus
Coordinators from the seven (7) member institutions.         Applicants for the GRSP w ill be
considered for appointment without regard to race, creed, national origin, age , or handicap.

Application Deadline and Announcement of Awards

Deadline for submission of applications to the Campus Coordinator is 25 July 2008.     Awards
will be announced in August 2008, with a proposed start date on 1 September 2008. Late
submissions w ill not be accepted.


The stipend awarded is $25,000 for twelve (12) months.      Recipients are expected to devote
full time to graduate study and research during the tenure of the award. Awards may be
renewed each year, w ithin an individual completion time limit of thirty-six (36) months and
are subject to the availability of GRSP funds.      The member institution may choose to
supplement this award.

Recipients of awards are expected to present research work, publish in peer reviewed
journals, attend and present a paper at one annual state or national EPSCoR meet ing during
the period of each twelve (12) month award and submit a final report on the research
conducted. The final report is due one (1) month prior to the termination of the award and
prior to the release of the final award payment. Work with local government and industry
and outreach activities are encouraged to the extent that such activities do not interfere
with the proposed research.

If a student terminates his/her graduate studies earlier than anticipated, the student’s
stipend is terminated. Any unused funds are returned to the Alabama EPSCoR Office by the
Campus Coordinator.

Grant Renewal Applications

Grant renewals are not automatic. Requests for renewals are submitted to the appropriate
Campus Coordinator by completing the GRSP application and reinitiating the competitive
proposal review process.     In addition to the proposal requirements (See Appendix B:
Content and Format of Proposals) renewal applications should       include a brief statement
outlining the progress and status of the research program or plan of study, documentation
of accomplishments, any changes f rom the original proposed research, original official
transcript and two letters of recommendation from faculty personnel.

           Grant Coordination and Administration

GRSP grants are administered by the Alabama EPSCoR Office in collaboration with faculty
advisors and Campus Coordinators from each of the EPSCoR member universities.

Responsibilities of Campus Coordinators:

       Serve as points of contact among students, their advisors, and the EPSCoR office;
       Disseminate information from the EPSCoR office;
       Collect, evaluate, and rank GRSP applications as well as ensure the accuracy of
        information provided by each student on the application form;
       Account for the expenditure of award funds; and
       Prepare and submit required reports; i.e., Faculty Advisor Report, etc.

The names and addresses of these individuals are provided in the Directory of Alabama
EPSCOR Contacts on page 5.

Responsibilities of Faculty Advisors: EPSCoR Investigators supervising the GRSP awardees
monitor the progress of the research conducted and prepare an annual report for each
grant recipient on academic progress.      The annual report is submitted to the Campus
Coordinator’s office within thirty (30) days of completion of the student’s study and
research program. The report must include the degree granted, the employment or career
plans of the student, and other results of the student’s experience, e.g., awards and
honors, research performed, reports or articles published, thesis, etc.

                                          Manageme nt a nd Administration

     The Alabama EPSCoR program is composed of seven (7) Ph.D. granting universities in the
     State of Alabama: Alabama A&M University, Auburn University, Tuskegee University, The
     University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama in
     Huntsville, and University of South Alabama.

     The Alabama EPSCoR Executive Director and the Campus Coordinator on each of the seven
     (7) campuses constitute the Management Team. Their contact information is as follows:

                                        Daryush ILA, Exec utive Director
                                                 Alabama EPSCoR
                                    Alabama A&M University Research Institution
                                                   P.O. Box 313
                                             Normal, AL 35762-0313
                                             Phone: (256)372-8703
                                               Fax: (256)372-8708
                                          Email: ILA@AAMURI.AAMU.EDU

                                               Campus Coordinators

Frank Bartol                Chris Lawson                             Anup Sharma                   John Wiest
Auburn University           University of Alabama at Birmingham      Alabama A&M University        The University of Alabama
Auburn University, AL 36849 Birmingham, AL 35294-0107                Normal, AL 35762              Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
(334)844-1506               (205)975-5059                            (256)372-8102                 (205)348-1727                 

Mahesh Hosur                   Ed Meehan                             John Steadman
Tuskegee University            University of Alabama in Huntsville   The University of South Alabama
Tuskegee, AL 36088             Huntsville, AL 35899                  Mobile, AL 36688-0002
(334)724-4220                  (256)824-6533                         (251)460-6140          

                                   Alabama EPSCoR Stee ring Committee

Dr. B. Keith Harrison, Chair                 Mr. David Echols                          Dr. Joe Benson
University of South Alabama                  Alabama Development Office                The University of Alabama
Mobile, AL                                   Montgomery, AL                            Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Elizabeth French, Vice Chair             Dr. Richard B. Marchase                   Dr. John Christy
Alabama Commission on Higher Education       University of Alabama at Birmingham       University of Alabama in Huntsville
Montgomery, AL                               Birmingham, AL                            Huntsville, AL

Dr. Teresa Merriweather-Orok                 Dr. Gregory G. Fitch                      Mr. Bill Johnson
Alabama A&M University                       Alabama Commission on Higher Education    Alabama Department of Economic
Normal, AL                                   Montgomery, AL                            and Community Affairs

Dr. Shaik Jeelani                            Ms. Angela Wier
Tuskegee University                          Economic Development Partnership of
Tuskegee, AL                                 Alabama
                                             Birmingham, AL
Dr. Ralph Zee
Auburn University                            The Honorable Steve French
Auburn University, AL                        Alabama State Senate
                                             Montgomery, AL

