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									                                                      List of Alert/Funding Websites
  National Tender Alerts          Local/Regional Tender Alerts            Example Funders                      Funding Finders                   Advice Sites

  National Tender Alerts
Website                                Organisation     Organisational Information / Publicity                                        Type of Alert   Cost   AMSAN            Amsan Business Solutions is an independently owned Scottish company           Tender Alerts   Annual Subscriptions:
aspx?gclid=CMPTgIKK9J8CFSUulAodn2S     Business         established in 2006 to operate in the Tender Alerts and Tender                and             Public Sector
bYg                                    Solutions        Compilations sphere.                                                          Procurement     Regional Low £99 +VAT
                                                                                                                                      Consultancy     Regional High £169 + VAT
                                                                                                                                                      Countrywide Low £235 +VAT
                                                                                                                                                      Countrywide High £430 +VAT
                                                                                                                                                      Global High £669 +VAT
                                                                                                                                                      Private Sector
                                                                                                                                                      All £1,500 + VAT          b2b              Provides a ‘business to business’ portal website for both buyers and          Tender Alerts   All prices exclude VAT.
                                                        suppliers. It states that it also provides public sector alerts.                              Suppliers who want to quote for
                                                                                                                                                      projects and receive daily
                                                                                                                                                      tenders and quick quotes pay an
                                                                                                                                                      annual subscription of £99.00
                                                                                                                                                      and an admin fee of £25.00.
                                                                                                                                                      This pricing enables you to
                                                                                                                                                      register for one main supplier
                                                                                                                                                      category enabling you to quote
                                                                                                                                                      for any number of projects,
                                                                                                                                                      receive details of low and high
                                                                                                                                                      value tenders and details of
                                                                                                                                                      'quick quotes' that fall within
                                                                                                                                                      your chosen supplier category. If
                                                                                                                                                      however, you want additional
                                                                                                                                                      supplier categories there will be
                                                                                                                                                      an extra annual cost per supplier
                                                                                                                                                      category of £25.00              Bold-e           Bold-E provides best value services to support the tender fulfilment cycle.   Tender Alerts   Annual subscription is £24.00
                                                                                                                                                      per user
Website                                Organisation    Organisational Information / Publicity                                        Type of Alert   Cost
                                                       These highly configurable services are suitable for use by organisations of                   Each region is charged at an
                                                       all sizes with aims to find new business or conduct effective procurement.                    additional £12.00.
                                                                                                                                                     More than 10 regions is
                                                                                                                                                     discounted to the price of 10
                                                                                                                                                     (Whether VAT included / excluded not
                                                                                                                                                     stated)            CompeteFor      Whilst mainly to ensure the transparency and availability of London 2012      Tender Alerts   Free – maximum of 10 business
                                                       opportunities maximising the number and diversity of businesses                               categories
                                                       contributing to the London 2012 programme, and create a legacy of
                                                       increased capacity and expertise, it also states other major contract
                                                       opportunities   Contraxonline   If your business is looking to win more contracts in England, Contrax can     Tender Alerts   Regional Alerts from £300+VAT
ts_england.shtml                                       help you identify English contract notices and opportunities. With Contrax,                   National Alerts from £960+VAT
                                                       you have the flexibility to choose the option that suits you.                                 UK Magazine from £960+VAT
                                                       Contrax is the most comprehensive source of public sector contracts in
                                                       England. Contrax conducts daily searches through the largest database of                      Year 1 discounts and packages
                                                       open English contract notices and tender opportunities.                                       available
                                                       The new Contrax Alert service delivers contract information and tenders
                                                       direct to your desktop. Create a unique profile using keywords and codes
                                                       that describe your company´s products or services to receive contract
                                                       information that is of specific interest to you. Contrax Alert searches
                                                       through the vast Contrax online database, every working day, and sends
                                                       you all contract information and opportunities that match your unique
                                                       profile. This profile can be amended and refined by you at any time and at
                                                       no additional cost. One of the major benefits of Contrax Alert is that you
                                                       can also subscribe on either a national or a regional basis. You can choose
                                                       to receive contract information from either across the UK and Ireland,
                                                       from the UK only, Ireland only or from the individual countries of the UK.
