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									                          pos    pron             example sentence
Aborigine                 n      /"{b@'rIdZ@ni/ Did you meet any Aborigines when you went to Australia?
adventure                 n      /@d'ventS@/         It's a book about Johnson's adventures at sea.
advert                    n      /'{dvÆ:t/           Have you seen that advert for Nike sportswear?
already                   adv    /O:l'redi/          I've seen that film already.
ambition                  n      /{m'bIS@n/          My ambition is to become a doctor.
ambitious                 adj    /{m'bIS@s/          We are looking for ambitious, hard-working young people.
ambitiously               adv    /{m'bIS@sli/        He ambitiously decided to try for the top job.
ancient                   adj    /'eInS@nt/          It looked like an ancient building that had not been used for centuries.
archaeology               n      /"A:ki'Ál@dZi/      She wants to study archaeology.
back out                         /"b{k 'aUt @v, Áv/The salesman tried to back out of the deal.
base                      n      /beIs/              The scientists worked from their base in Antarctica.
be into sth                      /bi 'Int@ "sömTIÎ/ He's really into football these days.
biography                 n      /baI'Ágr@fi/        He wrote a biography of Princess Diana.
boring                    adj    /'bO:rIÎ/           The programme was so boring she fell asleep.
botanist                  n      /'bÁt@nIst/         The botanist discovered a new plant.
brave                     adj    /breIv/             He was a brave man and gave his life to save others.
bravely                   adv    /'breIvli/          The mountaineers battled bravely against the weather.
bravery                   n      /'breIv@ri/         He was awarded a medal for his bravery.
break down                       /"breIk 'daUn/      The car broke down in the middle of the motorway.
bungee jumping            n      /'böndZi "dZömpIÎ/Zak went bungee jumping whilst on holiday in New Zealand.
by                        prep   /baI/               I go to work by bus.
camel                     n      /'k{m@l/            The camel race was one of the best bits of our holiday.
campsite                  n      /'k{mpsaIt/         In the storm, all the tents on the campsite were washed away.
cannibal                  n      /'k{n@b@l/          The cannibals hadn't eaten anyone for weeks!
canoeing                  n      /k@'nu:IÎ/          We could go canoeing this weekend.
certainly                 adv    /'sÆ:tnli/          This match will certainly be difficult for us to win.
challenging               adj    /'tS{l@ndZIÎ/       Teaching is a very challenging job.
changeable                adj    /'tSeIndZ@b@l/ The weather is very changeable today.
cheat                     v      /tSi:t/             Her son feels he has been cheated out of his inheritance.
climbing                  n      /'klaImIÎ/          We go climbing in the Welsh mountains.
cold                      adj    /k@Uld/             She's a really cold person, never smiling or friendly.
comfortable               adj    /'kömft@b@l, 'kömf@t-/ comfortable sitting on the floor?
                                                     Are you
constitutional monarchy   n                          The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy.
                                 /"kÁnst@tju:S@n@l 'mÁn@ki/
cruise                    n      /kru:z/             Let's go on a cruise to Alaska!
dangerous                 adj    /'deIndZ@r@s/ Police say the escaped prisoner is a very dangerous man.
dark                      adj    /dA:k/              It's only five o'clock, and it's already dark .
darkness                  n      /'dA:kn@s/          The whole house was in darkness.
death                     n      /deT/               After her husband's death, she lived alone for 20 years.
desert                    n      /'dez@t/            The people travelled on camels in the desert.
desert island             n      /"dez@t 'aIl@nd/ The shipwrecked survivors swam to a desert island.
despair                   n      /dI'spe@/           I was in despair, until she phoned to say that she was all right.
desperate                 adj    /'desp@r@t/         Many homeless families are in desperate situations.
desperately               adv    /'desp@r@tli/       They were desperately anxious to help.
desperation               n      /"desp@'reIS@n/ In desperation she called the police for help.
diary                     n      /'daI@ri/           I'll check my diary to see if I can come on Friday.
die                       v      /daI/               Grandfather died last year.
difficult                 adj    /'dIfIk@lt/         Skiing isn't difficult, but it takes practice.
difficulty                n      /'dIfIk@lti/        I had difficulty finding Kim's house.
disaster                  n      /dI'zA:st@/         Forty people were killed in the rail disaster.
disastrous                adj    /dI'zA:str@s/       It will be disastrous if we lose.
diving                    n      /'daIvIÎ/           We went diving on the coral reef.
dolphin                   n      /'dÁlfIn/           You can swim with dolphins at that hotel in Hawaii.
dream                     v      /dri:m/             My son dreams about becoming an astronaut.
dying                     adj    /'daIIÎ/            He scored his goal in the dying minutes of the game.
ecosystem                 n      /'i:k@U"sIst@m/ In the Earth's ecosystem, most animals and plants depend on others for their existence.
eco-tourism               n      /'i:k@U "tU@rIz@m/  Eco-tourism tries to be careful about its impact on the environment.
educational               adj    /"edjU'keIS@n@l/Her parents only bought educational games, she never had any fun.
end                       n      /end/               He met his end climbing mountains.
environment               n                          We
                                 /In'vaI@r@nm@nt/ must protect the environment.
ethnographer              n      /eT'nÁgr@f@/        The ethnographer asked the old man if he could study his people.
exciting                  adj    /Ik'saItIÎ/         It was a pretty exciting game.
exhaust                   v      /Ig'zO:st/          Looking after the kids exhausts me.
exhausted                 adj    /Ig'zO:stId/        I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the couch.
exhausting                adj    /Ig'zO:stIÎ/        It had been an exhausting day and I couldn't wait to get to bed.
exhaustion                n      /Ig'zO:stS@n/       He was suffering from exhaustion and stayed in bed for a week.
exotic                    adj    /Ig'zÁtIk/          When I visit tropical places I love seeing exotic flowers and birds.
expedition                n      /"eksp@'dIS@n/ Ben went on an expedition to the South Pole.
expensive                 adj    /Ik'spensIv/        We can't afford this – it's too expensive.
exploration               n      /"ekspl@'reIS@n/ They went on a journey of exploration in South America.
explore                   v      /Ik'splO:/          They spent the afternoon exploring the town.
explorer                  n      /Ik'splO:r@/        Marco Polo was a famous explorer of Asia.
extract                   n      /'ekstr{kt/         The author read out a short extract from his novel.
extreme mountain biking   n                          I think I'd
                                 /Ik"stri:m 'maUnt@n "baIkIÎ/enjoy extreme mountain biking as I love cycling.
extreme skiing            n      /Ik"stri:m 'ski:IÎ/ I tried extreme skiing last year but broke my leg.
extreme sport      n      /Ik"stri:m 'spO:t/ Any extreme sport appeals to me as I love dangerous sports.
fail               v      /feIl/             She failed all her exams .
failing            prep   /'feIlIÎ/          Failing her help, we shall have to try something else.
failure            n      /'feIlj@/          He went to Australia after his failure to get a job in England.
fascinating        adj    /'f{s@neItIÎ/      This is a fascinating book.
fed up             adj    /"fed 'öp/         I'm fed up with my job!
flying             n      /'flaIIÎ/          I don't want to go flying in that tiny plane!
fossil             n      /'fÁs@l/           They found some fossils of early reptiles preserved in the rock.
four-wheel-drive   n      /"fO: wi:l 'draIv/ Four-wheel-drives use a lot of fuel.
friend             n      /frend/            Kate was new to the school but soon made friends.
frightening        adj    /'fraItnIÎ/        It's a very frightening film.
get sth across                               I tried to get the message across to her but she just looked blank.
                          /"get sömTIÎ @'krÁs/
go through with                              When the time came, I couldn't go through with it.
                          /g@U 'Tru: wID, wIT/
guest house        n      /'gest haUs/       We chose a guest house that did bed and breakfast.
hang-glide         v      /'h{Î glaId/       I'd like to hang-glide, but it's an expensive sport.
ice diving         n      /'aIs "daIvIÎ/     I'm not allowed to go ice diving as Mum says it can kill you.
ice-canyoning      n      /"aIs 'k{nj@nIÎ/ My friend went ice-canyoning and broke her leg.
indigenous         adj    /In'dIdZ@n@s/ Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.
inhospitable       adj    /"InhÁ'spIt@b@l/ Siberia is one of the most inhospitable regions on Earth.
instructor         n      /In'strökt@/       I asked for a female instructor as women are better drivers.
key                n      /ki:/              What do you think is the key to a happy life?
learn about sth                              I learned about the accident when I rang to talk to her.
                          /'lÆ:n @baUt "sömTIÎ/
lines              n      /laInz/            Reading between the lines, I could tell she wanted to come home.
listen to                 /'lIs@n t@, tU/ James didn't listen to the instructions properly and got lost.
living             n      /'lIvIÎ/           He just about makes a living by working on the market.
lonely             adj    /'l@Unli/          I felt really lonely while my parents were away.
luckily            adv    /'lök@li/          Luckily, it didn't rain all day.
luxurious          adj                       He has a luxurious apartment in the south of France.
                          /lög'zjU@ri@s, l@g'ZU@ri@s/
make               v      /meIk/             She soon made friends with the girl next door.
marathon           n      /'m{r@T@n/         He's going to run the New York marathon.
microlight         n      /'maIkr@UlaIt/     I didn't like flying in the microlight, it was too small.
mid-twenties       n      /"mId 'twentiz/    She was in her mid-twenties when she had her first child.
miss sb                   /'mIs "sömb@di/ When my best friend went to another school, I missed him terribly.
moment             n      /'m@Um@nt/         At the moment, I'm at RADA studying to be an actor.
monarchy           n      /'mÁn@ki/          In spite of many changes, the UK remains a monarchy.
museum             n      /mju:'zi:@m/       She is planning a class trip to the museum.
nightlife          n      /'naItlaIf/        The big attraction in Berlin is the nightlife.
orchid             n      /'O:kId/           I have two pots of orchids, one white and one purple.
organisation       n      /"O:g@naI'zeIS@n/  Liam's work was brilliant, but it lacked organisation.
organise           v      /'O:g@naIz/        She organised a concert to raise money for charity.
organised          adj    /'O:g@naIzd/       She was so well organised, you could tell exactly when she was going to arrive.
original           adj    /@'rIdZIn@l/       The original plan was to catch the ferry.
parachuting        n      /'p{r@Su:tIÎ/      I wanted to go parachuting but I just couldn't jump out of the plane.
participant        n      /pA:'tIs@p@nt/ Mark was a willing participant in the study.
penguin            n      /'peÎgwIn/         All the penguins huddled together to keep warm.
permanently        adv    /'pÆ:m@n@ntli/ Why don't you come and live with us permanently?
persuade sb to                               The salesman couldn't persuade her to buy a new car.
                          /p@'sweId "sömb@di t@, tU/
planet             n      /'pl{n@t/          Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.
polar              adj    /'p@Ul@/           The polar regions of the Earth are some of the coldest on the planet.
pony               n      /'p@Uni/           Ted liked to ride on the ponies when he visited the farm.
practise           v      /'pr{ktIs/         I have to practise playing the trumpet every day.
prefer             v      /prI'fÆ:/          I prefer football to cricket.
preparation        n      /"prep@'reIS@n/ He sometimes spends hours in preparation for an important game.
prepare for               /prI'pe@ f@, fO:/ You must prepare for the future by getting a well-paid job.
price              n      /praIs/            Having to move to Leeds was a small price to pay for being able to keep my job.
price              v      /praIs/            I think they've priced the house very reasonably.
privacy            n      /'prIv@si/         Teenagers need some privacy.
progress           n      /'pr@Ugres/        Parents want to be told about their child's progress at school.
protection         n      /pr@'tekS@n/       The trees gave them some protection against the rain.
put on clothes                                 'kl@Uz/
                          /"pUt Án 'kl@UDz,He put on his clothes then went down to breakfast.
pyramids           n      /'pIr@mIdz/        We went to Egypt to see the pyramids.
race               n      /reIs/             They had a race to the South Pole and Amundsen got there before Scott.
rainforest         n      /'reIn"fÁr@st/     They're cutting down millions of trees and causing the destruction of the rainforest.
rainy              adj    /'reIni/           It was a rainy day so the children played indoors.
rapidly            adv    /'r{p@dli/         The disease was spreading more rapidly than expected.
reasonably         adv    /'ri:z@n@bli/      The house was very reasonably priced.
relieved           adj    /rI'li:vd/         We were all relieved when she returned home safely.
remarkable         adj    /rI'mA:k@b@l/      That's a remarkable achievement.
remote             adj    /rI'm@Ut/          The fire was in a remote mountain area where no one lived.
reserve            v      /rI'zÆ:v/          We visited a wild animal reserve in Kenya.
rheumatism         n      /'ru:m@tIz@m/ She had rheumatism and her fingers were swollen and painful.
right now                 /"raIt 'naU/       I want you home right now, so don't give me any more excuses.
rock               n      /rÁk/              They found a diamond in the middle of the rock.
rock climbing      n      /'rÁk "klaImIÎ/    We went rock climbing at the weekend.
round-the-world           /"raUnd D@ 'wÆ:ld/ Mum and Dad are going on a round-the-world trip next year.
run out of sth                               We're
                          /rön 'aUt @v "sömTIÎ/ always running out of milk at our house.
sad                   adj        /s{d/             The movie had a very sad ending.
sadden                v          /'s{dn/           Her death saddened everyone greatly.
sadly                 adv        /'s{dli/          She smiled sadly.
sadness               n          /'s{dn@s/         Even when she smiled, she had a kind of sadness.
safari                n          /s@'fA:ri/        We spent three weeks on safari in Kenya.
safe                  adj        /seIf/            You can walk on the bridge – it's perfectly safe.
sailing               n          /'seIlIÎ/         They've invited us to go sailing this weekend.
scientific            adj        /"saI@n'tIfIk/    The scientist was working on a scientific experiment.
set up                           /"set 'öp/        We set up the tables for the Christmas party.
shock                 v          /SÁk/             His arrogance shocked everybody who met him.
skiing                n          /'ski:IÎ/         We went skiing in Switzerland.
