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									                                The Title I Connection
                             Volume 1 Issue 12                                                              November 12, 2009
                                                                McMillan Learning Center
                                                              Escambia County School District        National No Known Celebration Day
                                                                                                          (I had to make this one up)
Marcia Nowlin, Director

                                            An Unexpected Hol IDA y!!
    Points of Interest
      We did not have a
     “Fine Print Contest”
      winner last week.
 Information on the Internet
  was misleading. Construc-
tion for Bailey Middle School
began in 1993 and the school
       opened in 1995.
 So, the coveted gold Presi-
  dential Dollar coin will be
added to this week’s prize for
       the FP contest!!
   You have to know your
  directions for this week’s              Superintendant Thomas made                   and McMillan staff who came Mon-
          question.                   the announcement that Escambia                   day to cover computers, shut down
     You can’t win if you             County Schools would be closed as                power and make other needed
         don’t enter!!                a precaution to the arrival of Hurri-            storm preparations for our facility.
  Websites to Investigate:            cane/Tropical Storm Ida. The un-                 Tropical Storm Ida made landfall at
                                      certainty of the path, threat of tor-            Dauphin Island, Alabama at 6:40        nadoes, and unusual formation this               Tuesday morning.
      chudler/works.html              late in the hurricane season made                   Please save the plastic sheeting
   Exploring the nervous              this decision very necessary.                    used to cover some computers and
     system with kids!                    Monday was a day of storm                    other equipment. The large black
                                      preparation both for the school dis-             plastic bags may be returned to the
    Ron Clark’s Rule # 35             trict and individuals at home. A                 office. Let Ed Seitz know if you have
 If someone drops something           very special Thank You to the Title I            any computer problems.
     and you are close to it,
           pick it up..
                                         Rose Thompkins, our day custodian, daughter’s home burned down last Thursday,
                                      November 5, 2009. Rose's daughter, Kheliliah Thompkins and her four children are in
 A “Quote” Worth Quoting:             need of clothes and monetary gifts to help with their loss. Donations of any kind will
                                      be greatly appreciated and may be brought to the Title I administrative office.
    “Live your life so that you       Their ages and clothing sizes are listed below.
   would not be ashamed to sell
                                                 Family/Age               Shirt            Pants         Shoe
             the family parrot to
                                                 Mom/32                   2x or 24          24Tall       10 Men or 12 Women
              the town gossip”                   Son/12                   2x                38           10 Men
                   – Will Rogers                 Son/8                    L (Men)           20           6 or 6 1/2
                                                 Son/5                    10 (Youth)         8           13 1/2 (Youth)
                                                 Daughter/4               6/7               5/6          11 1/2 (Youth)
                                                                                                                 Thank You!!
                                                The Title I Connection                                                                 Page 2

                                         Thanksgiving and You….. Reminder
                  Send in your favorite personal or school related Thanksgiving stories, pictures, quotes, say-
          ings, thoughts, memories, recipes, student lessons and anything else you would like to share for
          the November 19th issue of The Title I Connection.

                                                                                                        E-books Current Best Sellers
         Technology Is Stalking Your Bookcase.                                                        1. The Lost Symbol
   It has already taken over your photo albums and emptied your film canis-                           2. Scarpetta
ters. It overwhelmed your music collection and flooded Goodwill with CD                               3. To Romance a Charming Rogue
towers. It canceled your newspaper subscription. And now, digital evangeli-                           4. The First Apostle
cals believe technology is on the verge of supplanting those dusty, yellowed                          5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
tomes that weigh three times more than an iPod and don't even come with                               6. The Shack
any cool free apps. Sales of electronic books jumped 68.4 % last year and sky-                        7. Bed of Roses
rocketed 177 % to $96.6 million for the year through August. That's not                               8. Angels & Demons
counting the millions downloaded for free at public libraries, where e-books                          9. The Dutiful Rake
are fast becoming one of the most popular features. And, Amazon has said                              10. How to Make Anyone Fall in
that its e-book reader, the Kindle, has become the best-selling product on its                        Love with You
Web site. But despite the staggering growth, e-books remain just a sliver of                          11. Twilight
the overall publishing industry, at 1.5 % of the $6.8 billion in sales this year.                     12. Left To Die
Some experts believe that the $200-plus price tag for e-book readers will                             13. The Art of War
keep the market from exploding the way MP3’s did.                                                     14. How to Tame a Lady
   This holiday season will be a crucial test of whether e-books can cross over                       15. Say You're One of Them
from geeky novelty to mass-market must-have. Major retailers are pushing
the format -- and, of course, the gadgets they've developed to display it.