                                           Appendix A
                    Alabama EPSCoR, Graduate Research Scholars Program
                                    Application/Cover Sheet
                                Proposal Due by 25 July 2008
Submit proposal to:
Appropriate Campus Coordinator of member institutions (for address, see instructions)
Student Name ____________________________________ Birthday _________________
                (Last/First /Middle Initial)
Place of Birth____________________________________
Local Address______________________________________ Phone __________________
Permanent Address _________________________________ Phone __________________
E-mail Address _____________________________ _______________________________
High School _________________________ County/City/State/Zip ___________________
Undergraduate University___________________ GPA ____________ Scale ____________
Graduate GPA__________ Scale _______ GRE: Analytical_______ Verbal ____________
Quantitative __________________________
Target Degree ___________________________ Discipline Major_____________________
Expected Graduation Date ______________________ __
Faculty Advisor (EPSCoR PIs only)_____________ Dept. __________ Phone ____________
Advisor E- mail Address ______________________________________________________
New submission ___ renewal ___Proposed starting or renewal date ____________
Stipend requested ___________________
Area of study/proposed thesis or dissertation topic:
Campus to which this proposal is being submitted (check only one):
________   Alabama A&M University            ________ University of Alabama at Birmingham
________   Auburn University           ________ University of Alabama at Huntsville
________   Tuskegee University         ________ University of South Alabama
________   The University of Alabama
In order to determine the degree to which members of the diverse segments of the
population are reached by this announcement, so that all persons are afforded an equal
opportunity for consideration, Alabama EPSCoR requests that you fill in the appropriate
block(s). Completion of this part of the application is voluntary.
□ Male □ Female □ Minority: □ Yes □ No (Check on box) □ Hispanic □ American Indian
□ African American □ Other (Specify)_____________
I certify that I am or will be a full-time graduate student at ________________________
(name of institution) during the period covered in the attached proposal.

_______________________ _____________          _________________________ ________________
Applicant Signature        Date                      Campus Coordinator      Phone No
_______________________ _____________          _________________________ ________________
Department Head/Advisor   Phone No.               Graduate Dean              Phone No.

______________________________________ _____________________
Research Administrator (if applicable)  Phone No.

                                       Appendix B

                        Content and Format of Proposals


Applicant must submit two (2) hard copies of the GRSP Proposal and a third version in PDF
format (less than 0.5MB).

GRSP Proposal Che cklist

   Application/Cover Sheet (see Appendix A)
   Abstract
   Description of Proposed Research
   Schedule and Milestones
   Personal References
   Resumes of Applicant and Faculty Advisor
   Official Transcript and Copy of GRE Scores
   Graduate Scholar Prof ile (see Appendix C)


Proposals must be submitted to the Campus Coordinator at the applicant’s home institution
or Alabama EPSCoR institution of choice where the applicant intends to complete his/her
graduate studies. The hard copy bearing original, certifying signatures should be marked:
ORIGINAL.                            Deadline for receipt of proposals is 25 July 2008.

(Late submissions and supplemental materials subm itted beyond the deadline for receipt of
                               proposals are not considered.)

Explanation of Requested Items

Application: See Appendix A

Abstract:   An abstract not to exceed four hundred (400) words should describe the
objectives of the proposed research program or plan of study and the methodology to be

Description of Proposed Research: A full statement prepared by the student which identifies
and relates the key elements of the proposed research and plan of s tudy is required. The
statement should describe the background, relevance, and objectives of the proposed
research and study as well as the interdisciplinary nature of the studies and the relationship
to science and technology issues of EPSCoR funded projects.        A few technical references
may be included in this section.

Schedule and Milestones:     The starting and completion dates for the proposed research
program and plan of study, including the expected date for completion of the formal degree
program should be identif ied realistically.   Any time expected to be spent at a federal
research laboratory sho uld be taken into consideration in establishing the target dates.

Personal References: The EPSCoR funded faculty advisor must provide a recommendation
as to the acceptability of the student for the program, a clear statement of the advisor’s
willingness to supervise the student, and the nature of any past or present experience with
the student. A second letter of recommendation must also be provided. T he letters should
be addressed to the Campus Coordinator.

Resume:    A brief resume of the applicant must be included with the proposal.       It should
include a short summary of education, training and accomplishments.

Official Transcript/GRE Scores: One original, official copy of the most current transcript and
a copy of the applicant’s GRE scores must be attached; additional transcripts may be

    Questions regarding the proposal process should be directed to the Campus

                                       Appendix C

                       Graduate Research Scholar Profile

In the event, your proposal is funded, the information requested below w ill be included in a
GRSP Brochure for dissemination to various stakeholders in the Alabama EPSCoR Program.

Print neatly or type

1. Full name ______________________________________________________

2. EPSCoR Related Center/Funding Agency______________________________


3. EPSCoR Institution of Choice _______________________________________

4. Expected Graduate Degree/Date ____________________________________

5. Graduate Field of Study ___________________________________________

6. Broad Objective of Research _______________________________________


7. Brief Research Abstract ___________________________________________

(Use additional page if necessary)

8. Future Plans upon Graduation ______________________________________


9. Email Address __________________________________________________

10. Mentor’s contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail)

Upon receiving an award you must submit two (2) recent photos of yourself: 1) head shot,
approximately 1.75 inches wide x 2” tall; 2) research related photograph should be 3.5”
square; this could be in a lab or in a research setting. Both photos should be high quality of
at least 300dpi (dots per inch) in a jpeg file sent to the Alabama EPSCoR Office.


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