skysurfing            n          /'skaI"sÆ:fIÎ/    They jumped out of the aeroplane on their boards and went skysurfing.
sledge                n          /sledZ/           Ben dragged his sledge through the snow.
sleeping bag          n          /'sli:pIÎ b{g/    Because I forgot my sleeping bag I had to sleep on the ground.
smoky                 adj        /'sm@Uki/         The room was crowded and smoky.
snowboarding          n          /'sn@UbO:dIÎ/     I prefer snowboarding to skiing.
snowrafting           n          /'sn@UrA:ftIÎ/    Snowrafting down a snowy mountain in a rubber boat is fantastic fun!
spirit                n          /'spIrIt/         He said he could talk to the spirit of his dead mother.
splitting             adj        /'splItIÎ/        He talks so loudly, he's given me a splitting headache.
street-lugeing        n          /"stri:t 'lu:ZIÎ/ They took their sleds and went street-lugeing down the hill.
stunning              adj        /'stönIÎ/         You look stunning in that dress.
succeed               v          /s@k'si:d/        By pushing hard, he succeeded in opening the window.
success               n          /s@k'ses/         They were pleased with their success at the tournament.
successful            adj        /s@k'sesf@l/      They were successful in persuading him to join their team.
successfully          adv        /s@k'sesf@li/     They successfully completed the obstacle course.
sunny                 adj        /'söni/           It was a wonderful, warm, sunny summer's day.
take up                          /"teIk 'öp/       Mum and Dad decided to take up tennis this summer.
take up                          /"teIk 'öp/       After she saw it on TV, Gran decided to take up ballroom dancing.
talk about sth                                     In the
                                 /'tO:k @baUt "sömTIÎ/ office, everyone talks about what was on TV the night before.
team                  n          /ti:m/            The sledge was pulled by a team of dogs.
tent                  n          /tent/            We had to put up our tent in the dark.
terrible              adj        /'ter@b@l/        We had terrible weather on the journey here.
tiring                adj        /'taI@rIÎ/        The plane was in the air for 12 hours and it was a tiring journey.
touch                 v          /tötS/            He said he would get in touch by phone, but I haven't heard from him.
trek                  n          /trek/            They went on a long and difficult trek through the jungle.
trekker               n          /'trek@/          The lonely trekker looked tired and weary.
trekking              n          /'trekIÎ/         We all went on a trekking holiday last year.
tribe                 n          /traIb/           The Masai are one of the largest tribes in Kenya.
trip                  n          /trIp/            Dad's promised that we can go on a trip to Disneyland.
trouble               n          /'tröb@l/         We had a lot of trouble parking the car.
turn up for sth                                    We
                                 /"tÆ:n 'öp f@ "sömTIÎ/all turned up for the wedding except for the bride!
uncomfortable         adj        /ön'kömft@b@l, ön'kömf@t-/so uncomfortable on long plane journeys.
                                                   I'm always
value                 n          /'v{lju:/         That washing machine is good value for money at the price.
variety               n          /v@'raI@ti/       We tried three different varieties of cheese.
volcano               n          /vÁl'keIn@U/      The volcano erupted without warning.
wait for                         /'weIt f@, fO:/   Dinner was late but wonderful – well worth waiting for!
whale                 n          /weIl/            The whale is an endangered species.
while                            /waIl/
                      linking word                 I found the noise irritating but, after a while, I didn't notice it.
white water rafting   n                            My
                                 /"waIt wO:t@ 'rA:ftIÎ/ brother went white water rafting at the weekend.
widow                 n          /'wId@U/          She was a young, rich widow and did not intend to marry again.
work for                         /'wÆ:k f@, fO:/ He had always had to work for a living, nothing came easily.
worry about sth                                    He
                                 /'wöri @baUt "sömTIÎ/worried about getting into university, as his grades were low.
a bit                           /@ 'bIt/           That child is a bit cheeky and not very well-mannered.
absolutely            adv                          I'll be
                                /'{bs@lu:tli, "{bs@'lu:tli/ absolutely amazed if we win.
action                n         /'{kS@n/           The film star did all his own stunts in the action film.
activist              n         /'{kt@vIst/        The animal rights activists lay a false trail for the hunting dogs.
actor                 n         /'{kt@/            He wants to be an actor when he grows up.
actress               n         /'{ktr@s/          Elizabeth Taylor is a famous actress.
adventure             n         /@d'ventS@/        It's an adventure story about Johnson's travels at sea.
album                 n         /'{lb@m/           Do you have Madonna's new album?
anarchist             n         /'{n@kIst/         He's always been an anarchist and hates following rules.
arrest                v         /@'rest/           They arrested her for stealing.
bacillus              n         /b@'sIl@s/         It was the kind of bacillus that caused diseases.
bacteria              n         /b{k'tI@ri@/       This cleaning product kills bacteria.
break up with sb                                   I broke up
                                /"breIk 'öp wID "sömb@di/ with Rachel when I found out she'd lied to me.
brilliant             adj       /'brIlj@nt/        Pele was a brilliant footballer.
cab                   n         /k{b/              We took a cab to the airport.
candy                 n         /'k{ndi/           Zak bought Suki candy because he knew she liked sweet foods.
cartoon               n         /kA:'tu:n/         The children would watch cartoons all day if I let them!
character             n         /'k{rIkt@/         The new road will spoil the quiet character of the village.
cholera               n         /'kÁl@r@/          There was an outbreak of cholera and many people died.
civil rights          n         /"sIv@l 'raIts/    He said the police had ignored his civil rights.
coconut               n         /'k@Uk@nöt/        Mum put some coconut in the cake mix.
coin (toss a -)       n         /kOIn/             We tossed a coin to decide who would do the washing up.
comedy                n         /'kÁm@di/          All my favourite films are comedies.
completely          adv      /k@m'pli:tli/       She set out to invent a completely new language.
complicated         adj      /'kÁmplIkeIt@d/ These instructions are too complicated.
convinced           adj      /k@n'vInst/         I became convinced that Mara was lying to me.
costume             n        /'kÁstjUm/          At the fancy dress party everyone had to wear Star Trek costumes.
coward              n        /'kaU@d/            They called me a coward because I wouldn't fight.
crime               n        /kraIm/             My wife loves reading American crime novels.
deputy              n        /'depj@ti/          She applied for the job of deputy head teacher.
detective           n        /dI'tektIv/         I prefer British detective stories to US ones.
dialogue            n        /'daI@lÁg/          The author was terrible at description but great at dialogue.
disaster            n        /dI'zA:st@/         The film was about an air disaster and nearly put me off flying.
eccentric           adj      /Ik'sentrIk/        My uncle is quite an eccentric.
educational         adj      /"edjU'keIS@n@l/Her parents only bought educational games, she never had any fun.
emergency service                                All the
                             /I'mÆ:dZ@nsi "sÆ:vIs/ emergency services claimed they had too few staff.
exciting            adj      /Ik'saItIÎ/         It was a pretty exciting game.
extremist           n        /Ik'stri:mIst/      The bomb was planted by a white extremist group.
fall for sb                  /'fO:l f@, fO:/     Ruby fell for Jack as soon as she saw him.
fantastic           adj      /f{n't{stIk/        The book is full of fantastic stories about dragons.
fantasy             n        /'f{nt@si/          Lord of the Rings is a fantasy story set in Middle Earth.
fantasy             n        /'f{nt@si/          Several famous fantasy authors will be at the bookshop this afternoon.
fascinating         adj      /'f{s@neItIÎ/       He told us fascinating stories about his adventures in Borneo.
fisherman           n        /'fIS@m@n/          The fisherman felt a tug on his line and began pulling it in.
funny               adj      /'föni/             It was one of the funniest stories I've ever heard.
gang                n        /g{Î/               He was beaten up by a gang of youths.
get away                     /get @'weI/         We get away from the city for short breaks as often as possible,.
get out of                   /get 'aUt @v, Áv/ He tried to get out of the agreement but it was all down in writing.
ghost               n        /g@Ust/             I don't believe in ghosts but I like listening to ghost stories.
go out with sb                                   I'd like to
                             /g@U 'aUt wID "sömb@di/ go out with Daisy but she only likes Dan.
goodbye             interj   /gUd'baI/           Goodbye Chris! See you Monday.
grave               n        /greIv/             Joan put some flowers on her father's grave.
heads (coin)        n        /hedz/              I called "tails" but the coin came down "heads".
heavily             adv      /'hev@li/           It was still raining heavily.
hilarious           adj      /hI'le@ri@s/        The comedians were hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing.
historical          adj      /hI'stÁrIk@l/       The film is based on a historical event.
horror              n        /'hÁr@/             He is famous for writing horror stories and film scripts.
imaginative         adj      /I'm{dZ@n@tIv/ It was an imaginative story about a world where there were no men.
incredibly          adv      /In'kred@bli/       The children were incredibly excited about visiting Disney World.
interesting         adj      /'Intr@stIÎ/        A good teacher can make any subject interesting.
jeweller            n        /'dZu:@l@/          The jeweller fixed my watch.
laboratory          n        /l@'bÁr@tri/        They carried out the experiment in the laboratory.
legend              n        /'ledZ@nd/          She's written a book about Greek legends.
look at                      /'lUk @t, {t/       Look at that beautiful painting!
love                v        /löv/               Gran likes to read love stories.
mad                 adj      /m{d/               Anna's mad about Steve and wants to marry him.
microscope          n        /'maIkr@sk@Up/ I examined the virus under a microscope.
music               n        /'mju:zIk/          Do you like this music?
musica              n        /'mju:zIk@l/        Mum's gone to see a musical at the cinema.
mutter              v        /'möt@/             "Leave me alone," Jay muttered.
outlaw              v        /'aUtlO:/           The new rules will outlaw abortion.
outstanding         adj      /aUt'st{ndIÎ/       Eddie got outstanding results in his exams.
part (=role)        n        /pA:t/              Who played the part of Mozart in the film?
photography         n        /f@'tÁgr@fi/        He developed an interest in photography.
plot                n        /plÁt/              I found it difficult to follow the plot of the story.
quite               adv      /kwaIt/             It can be quite cold at night.
rather              adv      /'rA:D@/            I think you're being rather unfair.
rob                 v        /rÁb/               They decided to rob a bank.
romantic            adj      /r@U'm{ntIk, r@-/Barbara Cartland was famous for writing lots of romantic books.
scary               adj      /'ske@ri/           It's a really scary movie.
scene               n        /si:n/              I loved the scene where the children arrived home.
science fiction              /"saI@ns 'fIkS@n/When I read science fiction books I can escape everyday life.
see sth in sb                                    I could see she had the makings of a first class chef in her.
                             /'si: "sömTIÎ In "sömb@di/
sheriff             n        /'Ser@f/            The sheriff arrested the cowboy and put him in jail.
shoot               v        /Su:t/              He shot the man in the back.
situation           n        /"sItSu'eIS@n/      We are in a very difficult situation .
slide               v        /slaId/             He examined the blood on the slide through the microscope.
slippers            n        /'slIp@z/           I think I'll buy my Gran some slippers for her birthday.
special effect      n        /"speS@l I'fekt/ This science-fiction film has some fantastic special effects.
spy                 v        /spaI/              He wrote the best spy stories ever written.
steal               v        /sti:l/             Someone stole $5 from her pocket.
storyline           n        /'stO:rilaIn/       The film has a strong storyline.
tails (coin)        n        /teIlz/             The captain called "tails" and when he won he decided to bat first.
test tube           n        /'test tju:b/       We put the liquid into a test tube and heated it to 100 degrees Centigrade.
thriller            n        /'TrIl@/            I always buy a thriller to read on the plane.
top hat             n        /"tÁp 'h{t/         The bridegroom wore a top hat and a bow tie.
toss (- a coin)     v        /tÁs/               They tossed a coin and the winner got to keep the prize.
totally             adv      /'t@Utl-i/          The town was totally destroyed by the bombing.
travel              v        /'tr{v@l/           This publisher specialises in travel books.
triplet                       n         /'trIpl@t/      Di gave birth to triplets last year.
use                           v         /ju:z/          Can I use your phone?
used to                       modal verb/'ju:st t@/     He used to go to our school but he left last year.
variety show                  n         /v@'raI@ti S@U/ Lots of different celebrities appeared in the variety show.
victim                        n         /'vIkt@m/       The victims of the bomb attack were taken to hospital.
wanted                        adj       /'wÁntId/       He is a wanted criminal.
war                           n         /wO:/           He was a prisoner during the Vietnam War.
wave                          v         /weIv/          We waved goodbye to Dad.
western                       adj       /'west@n/       He's always watching westerns – he's mad about cowboys.
whenever                      adv       /wen'ev@/       This picture will remind me of you whenever I look at it.
accident                      n           /'{ks@d@nt/        What would you do if I had an accident?
accommodation                 n           /@"kÁm@'deIS@n/    I need to find some cheap accommodation.
addition                      n           /@'dIS@n/          He's studying German, in addition to French and Spanish.
after-sun cream               n           /"A:ft@ 'sön kri:m/After sunbathing, she applied some after-sun cream.
air pollution                 n           /'e@ p@"lu:S@n/ There's a lot of air pollution from traffic fumes.
aisle                         n           /aIl/              Please do not block the aisle with your bags.
baggage                       n           /'b{gIdZ/          The porter will help you with your baggage.
balloon                       n           /b@'lu:n/          The hot-air balloon landed gently on the ground.
ballooning                    n           /b@'lu:nIÎ/        Richard loved ballooning and wanted to travel round the world.
block                         n           /blÁk/             She lives two blocks away.
boarding card                 n           /'bO:dIÎ kA:d/     He couldn't get on the plane because he'd lost his boarding card.
brutal                        adj         /'bru:t@l/         It was a brutal winter and many old people died.
buy                           v           /baI/              I wouldn't buy my computer from a shop in the high street.
calculate                     v           /'k{lkj@leIt/      Calculate what the cost will be in pounds and pence.
carriage                      n           /'k{rIdZ/          I prefer sitting in the first carriage of the train.
check in                                  /"tSek 'In/        When I arrived at the hotel, I checked in at the reception desk.
check-in                      n           /'tSek In/         At the check-in they confirmed that I had a window seat.