                                                                                        McMillan Tu
                                                          Title I             On Wedne              rkey Trot
                                                          Runs            Education D sday, November 18 th th
                                                                                        e                             e
           illan                                                          key Trot for partment will be hostin Title 1 Physical
       McM ns
          u                                                              invited and
                                                                                        all the child
                                                                                                      ren at McM
                                                                                                                     g their annu
                                                                                                                                 al Tur-
        R                                                                              en                          illa
                                                                         will particip couraged to attend. A n. Families are
                                                                                       ate in a few                 s always the
                                                                         do the ‘turk                w                            c
                                                                                      ey trot’ (wa arm up exercises and th lasses
                                                                        their family                lk or run) aro               en will
                                                                                      an                          un
                                                                        tween 11:00 d friends. There will b d the track with
                                                                                       and 12:25.                  e 3 sessions
                                                                       will be eligib                E                          b
                                                                                      le to win a fr very parent that partic e-
                                                                       They will als                 ozen turkey               ipates
                                                                                     o                             o
                                                                       with their c be able to create a spe r pumpkin pie.
                                                                                    hild and Mrs                 cial piece of
                                                                                                  . Pfeiffer.                  art

                                                                    Turkey Trivia Talk
                  -Ben Franklin loved the turkey so much that he believed it should be the official
                  bird of the United States. He was disappointed when the bald eagle was chosen
                  over the turkey because he thought the bald eagle had "bad moral character".
                  - Turkeys are the only breed of poultry native to the Western Hemisphere.

                                                                 The “Fine Print” Contest
     What is the teacher’s name who teaches in the most southwestern corner classroom of the McMillan Pre-K Center? Email your answer and a winner
     will be drawn from among the correct responses.
                                       The Title I Connection                                                     Page 3

                                     Honor Flight Information
                                  It is estimated that 1,746,600 flight missions by bomb-
                               ers and fighter aircraft occurred during the U.S. involve-
                               ment in World War II. Approximately 80,000 personnel
                               gave their lives during this effort. WWII Veteran soldiers and sailors have earned and
                               should be honored with one more flight.
                                  If Title I averaged 60 people donating just 15 cents per day for the 108 days remain-
                               ing until the donation deadline,….we will raise an additional $972.00 for our veteran.
                               FIFTEEN CENTS PER DAY!!!!! What a deal!!!!!!
                                  Your daily 15 cents may be deposited into our collection can on Jackie Jackson’s
                               desk. Your checks or cash may be given to M. Leonard, M. Anderson, or Estelle Gille.

                                          November Standard Privacy

  Privately Fill In The                  R __ __ __ __          T__       __ R __ __ __ __ __
     B LAN K S
                                         P __ __ __ __ T __           __ O __ __ E __ __ __ T __ __ __
       Rules & Hints
1. Each line has the word                __ __ __ __ A __ __             __ A __ __
‘private’ or ‘privacy’
2. All are common phrases                __ __ A __ __ O __           O __      __ __ __ __ __ __ Y
3. You must use ten V’s
4. You must use 8 C’s                    __ __ __ __ A __ __               F __ N __ __
5. No C’s in the last phrase
6. Rearrange the letters in              P __ __ __ __ __ __            P __ __ __ __ I __ E
    the RED blanks to spell
    ‘private party’                      __ __ __ __ __ __ E             I __ __ E __ __ __ __ A __ __ R