                                                       This flexibility means that you can choose a product specific to your
                                                       geographical requirements.         CSAS            CSAS manages Access Funds – a UK–wide funding information website.            Tender Alerts   12 month Subscription prices:
                                                       This site aims to provide the latest funding information from Government,     and Funding     Voluntary/Community Group -                           National Lottery, Charitable trusts, and the EU.                              Information     £50 first member from
                                                       Access Funds also contains directories of funding programmes and guides                       organisation
                                                       to funding. Subscribers to Access Funds get the Monthly Bulletin email, an                    Business/Statutory Organisation
Website                                Organisation      Organisational Information / Publicity                                          Type of Alert    Cost
                                                         easy to use round-up of the latest grant programmes. Subscribers can also                        - £60 first member from
                                                         get the Email Alerts Service. This innovative service delivers tailored email                    organisation
                                                         alerts providing the latest funding information.                                                 Subsequent members from
                                                         The CSAS Funding And Development Information Service (FADIS) is                                  organisations can subscribe for
                                                         produced monthly to bring you the latest community safety news.                                  £25.00
                                                                                                                                                          (Whether VAT included / excluded not
                                                                                                                                                          stated)   Children’s        The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) leads change so             Tender Alerts    Free
                                       Workforce         that the thousands of people and volunteers working with children and
                                       Development       young people across England are able to do the best job they possibly can.
                                       Council           We advise and work in partnership with lots of different organisations and
                                                         people who all want the lives of all children and young people to be
                                                         healthy, happy and fulfilling. CWDC is one of the five bodies that make up
                                                         the Sector Skills Council, Skills for Care & Development (SfC&D). Skills for
                                                         Care & Development is one of the 25 Sector Skills Councils that constitute
                                                         the Skills for Business Network (SfB). /      Children &        Children & Young People Now and its associated websites,           Tender Alerts    Free
                                       Young People      and, provide a unique service to managers and senior
                                       Now               practitioners working with children, young people, and their families. They
                                                         bring together children's and youth professionals across health, social
                                                         care, education, childcare, youth work, youth justice and advice &
                                                         guidance for young people.    Dept of Health    This section contains details of DH tendering exercises, as advertised in the   Tender Alerts    Free
curementandproposals/Tenders/Inform                      Official Journal of the European Union (and, where appropriate, in other
ationaboutprocess/index.htm                              publications)             NHS Tenders       NHS Tender Alerts                                                               Tender,          Free
                                                                                                                                         Contract Info,
                                                                                                                                         and notice of
                                                                                                                                         awards                OJwatch Service   Since 1993 more and more companies from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies              Alert Website    From £50 (+VAT) per search for
                                                         have signed up to the OJwatch Service as they became aware of the                                a one-off search for non-
                                                         business opportunities on offer in the public sector and wanted to avoid                         subscribers who wish to find a
                                                         the chore of having to search for them in the Official Journal of the                            notice that has already been
                                                         European Union (OJEU). The OJEU is the most reliable source of                                   published.
                                                         information if you are looking for public sector business. It is published                       To £600 (+VAT) per year for all
                                                         daily and hundreds of new tenders are added every day. Searching it can                          relevant notices, for a single
Website                         Organisation     Organisational Information / Publicity                                        Type of Alert   Cost
                                                 be tedious, time-consuming and error prone and expertise is required to                       search routed to one email
                                                 find the tenders you want. The OJwatch Service has that expertise and a                       circulation list. This includes
                                                 great deal of experience in finding the right tenders for you.                                calls for tender, PINS (and
                                                                                                                                               contract awards if you want
                                                                                                                                               them).   Public Tenders brings you all of the latest public sector tender           Tender,         Free
                                                 announcements - access to UK tenders is FREE of charge. We've organised       Contract
                                                 public tenders by main lines of business such as Education, ICT and           Information,
                                                 Transport (to the left), and also by UK region (to the right).                and notice of
                                                                                                                               award   QSL Tenders      The EU Public Procurement Directives require all public sector bodies to      Tender Alert    4 weeks FREE Trial to discover
                                                 provide details of tenders and contract opportunities to be published in                      the many outstanding tender
                                                 the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU OJEC TED).                                   opportunities available.
                                                 QSL is an official OJEU licensee. This means we can alert you the moment                      If you choose to continue, our
                                                 your new tenders are published. Members also have unlimited access to                         comprehensive service costs just
                                                 our database containing every single (above threshold) UK and EU public                       £695 (incl. VAT) for 12 months -
                                                 sector tender. Plus, our in-house research team deliver thousands of                          less than £2 a day. Most
                                                 private sector tender opportunities to members every year.                                    members receive over £1
                                                                                                                                               million+ of tenders (combined
                                                                                                                                               value) during their membership       Launched in June 2006, is the only official government         Tender Alerts   Contract Alert service – annual
                                                 lower-value contract opportunity portal, created specifically to provide                      subscription costs
                                                 small businesses with visibility of public sector contract opportunities                      You can upgrade your level of
                                                 typically below £100,000.                                                                     service to receive lower-value
                                                 The portal is the first major initiative to unite buyers and suppliers in a                   alert notification (contracts
                                                 single location, making it easier for business and government to work                         typically below£100k) in a wider
                                                 together. Since its launch, has provided small businesses                      geographic location.