claustrophobia                n           /"klO:str@'f@Ubi@/ People who suffer from claustrophobia hate going into caves.
claustrophobic                adj                            It
                                          /"klO:str@'f@UbIk/ was such a tiny room, I began to feel claustrophobic.
cold                          n           /k@Uld/            I had a bad cold and had to stay off school.
common                        n           /'kÁm@n/           They liked each other, but found they had nothing in common.
commuter                      n           /k@'mju:t@/        The train was packed with commuters going to work.
comply with                                                  The
                                          /k@m'plaI wID, wIT/ headmaster said we had to comply with the school rules.
consider                      v           /k@n'sId@/         The price is so high it's not even worth considering.
convinced                     adj         /k@n'vInst/        I became convinced that Maria was lying to me.
couple                        n           /'köp@l/           We bought a couple of oranges at the market stall.
customs                       n           /'köst@mz/         All baggage must go through customs.
cyclist                       n           /'saIklIst/        This part of the road is for cyclists only.
desperate                     adj         /'desp@r@t/         Many homeless families are desperate for a place to live.
drag                          v           /dr{g/             He dragged the bags over to the bus.
drive                         v           /draIv/            I learned to drive when I was seventeen.
emergency exit                n                              When the
                                          /I"mÆ:dZ@nsi 'egzIt, 'eksIt/ fire broke out, everyone ran to the emergency exit.
exactly                       adv         /Ig'z{ktli/        I know exactly what is going to happen.
extortionate                  adj         /Ik'stO:S@n@t/ Many local taxi drivers charge extortionate rates.
ferry                         n           /'feri/            We went across to France on the ferry.
fine                          adj         /faIn/             "Let's meet at seven." Okay, that's fine."
flight                        n           /flaIt/            She booked a flight to New York.
flight attendant              n           /'flaIt @"tend@nt/ She wants to be a flight attendant but suffers from air sickness!
food tray                     n           /'fu:d treI/       The flight attendants came round to collect the food trays.
gate                          n           /geIt/             Our flight leaves from Gate 13.
go (- by train, bus, etc)     v           /g@U/              We went to the party by car.
go (- in a lorry, car, etc)   v           /g@U/              Some went on the bus and the rest went in Dave's car.
go (- on foot)                v           /g@U/              The others went on foot as there was no room left on the bus.
hand (on the one -)           n           /h{nd/             One the one hand he annoys me but on the other hand I do like him.
hand (on the other -)         n           /h{nd/             On the other hand, maybe I will go after all.
have (- nothing in common)                /h@v, h{v/
                              auxiliary verb                 I have nothing in common with my uncle, so I never visit him.
have (- time to)                          /h@v, h{v/
                              auxiliary verb                 Do you have time to meet me for lunch?
have (would not have it)      v           /h@v, h{v/         You're making too much noise! I won't have it!
headache                      n           /'hedeIk/          I've got a terrible headache.
helicopter                    n           /'helIkÁpt@/       The police helicopter flew overhead.
highlight                     v           /'haIlaIt/         In his speech, the President highlighted the issue of crime.
honeymoon                     n           /'hönimu:n/        We're going to Greece for our honeymoon.
however                       adv         /haU'ev@/          She's a bright student. However, she does need to work harder.
information desk              n                              The
                                          /"Inf@'meIS@n desk/ man at the information desk told us which direction to take.
invader                       n           /In'veId@/         The book describes how invaders from space landed on Earth.
journey                       n           /'dZÆ:ni/          How long does your journey to school take?
knowledge                     n           /'nÁlIdZ/          To become a taxi driver he first had to pass the knowledge.
lack of                                   /'l{k @v, Áv/      There was a general lack of interest in the lesson.
leap (- into clothes)         v           /li:p/             I leapt into my pyjamas and pulled the blankets over my head.
life jacket                   n           /'laIf "dZ{kIt/    Everyone on board the boat had to wear a life jacket.
locker                        n           /'lÁk@/            I put my hand luggage in the overhead locker.
loop                          n           /lu:p/             Join the loop of the "g" to the top of the "a".
lorry                         n           /'lÁri/            The lorry was carrying a load of wood.
lorry driver                  n           /'lÁri "draIv@/    The lorry driver fell asleep at the wheel.
luggage                       n           /'lögIdZ/          You must not bring more than one item of luggage.
motorcyclist             n      /'m@Ut@"saIklIst/All the motorcyclists were dressed in leather jackets and trousers.
motorist                 n      /'m@Ut@rIst/      The motorist was speeding down the motorway.
mugging                  n      /'mögIÎ/          Crime is on the increase, especially muggings and burglary.
narrow                   adj    /'n{r@U/          The old narrow roads had obviously not been built to take much traffic.
outback                         /'aUtb{k/         My penfriend in Australia lives in the outback.
overcrowding             n      /"@Uv@'kraUdIÎ/ There is a lot of overcrowding in cities.
overhead                 adj                      The work
                                /'@Uv@hed, "@Uv@'hed/ bench is fitted with an overhead shelf.
oversleep                v      /"@Uv@'sli:p/     Matt overslept this morning and missed the bus.
passenger                n      /'p{sIndZ@/       The boat sank, but all the passengers and crew were rescued.
passport control         n                        It took
                                /'pA:spO:t k@n"tr@Ul/ us ages to get through passport control.
pedestrian               adj    /p@'destri@n/     He almost knocked down a pedestrian.
pedestrian crossing      n                        The
                                /p@"destri@n 'krÁsIÎ/ car stopped at the pedestrian crossing.
pick one’s way through                            Carefully, she picked her way through all the broken glass.
                                /"pIk wönz weI 'Tru:/
pilot                    n      /'paIl@t/         The pilot landed the plane safely on the runway.
planetarium              n      /"pl{n@'te@ri@m/There was a long queue outside the planetarium.
platform                 n      /'pl{tfO:m/       The train for Brighton leaves from Platform 4.
presentation             n      /"prez@n'teIS@n/I gave a presentation to the class about my history project.
queue                    n      /kju:/            I joined the back of the queue.
reservation              n      /"rez@'veIS@n/ I'd like to make a reservation for dinner tonight.
roadwork                 n      /'r@UdwÆ:k/       All the cars slowed down because of the roadworks.
rucksack                 n      /'röks{k/         She set off with her rucksack on her back.
seat                     n      /si:t/            I couldn't get a seat on the bus this morning.
seat belt                n      /'si:t belt/      Everyone had to fasten their seat belts before the plane landed.
ship                     n      /SIp/             I was terrified that the ship might sink.
show up                         /"S@U 'öp/        The fans waited for hours but the rock star didn't show up.
sit back                        /"sIt 'b{k/       The dentist asked me to sit back, open my mouth and relax.
slush                    n      /slöS/            Children were sliding around in the snow and slush.
sore throat              n      /"sO: 'Tr@Ut/     I bought some medicine to help my sore throat.
strict                   adj    /strIkt/          We have a strict policy of not allowing long hair at this school.
sum up                          /"söm 'öp/        To sum up, to keep fit you need to take exercise.
sunburn                  n      /'sönbÆ:n/        He got very bad sunburn from lying in the sun all day.
tablet                   n      /'t{bl@t/         She took two sleeping tablets.
take-off                 n      /'teIk Áf/        Before take-off everyone on the plane had to fasten their seatbelts.
terrified                adj    /'ter@faId/       I'm absolutely terrified of spiders.
ticket collector         n      /'tIk@t k@"lekt@/ At the station, I handed my ticket to the ticket collector.
time                     n      /taIm/            I wish we'd had time to see all the family before we left.
traffic jam              n      /'tr{fIk dZ{m/    We got stuck in a traffic jam.
travel                   v      /'tr{v@l/         It's quicker if you travel by train.
trip                     n      /trIp/            We went out for a day trip to the seaside.
trolley                  n      /'trÁli/          Dad put our luggage on the trolley and then went to the check-in.
tube station             n      /'tju:b "steIS@n/ We went to the tube station and caught a tube to Hyde Park.
underground              adj    /'önd@graUnd/ I travel to school on the underground.
upset                    adj    /"öp'set/         She has an upset stomach and feels like being sick.
van                      n      /v{n/             When the removal van was full, it set off for our new house.
well (as – as)           adv    /wel/             I bought a jacket as well as a coat.
worth                    adj    /wÆ:T/            I think the house is a bargain and well worth considering.
yacht                    n      /jÁt/             We bought the yacht although it needed new sails.
addict                   n      /'{dIkt/           I think my brother's becoming an internet addict.
aid                      n      /eId/              We are sending aid to the victims of the war.
all-weather              adj    /'O:l weD@/        I've bought an all-weather jacket for when we go sailing.
barmy                    adj    /'bA:mi/           "That's a crazy idea. People will think we've gone barmy!"
bug sb                          /'bög "sömb@di/ It really bugs me that I'm expected to clean up but my brother isn't!
bury                     v      /'beri/            We buried my brother in a small country churchyard.
car-wash                 n      /'kA: wÁS/         This car is really dirty! I'll take it to the car-wash.
casualty                 n      /'k{Zu@lti/        There were 20 casualties following an accident on the motorway.
celebrate                v      /'sel@breIt/       The team celebrated by opening some bottles of champagne.
celebrity                n      /s@'lebr@ti/       There were lots of TV celebrities at the party.
chat room                n      /'tS{t ru:m, rUm/ I don't like using Internet chat rooms as I can't see who I'm chatting to.
chat show                n      /'tS{t S@U/        Brosnan appeared as a guest on her chat show.
columnist                n      /'kÁl@mnIst/       She's a famous columnist and writes about the royal family.
consecutive              adj    /k@n'sekj@tIv/ He was late for school on three consecutive days.
contract                 n      /'kÁntr{kt/        She's just signed a contract with a record company.
corner shop              n      /'kO:n@ SÁp/       The corner shop at the end of the street stays open till ten o'clock.
couch potato             n                         My
                                /'kaUtS p@"teIt@U/ brother's a couch potato – every night he just sits there watching TV.
current affairs          n      /"kör@nt @'fe@z/It was a currents affairs programme about homeless people.
despite                  prep   /dI'spaIt/         He struggled on despite the pain.
devious                  adj    /'di:vi@s/         She had a devious scheme for making money.
documentary              n      /"dÁkj@'ment@ri/We watched a documentary about dinosaurs.
dry cleaner’s            n      /"draI 'kli:n@z/   I spilt some wine on my white suit so I took it to the dry cleaner's.
earthquake               n      /'Æ:TkweIk/        200 people were killed in the earthquake.
episode                  n      /'ep@s@Ud/         There's another episode of "Star Trek" on tonight.
evacuate                 v      /I'v{kjueIt/       The police evacuated us after they received a bomb warning.
evacuation               n      /I"v{kju'eIS@n/ He helped in the evacuation of children from the area of the fighting.
extract from                                       I've
                                /'ekstr{kt fr@m, frÁm/ only seen a short extract from the film.
fame                     n      /feIm/             Appearing in a television series brought him instant fame.
fan (=supporter)      n      /f{n/              Thousands of football fans filled the stadium.
flat tyre             adj    /fl{t 'taI@/       The car ran over some glass and got a flat tyre.
game show             n      /'geIm S@U/        All the money they won on the game show went to charity.
glam but glum                /"gl{m b@t 'glöm/ All the rich diners looked glam but glum when told there was no food left.
hacker                n      /'h{k@/            The hacker managed to get into the bank's computer system.
hampered              adj    /'h{mp@d/          The search for the men was hampered by bad weather.
homeless              adj    /'h@Uml@s/         Every large city has homeless people sleeping on the streets.
hound sb                                        The
                             /'haUnd "sömb@di/ photographers hounded the princess everywhere she went.
hysteria              n      /hI'stI@ri@/       The explosion provoked mass hysteria.
ice rink              n      /'aIs rIÎk/        We went skating at the ice rink every Sunday.
innocent of                                     He
                             /'In@s@nt @v, Áv/ was innocent of any crime so the police let him go.
Internet              n      /'Int@net/         You can find all the latest information on the Internet.
ironmonger’s          n      /'aI@n"möÎg@z/ Dad used to buy his tools from the ironmonger's but it shut down.
jeweller’s            n      /'dZu:@l@z/        Toni went to the jeweller's to buy a watch.
journalist            n      /'dZÆ:n@l-Ist/     There's a journalist on the phone – he wants to interview you.
manicurist            n      /'m{nIkjU@rIst/ The manicurist shaped and polished my nails.
mass                  adj    /m{s/              The royal wedding was covered by the mass media.
monitor               n      /'mÁnIt@/          Ellie has been made a school monitor.
musician              n      /mju:'zIS@n/       Jack's a jazz musician, he plays the trumpet.
news                  n      /nju:z/            I listened to the news, hoping to hear the football results.
newsagent             n      /'nju:z"eIdZ@nt/ There's a newsagent's at the end of our street.
newsreader            n      /'nju:z"ri:d@/     I prefer the newsreader on the 7 o'clock evening news.
offender              n      /@'fend@/          In Feltham there is a prison for young offenders.
oppose                v      /@'p@Uz/           Many people oppose the plan to build more houses in the area.
optician              n      /Áp'tIS@n/         Go and see an optician if you're having trouble reading.
optimistic            adj    /"Ápt@'mIstIk/     She was optimistic about her chances of passing the exam.
order                 n      /'O:d@/            I went into town in order to buy her a present.
paparazzi             n      /"p{p@'r{tsi/      The paparazzi rushed towards the film stars, cameras clicking.
partnership           n      /'pA:tn@SIp/       Their partnership ended last year when the business closed.
pierce                v      /pI@s/             After they pierce your ears they give you some earrings to wear until they heal.
plumber               n      /'plöm@/           When the toilet was blocked, Mum rang for a plumber.
popular               adj    /'pÁpj@l@/         He's one of the most popular boys in the school.
popularity            n      /"pÁpj@'l{r@ti/ Skiing has increased in popularity.
presenter             n      /prI'zent@/        He's a TV presenter on BBC 2's Newsnight.
press (the -)         v      /pres/             He hadn't even been arrested but the press declared him guilty.
publicity             n      /p@'blIs@ti/       Murder trials always get a lot of publicity.
publish               v      /'pöblIS/          This company publishes a lot of children's books.
reality show          n      /ri'{l@ti S@U/     "Wife Swap" is an interesting TV reality show.
register              v      /'redZIst@/        A gentle breeze registers 3 on the Beaufort scale.
reject sth for sth                              She rejected
                             /rI'dZekt "sömTIÎ f@ "sömTIÎ/ his marriage proposal for the chance to live in Canada.