                                               ~ Three Privacy Quotes ~
                   1- “If you are minding your own business, you won’t be minding mine—Hank Williams
        2- “The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business” - George Bernard Shaw
                                3 - (Number three is just too private and had to be shredded)

   I can keep a secret…
  It’s all the people I tell
         who can’t!!!
                                                                               Today’s Lesson
                                    No, She didn't!!

                                                                        I’ll make a deal with you…..I won’t tell you what
                                                                      happens at my house. And, you won’t tell my house
                                                                                       what happens in here
                                 State of the Division Report
        The State of the Division Report for the Title I Department, is on the
     last four pages of this newsletter. Please print a copy of the report.
     Identify the long and short term goals pertinent to you and monitor
     your progress toward achieving your goals. Subsequent meetings will
     be held through out this school year to evaluate and reflect on our total
     progress toward the Title I Department goals and objectives.

                                               State of the Division Report
Division:                     Curriculum and Instruction
Department:                   Title I__________________
Department Head:              Marcia Nowlin__ ________

Staffing (09/10):
Cost Center Numbers for employees (list all that are applicable) _________________________
                        Number of Employees
Admin                                             _____
Prof / Tech                                       _____
Instructional                                     _____
ESP                                               _____

Budget Summary (without personnel) (09/10):
General Revenue Budget:                          ________________
Federal Project Budget (specify)                 ________________
State Project Budget (specify)                   ________________

Department Summary:

1. Scope of Operations: To improve the teaching and learning of Escambia County School District (ECSD) children in high-
poverty schools with a continued focus on parental involvement, providing consultation, coordination, and high quality professional
development in accordance with Federal, State and School Board regulations. Activities and Departmental subsections include:

A. Prekindergarten School Readiness Programs: Provide technical assistance, professional development, and education to teach-
ers, childcare providers, parents and children. Conduct educational assessment of children to identify those at-risk and in need of
additional services and empower parents to be their child’s first teacher. Enhance the instructional strategies implemented in local
county childcare programs.
1. Prekindergarten: Collaborate with Head Start, the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) to
provide high quality full day early education for preschool children who reside in Title I school attendance areas at eleven schools.
Train and support principals, teachers and teacher assistants in effective preschool practices, enhance the instructional classroom
strategies, including Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Standards and Emergent Literacy practices for VPK Instructors.
2. Wee Read Early Literacy Program: Provide professional development, (training, mentoring, and coaching) in early literacy strate-
gies for local childcare providers, offer education and activities for families in effective methods to promote emergent literacy with
young children and provide pre/post screenings for participating children using early literacy screening tools.
3. Child Assessment Screening Evaluation (CASE) Project: Provide screening and assessment of children birth to five, to determine
those at risk and in need of additional services. Communicate with families and providers developing strategies to foster growth and
development in areas of need. Train childcare providers to effectively assess and use data to improve instruction in the classroom
4.Professional Development Project: Provide professional development, (training, mentoring, and coaching) based on results of an
environmental rating scale to promote effective practices to increase the quality of childcare centers.

B. Family Resource Activity Model for early Education (FRAME): Composed of two family literacy programs:
        1. F.R.A.M.E. Home Visiting Parents As Teachers Program, conduct in home visiting and monthly parenting activities.
         2. FRAME Even Start, funded through a federal grant, to support local family literacy projects that integrate early childhood
education, adult literacy (adult basic and secondary-level education and instruction for English language learners), parenting educa-
tion, and interactive parent and child literacy activities for low-income families with parents with children from birth through age

C. Family Resource Centers (FRC): Provide educational resources and training for parents and teachers at two locations;
McMillan Learning Center and Sid Nelson Learning Center.

