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                                Vacancy Pack


    1. Job details.

    2. Main duties.

    3. Person specification.

    4. Guidance notes on how to apply for a job at Cardiff University.

    5. Project Description.

    6. Information on the School / Directorate.

    7. General information on working for Cardiff University.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                    1

                             Section 1 - Job Details

Job Title:             Pre-sessional English Language for Academic Purposes
                       Teachers (number of posts available).

School:                English Language Programmes (ELP),
                       Communications & International Relations Division

Duration:              Fixed-term for 5 weeks, 8 weeks or 11 weeks. Please
                       advise of your preference in your application.

Salary Details:        £675 per week (includes holiday pay).

Hours of work:         These are full-time positions (maximum 23 hours
                       teaching per week).

Responsible to:        Pre-sessional Course Co-ordinator.

Course dates:          11-week course: 21 June to 3 September 2010
                       08-week course: 12 July to 3 September 2010
                       05-week course: 2 August to 3 September 2010

Closing Date for       Early application is advised as interview will be held on a
Applications:          rolling basis. Please also advise on your availability for

Note for non-EU The University has a legal responsibility to ensure that all
Nationals       employees are eligible to live and work in the UK. For
                academic and research vacancies or those that require
                highly specialised skills and qualifications, we will often
                be able to obtain a certificate of sponsorship for a suitably
                qualified applicant who is not currently eligible to work in
                the UK, if there are no suitable ‘resident’ (ie European
                Economic Area – EEA) candidates. For vacancies that
                are not academic, research or highly specialist, however,
                it is extremely unlikely that a certificate of sponsorship
                would be granted. In such cases we will therefore be
                unable to consider an application from someone who is
                not currently eligible to work in the UK. If you have any
                queries regarding your eligibility to apply for one of our
                vacancies, please visit the Home Office website

Rehabilitation of This job is covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
Offenders/        1974.
Criminal Records

Version 1.7 23/09/09                        2

                             Section 2 - Main Duties

Main Function          You will teach English for Academic Purposes on the 11
of Post:               or 8 or 5 week Pre-sessional Programmes offered by the
                       Communications & International Relations Division.

Job Description:          To teach on the specified Pre-sessional course for a
                           maximum of 23 hours per week following a timetable
                           and guidelines provided by the Course Co-ordinator.
                          To use the specified pre-sessional course projection
                           to prepare and teach appropriate material for lessons
                           and to have accessible teaching plans for the next
                          To select/create supplementary materials as
                           appropriate, according to the needs of the students
                           and in accordance with the syllabus and course aims.
                          To maintain appropriate teaching and admin records
                           for the specified programme: e.g. keep lesson-by-
                           lesson register of class work & attendance, to record
                           attendance weekly for co-ordinator, produce class
                          To participate in the administration and marking of
                           any coursework and tests, mark student assignments
                           / homework as required and in accordance with the
                           assessment schedule, set criteria and marking
                          To provide formative feedback to the students as
                          To act as Personal Tutor as required to students on
                            the above programmes.
                          To work closely with other tutors in the team to ensure
                            that students have the best possible learning
                            environment and experience and to pool their
                          To participate in team meetings and the in-house staff
                            development programme.
                          Participate in the Social Programme for the equivalent
                            of 3 hours per week. The hours may be distributed
                            unevenly throughout the summer and will include up
                            to 5 social evenings during the course and one
                            Saturday trip or 2 Friday pm trips for each 4 weeks
                            worked. (These dates and times are contractual and
                            will be specified. Queries and problems must be
                            referred to the English Language Programmes office).
                          To complete a Tutor Feedback form at the end of the
                          To support the Pre-sessional Course Co-ordinator in
                            broader aspects of the teaching programme.
                          To carry out other duties and responsibilities,
                            appropriate to the post, as required by the line

Version 1.7 23/09/09                        3

                            manager (Head of Section or nominee)
                          All staff in the Division will be expected to work flexibly
                            as part of the team to achieve the Division’s
                            objectives and to perform other tasks as may be
                            required from time to time to support the work of the
                            Division, but which will be consistent with the role.
                          To act in accordance with the University’s Equality
                           and Diversity Policy.
                          To act in accordance with the University’s Health and
                           Safety Policy.
                          You may be asked to perform other duties
                           occasionally which are not included above, but which
                           will be consistent with the role.