Richter scale         n      /'rIkt@ skeIl/     The earthquake measured 7.4 on the Richter scale.
risk                  n      /rIsk/             Looking after sick people is a serious health risk.
rubbish (=nonsense)   n      /'röbIS/           He knows nothing about the subject and talks utter rubbish.
service               v      /'sÆ:vIs/          The mechanic serviced the car.
single (pop music)    n      /'sIÎg@l/          The group's single went straight to the top of the hit parade.
slowdown              n      /'sl@UdaUn/        After the hurricane, there was a slowdown in the tourist trade.
snake-eye camera      n      /"sneIk aI 'k{m@r@/ Using his snake-eye camera he could see round corners.
soap opera            n      /'s@Up "Áp@r@/ She starred in a daytime soap opera on TV.
sparkle               n      /'spA:k@l/         She looks so sad, I wish I could put the sparkle back in her eyes.
star (=celebrity)     n      /stA:/             The actor was a star of the theatre and cinema.
stress                n      /stres/            I don't cope well with stress.
suitable for                 /'su:t@b@l f@, 'sju:-/ jigsaw wasn't suitable for children under three.
surf                  v      /sÆ:f/             We surfed every day when we were in Australia.
synthetic             adj    /sIn'TetIk/        This factory makes clothes using synthetic fabrics.
tailor                n      /'teIl@/           The tailor measured me for a new suit.
text message          n      /'tekst "mesIdZ/ My brother's an expert at sending text messages from his mobile.
top-up card           n      /'tÁp öp "kA:d/    I paid to make more calls on my mobile phone by adding to my top-up card.
tournament            n      /'tU@n@m@nt/ Wimbledon is a famous tennis tournament.
treadmill             n      /'tredmIl/         She wondered how she could escape the treadmill of housework.
turn against sb                                 When Liam refused
                             /"tÆ:n @'genst "sömb@di, @'geInst/ to help her, she turned against him.
turn over to                                    The
                             /"tÆ:n '@Uv@ t@, tU/film was boring so he turned over to another channel.
turn sth on                  /"tÆ:n sömTIÎ 'Án/As soon as she walked in she turned on the TV.
turn up                      /"tÆ:n 'öp/        She couldn't hear properly so she turned up the sound.
tyre                  n      /taI@/             I had a flat tyre on the way home.
update                n      /'öpdeIt/          I've just downloaded an update for my iPod.
website               n      /'websaIt/         Visit our website at
affective             adj    /@'fektIv/       There was a very affective advert for Childline on TV last night.
aftershave            n      /'A:ft@"SeIv/    Are you wearing aftershave?
against               prep                    Philip was against the idea of selling the house.
                             /@'genst, @'geInst/
amusing (advert)      adj    /@'mju:zIÎ/      It was an amusing advert aimed specifically at children.
art form              n      /'A:t fO:m/      Some people think that photography has developed into an art form.
attractive            adj    /@'tr{ktIv/      His new girlfriend is very attractive.
awful                 adj    /'O:f@l/         I think the adverts for Pot Noodle are absolutely awful!
backbone              n      /'b{kb@Un/       The Pennines are the backbone of England.
bad                   adj    /b{d/            Eating too much sugar is bad for you.
be taken in                 /bi "teIk@n 'In/ She was easily taken in by the salesman's clever talk.
billboard             n     /'bIlbO:d/         She was amazed to see her face on a huge billboard advertising shampoo.
blues                 n     /blu:z/            New Orleans is the birthplace of the blues.
body building         n     /'bÁdi "bIldIÎ/    Body building gives you huge muscles that some people find attractive.
book                  v     /bUk/              Have you booked a holiday this year?
boring                adj   /'bO:rIÎ/          The programme was so boring she fell asleep.
breath                n     /breT/             Her honesty was a breath of fresh air after all his lies.
brilliant             adj   /'brIlj@nt/        I've just seen a brilliant advert for mashed potatoes.
cake                  n     /keIk/             This machine looks complicated, but it's actually a piece of cake to use!
capture               v     /'k{ptS@/          She smiled at me and I wanted to capture the moment for ever.
chance                n     /tSA:ns/           There's only a slight chance of rain.
charger               n     /'tSA:dZ@/         He connected the flat battery to the charger.
clever                adj   /'klev@/           Paul is good-looking, clever and charming.
colourful             adj   /'köl@f@l/         They have a garden full of colourful flowers.
compact               adj                      He
                            /k@m'p{kt, 'kÁmp{kt/ was strong and had a compact shape, ideal for gymnastics.
complain              v     /k@m'pleIn/        The children all complained about the food.
conquest              n     /'kÁÎkwest/        The play is about the Spanish conquest of Central America.
consist of                  /k@n'sIst @v, Áv/The class consists of children from various countries.
country music         n     /'köntri "mju:zIk/ I've got tickets for a country music concert tomorrow.
cool (=good)          adj   /ku:l/             He thinks he's really cool, wearing that stupid hat!
cool (=temperature)   adj   /ku:l/             It was hot in the day, but pleasantly cool at night.
debut                 n     /'deIbju:/         Lee made his debut in the TV film, 'Kung Fu'.
delicious             adj   /dI'lIS@s/         This soup is delicious!
disabled              adj   /dIs'eIb@ld/       There's a lift for disabled people.
distinctive           adj   /dI'stIÎktIv/      She has a distinctive style of writing.
download              v     /'daUnl@Ud/        I downloaded the anti-virus update from the Internet this morning.
dragon                n     /'dr{g@n/          The egg opened and out stepped a tiny, fire-breathing dragon.
dreamy                adj   /'dri:mi/          The song brought back memories and a dreamy smile lit up her face.
dull                  adj   /döl/              The book was great, but the movie is dull.
durable               adj   /'djU@r@b@l/       Plastic is a durable material.
edge                  n     /edZ/              Colin has the edge over Darren when it comes to dancing.
emigrate                               . t@, tU/
                            /'emIgreIt fr@m . .We emigrated from England to Spain because of the weather.
enough                adv   /I'nöf/            The water wasn't hot enough for a bath.
exaggeration          n                        It
                            /Ig"z{dZ@'reIS@n/ would be an exaggeration to call it a disaster.
exclusive             adj   /Ik'sklu:sIv/      She got an exclusive interview with Nelson Mandela.
fantastic             adj   /f{n't{stIk/       It's fantastic value at only £3.99.
fade                  v     /feId/             The curtains have faded to a pale green.
favour                n     /'feIv@/           I'm not in favour of you being out late at night.
five-star             adj   /'faIv stA:/       It was a five-star hotel in the guide, so we booked for a week.
flat screen           n     /"fl{t 'skri:n/    Jess bought a TV with a flat screen because it took up less space.
flowchart             n     /'fl@U-tSA:t/      The flowchart clearly showed the management structure.
forecast              n     /'fO:kA:st/        Have you heard the weather forecast?
funny                 adj   /'föni/            What was that funny noise?
guaranteed            adj   /"g{r@n'ti:d/      You'll earn a guaranteed £30,000, and possibly more.
go up to sb                                    She went
                            /g@U 'öp t@ "sömb@di/ up to the boy and slapped his face.
golden eagle          n                        T
                            /"g@Uld@n 'i:g@l/ he golden eagle swooped down and caught the rabbit in its claws.
greeting              n     /'gri:tIÎ/         The two men exchanged greetings.
hard                  adv   /hA:d/             I tried really hard to win, but I only came second.
helmet                n     /'helm@t/          You have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike.
help out with sth                              I promised to help out with the children's party.
                            /"help 'aUt wID "sömTIÎ/
high                  adj   /haI/              This suit is made of very high quality cloth.
honey                 n     /'höni/            The jazz singer's voice was as smooth as honey.
horse                 n     /hO:s/             He eats like a horse but never puts on any weight.
imperial eagle        n     /Im"pI@ri@l 'i:g@l/The imperial eagle was a symbol of Rome.
instructor            n     /In'strökt@/       My driving instructor told me I was ready to take my driving test.
intensive course      n     /In"tensIv 'kO:s/ Mum had a one-week intensive course in swimming.
introductory          adj   /"Intr@'dökt@ri/ There was an introductory offer of a free meal for two.
intuition             n     /"Intju'IS@n/      My intuition told me not to trust him.
invader               n     /In'veId@/         Invaders destroyed the town.
irresistible          adj   /"Ir@'zIst@b@l/ The chocolate cake was irresistible.
jazz                  n     /dZ{z/             We went to the jazz festival in Newport.
keyboard              n     /'ki:bO:d/         She spilled tea all over the computer keyboard.
last                  v     /lA:st/            The hot weather lasted for two weeks.
league                n     /li:g/             They need to improve their position in the league.
leek                  n     /li:k/             The leek is the national symbol of Wales.
legendary             adj   /'ledZ@nd@ri/      And now, the legendary singer, Frank Sinatra!
lonely hearts         n     /"l@Unli 'hA:ts/ He put an advert in the lonely hearts column of the newspaper.
lost and found        n     /"lÁst @n 'faUnd/ We wrote a description of the dog and put it in the Lost and Found.
manipulate            v     /m@'nIpjUleIt/     He is willing to manipulate his friends if it will help his career.
metallic              adj   /m@'t{lIk/         There's a scratch in the metallic paint on my car.
middle-aged           adj   /"mIdl 'eIdZd/     The couple looked middle-aged but were dressed like teenagers.
nowadays              adv   /'naU@deIz/        More people have cars nowadays.
offensive             adj   /@'fensIv/         Lots of people complained that the advert was offensive.
opinion               n     /@'pInj@n/         In our opinion the new head teacher is wonderful!
out-of-this-world     adj                      The
                            /"aUt @v DIs 'wÆ:ld/ billionaire paid for an out-of-this-world trip on the spaceship.
perfect               adj   /'pÆ:fIkt/         She speaks perfect English.
permanent              adj   /'pÆ:m@n@nt/ With broadband you have a permanent connection to the Internet.
personally             adv   /'pÆ:s@n@li/        Personally, I don't like war movies.
powerful               adj   /'paU@f@l/          We'll need some powerful computers to perform these calculations.
properly               adv   /'prÁp@li/          The computer printer isn't working properly.
questionnaire          n     /"kwestS@'ne@/ Could you fill in this questionnaire?
range (mountain -)     n     /reIndZ/            He built a railway through the high mountain range.
rap                    n     /r{p/               You don't sing the words in a rap song, you just speak them.
read through sth                                 S
                             /"ri:d 'Tru: "sömTIÎ/ adie read through the book from cover to cover.
red deer               n     /"red 'dI@/         We approached the red deer carefully.
refreshing             adj   /rI'freSIÎ/         I'd love a long, cool, refreshing drink of water.
reliable               adj   /rI'laI@b@l/        Rick is a good, reliable worker.
resistance to                /rI'zIst@ns t@, tU/There was strong resistance to the scheme.
revival                n     /rI'vaIv@l/         There's been a revival of seventies music lately.
ridiculous             adj   /rI'dIkj@l@s/       That's a ridiculous idea!
ring sb up                   /"rIÎ sömb@di 'öp/He rang me up on his mobile to say he'd be late.
roe deer               n     /'r@U dI@/          We could see the roe deer through the trees in the forest.
sale                   n     /seIl/              Her house is for sale for £100,000.
saxophone              n     /'s{ks@f@Un/        My uncle plays the saxophone in a jazz band.
sensual                adj   /'senSu@l/          She likes sensual pleasures such as sunbathing.
serious                adj   /'sI@ri@s/          There's been a serious road accident.
sexist                 n     /'seksIst/          Her boss has a very sexist attitude.
shocking               adj   /'SÁkIÎ/            It's shocking that so many young people are homeless in this country.
shop around                  /"SÁp @'raUnd/ We had to shop around to find a bargain.
silly                  adj   /'sIli/             That was a silly thing to do!
sit back                     /"sIt 'b{k/         Just sit back and enjoy the show.
sniff                  v     /snIf/              At least he's offered you a job – that's not to be sniffed at!
snorkelling            n     /'snO:k@lIÎ/        We tried snorkelling when we were in Hawaii.
software               n     /'sÁftwe@/          First you need to load the software onto your computer.
special                adj   /'speS@l/           We have a very special guest with us this evening.
squirrel               v     /'skwIr@l/          By December I had $300 squirreled away.
standard               adj   /'st{nd@d/          I'd like a standard return ticket to Leeds, please.
start off by                 /"stA:t 'Áf baI/    He started off by painting the ceiling and then did the walls.
stylish                adj   /'staIlIS/          Joe always wears very stylish clothes.
successful             adj   /s@k'sesf@l/        They were successful in persuading him to join their team.
suite                  n     /swi:t/             They've booked us into the honeymoon suite.
take sth back                /"teIk sömTIÎ 'b{k/ There was a mark on the dress so she took it back to the shop.
tasteless              adj   /'teIstl@s/         Some of her clothes are really tasteless!
tasty                  adj   /'teIsti/           This pizza is really tasty.
tempt                  v     /tempt/             She tried to tempt me to have a cigarette.
terrible               adj   /'ter@b@l/          I have a terrible headache.
throw sth away                                   I didn't
                             /"Tr@U sömTIÎ @'weI/ know whether to throw the coat away or give it to charity.
tight                  adj   /taIt/              She was wearing a tight white T-shirt.
top (- quality)        adj   /tÁp/               This shop only sells top quality products.
try sth on                   /"traI sömTIÎ 'Án/ She tried six dresses on but didn't like any of them.
unique                 adj   /ju:'ni:k/          Everyone's personality is unique.
unusual                adj   /ön'ju:Zu@l, -Z@l/He has an unusual name.