D. Migrant Student Program - contracted with Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC): Identify, recruit, and serve Pre-
K through grade twelve students and families who meet the federal definition of migrant. Supplement services for the migrant stu-
dents to enable their success in school.
E. Instructional Technology: Provide supplemental technical support and professional development for Title I schools and pro-
grams. Maintain and tract inventory of all Title I Department assets. Collaborate with ECSD partner initiatives such as Project
Based Learning, Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant (E2T2). Maintain Title I technology programs, hardware, and
systems (Safari Montage, FOCUS, McMillan Novell, SuccessMaker (SME) WEB and backup systems.

F. Private Schools: Ensure compliance with state/federal guidelines for non-public school recipients of Title I Part A funds via
technical assistance, monitoring, and meaningful consultation.

G. Primary Education: Promote mastery, increase rigor, and minimize curriculum gaps in K-2 grades. Provide technical assis-
tance to elementary leadership and teachers.

H. Supplementary Education Services (SES): Administer SES program to include the registration, scheduling, advertising, moni-
toring, evaluation and financial management.

I. Continuous Improvement Model (CIM): Provide technical assistance with on-going support for principals and teachers to ef-
fectively implement Continuous Improvement Model (CIM) and SuccessMaker with fidelity.

J. Homeless Programs - Project TOUCH (Tutoring OUtreach for Children of the Homeless) and Project REACH (Reaching, Edu-
cating and Assisting Children of the Homeless): Identify and provide services to homeless families through schools shelters and
community agencies. Services to include free meals, transportation, enrollment assistance, provision of school supplies and tutoring
through shelters.

K. Stimulus Funding Program Coordination: Monitor and tract the expenditures of the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Funds (ARRA). Obtain and maintain data to assure effective use of all expenditures. Monitor and provide support and resources to
three Teachers on Special Assignment (TSA) for Parent/Community Liaison activities serving eight schools.

2. Recent Efficiency / Cost Reduction Initiatives (09/10)
A. Reduced personnel positions: technology high school student, Pre-K art teacher, FRAME teacher, CIM Coordinator, Parent Liai-
son and FRC teacher assistant positions
B. Reduced in-county travel through clustering school visits geographically, use of appropriate technology, and reduction of out of
county travel
C. Upgraded and standardized office equipment
D. Implemented purchase cards to improve timeline for receiving orders
E. Used district’s internal printing service to provide large copy needs
F. Upgraded building security with ID entry badges and intercom system
G. Initiated the use of Survey Monkey to create satisfaction surveys and data collection
H. Reduced departmental budgets by 10 percent
I. Improved the referral process for Child Find Program
J. Secured funding with Immigrant Grant for migrant counselor position
K. Combined Even Start and FRAME programs, resulting in a reduction of 8 employees
L. Received additional grant funds (ECARE, ELC)
M. Initiated FOCUS system to monitor SES activity
N. Improved backup system for Title I computers and servers
O. Employed high school student for technical support program and summer workforce students