                                                 throughout the UK with visibility of in excess of 150,000 contract                            To be notified of lower-value
                                                 opportunities nationwide.                                                                     contracts within your Daily
                                        is FREE for public sector buyers to advertise lower-value                      Email Alert, annual subscription
                                                 contract notices and FREE for private sector suppliers to access UK-wide                      costs include:
                                                 lower-value contracts via the Online Contract Search. Suppliers can                               Lower-value Contract Alert
                                                 additionally benefit from the Contract Alert service in a free location of                                  service
                                                 their choice.
                                                                                                                                                Subscriptio Search  Alert
                                                 The Contract Alert is an annual subscription-based service
                                                                                                                                                  n Type    Online Package
                                                 which provides quick, hassle-free notification of new contract
Website                                Organisation    Organisational Information / Publicity                                           Type of Alert   Cost
                                                       opportunities via a Daily Email Alert – delivered each working day, directly                     Local
                                                       to your inbox.                                                                                                 free      free
                                                       Contract Alert Packages                                                                          Regional      free      £70
                                                       Two alert packages, based on the value of the contract results you wish to
                                                       be notified of by your Contract Alert service, are available.                                    Home
                                                                                                                                                                      free      £99
                                                       1. Lower-value alert notification (contracts typically below £100k)                              Country
                                                       2. High and lower-value online access and alert notification (All contract                        National      free      £180
                                                            values)                                                                                     Alternatively to receive both
                                                       Subscription Types                                                                               lower and high-value contract
                                                       Three types of subscriptions are available, to determine the geographic                          notification (all contract values)
                                                       reach of your Contract Alert service.                                                            within your Daily Email Alert,
                                                       Options include:                                                                                 annual subscription costs
                                                            1. Regional                                                                                 include:
                                                            2. Home Country                                                                              High and Lower-value Contract
                                                            3. National                                                                                            Alert service
                                                       Once you have selected your free local alert location during registration
                                                                                                                                                        Subscriptio Search  Alert
                                                       e.g. East Anglia
                                                                                                                                                          n Type    Online Package
                                                        You can then choose to upgrade to receive the Contract Alert service
                                                            in either;                                                                                  Local
                                                                                                                                                                      free*     free*
                                                        The Region surrounding your free location e.g. East of England;                                Location
                                                            Home Country surrounding your free location e.g. England;                                   Regional      £145
                                                        National – the whole of the UK                                                                 Home
                                                                                                                                                        National      £750   Supply2health   NHS Supply2Health is an online resource that advertises opportunities to         Alert Site      Free
ult.aspx                                               provide Part B clinical services commissioned by the NHS in England.
                                                       You will also be able to find details on this site of contracts that have been
                                                       NHS Supply2Health lets you
                                                            search for opportunities for Part B clinical services announced by
                                                                NHS service commissioners in England
                                                            find information about NHS contracts awarded for Part B clinical
                                                                services in England        Tender Alerts   WMCCM Tenders is a source for public and private procurement                     Tender Alerts   Free
                                                       opportunities within the UK.
Website                                Organisation       Organisational Information / Publicity                                         Type of Alert   Cost
                                                          The site provides easy-to-use Internet access to bidding opportunities with
                                                          a facility to submit electronic responses.                Tenders Direct     Tenders Direct is a specialised tender information service, providing          Tender Alerts   A yearly subscription to Tenders
                                                          accurate tender email alerts and advanced tender search facilities. We                         Direct is £750
                                                          have developed a unique categorisation system to ensure you only receive                       (Whether VAT included / excluded not
                                                          relevant tenders, and combined with the expertise of our profiling team,
                                                          we provide you with the most accurate service available in the market.   Tenders            TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the 'Supplement to     Public          Free
ED/editorial_page.htm&DataFlow=Sho     Electronic Daily   the Official Journal of the European Union', dedicated to European public      Procurement
wPage.dfl&StatLang=EN                                     procurement.
                                                          TED provides free access to business opportunities. It is updated five times
                                                          a week with approximately 1500 public procurement notices from the
                                                          European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond.