wanted                 adj   /'wÁntId/           Put your old computer in the "For Sale or Wanted" column.
washable (machine -)   adj   /'wÁS@b@l/          He read the label to see if the jumper was machine-washable.
washing powder         n     /'wÁSIÎ "paUd@/ She put the washing powder into the machine and switched it on.
waterproof             adj   /'wO:t@pru:f/       David bought a waterproof jacket for the hiking trip.
weird                  adj   /wI@d/              It was quite a weird experience.
welcome                n     /'welk@m/           Strangers do not get a welcome in this town.
work                   v     /wÆ:k/              The TV isn't working properly – I can't get Channel 5.
young                  n     /jöÎ/               Health, fitness and good looks are wasted on the young.
artistic               adj   /A:'tIstIk/           I'm not very artistic – I can't paint or draw.
attitude               n     /'{tItju:d/           I think it's best to have a relaxed attitude to money.
aware                  adj   /@'we@/               I was aware of someone standing behind me.
babysit for                  /'beIbisIt f@, fO:/   I sometimes babysit for my neighbours so they can go out.
bad-tempered           adj   /"b{d 'temp@d/        Why is Tim so bad-tempered today?
bald                   adj   /bO:ld/               He's going bald.
battered               adj   /'b{t@d/              He took out a battered old book and began to read.
best                   n     /best/                They can only ask you to do your best.
blond                  adj   /blÁnd/               He had blond hair before he went bald.
boot                   n     /bu:t/                There's an emergency first-aid kit in the boot.
bother                 n     /'bÁD@/               I'm not even going to ask her – it's not worth the bother.
bright                 adj   /braIt/               He's the brightest student I've ever taught.
brilliance             n     /'brIlj@ns/           He is also respected for his brilliance as an artist.
bulging                adj   /'böldZIÎ/            Her bulging eyes showed how afraid she was.
carefree               adj   /'ke@fri:/            At that time we were young and carefree.
carrier bag            n     /'k{ri@ b{g/          Dad put the plastic carrier bags into the recycling bin.
cast                   v     /kA:st/               As usual, they cast Hugh Grant as the typical Englishman.
charity shop           n     /'tS{r@ti SÁp/        I bought two second-hand books from the charity shop.
cheerful               adj   /'tSI@f@l/            I feel really cheerful today because the holiday starts tomorrow.
chemist’s              n     /'kem@sts/            Dad bought some cough medicine at the chemist's.
chin                   n     /tSIn/                He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
civil rights        adj   /"sIv@l 'raIts/     He was elected leader of the civil rights movement in America.
clutch              v     /klötS/             She was clutching a black bag.
collie              n     /'kÁli/             The collie herded the sheep into the pen.
common              adj   /'kÁm@n/            Dogs and cats don't have a lot in common.
communicate with                              We communicate with each other by email.
                          /k@'mju:nIkeIt wID, wIT/
complex             adj   /'kÁmpleks/         This is a very complex problem.
complexion          n     /k@m'plekS@n/ She had a lovely complexion.
confident           adj   /'kÁnf@d@nt/        Jenny seems very confident about her exam.
congressman         n     /'kÁÎgr@sm@n/ He used to be a congressman in the US House of Representatives.
conviction          n     /k@n'vIkS@n/        She spoke with great conviction.
crash into sth                                The
                          /"kr{S 'Int@ "sömTIÎ/ racing car crashed into the barrier but the driver was unhurt.
creative            adj   /kri'eItIv/         He's one of Japan's most talented and creative film directors.
critical            adj   /'krItIk@l/         Dad's very critical of the way I dress.
dark (hair)         adj   /dA:k/              He was over 80 but he still had dark hair.
depressed           adj   /dI'prest/          She felt very depressed after losing her job.
dinosaur            n     /'daIn@sO:/         The dinosaurs died millions of years ago.
disc jockey         n     /'dIsk "dZÁki/      On the radio the disc jockey was playing my favourite record.
disorganised        adj   /dIs'O:g@naIzd/ I've never known such a disorganised student.
do one’s best             /"du: wönz 'best/ The student promised to do his best to organise his work.
doorway             n     /'dO:weI/           He stood in the doorway watching us.
drench              v     /drentS/            I got totally drenched in the rain.
dynamic             adj   /daI'n{mIk/         The new teacher is very dynamic.
elderly             adj   /'eld@li/           His parents are quite elderly.
eyebrow             n     /'aIbraU/           He raised his eyebrows in surprise.
face                n     /feIs/              It was really hard to keep a straight face when he told me!
fair (hair)         adj   /fe@/               He's very fair and burns easily in the sun.
fogey (old -)       n     /'f@Ugi/            He's such an old fogey he won’t have a TV in the house!
forehead            n     /'fÁr@d, 'fO:hed/ You've got a spot in the middle of your forehead.
freckle             n     /'frek@l/           She has freckles all over her nose.
fringe              n     /frIndZ/            My fringe needs cutting.
gather round              /"g{D@ 'raUnd/ The children gathered round Dad as he gave out the party bags.
gear (=clothes)     n     /gI@/               She's getting changed into her party gear.
generous            adj   /'dZen@r@s/         Ella's such a generous person she'd give you her last penny.
genius              n     /'dZi:ni@s/         Einstein was a genius.
get at sb                                     Her
                          /'get @t "sömb@di/ Mum's always getting at her for one thing or another.
get on with sb                                Rachel
                          /get 'Án wID "sömb@di/ gets on really well with Jack.
get on with sth                               I tried
                          /get 'Án wID "sömTIÎ/ to get on with my homework despite the noise from the TV.
get sb down                                   The
                          /"get sömb@di 'daUn/ exams are really getting me down, I don't think I'll pass.
get together              /"get t@'geD@/ Let's get together after school.
give up                   /"gIv 'öp/          I give up. What's the correct answer?
give up trying            /"gIv öp 'traI-IÎ/ He's given up trying to climb Everest.
go out together                               We
                          /g@U 'aUt t@"geD@/ decided to go out together for a meal.
good-looking        adj   /"gUd 'lUkIÎ/       He used to be a very good-looking man.
granny              n     /'gr{ni/            I feel too young to be anybody's granny!
greenhouse effect   n     /'gri:nhaUs I"fekt/ The greenhouse effect is causing global warming.
grey (hair)         adj   /greI/              He went grey at the age of forty-one.
half-hidden         adj   /"hA:f 'hIdn/       The number of the house was half-hidden by the ivy on the wall.
hard-working        adj   /"hA:d 'wÆ:kIÎ/ She's always been a hard-working student.
heed the call             /"hi:d D@ 'kO:l/ Jack heeded the call and went to join the army.
helpful             adj   /'helpf@l/          The teacher made some helpful comments.
honest              adj   /'Án@st/            My father was a very honest man.
impatient           adj   /Im'peIS@nt/        The officer was got very impatient with me when I didn't understand.
influence           n     /'Influ@ns/         Your health is strongly influenced by the food that you eat.
insensitive         adj   /In'sens@tIv/       Sometimes he can be rather insensitive.
intend to do sth                              I intend
                          /In"tend t@ 'du: "sömTIÎ/ to pass my exams and go to university.
joke                n     /dZ@Uk/             He keeps making jokes about my hair.
junk food           n     /'dZöÎk fu:d/       You eat too much junk food.
knock               v     /nÁk/               I was knocked out by how beautiful she looked!
look after                /lUk 'A:ft@/        Jess asked me to look after her cat while she was on holiday.
loser               n     /'lu:z@/            The loser has to buy everyone a drink.
lottery             n     /'lÁt@ri/           What would you do if you won the lottery?
materialistic       adj   /m@"tI@ri@'lIstIk/He's a very materialistic person and is always buying things.
mathematical        adj   /"m{T@'m{tIk@l/ She was a mathematical genius.
military            adj   /'mIl@t@ri/         Her father was a military man and they travelled all over the world.
model               n     /'mÁdl/             She was a model for a fashion house in Paris.
moody               adj   /'mu:di/            After his divorce, he became moody and began drinking too much.
moustache           n     /m@'stA:S/          He's shaved off his moustache.
movement            n     /'mu:vm@nt/         The civil rights movement of the 1960s was unpopular with many people.
nerve (what a -!)   n     /nÆ:v/              He asked me to lend him £100! What a nerve he's got!
ordinary            adj   /'O:d@n@ri/         Nothing much has happened – it's been a very ordinary day.
outgoing            adj   /"aUt'g@UIÎ/        She was a girl with a very outgoing personality.
overweight          adj   /"@Uv@'weIt/        I'm ten pounds overweight.
panda               n     /'p{nd@/            My little brother though the panda was a black and white bear!
patient with                                  The
                          /'peIS@nt wID, wIT/ teacher was very patient with me when I couldn't understand.
persistent          adj   /p@'sIst@nt/        There have been persistent rumours that he is leaving.
philosophical       adj   /"fIl@'sÁfIk@l/     She was by nature a philosophical person.
prophesy               v      /'prÁf@saI/        He prophesied that a flood would cover the Earth.
plaits                 n      /pl{ts/            She always wore her hair in plaits when she went swimming.
pneumonia              n      /nju:'m@Uni@/ Grandad is in hospital with pneumonia.
political              adj    /p@'lItIk@l/       The US has two main political parties.
pony-tail              n      /'p@Uni teIl/      I'm growing my hair so I can have a pony-tail.
point sth out                                    Mum pointed out that I still owed her £10.
                              /"pOInt sömTIÎ 'aUt/
prediction             n      /prI'dIkS@n/       Here are our predictions for next year's fashions.
put up with sth                                  We
                              /pUt 'öp wID "sömTIÎ/ couldn't put up with the noise and complained to the police.
rage                   v      /reIdZ/            The war between Germany and Britain raged on for many rears.
rattle                 v      /'r{tl/            The earthquake only lasted a few seconds, but it rattled all the doors and windows.
red (go bright -)      adj    /red/              She went red with embarrassment.
red (hair)             adj    /red/              Her red hair goes well with that green dress.
revolt against sb                                 "sömb@di/
                              /rI'v@Ult @"genst The students revolted against the government over civil rights.
roam                   v      /r@Um/             Gangs of thieves roam the city.
satisfied with                                   The
                              /'s{t@sfaId wID, wIT/ teacher said he was satisfied with the quality of my work.
scientific             adj    /"saI@n'tIfIk/     He's a respected member of the scientific community.
selfish                adj    /'selfIS/          That was a very selfish thing to do.
senator                n      /'sen@t@/          Senator Dole is running for President.
sensitive              adj    /'sens@tIv/        He was very sensitive to other people's needs.
shark                  n      /SA:k/             Sharks were circling around our boat.
shoulder-length        adj    /'S@Uld@ leÎT/ She had dark, shoulder-length hair.
shy                    adj    /SaI/              She's painfully shy with strangers.
slim                   adj    /slIm/             You're looking a lot slimmer – have you lost weight?
smug                   adj    /smög/             "I told you that would happen," she said, trying not to sound too smug.
snack                  n      /sn{k/             We didn't have time for a meal so we just had a snack.
snorkel                v      /'snO:k@l/         We went snorkelling in the sea and saw lots of different fish.
sociable               adj    /'s@US@b@l/        They're a pleasant, sociable couple.
speculation            n      /"spekj@'leIS@n/ There is speculation that the president is ill.
sporting               adj    /'spO:tIÎ/         She likes the sporting types as boyfriends.
spot                   v      /spÁt/             I've just spotted a great place for a picnic.
stall                  v      /stO:l/            The car stalled at the junction.
straight               adj    /streIt/           I really wanted to laugh but I managed to keep a straight face.
stubborn               adj    /'stöb@n/          Steve can be very stubborn sometimes.
stuff                  n      /stöf/             What's that green stuff on the wall?
sun cream              n      /'sön kri:m/       Liam covered himself with sun cream before sunbathing.
sun tan                n      /'sön t{n/         After a week, Arthur had a lovely sun tan.
sunburnt               adj    /'sönbÆ:nt/        Be careful not to get sunburnt.
sure                   adj    /SO:/              It will be difficult to win, that's for sure.
suspiciously           adv    /s@'spIS@sli/      Meg looked at me suspiciously.
sympathetic            adj    /"sImp@'TetIk/ My parents weren't very sympathetic when I told them I had no money left.
take sth up                   /"teIk sömTIÎ 'öp/ Mum's taken up yoga.
taste in                      /'teIst In/        Jill has poor taste in men – her last boyfriend stole her car!
tell                   v      /tel/              He spent all his father's money, so what does that tell you about him?
tell sb off                   /"tel sömb@di 'Áf/The teacher told her off for running in the corridor.
tolerant               adj    /'tÁl@r@nt/        We should be tolerant of other people's beliefs.
tool kit               n      /'tu:l kIt/        I realised I'd left my tool kit in the garage.
tour                   n      /tU@/              In the summer the band went on tour to North America.
tramp                  n      /tr{mp/            The tramp was asleep in a shop doorway.
trendy                 adj    /'trendi/          These trendy bars are all very expensive!
umbrella               n      /öm'brel@/         It started to rain so I put up my umbrella.
well-built             adj    /"wel 'bIlt/       He was very well-built and exercised at the gym every week.
worth                  adj    /wÆ:T/             I'm not even going to ask her – it's not worth the bother.
wrinkles               n      /'rIÎk@lz/         Although she's 95 she has hardly any wrinkles!
access to                     /'{kses t@, tU/   I can get access to the Internet on my computer.
according to                  /@'kO:dIÎ t@, tU/ According to Rachel, Keith started the fight.
against                prep                     Philip was against the idea of selling the house.
