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					           Redland City Council
Economic Development Strategy
                2008 – 2012
                                       Economic development is a sustainable
                                     increase in living standards that delivers
                                       increased income, better education and
                                   health as well as environmental protection.
                                                                            (Incorporating economic development into
                                                                   Local Government Planning – LGAQ December 2006)

Redland City Council is dedicated to       OvERviEw                                         wORkFORCE
managing economic development in
                                           Redland City is nestled in a bayside locality    Redland City has a relatively low level
a responsible and sustainable manner.      between three major population centres           of employment self-containment. The
This includes giving full consideration    of Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.           city currently has a workforce of around
to the quadruple bottom line principles    it contains urban and rural areas, unique        61,000 workers. Approximately 60 per
of economic, social, governance and        natural environments and diverse bay and         cent of these travel outside of the city to
environmental issues.                      island landscapes.                               work every day. To increase employment
                                           The city has a strong sense of community         self-containment to a more acceptable
Economic development supports
                                           and an estimated resident population             level of around 60 per cent will require
the local community by contributing                                                         approximately 22,500 jobs in the next
to the wellbeing and prosperity of         of 131,210 people in 2006. This figure
                                           is predicted to grow to approximately            18 years.
residents, business, industry and local
                                           177,000, by 2026. Redlands provides a            The current low level of employment self-
government. Maintaining and enhancing      choice of lifestyles in both urban and rural     containment causes stress, clogs arterial
the city’s high quality of life for all    settings, as well as bayside and island living   roads, generates pollution and impacts
residents is one of the challenges for     – all within close proximity to a network of     lifestyle. Providing more jobs in Redland City,
the Redlands economic development          business centres across the city. The city       increasing self-containment, and matching
strategy.                                  also has important linkages with other key       the skill base to industry sectors in which
                                           centres in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast        the city has a competitive and comparative
Council is also keenly aware of the
                                           cities.                                          advantage, would significantly reduce a
delicate balance between protecting
                                                                                            number of these problems.
the environment and allowing
sustainable, controlled and well-planned   CuLTuRE
development.                               The Redlands has a rich cultural history,        SOCiAL inFRASTRuCTuRE
                                           an active and diverse range of community         Communities such as the Redlands, with
Council will continue to work with the
                                           programs and is well served by quality           strong social infrastructure, are attractive
community (residents and business) to
                                           cultural facilities such as its libraries, art   locations for business investment and
meet the challenge of increasing local     galleries and performance spaces.                development. The quality of the social
job growth and employment self-                                                             capital within the community also
                                           This essential infrastructure is an important
containment in the city.                                                                    contributes to investment, growth and
                                           element in the long term development of
                                           the region’s economic potential and the          opportunities for micro-business and social
                                           growth of creative industries that are part      enterprise.
                                           of the new global knowledge economy.             well planned and coordinated social
                                           Fostering a robust local culture through         infrastructure will enable people to
                                           investment in skills, creativity and             participate and contribute to the city’s
                                           knowledge will help create the conditions        broader economic and social development.
                                           in which innovative new enterprises and          A proactive and strategic approach to social
                                           industries can thrive.                           infrastructure will help ensure Redland
                                                                                            City is well positioned when government
                                                                                            funding priorities, private sector investment
                                                                                            decisions and partnership opportunities are
Economic vision - balanced natural and economic capital
The economic development vision for             ChALLEnGES
Redland City is to create a positive
                                                The challenges for Redland City in creating
relationship between the Redlands’ natural
                                                this strategy are varied and include:
and economic capital. The nature of the
region demands an ongoing commitment to            f
                                                •	 	 inding	the	right	businesses	that	
the environment and maintaining a harmony          can operate in harmony with our                                           B r i s b a ne
between development and nature. The                environment, (these particularly
                                                                                                                               The R e d l a nd s
economic vision of Redland City is one of          include creative and knowledge-based
lifestyle – a great place to live, work and        businesses, the education sector and
play. The vision includes the development          environmental products, services and
of a vibrant and sustainable economy with          attractions)
a strong local workforce and a high level          b
                                                •	 	 alancing	the	needs	of	the	environment	
of self-containment. This vision will create       and the requirement to find more jobs         STRATEGy