                                                          You can browse, search and sort procurement notices by country, region,
                                                          business sector and more.
http://www.tender-                     Tender Service     Tender Service provides you with Europe’s most comprehensive tender            Tender Alerts   From £24 +VAT per month for                                   database with a special focus on UK. It is the only place where you can find                   one search profile to £74 for 10
                                                          business opportunities below the EU-wide publication limit of 206.000                          profiles
                                                          Euro from 18 countries. We monitor and search contract opportunities
                                                          from more than 1,000 different sources, saving you time and money.                             14 day free trial
                                                          Actual contract opportunities - based on your individual needs - sent to
                                                          you by email.          Tracker            Tracker will allow you to locate, quickly and easily, those tenders and        Tender Alerts   From £980 +VAT per year
                                       (Tendermatch)      contracts most appropriate to your business, giving you the information to
                                                          tender for these works effectively. Tracker (Tendermatch) can identify                         1 month free trial
                                                          tenders within every market sector including cleaning contracts,
                                                          construction contracts, engineering contracts and NHS tenders.
  Local/Regional Tender Alerts
  National Tender Alerts             Local/Regional Tender Alerts               Example Funders                      Funding Finders                    Advice Sites

Website                                  Organisation                                                                                        Type of Alert    Cost
https://www.businessportal.southeastie   Business Portal -   Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership                                 Contract         Free                                South East          The Portal is designed to allow the sharing of information about existing       Portal – South
                                                             contracts (Contract Store) and forthcoming tendering opportunities              East England
                                                             (Opportunities) across the 74 councils* and 9 fire & rescue services of the
                                                             south east region.       Fit4funding         fit4funding is nationally recognised as a quality provider of training on all   Tender Alerts    If you are willing to take up free
tenders/lsc-introduction/                                    aspects of fundraising and commissioning involving Third Sector                 -Yorkshire and   associate membership of
                                                             organisations. It is the link between national and local in funding advice      Humber           fit4funding you can take
                                                             and works across the UK, although its main focus is in West Yorkshire.          Region           advantage of low Special rates:
                                                             History                                                                         Specific          Standard subscription sent
                                                             Originally established in 1981 as The Charities Information Bureau, the                                by e-mail £35
                                                             organisation provided coordinated funding advice, training and                                    Individual organisations (for
                                                             information across West Yorkshire. As the range of services and activities                             their own use) sent by e-
                                                             expanded, the name, fit4funding, was adopted in 2006. It is a registered                               mail £25
                                                             charity and Company Limited by Guarantee with national objectives.                               Alternatively the following rates
                                                                                                                                                               Standard subscription - sent
                                                                                                                                                                    by e-mail £50
                                                                                                                                                               Second/Third recipient at
                                                                                                                                                                    same organisation sent by
                                                                                                                                                                    e-mail free
                                                                                                                                                               Corporate rate for any
                                                                                                                                                                    number of recipients at
                                                                                                                                                                    organisation sent by e-mail-
                                                                                                                                                              Prospective subscribers receive
                                                                                                                                                              two free copies of the current
                                                                                                                                                              and next available newsletter
                                                                                                                                                              You will be left on the mailing
                                                                                                                                                              list for the subsequent issue and
                                                                                                                                                              then invited to subscribe.
Website                                Organisation                                                                                   Type of Alert    Cost   I&DeA            Access to the 9 regional RIEPs (Regional Improvement and Efficiency           Regional RIEP    Free
.do?pageId=9165078                                      Partnerships)                                                                 website
                                                        RIEPs have evolved differently to reflect the needs, priorities and make-up   access
                                                        of each region. But there are a number of core functions that are common
                                                        to all. These are to:
                                                              act as a hub to coordinate and focus resources on supporting
                                                                  councils and partners to deliver excellent local area agreement
                                                                  (LAA) outcomes
                                                              support improvement and help local authorities to accelerate and
                                                                  add to their efficiency savings
                                                              support councils in their response to the economic downturn
                                                              identify and share good practice and stimulate innovation.
                                                        They also help councils with particular performance issues by establishing
                                                        strong local partnerships and working with national bodies such as the
                                                        IDeA as well as government offices and inspectorates. This ensures that
                                                        resources are dedicated to prevention and support, particularly peer
                                                        support, thereby avoiding government intervention.     London Borough   Provides advice and support for Third Sector organisations.                   Alert site and   Free
y/advice/tsfunding/                    of Croydon                                                                                     funding
                                                                                                                                      opportunities                Funds in Leeds   This website is provided for all those in the Leeds Metropolitan District     Alert Site       Free
                                                        who are looking for ways to fund voluntary and community activities.
                                                        Please use the 'Help and Advice' section of this website for all the
                                                        background information about the funding application process you may
                                                        need. If you go to the Regional Tab and select West Yorkshire, you will see
                                                        a range of organisations that can provide practical help and advice. You
                                                        will also see details of funding that is available for groups in Leeds.                ICAM2            ICAM 2 is a local business support project which is funded by the European    Procurement      Free
                                       London           Regional Development Fund and the London Borough of Camden and                Alerts and
                                       Boroughs of      which is open to businesses based in the London Boroughs of Camden and        support
                                       Camden and       Islington.