                              /@'genst, @'geInst/
analytical             adj    /"{n@'lItIk@l/    She has an analytical mind.
apparently             adv    /@'p{r@ntli/      Apparently, he doesn't like his job.
argument against/for                            There are
                              /'A:gj@m@nt @"genst, f@/ arguments for and against wearing school uniform.
assessment             n      /@'sesm@nt/       What's Michael's assessment of the situation?
astronomy              n      /@'strÁn@mi/      Chris wants to study astronomy but his parents don't approve.
bark                   v      /bA:k/            I knocked on the door and a dog barked inside the house.
boarding school        n      /'bO:dIÎ sku:l/   We send our son to boarding school because we work abroad.
box                    v      /bÁks/            He boxed for his university when he was younger.
boyfriend              n      /'bOIfrend/       Her boyfriend is an artist.
catch up with sth                               I ran
                              /"k{tS 'öp wID "sömTIÎ/ but I couldn't catch up with the bus.
charming               adj    /'tSA:mIÎ/        What a charming child!
choir                  n      /kwaI@/           Sue sings in the school choir.
coastal                adj    /'k@Ust@l/        The coastal regions of Italy are very beautiful.
compulsory             adj    /k@m'pöls@ri/ Some countries have compulsory military service.
conclusion             n      /k@n'klu:Z@n/ I've come to the conclusion that she's lying.
currently              adv    /'kör@ntli/       They are currently on holiday in New Zealand.
curriculum             n      /k@'rIkj@l@m/ Greek will be on the curriculum next term.
dedicated              adj    /'dedIkeIt@d/     Our staff are all very dedicated.
detector               n      /dI'tekt@/        We need new batteries for the smoke detector.
difficult                      adj    /'dIfIk@lt/         Skiing isn't difficult, but it takes practice.
dismiss sb                                                He
                                      /dIs'mIs "sömb@di/ was always late for work, so the manager dismissed him.
eat out                               /"i:t 'aUt/         I didn't feel like cooking so I decided to eat out.
effort                         n      /'ef@t/             You should make an effort to find exactly the right present.
elective (=option at school)   adj    /I'lektIv/          Discuss this list of elective subjects with your parents.
elementary school              n                          My
                                      /"el@'ment@ri "sku:l/ youngest child has just started at elementary school.
eliminate                      v      /I'lIm@neIt/        We can never completely eliminate crime from our society.
embarrassing                   adj    /Im'b{r@sIÎ/        It was very embarrassing because he heard what I said about him.
enormous                       adj    /I'nO:m@s/          It cost an enormous amount of money.
facility                       n      /f@'sIl@ti/         The sports facilities at our school are very good.
factfile                       n      /'f{ktfaIl/           I found your factfile very helpful when doing my homework.
fall behind with                                          Suzie
                                      /"fO:l bI'haInd wID, wIT/ had been ill and had fallen behind with her studies.
for (=in favour of)            prep   /f@, fO:/           I'm all for the idea of giving everybody a good education.
furthermore                    adv    /"fÆ:D@'mO:/        You're grounded, and furthermore, I'm stopping your pocket money.
future                         n      /'fju:tS@/          Young people often don't think about their future.
get on well with sb                                       We get on
                                      /"get Án 'wel wID "sömb@di/ well with our parents.
get on with                           /get 'Án wID, wIT/ Stop talking and get on with your work!
get sb to do sth                                          I got "sömTIÎ/
                                      /"get sömb@di t@ 'du: her to cook the meal by promising to do the washing up.
give sth up                           /"gIv sömTIÎ 'öp/ She's given up eating chocolate.
go into work                                              Jed
                                      /"g@U Int@ 'wÆ:k/ had to go into work at five o'clock every morning.
go on to be                           /g@U 'Án t@ bi/ He went on to become a millionaire.
go on to do sth                                            "sömTIÎ/
                                      /g@U "Án t@ 'du: Later, he went on to try and do something about world poverty.
go over sth                           /g@U '@Uv@ "sömTIÎ/ I decided to go over my notes before the exam.
go through sth                        /g@U 'Tru: "sömTIÎ/ I asked the teacher to go through the points I didn't understand.
grade                          n      /greId/             There are five different grades of hotel.
gravity                        n      /'gr{v@ti/          The spaceship travelled beyond the pull of the Earth's gravity.
hand                           n      /h{nd/              On the one hand, he's rich; on the other hand, he's ugly.
harp                           v      /hA:p/              I wish they'd stop harping on about the fact they're vegetarians.
heavy metal                    n                          I
                                      /"hevi metl 'mju:zIk/like music with a strong beat, especially heavy metal.
hip hop                        n      /'hIp hÁp/          My brother prefers hip hop music .
imitation of                                              She
                                      /"Im@'teIS@n @v, Áv/can do a good imitation of the English teacher.
inspiration                    n      /"Insp@'reIS@n/ Monet's work has always been my inspiration.
interested in                         /'Intr@st@d In/ My brother has always been interested in football.
jealous of                            /'dZel@s @v, Áv/ She was jealous of all the attention her sister got.
kayak                          n      /'kaI{k/            She paddled the kayak smoothly through the water.
lift                           v      /lIft/              Can you give me a lift into town?
link                           v      /lIÎk/              Lung cancer has been linked to cigarette smoking.
log on                                /"lÁg 'Án/          He logged on to the Internet.
look sth up                           /"lUk sömTIÎ 'öp/ I didn't know what was on TV so I looked it up in the paper.
lyrics                         n      /'lIrIks/           I write the music and Max writes the lyrics.
mandolin                       n      /"m{nd@'lIn/        She played a tune on the mandolin.
martial art                    n      /"mA:S@l 'A:t/      Kung Fu is a popular martial art.
mean                           v      /mi:n/              Just because he apologised, that doesn't mean very much.
method-acting                  n      /"meT@d '{ktIÎ/ At drama school, we were taught method-acting.
m-learning                            /'em "lÆ:nIÎ/         I checked my mobile to see if the teacher had sent an m-learning lesson.
moreover                       adv    /mO:r'@Uv@/         I have always lived here, and moreover, I do not plan to move.
mosquito                       n      /m@'ski:t@U/        I'm covered in mosquito bites!
motivate sb                                               A good
                                      /'m@UtIveIt "sömb@di/ teacher has to be able to motivate her students.
optional                       adj    /'ÁpS@n@l/          All children have to study maths and English, but French is optional.
oral                           adj    /'O:r@l/            There will be an oral test tomorrow.
part                           n      /pA:t/              All the teachers took part in the school play.
plan on doing sth                                         We are
                                      /"pl{n Án 'du:IÎ "sömTIÎ/ planning on going to Rome at Easter.
prestigious                    adj    /pr@'stIdZ@s/       Oxford is a highly prestigious university.
private school                 n      /'praIv@t sku:l/ We've been thinking of sending him to a private school.
promote                        v      /pr@'m@Ut/          He is hoping to be promoted to manager soon.
put sth off                           /"pUt sömTIÎ 'Áf/ I put off telling her the bad news as long as I could.
qualified                      adj    /'kwÁl@faId/        Gibbons is highly qualified for the job.
red                            adj    /red/               Her face went bright red when she realised they'd heard what she said.
sandcastle                     n      /'s{nd"kA:s@l/      The children built a sandcastle on the beach.
self-testing                   adj    /"self 'testIÎ/     I finished the self-testing exercises but I still can't judge my ability.
set sth up                            /"set sömTIÎ 'öp/ I set up the video recorder to record my favourite TV programme.
show business                  n      /'S@U "bIzn@s/ She had a long career in show business.
sightseeing                    n      /'saIt"si:IÎ/       In the afternoon we all went sightseeing round the town.
sponsor                        v      /'spÁns@/           Coca-Cola have offered to sponsor the tournament.
stand                          v      /st{nd/             I can't stand people who only talk about themselves.
state school                   n      /'steIt sku:l/      She had a state school education and went on to Oxford University.
statue                         n      /'st{tSu:/          There's a statue of Queen Victoria in the square.
strict                         adj    /strIkt/            Most of the teachers here are quite strict.
stuck                          adj    /stök/              John got stuck up the tree!
stunt                          n      /stönt/             There's a great stunt in which his car has to jump across a 15 metre gap.
sword fighting                 n      /'sO:d "faItIÎ/     There was a lot of sword fighting in the film.
take up a subject                                         He
                                      /teIk 'öp @ "söbdZIkt/decided to take up French next term.
tend                           v      /tend/              Older students tend to be more interested in class.
trip                           n      /trIp/              I'd like to go on the school trip to Yorkshire next month.
uncooperative                  adj                        He
                                      /"önk@U'Áp@r@tIv/ was so uncooperative I asked him to leave the team.
unlikely                       adj    /ön'laIkli/         It is unlikely that you will get your money back.
visual                   adj        /'vIZu@l/       The movie has a strong visual impact.
vocational               adj        /v@U'keIS@n@l/ Vocational education and training courses take place at the college all year.
wallet                   n          /'wÁl@t/        I've only got about £10 in my wallet.
web                      n          /web/           Which are the best education-related sites on the Web?
worthwhile               adj        /"wÆ:T'waIl/    It's worthwhile checking the price of a camera in several shops.
zero gravity             n                          At
                                    /"zI@r@U 'gr{v@ti/ zero gravity the astronauts began to float around.
abroad                   adv         /@'brO:d/           Have you travelled abroad much?
acclaim                  n           /@'kleIm/           His first novel received widespread acclaim.
advisor                  n           /@d'vaIz@/          The careers advisor wasn't sure he was in the right job!
agent                    n           /'eIdZ@nt/          Our company has an agent in Madrid.
architect                n           /'A:kItekt/         Her dad is an architect.
art                      n           /A:t/               She went to college to study art.
attach                   v           /@'t{tS/            I'm very attached to my old car – I'd hate to damage it.
big                      adj         /bIg/               She comes from a big family – eight brothers!
booming                  adj         /'bu:mIÎ/           Business was booming so everyone got a bonus.
brave                    adj         /breIv/             He wasn't brave enough to dive into the deep water.
bravery                  n           /'breIv@ri/         He was awarded a medal for his bravery.
business                 n           /'bIzn@s/           You need a lot of money to succeed in business .
calm down                            /"kA:m 'daUn/       Calm down and tell me what happened.
careful                  adj         /'ke@f@l/           Be careful crossing the road.
case                     n           /keIs/              This is the worst case of animal cruelty I have ever seen.
cashier                  n           /k{'SI@/            At the supermarket I paid the cashier by cheque.
charm                    n           /tSA:m/             Oxford has a lot of charm.
come up with an idea                                     aI'dI@/
                                     /köm "öp wID @n She came up with an idea to stop the motorway development.
committed                adj         /k@'mItId/          He seems committed to his work.
composer                 n           /k@m'p@Uz@/ The composer of the song was John Lennon.
confident                adj         /'kÁnfId@nt/        Jenny seems very confident about her exam.
construction             n           /k@n'strökS@n/ He works in construction with Buildalot Limited.
construction worker      n                               Construction workers can hurt their backs lifting heavy weights.
                                     /k@n'strökS@n "wÆ:k@/
contradict               v           /"kÁntr@'dIkt/      Their stories contradicted each other.
cost of living           n           /"kÁst @v 'lIvIÎ/ Average wages have increased in line with the cost of living.
count up                             /"kaUnt 'öp/        I'll count up the money.
creative                 adj         /kri'eItIv/         He's one of Japan's most talented and creative film directors.
curriculum vitae         n                               I sent
                                     /k@"rIkj@l@m 'vi:taI/ in my curriculum vitae with my job application.
deaf                     adj         /def/               He went deaf for a while after the explosion.
declining                adj         /dI'klaInIÎ/        Europe's declining industries mean more people are out of work.
description              n           /dI'skrIpS@n/       His description fitted the missing woman.
deserter                 n           /dI'zÆ:t@/          The deserter was shot at dawn.
design                   n           /dI'zaIn/           I'd like to go into fashion design when I leave college.
desperation              n           /"desp@'reIS@n/ He acted in sheer desperation.
digital                  adj         /'dIdZItl/          They've made a digital recording of the concert.
director                 n           /dI'rekt@, daI-/ How is the new marketing director doing?
disillusioned            adj         /"dIs@'lu:Z@nd/ He became disillusioned with religion.
doubt                    n           /daUt/              I have no doubt you'll be successful in whatever you choose to do.
downtown                 adj, adv /"daUn'taUn/           She works in a bar downtown.
dramatically             adv         /dr@'m{tIkli/       The Internet has grown dramatically.
dress up for                         /"dres 'öp f@, fO:/She dressed up for the party.
electrician              n           /I"lek'trIS@n, "elIk-/ the lights in the building went out and we sent for the electrician.
emotional                adj         /I'm@US@n@l/ It was a very emotional reunion.
engineering              n           /"endZ@'nI@rIÎ/ The course will introduce young people to engineering.
escalator                n           /'esk@leIt@/        We took the escalator to the third floor of the store.
fabulously               adv         /'f{bj@l@sli/       The rock star was fabulously rich and had houses in five countries.
farm worker              n           /'fA:m "wÆ:k@/ Farm workers get paid very little.
farming                  n           /'fA:mIÎ/           You don't want to go into farming if you want to make a lot of money!
fashion                  n           /'f{S@n/            She wants to follow a career in fashion.
fashion model            n           /'f{S@n "mÁdl/ That fashion model is very thin – do you think she eats anything?
fast-food                adj         /'fA:st fu:d/       We stopped at the fast-food restaurant for a quick meal.
firefighter              n           /'faI@"faIt@/       The firefighter dashed into the burning house to save the child.
fit                      v           /fIt/               The man we arrested fits the description Mr Smith gave us earlier.
flexible                 adj         /'fleks@b@l/        They're usually quite flexible about the hours I work.
flirtation               n           /flÆ:'teIS@n/       He had a brief flirtation with photography as a career.
forestry worker          n                               The
                                     /'fÁr@stri "wÆ:k@/ forestry workers cut down the dead tree.
foundation               n           /faUn'deIS@n/ The university has set up a foundation for educational research.
gas station (AmE)        n           /'g{s "steIS@n/ In Florida we hired a car and filled up at the gas station.
generous                 adj         /'dZen@r@s/         It was really generous of Jack to take us all on holiday.
go on about sth                                          "sömTIÎ/
                                     /g@U 'Án @baUt I wish my brother would stop going on about his girlfriend.
gonna                                /'gÁn@/
                         auxiliary verb                  We're gonna spend the evening in Bar Rita.
gruesome                 adj         /'gru:s@m/          This castle has a gruesome history.
handicapped              adj         /'h{ndik{pt/        "Mind" is a charity for mentally handicapped people.