                          Staff will be required to attend a course induction.
                          Holidays: annual leave cannot be taken during the
                           period of employment. Holiday pay of 17% is,
                           therefore, included in the salary quoted.
                          The post holder may be required to teach at
                           different locations around the University campus,
                           and may need to take teaching materials to those
                           locations.     Work aids and manual handling
                           training will be provided, if necessary.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                         4

                         Section 3 - Person Specification

Essential Criteria

1. Excellent organisational ability including proven ability to set student
   targets and personal targets and meet deadlines.
2. Demonstrable interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written).
3. Proven ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a
   teaching team.

Qualifications (IT/Academic/Vocational)
4. Native speaker of English (or IELTS 9.0), qualified to degree level, with a
Delta or Trinity Diploma in TEFL/TESOL OR equivalent qualification or a Celta
or Trinity Cert. accompanied by significant EAP/ESP experience.

5. Significant, recent, classroom teaching experience (groups) in English as a
   foreign language.
6. Proven administrative and IT experience.
7. Experience of materials development and planning schemes of work.
8. EAP/ESP experience (for example, In-sessional and /or Pre-sessional

Specific Qualities (eg attitudes)
9. Staff must be able to work for the full period of the contract. Annual leave
   cannot be taken during the period of employment, holiday pay of 17% is,
   included in the salary quoted.

Desirable Criteria

10. Masters degree in Applied Linguistics, TEFL or TESOL.
11. Understanding of issues facing international students entering UK
12. Experience of the workload and academic standards required to study at a
    higher education level.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                      5

              Section 4 - Guidance notes for completing Application Pack

Vacancy Information

We strongly advise that you carefully read all available information for this job before
you start completing the form. The Vacancy Information includes a full job
description and a person specification, which details the skills, qualifications and
experience which are required for this job.

The Person Specification is split into 2 sections: essential and desirable. You
should ensure that you meet all of the essential criteria for the job and that how you
meet these criteria is communicated fully in your application.

The desirable section contains a list of skills, qualifications and experience which it
would be beneficial for the jobholder to have.

All shortlisting decisions will be based initially on essential criteria, with desirable
criteria being used to further select or deselect candidates as appropriate. We
interview those candidates who are the closest match to the identified criteria.

Closing date
The closing date for the job is on both the advert and the Vacancy Information.
Please ensure that your application reaches us by 5pm on the specified date, as late
applications will not normally be accepted.

Acknowledgement of your Application
Due to the high volume of applications received by the University, we are unable to
acknowledge receipt of individual job applications. Should you wish to receive an
acknowledgement, please include with your application a stamped, self-addressed
postcard, which we will return to you on receipt of your application. On the reverse,
you should state the vacancy title and reference number for which you are applying.

Rehabilitation of Offenders/Criminal Records Bureau
 A criminal conviction will not necessarily be a bar to employment. Cardiff University
complies with the Criminal Records Bureau’s Code of Practice and will consider the
suitability of all applicants on merit and ability.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 entitles people who have been convicted
of a criminal offence carrying a sentence of up to 30 months’ imprisonment and who
have completed the appropriate period of rehabilitation to regard their conviction as
‘spent’. ‘Spent convictions’ can then be regarded as never having occurred.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975, however,
exempts certain types of employment from the provisions of the Act. So, if you are
applying for a clinical post, a post in the Daycare Centre, a post which requires that
you are a full member of one of the CCAB accountancy institutes, or any other
excepted post, you are not entitled to withhold information about spent convictions.

In addition, the Police Act 1997 requires Police checks for all posts that come into
contact with under 18s and vulnerable adults on a regular basis. Appointment to all
such posts will require the postholder to undergo checks by the Criminal Records
Version 1.7 23/09/09                       6

Bureau before commencing any duties which could bring them into contact with
children and/or vulnerable adults.

Any information disclosed will be kept in strict confidence and used only in
consideration of your suitability for the job for which you are applying. If you fail to
disclose relevant information requested at any stage of the recruitment process,
then your employment could be subject to withdrawal of contract, dismissal or
disciplinary action by the University.

Cardiff University’s policy on employing ex-offenders is available on request, as is
the Criminal Records Bureau’s Code of Practice.

Vacancy Number
It is important that the vacancy number is quoted on all correspondence. This is the
3 digit number used in the advert, or the last 3 digits of the number on the top right
hand corner of this document.