                                       Islington   London Tenders   As part of the governments initiative to implement e-procurement, you         Tender Alert     Free
tract/supplier.nsf/frm_home?openForm                    can now register free to an electronic system which will allow you to         Portal
                                                        tender for public sector contracts
Website                                  Organisation                                                                                      Type of Alert   Cost       London Borough     Merton Council Funding Streams - there are a number of funding                 Funding         Free
/voluntary_community_sector_support/     of Merton          opportunities that voluntary sector groups can apply for.                      Opportunities
http://www.publiccontractsscotland.go    Public Contracts   This portal gives free access to contract opportunities in Scotland            Alert Site      Free                                    Scotland           Find details of contracts with Scottish Local Authorities, NHS Scotland, the
                                                            Scottish Government, Agencies and NDPBs, Higher and Further Education
                                                            and Emergency Services by browsing the available contracts. You can also
                                                            register to receive free e-mail alerts.                  SCMS               Supplier and Contract Management System (SCMS), the new procurement            Procurement     Free
                                                            website for the Councils within the Yorkshire and the Humber region.           Website
                                                            This website has been introduced by the Yorkshire and the Humber Centre
                                                            of Excellence (YHCoE), and is designed to give you (suppliers, contractors,
                                                            consultants, service providers, etc.) the information you need to be able to
                                                            trade more easily with the Councils in the region.
                                                            In addition to providing guidance and advice in all matters relating to the
                                                            procurement processes Councils currently use, it also gives you direct
                                                            access to a wide variety of procurement opportunities across the region.   Welsh Assembly     The Welsh Assembly Government offers a wide range of grants to                 Funding Alert   Free
ommunity/grants/;jsessionid=6LvKLhNC                        organisations across Wales such as local authorities, Community Safety
WxVTq1zBD8p9mTvKR9J5cts4mWVxVR                              Partnerships and the voluntary sector.
12tmp510KH4Nkq!2138048893?lang=en                           The grants are used to deliver services that meet the needs of the public in
                                                            Wales, such as improving housing, reducing homelessness, promoting
                                                            community safety and regenerating areas of deprivation.
                                                            This section outlines the grant funding available through the Welsh
                                                            Assembly Government to address issues of housing and community
                                                            regeneration. Information is also provided on how organisations can
                                                            access and apply for this funding.
  Example Funders
  National Tender Alerts          Local/Regional Tender Alerts             Example Funders                      Funding Finders                     Advice Sites

Website                                 Organisation                                                                                    Type of Alert     Cost   Comic Relief     Comic Relief helps some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in        Funder            Free
a_grant                                                  the world to turn their lives around. We do this by giving all the money the
                                                         public raise to charitable projects across the UK and some of the poorest
                                                         countries in the world, especially Africa
                                                         We have selected a number of focus areas for 2009-2012 which build on
                                                         our previous knowledge and experience. We are also investing in strategic
                                                         work that complements these programmes (details in the full strategy).
                                                             Mental Health
                                                             Domestic and Sexual Abuse
                                                             Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women
                                                             Sport for Change
                                                             Young People aged 11-25:
                                                                    o Young People Facing Sexual Exploitation or Trafficking
                                                                    o Young People with Alcohol problems
                                                                    o Young People with Mental Health Problems
                                                             Local Communities (managed by the Community Foundation
                                                             Older People
http://www.socialinvestmentbusiness.o   Futurebuilders   The Social Investment Business is the largest social investor in the UK. We    Social Investor   Free
rg/feasabilitygrants6/                                   bring finance, knowledge and expertise to help third sector organisations
                                                         thrive – improving their infrastructure, increasing their capacity, helping
                                                         them bid for, and win, public service contracts.
                                                         We do this by bringing together capital, support and long-term strategic
                                                         thinking. The Funds we manage total over £400 million, our dedicated
                                                         business support unit provides over £2 million of specialist business
                                                         support a year and our third sector consortia company, 3SC, bids for and
                                                         manages large public sector contracts exclusively using third sector
                                                         The Social Investment Business is the trading name for Futurebuilders
                                                         England Fund Management Limited and was set up in 2009.
Website                                Organisation                                                                                    Type of Alert   Cost                Joseph             The JRCT makes grants to individuals and to projects seeking the creation    Funder          Free
                                       Rowntree           of a peaceful world, political equality and social justice.
                                       Charitable Trust       The Scottish Government is supporting the Third Sector with £93 million of   Funder          Free
ople/15300/funding                                        funding over the next three years.
