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Fun Math Worksheets for Middle School - Excel


Fun Math Worksheets for Middle School document sample

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									                                                                   Websites for Mathematics
 Website Name                                  URL                              Subject Grade Level

AAA Math                                                  K to 8

Aplus Math                                                K to 8

Manipula Math
                                                  8 to 12
With Java

Math In Daily Life                All

Teacher's Place                                             All

                                                                                All Math
Word Problems
                             5 to 12
For Kids
Lessons that are                                  K to 12
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Columbia   K to 12

Super Kids
Education for the                             K to 12

Math Playground

                                                                                        K to 8

Math For Kids
     Resource              Description                          NJCCCS
                For each grade level there are
               numerous lessons, worksheets,
                 examples, and explainations
              that students can use to practice
              and study to reinforce their math
                This site is similar, but is more
                  reinforcement of previously
     Students         learned skills through
                    flashcards, games, and
               This Website would be good for
                teachers to use as an aide in
              teaching students topics that are
               easier learned through visuals.
              The Java visuals are simple, but
                 make some lessons easier.
                This is a great resource that
               teachers can use to explain to
              students how the math they are
              learning plays a role in your life.
               It is a hard concept for kids to
               understand and that common
              question will be asked "why do I
                   need to learn this?" This
               websites provides answers to
                         that question.
               This Website is a good took for
              teachers to use if they need help
                enhancing a lesson plan, and
     Teachers making it more creative. There
                is a lot for teachers to use on
               here, a forum to ask questions,
                                                       Each of these sites covers
                        and much more.
                                                    middle school math, so because
               This site is excellent because a      of this and that I hope to teach
               lot of kids have a hard time with    middle school math, this is what I
                word problems. This site gives       will focus on when telling which
                 many word problems for each               NJCCC standards are
     Teachers/ grade level. These are good for          exemplified through these
     Students     students to practice on their                  websites.
                own, and also a good place for      4.1 all;        4.2.6-8;     4.3.6-
                teachers to find word problems                      8;
                  maybe as a challenging "Do            4.4.6-8;         4.5 A, C, F
                                                  exemplified through these
                                               4.1 all;      4.2.6-8;    4.3.6-
                                                  4.4.6-8;       4.5 A, C, F

         This website is awesome. It is a
         reinforcement website that gives
           students practice through fun
          and games. Because it is fun,
           colorful, and exciting kids will
                    enjoy it more.

                 This website provides
            instructions on how to make a
Teachers     jeopardy like game for math
              classes. The game can be
              augmented to fit any class.

             This site is a good way for
            teachers to make their own
              worksheets. Although the
            worksheets only cover basic
Teachers skills, it is good to even hand out
              as optional homework so
          students can remember how to
           do fractions or division after a
                       summer off.

            These websites are good for
           students to practice basic math
Students    skills on their own time. Other
           reinforcment websites. In math
                  reinforcment is key.

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