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					              Prince William Chapter                                        VEHICLE/BOAT/TRAILER DONATION FORM
              9317 West Street
              Manassas, VA 20110                                     FYI: New tax law changes allow you to deduct the fair market value up to
              (703) 368-4511                                              $500.00 or the gross selling price, whichever is greater. Please
              (703) 368-1515 (FAX)                                        consult with your tax preparer or the IRS for more information.

Stock#:   XXXXXX                                   Date:                          Chapter Contact: Elaine Patterson ext. 229
Owner's Name(s):                                                                 Owner's Phone: (Home)
Social Security Number(IRS Requires):_______________________                                              (Cell)

VIN#:                                                              Lien?        Yes?        No?

Year:                             Make:                          Model:                         Color:                         Approx. Mileage:
     Is the vehicle/trailer in tow-able condition (2 rear tires inflated)?                     Yes?      No? (If not, STOP! We cannot accept donation)

     Parked on the Street?            Yes?       No?                 Tags Removed?             Yes?      No? (If on the street, tags must remain on until pickup)

              Pickup Address:                                                                             Tax Receipt Address (if different)

    Note: All boats must be on a trailer. Use this section for special notes/concerns about the vehicle or about the pick-up process
    such as where the keys will be left or where the owner wants the tags to be left.

How did you hear about our vehicle donation program?
     Cancel insurance as of the day of the pick-up.
     Remove all personal articles.
     Remove license tags (unless parked on a public street) in which case request the tow truck driver to remove the tags and leave them at the
     door. The doner should leave a note for the tow-truck driver, as well.
     Tags should immediately be turned in to the DMV.
     The donor must sign the seller’s part of the title, but must leave the buyer’s part blank. The buyer’s name will be filled in at the time of the
     auction. The title must be given to truck driver at the time of pick-up.
     If donor does not want to be present at the time of pick-up, he/she may sign the seller’s part of the title, then leave the signed title and keys
     in the glove compartment of the vehicle. BUT at least one door of the vehicle must be left unlocked.
     Tell the donor that if there is a lien against the title, the donor will need to obtain a lien release before the title can be transferred at the auction.
v     Capital Auto Auction will call the donor and set a mutually convenient pick-up time.
v     These instructions will be sent to the donor in today’s mail.
v     A written acknowledgement of the donation will be sent once vehicle is sold by Capital Auto Auction.
v     Is this a boat/trailer donation? The donor may want to have the vehicles appraised before making the donation. Recommend that they consult
     their tax advisor.
v     THANK YOU!
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