a city with reduced pollution, long-term           locally                                       in order to ensure sustainable economic
protection for the environment, a happier
                                                •	 	 nsuring	continued	business	growth	and	
                                                   e                                             growth, it will be necessary to create the
and healthier workforce and a strong
                                                   sustainability                                right conditions for business to thrive.
community atmosphere.
                                                                                                 This will be achieved through focusing on
                                                •	 	 stablishing	the	right	conditions	for	the	
                                                                                                 the development of economic ‘enablers’.
                                                   economy to grow by fostering the right
ECOnOMiC                                           enablers
                                                                                                 The 10 key enablers are:
dEvELOPMEnT STRATEGy                                                                                e
                                                                                                 •	 	 xport	generation	(international	and/or	
                                                •	 	 nsuring	vital	infrastructure	such	as	
GOALS                                              roads, community facilities, transport
The goals for the economic development             services and networks keep pace with             l
                                                                                                 •	 	ocal	substitution	for	imports
strategy are to create an environment which        growth                                           s
                                                                                                 •	 	 elf-containment	of	services	
encourages an environmentally sustainable
                                                •	 	 nsuring	there	is	sufficient	future	
                                                   e                                                (in sub-region)
economy. This will broadly be achieved
through:                                           planning of all new developments; this           i
                                                                                                 •	 	nvestment	attraction
                                                   is particularly important in light of our
•	 	 eveloping	an	appropriately	trained	
   d                                                                                                w
                                                                                                 •	 	 orkforce	capability	enhancement
                                                   ageing population and their service
   workforce                                       needs, (it is also important to maintain         s
                                                                                                 •	 	 trategic	infrastructure	development
•	 	 ncouraging	the	establishment	and	
   e                                               a focus on the city’s environmental and          c
                                                                                                 •	 	 reation	of	new	businesses	from	within
   growth of appropriate businesses                lifestyle values)
                                                                                                 •	 	 vailability	of	investment	capital
•	 	 ptimising	the	use	of	scarce	natural	
   o                                               C
                                                •	 	 ompetition	across	the	region	in	a	broad	
                                                                                                 •	 	 ompetitive	economic	conditions
   assets                                          spectrum of areas, including:
                                                                                                 •	 	nnovation.
•	 	 romoting	the	region	as	a	great	place	to	   	      s
                                                    •	 	 tate	and	federal	funding
   live, work and play                                                                           The Redlands economic development
                                                    •	 	 orkforce	and	industry
                                                                                                 strategy encourages these enablers through
•	 	 orking	together	(a	partnership	with	the	   	      i
                                                    •	 	nfrastructure	priorities	                various programs and projects. This includes
   community and the region) to achieve
                                                	   •	 	 ourism
                                                       t                                         programs which are already in existence and
   common goals.
                                                                                                 being provided by a broad cross section of
                                                    •	 	 usiness	investment.
                                                                                                 Council departments.
                                                The internally-based economy is unlikely
                                                to generate significant real wealth.
                                                To grow the economy will require more
                                                focus on trading outside the region.
                                                in order to protect the environment,
                                                economic growth must be contained
                                                to discreet areas. This requires careful
                                                management and master planning of
                                                activity centres.
Strategic economic development programs for Redland City’
ExPORT GEnERATiOn                                                       STRATEGiC inFRASTRuCTuRE
initiatives include:                                                    dEvELOPMEnT
•	 	 hina	Trade	and	Investment	Office,	in	conjunction	with	the	         initiatives include:
    Business Grow program                                                  w
                                                                        •	 	 orking	with	state	authorities	to	develop	roads	and	public	
•	 	nternational	policy,	designed	to	encourage	cultural,	educational	      transport systems, and marine infrastructure
    and economic cooperation (currently friendly relationships exist
                                                                        •	 	 aster	planning	Cleveland	and	Capalaba	Principal	Regional	
    with cities in China and korea)
                                                                           Activity Centres
•	 tourism	development	initiatives.
                                                                        •	 	 tructure	planning	and	development	of	Thornlands	Integrated	
LOCAL SuBSTiTuTiOn FOR iMPORTS                                             Enterprise Area

