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Teacher Worksheets for Ela


Teacher Worksheets for Ela document sample

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									Authors                   Natasha Burke, Karen Graham, Sheila MacDonald, Chris MacKinnon

Title                     Exploring Similes and Metaphors

Grade Level               Nine

Subject Area              English Language Arts

Overview of               Students have been exposed to the concepts of similes and metaphors at
unit/lessons/activities   the grade seven and eight level. This unit goes further in developing the
(assumptions of prior     student’s understanding by using examples and activities to investigate
knowledge/learning)       these literary devices. Students will be asked to identify and explore
                          similes and metaphor through poetry and song. Students will be asked
                          to represent what they have learned in a variety of ways through
                          writing and other ways of representing.
Correlations to ICT       ICT Outcomes:
and curriculum            BOC 9.1, PTS 9.1, CT 9.1, BOC 9.2, PTS 9.2, RPSD 9.2, BOC 9.3, PTS
outcomes                  9.3, RPSD 9.3, BOC 9.4, PTS 9.4, BOC 9.5, PTS 9.5, BOC 9.6, SEHI 9.6,
                          BOC 9.7
                          ELA 9 Outcomes:
                          GCO 1: 1.2, 1.3
                          GCO 2: 2.3
                          GCO 3: 3.2, 3.3
                          GCO 4: 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5
                          GCO 5: 5.1
                          GCO 6: 6.1
                          GCO 7: 7.3
                          GCO 8: 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
                          GCO 9: 9.1
                          GCO 10: 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5

Projected timeline for This unit can be completed in approximately two to three weeks. Some
preparation and for     activities, depending on the teacher, are optional or may need a longer
carrying out activities period of time.

Equipment                 Computer use
Requirements:             Microsoft Word
(computers,               Pen/pencil
software, etc)            Access to the internet
Teaching materials      Similes
provided (Blacklines,
worksheets,             Identifying Similes 1
templates, teacher
materials)              Identifying Similes 2

                        A “Two Point Approach” to Simile Writing

                        Finding Similes in Songs

                        Background on U2

                        Create Your Own Poem Using Similes


                        Extended Metaphor: Brainstorming Web

                        Extended Metaphors

                        Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane

                        Creating Your Own Extended Metaphor

                        Extended Metaphor: Brainstorming Web

                        My Extended Metaphor

                        Sample Assessment Rubric for Extended Metaphor

Resources available
for teacher/student
use (websites,          Hawkmoon 269 by U2
references, etc)        Fog By Carl Sandburg
                        The Fog By F.R. McCreary
                        Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane
Detailed instructions   Identifying Similes 1- Identify the simile in each of the following
for each activity or    sentences by putting the word or phrase that is being compared in bold
lesson (teacher         print. The first one has been done for you.
notes, activity
information, learning   Identifying Similes 2 - Identify the simile that is in each sentence listed
strategies, teacher     below. Write the simile on the line in each box.
role, student roles)
                        Two Point Approach to Simile Writing - Underline the simile in each of
                        the following sentences and then download a graphic to represent the

                        Background on U2 - Click on the following link to learn about the band
                        U2. Place answers to the following questions in the graphic organizer
                        below. Then import a picture of the band and place it in the circle in the
                        graphic organizer.

                        Create Your Own Poem Using Similes - Create a poem of your own
                        using similes. Include in your poem a minimum of five similes. Be
                        creative and have fun. Use the graphic organizer below to brainstorm
                        some ideas and similes you to use in your poem. Be sure to include a
                        catchy title for your poem.

                        Extended Metaphors Continued - Read the two poems which use
                        extended metaphors. Highlight all words phrases or images that the
                        poets use to extend the comparison in each poem.

                        Creating Your Own Extended Metaphor - Create a metaphor
                        comparing two things of your choice. Use the following graphic
                        organizer to brainstorm/organize your ideas.
Student products        Students will be expected identify similes and metaphors in poetry and
expected                music, to use brainstorming webs to organize their work, create their
                        own poems that include similes and metaphors, find appropriate
                        images/clip art to represent their work
Samples (include
teacher notes,
assessment              See sample teacher created rubric at the end of the document.
information, student
work if available)

grouping,               Students are able to work independently on their own.
management issues,
access to
information (e.g.,     Teachers may choose to assess any or all parts of this unit. A sample
rubrics for products   rubric has created for use at the end of this document.
and/or process)

Possible extensions    Students may wish to create a PowerPoint presentation to present their
                       completed projects.
Adaptations for
students requiring     Students requiring additional support may be paired with a partner.
additional support

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