                                                          Funding will be available through the:
                                                            * Scottish Investment Fund
                                                            * Third Sector Enterprise Fund
                                                            * Social Entrepreneurs Fund
    Funding Finders
    National Tender Alerts            Local/Regional Tender Alerts             Example Funders                    Funding Finders                       Advice Sites

Website                                  Organisation                                                                                   Type of Alert      Cost                           Clinks           GRANTnet is a funding database which enables voluntary sector                 Grant finder       Annual Fees - MEMBER
                                                          organisations to search for funding specific to your area of work. From                          Volunteer-run organisations:-
                                                          core costs and building repairs, through to project costs and workforce                          FREE
                                                          development; GRANTnet holds over 4,000 UK and EU funding                                         Fewer than 10 paid staff:- £25
                                                          programmes.                                                                                      per annum
                                                          The database is updated on a fortnightly basis, by a dedicated team of 16                        10 to 20 paid staff:- £50 per
                                                          full time researchers. These researchers report on Government                                    annum
                                                          departments, local authorities, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors.                        More than 20 paid staff:- £75
                                                          As well as grants, they report information on loans, venture capital and                         per annum
                                                          advisory programmes.                                                                             (Whether VAT included / excluded not
                                                                                                                                                           stated)      Community        Community foundations are charities located across the UK dedicated to        Fund               Free
.uk/                                     Foundations      strengthening local communities, creating opportunities and tackling          Management
                                                          issues of disadvantage and exclusion.                                         and Advice
                                                          Community foundations target grants that make a genuine difference to
                                                          the lives of local people. They manage funds donated by individuals and
                                                          organisations, building endowment and acting as the vital link between
                                                          donors and local needs, connecting people with causes, and enabling
                                                          clients to achieve far more than they could ever by themselves.
                                                          Community foundations provide professional and personalised
                                                          philanthropic advice and grant portfolio development for each client.      Company Giving   A comprehensive database of company support available to voluntary and        Corporate          From £245.00 + VAT for one
ault.aspx                                                 community organisations. This database contains all those companies in        Funders            user - 12 months
                                                          The Guide to UK Company Giving, as well as newly discovered large givers.
                                                          Over 500 companies are featured on this site, giving over £290 million in
                                                          cash donations and more in other forms of community support.
                                                          Entries contain full details on the various giving methods (cash donations,
                                                          in-kind support, employee-lead support, sponsorship and commercially-
                                                          led support), describing both what the company is prepared to fund and
                                                          the organisations it has supported in the past. Contact details, exclusions
                                                          and the application processes are listed alongside financial details of the
                                                          company and its number of employees.
Website                                    Organisation                                                                                     Type of Alert   Cost   DirectGov         Main site:                               Grant Finder    Free
me=Find%20out%20about%20grants%2                             Grants and Funding Advice:
ons           Funder Finder     FunderFinder is a small UK charity producing online and offline                Grant Finder    You can buy an annual
                                                             applications, mainly for grant-seekers based in the UK. Some of the things                     subscription (from £185 +VAT)
                                                             we produce are free, some cost - though many people use the software                           or you can buy online access to
                                                             we sell through a library or resource agency.                                                  our products for 24 hours at a
                                                             We specialise in information and advice about charitable trusts and                            time - only £5.50 for PIN, £10 for
                                                             foundations that fund in the UK.                                                               GIN
                                                             If you want charitable grants for an organisation or group, our GIN
                                                             application should be able to help. If you’re looking for money for yourself
                                                             or someone in need, look at PIN.                  Funding Central   Is a free smart website for all third sector organisations, including          Funding         Free
                                                             community groups, providing access to thousands of funding and finance         Finder
                                                             opportunities, plus a wealth of tools and resources supporting
                                                             organisations to develop sustainable income strategies appropriate to
                                                             their needs.         Funding           Detailed news and information about new sources of funding for all those       Funding         1. The Professional service
                                           Information       involved in raising money for not for profit organisations throughout the      Finder          provides full access for up to 2
                                                             UK.                                                                                            users and costs £300.00 plus
                                                                                                                                                            VAT (total £345.00).
                                                             A subscription news and information service about raising funds. It tracks                     2. The Professional Plus
                                                             information about funding from grant-making trusts, companies,                                 subscription provides full access
                                                             European funds, government schemes and National Lottery Boards.                                for up to 8 users and costs
                                                             Regularly updated, the annual subscription starts at £100 + VAT for small                      £550.00 plus VAT (total
                                                             organisations.                                                                                 £632.50).
                                                                                                                                                            3. The Professional Plus2
                                                                                                                                                            subscription provides full access
                                                                                                                                                            for up to 15 users and costs
                                                                                                                                                            £1000.00 plus VAT (total
                                                                                                                                                            4. If your organisation has an
                                                                                                                                                            annual income of less than
                                                                                                                                                            £50,000 there is a special
Website                                  Organisation                                                                                    Type of Alert   Cost
                                                                                                                                                         reduced subscription rate of
                                                                                                                                                         just £100.00 plus VAT (£115.00).