hand-made                adj         /"h{nd 'meId/       We bought some hand-made chocolates.
hopeful                  n           /'h@Upf@l/          There was a queue of hopefuls down the street when the competition started.
indoors                  adv         /"In'dO:z/          Keep the plant indoors during the winter.
information technology   n                               She wanted
                                     /Inf@"meIS@n tek'nÁl@dZi/ a job in the Information Technology department.
insane                   adj         /In'seIn/           Don't be insane! You can't possibly jump down from here!
insist                   v           /In'sIst/           Don insisted that he hadn't gone out of the house at all.
inspiration                   n        /"Insp@'reIS@n/ These gardening programmes give people inspiration for their own homes.
intercultural                 adj      /"Int@'költS@r@l/We have set up this centre to improve intercultural understanding in the city.
interrupt                     v        /"Int@'röpt/       I tried to explain, but people kept interrupting me.
interview                     n        /'Int@vju:/        I've got a job interview this afternoon.
job                           n        /dZÁb/             I'm going to spend the weekend doing various odd jobs in the house.
labrador                      n        /'l{br@dO:/        Labradors are often trained as guide dogs for the blind.
law                           n        /lO:/              Law is a career that takes years of study.
lifestyle                     n        /'laIfstaIl/       They have a very exciting lifestyle.
light-hearted                 adj      /"laIt 'hA:tId/    The film took a light-hearted look at life in an Alaskan winter.
literature                    n        /'lIt@r@tS@/       I'm interested in French literature.
location                      n        /l@U'keIS@n/       They shot "Lord of the Rings" on location in New Zealand.
logical                       adj      /'lÁdZIk@l/        There's no logical reason for you to be jealous.
look around                            /"lUk @'raUnd/ We'll look around the house and then tell you what we think.
loving                        adj      /'lövIÎ/           His loving wife looked after him while he was ill.
make                          v        /meIk/             I think you've made a mistake thinking that he'll like that present.
make out (- you understand)            /meIk 'aUt/        He made out that he understood me.
make up a story                                           He
                                       /"meIk öp @ 'stO:ri/ often makes up stories for his little girl at bedtime.
make up sth                            /"meIk 'öp "sömTIÎ/She made up an excuse about being too ill to go to work.
media (the -)                 n        /'mi:di@/          The media have been very unkind to her – she's OK really.
medicine                      n        /'meds@n/          I've been in medicine for 30 years now.
menace                        n        /'men@s/           Leaking gas ovens are a menace to old people.
miner                         n        /'maIn@/           There was a strike by coal miners when Thatcher was Prime Minister.
mistake                       n        /mI'steIk/         These sums are wrong - I made a mistake with the calculations.
mom (AmE)                     n        /mÁm/              Mom, can we go swimming?
motivated                     adj      /'m@UtIveItId/     The students are all highly motivated to succeed.
mugging                       n        /'mögIÎ/           The police decided to crack down on mugging in the town centre.
musician                      n        /mju:'zIS@n/       Bill likes being a session musician as he plays for different groups.
national anthem               n                           The
                                       /"n{S@n@l '{nT@m/ crowd sang the national anthem before the match started.
neighbourhood                 n        /'neIb@hUd/        He grew up in a tough neighbourhood.
nurse                         n        /nÆ:s/             My mum worked as a nurse with old people all her life.
odd job                       n        /"Ád 'dZÁb/        There's lots of odd jobs need doing around the house.
organised                     adj      /'O:g@naIzd/       Alice was very organised about the holiday, down to the last detail.
outdoors                      adv      /"aUt'dO:z/        In the summer we often eat outdoors.
patient                       adj      /'peIS@nt/         Just be patient and wait.
perform                       v        /p@'fO:m/          Many students performed in the school play.
phenomenon                    n        /fI'nÁm@n@n/ Earthquakes and hurricanes are natural phenomena.
police officer                n        /p@'li:s "ÁfIs@/ The police officers caught the burglars.
politician                    n        /"pÁl@'tIS@n/      I don't trust politicians who try too hard to get my vote.
practical                     adj      /'pr{ktIk@l/       He's more suited to a practical occupation like plumbing.
prime minister                n        /"praIm 'mIn@st@/  The prime minister lives at 10 Downing Street.
private life                  n        /'praIv@t laIf/    Politicians don't like the media reporting about their private lives.
properly                      adv      /'prÁp@li/         The computer printer isn't working properly.
pull a gun on                          /"pUl @ 'gön Án/ One of the men pulled a gun on the shopkeeper.
pushy                         adj      /'pUSi/            The salesman was so pushy I walked out of the shop.
receptionist                  n        /rI'sepS@nIst/     The receptionist booked us into the hotel and gave us our keys.
reliable                      adj      /rI'laI@b@l/       Rick is a good, reliable worker.
respected                     adj      /rI'spektId/       He's a well respected teacher.
retire                        v        /rI'taI@/          I'm going to retire when I'm 60.
risk                          n        /rIsk/             Most sports involve taking a risk of being injured.
rock and roll                 n        /"rÁk @n 'r@Ul/ Grace is lead singer in a rock and roll band.
run away from                                               frÁm/
                                       /"rön @'weI fr@m,His older brother was always hitting him so he ran away from home.
runaway                       adj      /'rön@weI/         London is where many runaway children go to when they leave home.
sack (get the -)              n        /s{k/              She got the sack for being rude to the customers.
salt                          n        /sO:lt/            The chef added salt to the food for flavour.
science                       n        /'saI@ns/          She wants to pursue a career in the sciences.
sci-fi                        adj, n   /'saI faI/         The aliens in the sci-fi film were terrifying.
sculptor                      n        /'skölpt@/         The sculptor took five years to complete this statue.
sensitive                     adj      /'sens@tIv/        He was very sensitive to other people's needs.
session musician                                          Bill
                                       /'seS@n mju:"zIS@n/likes being a session musician as he plays for different groups.
settle down in                         /"setl 'daUn In/   We are settling down well in our new house.
sewage                        n        /'sju:IdZ, 'su:-/  The sewage works treats all the waste products from the pipeline.
shop assistant                n        /'SÁp @"sIst@nt/ She works as a shop assistant in a clothes shop.
smelling salts                n        /'smelIÎ sO:lts/   The doctor waved smelling salts under her nose to wake her.
snack bar                     n        /'sn{k bA:/        Chris had a cup of coffee at the snack bar.
sniff                         v        /snIf/             Stop sniffing and blow your nose.
soldier                       n        /'s@UldZ@/         There are around 1000 soldiers in the capital city tonight.
speak up                               /"spi:k 'öp/       Speak up or they won't hear you at the back of the room.
specialist                    n        /'speS@lIst/       She works as a cancer specialist at the local hospital.
speech                        n        /spi:tS/           The President will make a speech to Congress later today.
spoilt for choice                      /"spOIlt f@ 'tSOIs/There were so many meals on the menu we were spoilt for choice.
sport                         n        /spO:t/            I like to play most sports, but basketball is my favourite.
sticky                        adj      /'stIki/           Things are getting a bit sticky – we're under attack all the time.
street cleaner                n        /'stri:t "kli:n@/  The streets were so filthy the street cleaners went on strike.
stressful                     adj      /'stresf@l/        Pilots have a stressful job.
stunt                         n        /stönt/            There's a great stunt in which his car has to jump across a 15 metre gap.
stuntman                      n        /'stöntm{n/        In the film the stuntman had to jump out of a burning building.
stuntwoman           n          /'stönt"wUm@n/ The stuntwoman will crash the car into the building.
suspect              n          /'söspekt/         Two suspects were arrested today in connection with the robbery.
sympathetic          adj        /"sImp@'TetIk/ My parents weren't very sympathetic when I told them I had no money left.
take a day off                  /"teIk @ deI 'Áf/ Take a day off work if you're not feeling well.
take sth down                                      I answered the phone and took down a message for Marta.
                                /"teIk sömTIÎ 'daUn/
talented             adj        /'t{l@ntId/        She's a very talented musician and composer.
tattoo               v          /t@'tu:, t{'tu:/   He asked them to tattoo a lion on his chest.
taxi driver          n          /'t{ksi "draIv@/ She asked the taxi driver to take her to the station.
tear sb apart                                      Her son's death tore her apart.
                                /"te@ sömb@di @'pA:t/
tolerant             adj        /'tÁl@r@nt/        We should be tolerant of other people's beliefs.
tourism              n          /'tU@rIz@m/        The island's main industry is tourism.
travel               v          /'tr{v@l/          He wants to work in travel after he leaves school.
travel agent                    /'tr{v@l "eIdZ@nt/We went to a travel agent's on the High Street.
trend                n          /trend/            There's a trend toward more part-time employment.
turn up at                      /"tÆ:n 'öp @t, {t/ He turned up at the wedding although he hadn't been invited.
understanding        n          /"önd@'st{ndIÎ/ My understanding of computers is very limited.
vet                  n          /vet/              I took the dog to the vet for an injection.
window cleaner       n          /'wInd@U "kli:n@/The window cleaner cleaned my windows inside and out!
workaholic           n          /"wÆ:k@'hÁlIk/ He's a workaholic and is hardly ever at home.
write down                      /"raIt 'daUn/      I'll read out the numbers, you write them down.
accumulated          adj         /@'kju:mjUleItId/ The accumulated dust and dirt filled two bin bags.
adventurous          adj         /@d'ventS@r@s/ Andy is a very adventurous rock-climber.
aerobics             n           /e@'r@UbIks/      Are you going to aerobics tonight?
affective            adj         /@'fektIv/        There was a very affective advert for Childline on TV last night.
allergy              n           /'{l@dZi/         He has an allergy to cats.
anyway               adv         /'eniweI/         Catherine wasn't sure the book was the right one, but she bought it anyway.
application for                                    She
                                 /"{plI'keIS@n f@, fO:/ sent in an application for a job in the newsroom.
apply for                        /@'plaI f@, fO:/ He applied for a grant to study at Oxford University.
article              n           /'A:tIk@l/        I read an interesting article about drugs.
association          n           /@"s@Usi'eIS@n, @"s@USi-/ strong associations with Scotland.
                                                   Her family has
association for sb               /@"s@Usi'eIS@n, @"s@USi-/ strong associations for me.
                                                   Morocco has
asylum               n           /@'saIl@m/        When he arrived in Britain he applied for political asylum.
attractive           adj         /@'tr{ktIv/       His new girlfriend is very attractive.
autobiographical     adj                           The
                                 /"O:t@UbaI@'gr{fIk@l/film is based on the autobiographical novel by Joseph Ackerley.
barbarous            adj         /'bA:b@r@s/       His crimes were so barbarous the police refused to give details.
barbecue             n           /'bA:bIkju:/      We had a barbecue on the beach.
baseball             n           /'beIsbO:l/       Who's your favourite baseball player?
basketball           n           /'bA:skItbO:l/    I'm not very good at basketball.
beef                 n           /bi:f/            We had roast beef, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding for dinner.
border (=frontier)   n           /'bO:d@/          We were not allowed to cross the border between the two parts of the island.
bounce               n           /baUns/           This shampoo will put real bounce in your hair.
bound out of                                       Áv/
                                 /"baUnd 'aUt @v, He was late, so he bound out of bed and ran downstairs.
bring                v           /brIÎ/            I couldn't bring myself to tell her that he'd left.
catch up with sb                                   If you work hard you might catch up with the other students.
                                 /"k{tS 'öp wID "sömb@di/
cheer up                         /"tSI@r 'öp/      Cheer up, it could be worse!
cheerful             adj         /'tSI@f@l/        Tom seems a very cheerful child.
childish             adj         /'tSaIldIS/       Stop being so childish.
childlike            adj         /'tSaIldlaIk/     He showed a childlike innocence although he was in his twenties.
come up                          /köm 'öp/         The school holidays are coming up in a few weeks.
crew cut             n           /'kru: köt/       His crew cut was so short I could see his scalp!
cricket              n           /'krIk@t/         England beat the Australians at cricket this summer.
culture              n           /'költS@/         You have to spend time in a country if you want to understand its culture.
current              adj         /'kör@nt/         Who is her current boyfriend?
current              adj         /'kör@nt/         She wears all the current fashions.
custom               n           /'köst@m/         She follows Islamic custom by covering her hair.
decade               n           /'dekeId/         The building is now four decades old.
deduce               v           /dI'dju:s/        From his accent, I deduced that he was not English.
deficient in                     /dI'fIS@nt In/    Your diet is deficient in protein, so eat more meat and fish.
descendant           n           /dI'send@nt/      He's a descendant of Abraham Lincoln.
desirable            adj         /dI'zaI@r@b@l/ She's bought a desirable apartment in the centre of the city.
dialect              n           /'daI@lekt/       Chinese people speak many different dialects.
direct               adj         /dI'rekt, daI-/   Be direct and say exactly what you think.
directly             adv         /dI'rektli, daI-/ You can order the book directly from the publisher.
distaste             n           /dIs'teIst/       He has a great distaste for foreign films.
do                               /du:/
                     auxiliary verb                Can you do me a favour? I need a lift.