initiatives include:                                                       L
                                                                        •	 	 ibrary	Strategy	and	Cultural	Plan	
•	 	 raining	and	support	programs	for	local	businesses,	including	
    t                                                                      (e.g. Minjerribah knowledge Centre)
    Business Grow and the China Trade and investment Office             •	 Social	Infrastructure	Plan.
•	 	 romotion	of	local	products	and	services	through	partnerships	
    with local organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and
    Redlands Tourism                                                        The goals for the ecomonic
•	 	 usiness	development	training	seminars	in	conjunction	with	
    regional partners
                                                                           development strategy are to
•	 	nvestigation	of	Business	Improvement	Districts	(BIDs).
    i                                                                     create an environment which
SELF COnTAinMEnT OF SERviCES                                            encourages an environmentally
initiatives include:
•	 	 eveloping	more	job	opportunities	through	the	Major	Activities	
                                                                                  sustainable economy.
    Centres strategy and business support programs
•	 	 upport	for	the	growth	of	service	industries
    s                                                                   CREATiOn OF nEw BuSinESSES
•	 	 ontinued	development	of	infrastructure,	including	roads,	social	
    c                                                                   FROM wiThin
    infrastructure and information technology.                          initiatives include:
                                                                        •	 business	support	activities
invESTMEnT ATTRACTiOn                                                      d
                                                                        •	 	 evelopment	of	the	new	Thornlands	Integrated	Enterprise	Area
initiatives include:
                                                                        •	 	 rincipal	Centres	redevelopment	projects
•	 	 ncouragement	and	support	for	suitable	industry
                                                                        •	 social	enterprise	initiatives
•	 	 romoting	the	region	to	potential	investors,	in	conjunction	with	
    regional partners and state and federal Government agencies         •	 investigation	of	BIDs	concept.
•	 	nternational	policy,	designed	to	encourage	economic	cooperation	
    and provide opportunities to promote the region to potential        wORkFORCE CAPABiLiTy EnhAnCEMEnT
                                                                        initiatives include:
•	 	 romotional	partnerships	and	investment	attraction	activities	
                                                                        •	 business	training	programs
    with regional organisations such as invest Brisbane.
                                                                        •	 	 upport	for	local	training	initiatives,	including	back	to	work	and	
innOvATiOn                                                                 trade development programs
initiatives include:                                                       p
                                                                        •	 	 artnerships	with	TAFE	and	secondary	schools
•	 Trade	and	Investment	Office
                                                                        •	 	 pecialist	library	services	for	local	businesses
•	 international	education	project
                                                                        •	 	 upport	for	Southern	Moreton	Bay	Island	PLACE	training	
•	 Major	Centres	strategy
                                                                           programs and youth initiatives
•	 Minjerribah	Knowledge	Centre
•	 investigation	of	BIDs	concept.                                       •	 Indigenous	employment	program.
                                                         Council services
                                                         Economic development, community
                                                         and social development, arts, heritage,
                                                         learning and recreation, environmental
                                                         management, infrastructure planning,
                                                         land use planning, customer services      Department of Employment
                                                         and emergency management
                                                                                                   Economic Development and
                                                                                                   Innovation (DEEDI)