Application Form

Please complete ALL sections of the application form. If a section does not apply to
you, please just write ‘not applicable’ in the box.

If you wish, you may attach a CV to the fully completed application pack.

Incomplete forms and CVs sent without an accompanying completed form will
not be accepted and will be returned to you.

If you need to attach a continuation sheet to any section, please ensure that your
initials, surname and Vacancy Number are included at the top of the page. NB: If
you are planning to submit your application electronically, all documents,
including any attachments, must be sent in Microsoft Word format. We regret
at this time that we are unable to accept any documents, including the
application form, in any other format. If this is an issue for you please contact

Higher Education and/or Professional Qualifications
Please give us details of all relevant qualifications, including those for which you are
currently studying. You will be asked to provide proof of qualifications achieved if
you are offered employment at the University.

Membership of Professional Organisations/Registration Details
You should detail information on any relevant professional affiliations and/or
registrations. Again, proof of membership may be sought prior to employment.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                       7

Certificate of Sponsorship/Permit Free Training/Evidence of permission to
work in UK
Prior to being permitted to commence employment with the University, you will be
required to produce documentary evidence of permission to work in the United
Kingdom. You could provide for example, either a British passport, or a passport or
National Identity Card from an EEA Country or Switzerland; or alternatively a
document showing your permanent UK National Insurance Number and your full UK
Birth Certificate; or a certificate of sponsorship and your passport.

A full list of acceptable documentary evidence is available on request. An original
document must be seen on or before your first day of employment.

For further information please           refer   to   the    Home     Office   website

Useful information on living and working in the UK can be found at

Registration Details
Please complete this section if you are applying for a clinical post, including those
jobs which require you to be registered with the General Medical Council, the
General Dental Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and all allied health

Employment/Work Activities
Please give us details of your complete work history. This should include
information on your current and past employers, job title, dates employed and
salary, together with salary scheme and spinal point where applicable.

Please give us a full list of your publications with bibliographical details in
chronological order. You may continue on a separate sheet if there is insufficient
space. Where applicable, please also provide us with the web addresses of your

Please do not send copies of your publications. Any received will be returned to

Additional Information
This section is designed for you to give us details of any activities and/or significant
achievements which are not documented elsewhere in your application and which
you believe will enhance your contribution to the University.

Special teaching and research interests and other factors, such as consultancy
work, should also be detailed in this section.

Statement in support of your application
In this section, you need to demonstrate clearly how your experience, knowledge,
skills and abilities match those required in the job, as detailed in the Person
Specification. Where possible you should give examples of when you have used
Version 1.7 23/09/09                       8

specific skills and abilities or needed to develop competencies in the relevant areas.
You can draw on elements from any aspect of your life, such as education, work,
home or community life, as long as you focus on its relevance in comparison to the
needs of this job.

If you do not demonstrate that you meet all of the ESSENTIAL criteria then you will
not be invited to interview. You do not need to demonstrate that you meet all of the
DESIRABLE criteria in order to be invited to interview, though you should give us
information where possible.

Meeting all of the essential criteria does not guarantee you an interview, however,
as there may be other applicants who have demonstrated that they meet some or all
of the desirable criteria, or that they meet the criteria to a greater depth and/or
relevance. Essential criteria may be tested at interview stage.

Please give details of 3 referees who can comment on your suitability to do this job.
At least 1 reference MUST be from your current or latest employer. It is University
policy to request references prior to interview but if you do not wish for your current
or latest employer to be contacted before the interview, then please make this clear
on the application form. The University reserves the right to contact your current or
latest employer following the interview and prior to offering a contract of

In providing the names of referees, you are agreeing that the University may ask
their opinions on your character in relation to this application. These opinions, given
in trust, will remain confidential.

Interviews will be held as soon as possible. Please note that if you do not receive
an invitation to interview within six weeks of the closing date, then you may assume
that your application has been unsuccessful.

We reserve the right to invite applicants to apply and undergo the same recruitment
process as that undertaken by candidates who have applied via an advert. These
applicants may be introduced to the University via a Search and Selection Agency
or some other method.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                       9

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Why do we ask for this information?
Cardiff University is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to ensuring
that all job applicants are treated fairly regardless of gender, age, disability,
nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and religion or belief.