                                                                                                                                                         (All subscriptions last one year
                                                                                                                                                         from receipt of payment).      Government       Search for funding for the voluntary and community sector from 150 Local       Grant Finder    The cost of a single user
t.aspx                                   Funding          Authorities. This site is your online portal to grants for the voluntary and         
                                                          community sector from the following funders:                                                   subscription for voluntary
                                                               Local Authorities                                                                        organisations is £195 + VAT
                                                               Regional Government                                                                      (£229.13). However, costs
                                                               Central Government                                                                       depend upon the type of
                                                               Independent Grant Administrators                                                         organisation you are, and the
                                                               European Sources                                                                         number of licences you would
                                                                                                                                                         like to purchase.   Grants4          Grants4 is a new and innovative service that enables local organisations       Grants Portal   Free
sp                                                        such as community and voluntary groups, social enterprises, local
                                                          partnerships and local businesses to search for and identify relevant grant
                                                          funding sources.
                                                          Grants4 is designed to work in conjunction with Local Authority
                                                          Community, Regeneration and Economic Development services.           GRANTfinder      GRANTfinder is the UK's leading grants and policy database and includes        Grant Finder    Subscription prices on
                                                          details in excess of 6,000 funding opportunities. Our services include                         application
                                                          access to: a flexibly searchable database; Newsflash service; deadlines
                                                          listing; and Research Help Desk. What's more, our information is
                                                          continuously updated. GRANTfinder subscribers include: local authorities;
                                                          the voluntary and charitable sector; universities and colleges; housing
                                                          associations; the health sector; and business support organisations.                 GRANTnet (from   GRANTnet, a straightforward FREE-to-use service from GRANTfinder, can          Grant Finder    Free
                                         GRANTfinder)     help small businesses, charitable and community groups like yours to find
                                                          suitable funding. Presented in the format of an online, step-by-step
                                                          questionnaire, GRANTnet enables you to identify and select only funding
                                                          schemes and awards that are appropriate for your project. The
                                                          information on GRANTnet comprises in excess of 5,000 funding schemes
                                                          that are available in the UK from European and national sources, directed
                                                          at the public, private, charitable, and voluntary and community sectors.                   J4B              Comprehensive grant information for the UK & Ireland.                          Grant Finder    Free with subscriptions from
                                                          Over 4,500 financial programs researched with daily updates.                                   £49
Website                                   Organisation                                                                                   Type of Alert      Cost
Also:                                                      Covering European, national government and lottery funding plus regional                         (Whether VAT included / excluded not
                                                                                                                                                            stated)                                    and local funding.
                                                           Find Grants, Loans, Tax Relief, Venture Capital and Awards to support your
                                                           organisation.          Trust Funding    Trustfunding details all trusts featured in DSC publications including the    Trust Finder       From £245.00 + VAT for one
                                                           Directory of Grant-Making Trusts and the Guide to the Major Trusts                               user - 12 months
                                                           Volumes 1 & 2. It is updated regularly throughout the year.
                                                           It includes information on around 4,400 grant-making trusts with a total of
                                                           over £3.1 billion a year.       London Borough   This page allows you to search for government, Lottery or trust funding       Funding            Free
ngey1/O4Schemes.aspx?WCI=htmsche          of Haringey      which may be relevant to your community or voluntary organisation.            Search Site
mesearch                                                   Simply select from the options below to describe your organisation and
                                                           click the Search button to see a personalised list of possible funding

    Advice/Support Sites
    National Tender Alerts          Local/Regional Tender Alerts                 Example Funders                     Funding Finders                     Advice Sites

Website                                 Organisation                                                                                     Type of Alert      Cost                            Association of   ACF (Association of Charitable Foundations) is the leading membership         Provides           Free
                                          Charitable       association for trusts and foundations in the UK with over 300 members        advice to
                                          Foundations      ranging in size from small and local grant-makers to some of the world's      grant seekers
                                                           largest foundations. Through our services to members we provide a
                                                           framework in which trusts and foundations can learn from each other's
                                                           experience, explore matters of common concern and achieve good practice
                                                           in grant-making. The Association of Charitable Foundations is primarily an
                                                           information and support organisation for grant-making trusts and
                                                           foundations in the UK. It does not make grants itself, and does not publish
                                                           information beyond what is contained on this website.                       Charity          Information on all charities                                                  Charity            Free                        Commission                                                                                     Information     Finance Hub      The Finance Hub is developing financial sustainability in the Third Sector    Research,          Free
aspa                                                       within England. We are addressing finance matters in the Third Sector         development,
                                                           through the delivery of an integrated programme of research,                  training and
Website                                  Organisation                                                                                        Type of Alert   Cost
                                                            development, training and information dissemination.                             info
                                                            Set up as part of the government’s ChangeUp programme, funded by
                                                            Capacitybuilders to increase capacity in the sector, it is one of six National
                                                            Hubs offering support and information.              Fundraising UK   Fundraising UK Ltd is a commercial UK Internet fundraising consultancy..         Fundraising     Some information available free,
                                           Ltd              Fundraising UK Ltd is the UK's leading Internet fundraising consultancy.         Info and        including Fundraising News a
                                                            Founded in 1996 by Howard Lake, it helps charities in the UK and                 support         fortnightly e newsletter
                                                            internationally to use the Internet as a fundraising tool to enhance and
                                                            extend their existing fundraising activities. It also advises for-profit
                                                            companies that provide services and products to fundraisers, helping them
                                                            use the Internet to enhance their business.