            Tourism Queensland                                                                     Greater Brisbane Area
                                                                                                   Consultative Committee
            Brisbane Marketing (RTO)                     Economic Development Strategy             (GBACC)

            Redlands Tourism (LTO)                                                                 Invest Brisbane

                                                                                                   Chamber of Commerce
                                                         Economic Development Enablers

                                                         Projects and Programs

initiatives include:
•	 	 artnerships	with	local	regional,	state,	federal	and	international	organisations
•	 	nvestment	in	social	infrastructure	through	partnerships	with	business	to	encourage	the	
   development of educational institutions.

initiatives include:
•	 	 ontinued	review	and	refinement	of	development	assessment	processes
•	 	 ouncil	leadership	and	economic	development	strategy
•	 growth	management	strategy
•	 	 aster	planning	and	development	of	enterprise	areas
•	 	 rovision	of	local	infrastructure	to	support	business.

Council’s economic development strategy sits within an essential strategic framework of
regional stakeholders and partners.
Council has a leadership and advocacy role and can effectively engage with the community
and local, state and federal leaders to develop commitment, energy and positive attitudes
towards economic development. however, it is also reliant on partnerships to achieve its aims.
Ten key activities have been identified as high priorities for the Redland economic
development strategy.
Some of these are already underway and funded, while others are new and should be
implemented as soon as possible.
These include:
•	 	 eveloping	a	Redlands	local	work,	employment,	contract	labour	and	hire	service	website	
   portal. This proposed project is designed to assist the workforce to find local jobs and
   businesses to find local staff.
•	 	 obbying	state	government	to	establish	a	government	office	block	at	Capalaba	or	
   Cleveland. This proposal is designed to provide local job opportunities, increase self
   containment and attract knowledge-based workers.
•	 	dentifing	local	skills	requirements	and	developing	and	implementing	local	training	
   programs to meet industry needs, in conjunction with dEEdi and MSiT. This project could
   also include ongoing work to develop an English language and international business
   college or other specialist training campus. This would help to increase local skills and
   employment thereby boosting local workforce self containment and potentially attracting
•	 	 acilitating	the	continued	development	of	enablers	for	economic	development.		
   This project includes research into the feasibility of other activities which will enhance
   economic development and social objectives, including investigation of the Business
   improvement districts (BidS) concept. This project might also include such activities as
   lobbying for affordable housing at Capalaba or other social infrastructure initiatives.
•	 	 roposed	further	redevelopment	of	Toondah	Harbour.		This	is	a	very	complex	project	due	
   to	the	number	of	land	owners,	types	of	tenure	and	(state/federal)	regulatory	framework.		
   This important transport infrastructure project provides the potential for boosting
   community recreational facilities, business opportunities, tourism and job creation and
   also activates a large majority of the economic development enablers.
•	 	 aster	planning	for	principal	regional	activity	centres.		The	Cleveland	and	Capalaba	
   Master Plans are committed projects. They provide the potential for a significant
   number of new job opportunities to be created, providing up to half the jobs for the
   self-containment target – without increasing the urban footprint. Both locations are
   Transport Oriented Centres which will be master planned to maximise the use of current
   and proposed public transport infrastructure.
•	 	 tructure	planning	for	the	Thornlands	Integrated	Enterprise	Area	is	a	committed	
   project. it is one of the key outcomes required to ensure the success of the economic
   development strategy, particularly in relation to the employment self-containment
   target. in line with the need to provide a significant amount of new jobs and restricting
   development to tightly constrained areas, it represents the last available significant area
   of land in the urban footprint able to be planned for urban development.
   The area is strategically located close the Gateway Motorway and provides
   the opportunity for a multitude of compatible facilities (recreational, cultural,
   sporting and educational). it has the capability to provide up to 20 per cent of
   the new jobs target by 2026.
•	 	 he	revision	of	the	Redland	City	Centres	and	
   Employment Review is a project designed to
                                                          Identify local skills
   re-examine the proposed centres strategy
   and identify the employment targets for 2031
   needed to achieve the proposed increased                 and develop and
   levels of employment self-containment for
   the Redlands. it will also provide a baseline             implement local
   for ongoing research into the long term
   performance of the Economic Growth
                                                        training programs to
   Strategy.                                            meet industry needs
•	 	 oad	transport	infrastructure	projects	are	vital	to	ensuring	arterial	roads	and	linkages	
   provide efficient access and reduced travelling times – thereby reducing pollution and
   increasing quality of life. This requires lobbying state government to advance important
   road infrastructure projects including:
    •	 	 leveland	–	Redland	Bay	Road	project:	South	Street	Cleveland	to	Boundary	Road	
       Thornlands and from Benfer Road victoria Point to German Church Road Redland Bay
    •	 	 edlands	sub-arterial	road	upgrade	project	Tingalpa	Creek	–	Taylor	Road	–	Gateway	
       Motorway, which will provide improved freight and transport services, specifically to
       the proposed Thornlands integrated Enterprise Area
	   •	 duplication	of	the	Cleveland	rail	line
    •	 	 arine	facility	upgrades	at	Toondah	Harbour,	Cleveland,	and	Weinam	Creek,	
       Redland Bay, passenger terminal areas to improve transportation links to the
       Moreton Bay islands.
Public transport infrastructure projects are also vital to ensuring efficient access and
reduced travelling times, thereby reducing pollution and increasing quality of life.
This will require lobbying state government to advances.
 Thorneside              Wellington
                                                               Peel Is
              Birkdale          Ormiston

                  Alexandra                                                           Stradbroke
                     Hills  Cleveland
                             Thornlands                   Coochiemudlo Is

                                  Victoria Point

                                                               Macleay Is

               Mount Cotton                                                 Lamb Is                B r i s b a ne
                                      Redland Bay
                                                                  Karragarra Is                      The Redlands

                   Logan City                                            Russell Is

                                        Gold Coast City

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