3. Successes (last 4 years 2005 – 2009)
A. Participated in development of and on-going implementation of the Every Child A Reader in Escambia (ECARE) project
B. Improved readiness rate for 100 percent of Wee Read centers on Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS), exceeding
local and state average rates
C. Increased the number of successful referrals to Child Find and provided support to parents throughout process
D. Improved the communication and relationship between the ESCD and Early Education Community
E. Provided “train-the-trainer” professional development for Title I staff as certified Bridges Out of Poverty trainers
F. Provided community based training for over 700 community members and leadership in Poverty Solutions Team activities
G. Initiated Getting Ahead/ Bridges Out of Poverty groups
H. Trained principals, book keepers and secretaries regarding federal regulations and spending plans for improved utilization of Title
I funds
I. Presented at local and state conferences (involved seven Title I personnel)
J. Trained all Pre-K and elementary teachers on the new educational standards
K. Trained all VPK teachers as VPK Emergent Literacy Instructors
L. Achieved an average attendance of over 170 Wee Read parents, staff and children in Family Nights program
M. Developed and implemented “Students in Transition Survey” to identify additional homeless students
N. Identified and provided services to more homeless students than previous non-hurricane affected years
O. Developed benchmark assessment based for Pre-K on VPK standards
P. Developed Mastery Checklist for grades K-2 (Replaced SAT 9)
Q. Updated kindergarten report card to reflect changes in 2007 standards
R. Expanded kindergarten writing rubric from a 0-3 scale to a 0-6 scale
S. Established VPK benchmark for transition to kindergarten
T. Trained selected principals regarding VPK and Head Start requirements
U. Assembled and distributed 2,000 Get Ready for Kindergarten bags to VPK children
V. Provided technical assistance to 100 percent of targeted childcare centers
W. Implemented the online Safari Montage Video System
X. Planned and implemented the Project Based Learning (PBL) project
Y. Implemented backup system to protect Title I computers/servers data
Z. Implemented FOCUS management system for SES
AA. Implemented and supported the SME WEB system and movement of student data files within the ECSD
BB. Implemented and developed high school student technical support program
CC. Developed an on-line resource tool for CIM focus lessons in Moodle for Title I schools
DD. Assisted teachers to integrate CIM focus lessons into the curriculum
EE. Improved CIM continuity throughout the ECSD
FF. Recognized migrant staff and students for achievements by FL DOE
GG. Achieved a 70 percent parent participation rate for Migrant Pre-K Family Night
HH. Trained new staff in the administration of Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning (DIAL-3)
II. Demonstrated exceptional gains on the DIAL-3 by three and four year-old migrant Pre-K students
JJ. Reduced truancy and discipline referrals for our Asian students through services of Title I/Migrant/ESOL guidance counselor
KK. Contracted with the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) to deliver a summer program for Pre-K, elementary and
high school migrant students
LL. Completed core map for language arts using Tech Paths
MM. Implemented interoffice file sharing system

4. Department Short Term Goals (All to be accomplished by the end of 2009 – 2010)
A. Round with schools/teachers by all department leaders with direct reports once each month and weekly for the Director - People
B. Round with Principals by appropriate Title I staff once each month - People
C. Increase reward and recognition efforts for Title I staff contributions and performance - People
D. Send thank you notes to those going above and beyond required responsibilities. Goal is one per month for each department per-
sonnel and eight per month by the Director. - People
E. Create an internal Title I Departmental information newsletter for increased communication - People/Quality
F. Provide Title I Department and schools with timely efficient Technical Support and professional development - Service
G. Provide intense support and technical assistance to those schools identified as low performing - Service
H. Initiate Technology Learning Groups (TLG) among Title I staff - Quality
I. Improve efficiency of collaboration with the ECSD Travel Accounting Department - Quality
J. Reserve one day each month for informational staff meetings - People
K. Fulfill deliverables for all contracted services - Service
L. Complete “Time for Twos/Ready for Kindergarten Parent Involvement” training -Service/Quality
M. Increase Parent Workshops / Parent Involvement - Service
N. Establish checks and balances for non-public participants - Quality
O. Fulfill workshop commitments at schools - Service
P. Communicate with parents to explain Kindergarten expectations and how they may assist their child’s learning, investigate pro-
duction of CD for these expectations - Service
Q. Facilitate K-2 Escambia Writes process by assisting with writing, copying and dissemination of prompts, train teachers in use of
new rubric - Service
R. Revise K-2 Mastery Checklists based on teacher input - Quality
S. Provide leadership in achieving ECSD K-2 reading goal - Service
T. Create ECSD K-2 writing plan to increase rigor and establish consistency - Quality
U. Select and implement global and literacy assessment for progress monitoring in early education and care providers -Service/
V. Provide summer institute for Pre-K teachers and teacher assistants on emergent literacy and math strategies – Service/Quality
W. Complete the training of one Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World group - Quality
X. Collaborate with Pensacola Junior College (PJC) to provide college credit for participants in the Wee Read Project - Service
Y. Participate in development of and on-going implementation of the Every Child A Reader in Escambia (ECARE) Project - Service
Z. Increase the number of successful referrals to Child Find and provided support to parents throughout process - Service
AA. Improve the communication and relationship between the ESCD and Early Education Community - Quality
BB. Support the Teachers Teach Students Learn (TTSL) Project with Title I and the Institute for Innovative Learning - Service
CC. Initiate and implement NCLB management system - Service
DD. Train all Pre-K Teachers in the new Houghton-Mifflin Pre-K curriculum - Service/Quality
EE.Screen VPK children entering school with DIAL-3 - Quality
FF.Support paraprofessionals to meet highly qualified standards in collaboration with PJC -Service
GG. Request training relating to fiscal issues from appropriate ECSD departments - Quality
HH. Continue and expand PBL activities to include Warrington Middle School - Service
II. Increase access of FRC during nontraditional hours - Resources
JJ. Establish Pre-K educational services for clients at Loaves and Fishes through Project Touch Grant – Service
KK.Comply with federal and state guidelines for implementation of the Migrant Student Information Exchange (M6)record system