                                                            Fundraising UK Ltd offers a unique perspective on Internet fundraising. It is
                                                            the product both of Howard Lake's pioneering 1992-95 research into the
                                                            use of the Internet by charity fundraisers and of his experience from 1988
                                                            as a professional fundraiser with Oxfam GB, Afghanaid, and Amnesty
                                                            International UK. Fundraising UK Ltd is a limited liability company
                                                            incorporated in England with registered number 3170187.                      Government       GO magazine is the leading authority on all issues relating to public            Procurement     Free
                                           Opportunities    procurement, and is essential reading for anyone involved in this sector -       magazine
                                                            whether buying or supplying.               GuideStar        Comprehensive information about every charity - from the largest national        Information     Free
                                                            charity to the thousands of small charities that are active in every             on Charities
                                                            community.          Heart of the     Heart of the City’s mission is to help businesses in the City and City fringes   Support         Free
                                           City (London)    to learn from one another how to develop voluntary and socially
                                                            responsible programmes in the community.
                                                            We do this through a FREE programme of support for businesses wanting to
                                                            develop or expand their existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
                                                            programme.     NHS              NHS Institute Alert is a current awareness bulletin, highlighting latest         Research        Free
general/nhs_institute_alert_home.html      Commissioning    research and opinion to NHS staff working in the areas of innovation             Alerts
                                           Alert            and improvement. The aim is to improve practice by raising awareness of
                                                            the latest evidence.               Supply London    Supply London is a practical programme designed to provide relevant, in-         SME Support     Free
                                                            depth support to London's Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to
                                                            maximise their potential of winning new contracts with a specific focus on
Website                               Organisation                                                                                         Type of Alert   Cost
                                                          public sector procurement.                   The Compact       This website explores the Compact, the longstanding agreement that sets          Advice on       Free
                                                          out shared principles and guidelines for effective partnership working           Compact
and                                                       between government and the third sector in England.
                                                          Here, you can find out about the work of key organisations associated with                       the Compact, read about current policy and research work and the latest
ation/100024/regions/                                     news, download useful documents and guidance, and share examples of
                                                          good practice taking place in Local Compacts. The regional section includes
                                                          examples of Local Compact under each region.
http://www.socialinvestmentbusiness.o   Third Sector      Third Sector Consortia Management LLP (3SC) bids for large public sector         Consortia       Free
rg/our-services/3sc/                    Consortia (3SC)   contracts on behalf of third sector delivery organisations. It has been set up   bidding
                                                          as a partnership made up of third sector organisations with expertise in the
                                                          bidding process, as well as those experienced in the direct delivery of public
                                                          services. The Social Investment Business is a founding partner of 3SC   Third Sector      Third Sector is the UK’s leading publication for everyone who needs to           Publication     Free
ising/                                                    know what’s going on in the voluntary and not-for-profit sector.
                                                          Each day provides the latest news, and readers can sign
                                                          up for free daily email updates. The site also offers subscribers a
                                                          comprehensive resources section giving case studies and expert advice to
                                                          help them do their jobs better. Other features include a detailed event
                                                          listing giving details of the most important conferences, seminars and
                                                          training sessions in the voluntary sector and a searchable archive of past
                                                          Third Sector articles.            Third Sector      Third Sector Prospect is a research consultancy which specialises in the         Funding         Free
                                        Prospect          resources and funding of the third sector. Its track record includes surveys,    Research
                                                          policy and strategy review, market research and intelligence.
                                  Prospect          resources and funding of the third sector. Its track record includes surveys,    Research
                                                            policy and strategy review, market r esearch and intelligence.

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