To ensure that this policy is working effectively, we need to collect information about
people who apply for jobs in the University.

Who will see this information?
Personal and Monitoring information will be retained in the Human Resources
Division and will not be forwarded to the recruiter. It will not be used at any stage in
the selection process.

What will happen to this information if you are not appointed to a job?
Your personal information will be archived in hard copy in line with current
legislation, after which it will be destroyed using secure means. Part or all of your
application may also be held in a computer database and used to provide
information for administration and reporting purposes. You will not be identified via
any information contained in reports.

What will happen to this information if you are appointed to a job?
This information will be used as the basis for your confidential personal data record
and will be used to provide compliance and statistical information throughout the
course of your employment. Your data may be held in hard copy and/or

How will we keep your information secure?
Personal and Monitoring information is treated as strictly confidential and will be
dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

How is disability defined?
The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) defines a disability as a physical or mental
condition which has a substantial and long-term (ie more than 12 months) adverse
effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. You may still be
considered to be disabled under the terms of the Act if you are not currently
adversely affected but it is deemed that the impairment is likely to recur. Conditions
such as diabetes, depression and cancer are included.

Fitness to Practice
For all clinical posts that require an honorary contract, Cardiff University needs to
establish if you have been subject to any fitness to practice proceedings. If you
answer ‘Yes’ to this question, you must provide details, on a separate sheet, of the
nature of the proceedings undertaken, or contemplated, including approximate date
of proceedings, country where proceedings were undertaken and the name and
address of the licensing or regulatory body concerned.

Who can I contact if I need help in completing the form?
Please contact us on 029 2087 4017 or email

Version 1.7 23/09/09                       10

Please return the completed application pack to: HR Division, Cardiff University,
McKenzie House, 30-36 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0DE. Alternatively, you
may email the pack to

Please note that if you apply via email, you must complete both the signature
tick-box and the signature section of the pack. By doing this, you are
confirming that the information you have provided on all documentation is
correct. Any incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will not be accepted
and will be returned to you.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                   11

                       Section 5 - Project Description

Version 1.7 23/09/09                 12

                       Section 6 - Information on School/Directorate

Version 1.7 23/09/09                        13

                       Section 7: Working for Cardiff University

Vision – To be a world-leading university
Mission –To pursue research, learning and teaching of international distinction and

The success of Cardiff University depends largely upon the commitment, energy
and enthusiasm of the people working here. We are keen to provide excellent
working conditions and policies, a selection of which are listed below:

Holidays - Generous leave entitlement (minimum of 32 days’ holiday plus statutory
   days) from your first day of employment with us.

Pension – Contributory final–salary pension scheme.

Hours – a standard 35-hour working week applies to the majority of jobs in the

positiveBenefits – The University operates positiveBenefits for staff, a scheme
   which enables you to reduce the amount of income tax and/or National
   Insurance contributions you pay, thereby increasing your take-home pay.
   positiveBenefits incorporates schemes in relation to pension, childcare and
   cycling. For further information please visit:

Work/Life Balance Policies – Reasonable working hours are complemented by a
  comprehensive package of work/life balance policies:

Flexible working            Maternity                 Paternity
Dependants                  Career break              Adoption
Parental leave              Childcare                 Special leave
Sick pay scheme             Civic and public duties

Continuing Personal Development - We provide excellent training and
  development opportunities and all staff are encouraged to acquire the
  knowledge, skill and motivation to fulfil the potential of their current work and to
  realise their personal career aspirations. Staff Development and Performance
  Management policies underpin this area.

Equality and Diversity - The University has a long-standing commitment to equal
  opportunities. In support of this, we have adopted, and work within, Equality &
  Diversity and Race Equality Policies.

Induction – Comprehensive induction process for all staff.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                      14

University Facilities - A wide range of facilities are available, including: state-of-
   the-art computer services; libraries; sport and recreation facilities; public concerts
   and lectures; a wide range of catering facilities; a social Staff Association;
   discounted private medical insurance and an eye clinic.

Health, Safety and Security - We are committed to the maintenance of safe and
  healthy working conditions for our staff and a safe and secure working
  environment. We have a professional Security Patrol that provides 24-hour
  cover and back-up for any emergency.

 Please note that the contract of employment will provide definitive details on
                            provision of the above.

Version 1.7 23/09/09                       15

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