5. Department Long Range Goals (3-5 years)
A. Provide instructional resources, staff development and support for schools throughout the school year - Service
B. Provide additional staff development for all new employees - Service
C. Respond appropriately to staff development needs and provide support for implementation of strategies - Resources
D. Hardwire (create a culture of) reward and recognition of employees by both management staff - People
E. Improve learning readiness scores of all District VPK programs - Quality
F. Reduce staff turnover in Pre-K classes and programs - People
G. Provide on going training for parents of their role as their child’s first teacher, focusing on strategies to promote early literacy -
H. Utilize technology to assist teachers and parents with strategies for getting children ready for kindergarten - Service
I. Improve use of technology by Pre-K teachers and students - Quality
J. Provide ready access to budget information for appropriate personnel - Resources
K. Develop a K-2 “What Works” Moodle for teachers to share successes - Resources
L. Collaborate with the University of West Florida (UWF) to ensure teacher graduates are better prepared to differentiate instruction
and effectively manage classroom behavior - Quality
M. Utilize Destiny software for checkout purposes to staff and parents - Resources
N. Reduce miscommunication and increase collaboration with all District Departments - Quality
O. Increase stakeholder knowledge of available Title I resources - Resources
P. Maintain effective communication with leadership in the Catholic Tallahassee-Pensacola Diocese and all non-public schools re-
ceiving Title I support - Service
Q. Review/ reinforce staff development pertaining to Parent Involvement - Service
R. Maintain appropriate services to migrant students by pursuing grants to supplement migrant funding - Service
S. Provide additional on-line training opportunities for parents and staff - Service
T. Continue to collaborate with Head Start, Early Learning Coalition, ECARE, PJC and other agencies to support early childhood
education services and training (i.e., Wee Read, CASE Project, Professional Development) - Quality
U. Increase the number of schools providing prekindergarten programs - Service
V. Insure efficient use of available office area and limited storage space - Environment
W. Provide appropriate professional development to selected ECSD personnel through Teachscape services - Service

6. Major Challenges for Department
A. Maintain compliance of all NCLB and Title I Federal, State, and District requirements
B. Shortage of personnel and performance of a wide variety of required duties
C. Uncertainty of yearly funding
D. Provide high quality staff development, time for follow-up, and to be in Compliance with Staff Development Protocol
E. Insufficient facility space to provide needed/required staff development training, administrative functions, and storage needs
F. Preparation for on-site monitoring scheduled for 2011, by the Florida Department of Education
G. Locating additional community resources to assist homeless and other families of immediate personal and educational needs

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