Dreamtime            n           /'dri:mtaIm/      The aborigines talk about the Dreamtime and their ancestors.
drive-in             n           /'draIv In/       We saw a movie at the drive-in.
drop sb off                                        We
                                 /"drÁp sömb@di 'Áf/ dropped Dad off outside the station.
energised with                                      wIT/
                                 /'en@dZaIzd wID, She was energised with a desire to win the race.
enigmatic            adj         /"enIg'm{tIk/     She's so enigmatic I haven't a clue what she's thinking.
envious              adj         /'envi@s/         I'm really envious of your CD collection.
environmental        adj                           The
                                 /In"vaI@r@n'mentl/ wrecked oil tanker did serious environmental damage.
essence of                       /'es@ns @v, Áv/ It's the very essence of the problem and I don't know how to solve it.
even if                          /'i:v@n If/       I wouldn't do another job, even if they offered me more money.
even though                      /"i:v@n 'D@U/ She wouldn't go to the party even though I offered to babysit.
exchange rate           n     /Iks'tSeIndZ reIt/ The exchange rate for the dollar is 5 French francs.
exchange student        n                          Li is an
                              /Iks'tSeIndZ "stju:d@nt/ exchange student from China.
expression              n     /Ik'spreS@n/         What does the expression "by yourself" mean?
favour                  n     /'feIv@/             Can you do me a favour? I need a lift.
find                    v     /faInd/              I'm finding it difficult to get used to my new job.
finicky                 adj   /'fInIki/            She's finicky about what she eats.
finish sth off                /"fInIS sömTIÎ 'Áf/ My sister didn't eat all her cake so I finished it off for her.
fish and chips          n     /"fIS @n 'tSIps/ Get some fish and chips on your way home.
flowery                 adj   /'flaU@ri/           She wore a skirt with a bright flowery pattern.
football                n     /'fUtbO:l/           The children are playing football.
football (American -)   n     /'fUtbO:l/           He got a chance to play American football in the big leagues.
french fries            n     /"frentS 'fraIz/     I had a burger and some french fries for lunch.
fundamental             adj   /"fönd@'mentl/ What are the fundamental differences between men and women?
gesture                 n     /'dZestS@/           He made a gesture towards the door to show it was time to leave.
get back from                 /get 'b{k fr@m, frÁm/When do you get back from your holidays?
get used to                   /get 'ju:st t@, tU/ Now that I don't have a car, I'll have to get used to catching the bus.
go back home                                       I
                              /"g@U b{k 'h@Um/went back home to check that I'd turned the alarm on.
go out sw                                          On
                              /g@U 'aUt "sömwe@/Fridays, we sometimes go out to the cinema.
go over                       /g@U '@Uv@/ Can we just go over the rules once more?
go through                    /g@U 'Tru:/          Let's go through the instructions once again.
go under                      /g@U 'önd@/          Go under the bridge and then turn right.
golf                    n     /gÁlf/               She had a natural talent for golf and hoped to turn professional.
good-naturedly          adv   /gUd 'neItS@dli/ She smiled good-naturedly at the girl and gave her a sweet.
grace                   n     /greIs/              The dancer moved with such grace!
graceful                adj   /'greIsf@l/          She has very graceful movements.
greasy                  adj   /'gri:si/            I hate greasy fish and chips.
great                   adj   /greIt/              That's great! When do you start the new job?
groupie                 n     /'gru:pi/            He was a tennis groupie and went to watch games all over the country.
hamburger               n     /'h{mbÆ:g@/          The fast-food chain offered two hamburgers for the price of one.
hang on a second                                   Hang
                              /"h{Î 'Án @ "sek@nd/ on a second, guys, I've left my bag in my locker.
hazardous               adj   /'h{z@d@s/           It was a hazardous journey through the mountains.
help sb out                   /"help sömb@di 'aUt/ I promised to help him out with his homework.
homeland                n     /'h@Uml{nd/          She returned to her homeland, Somalia.
hope                    v     /h@Up/               "Do you think Tom will come to the party?" "I hope so."
hot dog                       /'hÁt dÁg/             I asked for a hot dog with mustard.
humour                  n     /'hju:m@/            I really like Sam – he's got a great sense of humour.
identification          n                          Y
                              /aI"dentIfI'keIS@n/ ou need some identification to travel across the border.
immersed in                   /I'mÆ:st In/         He was so immersed in his work, he lost track of time.
immigrant               n     /'ImIgr@nt/          My father came to England as an immigrant.
imply                   v     /Im'plaI/            What exactly are you implying?
in order to                   /In 'O:d@ t@, tU/ I have to pass my exams in order to go to university.
influence               n     /'Influ@ns/          The food that you eat has an important influence on your health.
insolent                adj   /'Ins@l@nt/          Don't be so insolent!
interest                n     /'Intr@st/           She has shown no interest in learning ballet.
irrational              adj   /I'r{S@n@l/          She has an irrational fear of mice.
irrational              adj   /I'r{S@n@l/          He was quite irrational about not wanting me to go!
jumper                  n     /'dZömp@/            It felt cold so he put a jumper on over his T-shirt.
kangaroo                n     /"k{Îg@'ru:/         On holiday in Australia, we had kangaroo steak for dinner.
ketchup                 n     /'ketS@p/            Do you want ketchup on your burger?
laboriously             adv   /l@'bO:ri@sli/       He kept laboriously putting one box on top of another for hours and hours.
landlady                n     /'l{nd"leIdi/        The landlady would only rent out her rooms to non-smokers.
landlord                n     /'l{ndlO:d/          The landlord charged a £750 deposit in case of any damage.
legally                 adv   /'li:g@li/           They are still legally married.
liking                  n     /'laIkIÎ/            She had a liking for champagne.
literary                adj   /'lIt@r@ri/          She won a literary prize for her first book.
lively                  adj   /'laIvli/            She has a group of lively six-year-olds to look after.
lively                  adj   /'laIvli/            He's a lively child, always running around.
lucky thing                   /"löki 'TIÎ/         It was a lucky thing we missed the bus, as it crashed.
match                   n     /m{tS/               Did you watch the match between Kenya and Ireland?
maybe                   adv   /'meIbi/             Maybe they haven't got your letter yet.
mayonnaise              n     /"meI@'neIz/         She had egg and mayonnaise sandwiches for her lunch.
means                   n     /mi:nz/              Email is becoming an important means of communication.
mind                    n     /maInd/              I'm keeping an open mind about what to do.
mood                    n     /mu:d/               Dad's in a bad mood today.
move on                       /"mu:v 'Án/          The nightclub was boring so we moved on to another.
mustard                 n     /'möst@d/            a hamburger with ketchup and mustard
native                  adj   /'neItIv/            Her native language is Spanish.
nerve-wracking          adk   /'nÆ:v "r{kIÎ/       It was nerve-wracking waiting for the test results.
neutral                 adj   /'nju:tr@l/          Switzerland was a neutral country during the war.
nomad                   n     /'n@Um{d/            The nomads of the desert move from place to place by camel.
obligation              n     /"ÁblI'geIS@n/       You have an obligation to inform the police of any accident on the road.
obligatory              adj   /@'blIg@t@ri/        Attending school is obligatory.
OK                      adj   /"@U 'keI/           "Can he stay overnight?" "That's OK with me, but check with Mum."
on the left/right             /Án D@ 'left, 'raIt/ The newsagent's is on the right just after the bookshop.
open (an – mind)        adj   /'@Up@n/             I'm keeping an open mind about what to do.
open-door policy        n                          Many
                              /"@Up@n 'dO: "pÁl@si/countries would like an open-door policy on refugees.
oppression        n         /@'preS@n/        They suffered years of oppression.
order             n         /'O:d@/           Plants need light in order to live.
ornament          n         /'O:n@m@nt/       There was a china cat along with other ornaments on the piano.
overcrowded       adj       /"@Uv@'kraUdId/Britain's overcrowded prisons need to be rebuilt.
parking lot       n         /'pA:kIÎ lÁt/     We left the car in the parking lot.
pass              v         /pA:s/            Pass me the salt and pepper, please.
passage           n         /'p{sIdZ/         They were the first to discover the western passage through the mountains.
past              adj       /pA:st/           He's been pretty miserable over the past few weeks.
peer              n         /pI@/             He's a peer – Lord Foster of somewhere or other.
pepper            n         /'pep@/           The soup needs a little more salt and pepper
persecution       n         /"pÆ:sI'kju:S@n/ He suffered persecution for his political beliefs.
phrase            n         /freIz/           He always starts the class with the phrase "Good morning!"
phrasebook        n         /'freIzbUk/       We bought a German phrasebook when we were on holiday in Berlin.
pick sb up                                    I
                            /"pIk sömb@di 'öp/ promised to pick her up at six o'clock.
pick sth up                 /"pIk sömTIÎ 'öp/ She picked up some German when she was on holiday in Berlin.
pitiful           adj       /'pItIf@l/        We came across the pitiful sight of homeless children.
pity              n         /'pIti/           I felt a lot of pity for the dead man's family.
pluck             v         /plök/            She plucked a rose from her garden.
poison            n         /'pOIz@n/         The plant's leaves contain a poison.
poisonous         adj       /'pOIz@n@s/       Many household chemicals are poisonous.
poke sb                     /'p@Uk "sömb@di/  She poked him with her elbow to stop him from falling asleep.
popcorn           n         /'pÁpkO:n/        We bought some popcorn before going in to see the film.
posh              adj       /pÁS/             The Ritz is a very posh hotel.
poverty           n         /'pÁv@ti/         Millions of people are living in poverty.
profession        n         /pr@'feS@n/       I spent most of my life in the teaching profession.
professional      adj       /pr@'feS@n@l/ You'll need professional legal advice.
proverb           n         /'prÁvÆ:b/        Mum's favourite proverb is "Many hands make light work."
pub food          n         /'pöb fu:d/       Sometimes pub food can be better value than in a restaurant.
reggae            n         /'regeI/          Bob Marley made reggae music popular.
relaxed           adj       /rI'l{kst/        She looked happy and relaxed on her wedding day.
rent              v         /rent/            We rent the flat from my uncle.
reserved          adj       /rI'zÆ:vd/        She's very reserved until she gets to know you.
rib               n         /rIb/             She poked him in the ribs to wake him up.
roast beef        n         /"r@Ust 'bi:f/    We had roast beef, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding for dinner.
rugby             n         /'rögbi/          He injured his leg playing rugby.
sacred            adj       /'seIkr@d/        To Hindus, the River Ganges is sacred.
second            adj       /'sek@nd/         There are two keys – the first is for the main door and the second is for the office.
self-image        n         /"self 'ImIdZ/    Depression affects people with a poor self-image.
sense of humour   n                           He
                            /"sens @v 'hju:m@/ has a great sense of humour and is always making us laugh.
skeleton          n         /'skel@t@n/       We found the skeleton of a cat.
ski-jumping       n         /'ski: "dZömpIÎ/ We watched the ski-jumping at the Winter Olympics.
sloppy            adj       /'slÁpi/          This was a sloppy piece of work, Smith.
so that                     /'s@U D@t, D{t/ Mum gave me some money so that I could buy Dad a present.
soccer            n         /'sÁk@/           A lot of soccer fans were annoyed when the match was called off.
sound             v         /saUnd/           It sounds strange to say this, but I really like broccoli!
specimen          n         /'spes@m@n/       He's a very odd specimen of the human race.
spicy             adj       /'spaIsi/         I love spicy food, especially Indian curries.
spontaneity       n         /"spÁnt@'ni:@ti/ He brings enthusiasm and spontaneity to our work.
spring            v         /sprIÎ/           Tim's cat sprang into my lap.
strange           adj       /streIndZ/        It sounds strange to say this, but I really like broccoli!
sure              adj       /SO:/             OK, sure, I'll see you there, then.
surfing           n         /'sÆ:fIÎ/         I prefer the surfing in Hawaii to anywhere else.
swan              n         /swÁn/            Swans are protected by the royal family.
thank sb for                                  Thank
                            /'T{Îk "sömb@di f@, fO:/ you for seeing me to the door.
think about sth                               I have
                            /'TIÎk @baUt "sömTIÎ/ been thinking about our holiday.
turn of phrase    n         /"tÆ:n @v 'freIz/ She sometimes has an unpleasant turn of phrase.
turning           n         /'tÆ:nIÎ/         Go past the church and it's the next turning on your left.
unintentionally   adv       /"önIn'tenS@n@li/I hit the cyclist unintentionally.
unpredictable     adj       /"önprI'dIkt@b@l/ Global warming has made the weather more unpredictable.
unquestioned      adj       /ön'kwestS@nd/ The whole approach is based on unquestioned assumptions.
used to           modal verb/'ju:st t@, tU/   You'll get used to doing this after a few years in the job.
various           adj       /'ve@ri@s/        There are various ways of sending money abroad.
versed            adj       /vÆ:st/           He was well versed in the art of flattery.
vice versa        adv       /"vaIs 'vÆ:s@/ Films that the boys like don't appeal to the girls, and vice versa.
vinegar           n         /'vInIg@/         Shake the bottle well to mix the oil with the vinegar.
vital             adj       /'vaItl/          It's vital to concentrate when you are driving.
warm              adj       /wO:m/            He's lovely and warm towards his children.
well versed in              /"wel 'vÆ:st In/ He was well versed in the art of flattery.
well-lit          adj       /"wel 'lIt/       The street was very well-lit and I could see him clearly.
whatever          determiner/wÁt'ev@/         We could do whatever we liked.
wherever          adv       /we@r'ev@/        They followed us wherever we went.
whoever           pron      /hu:'ev@/         Whoever did this must be crazy.
yeah              interj    /je@/             Yeah, you can borrow my car, but bring it back by seven.
Aids              n          /eIdz/            They say he has Aids and is seriously ill.
alarm clock       n          /@'lA:m klÁk/     I bought an alarm clock because I was always late for work.
archaeologist         n     /"A:ki'Ál@dZIst/ The archaeologist found a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
ashes                 n     /'{SIz/            The police sifted through the ashes of the fire, looking for clues.
austerity             n     /O:'ster@ti/       There was a period of austerity after the war.
bad                   adj   /b{d/              That's not a bad price for a TV that big!
battery               n     /'b{t@ri/          The radio needs new batteries.
bear                  v     /be@/              Bear in mind that I'm only doing this as a favour.
bewildered            adj   /bI'wIld@d/        The children looked bewildered and scared.
bewildering           adj   /bI'wIld@rIÎ/      In the shop there was a bewildering variety of fruit.
bossy                 adj   /'bÁsi/            She's a bossy little girl and always wants her own way.
breath                n     /breT/             When I heard her sing it completely took my breath away!
breathtaking          adj   /'breT"teIkIÎ/     The photo shows a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon.
bronze                n     /brÁnz/            The medal for third place was made of bronze.
bugler                n     /'bju:gl@/         At the funeral, the bugler played the Last Post.
butterfly             n     /'böt@flaI/        Some butterflies look very like moths.
calendar              n     /'k{l@nd@/         I made a note of his birthday on the calendar.
cancer                n     /'k{ns@/           He died of lung cancer.
capsule (time -)      n     /'k{psju:l/        We buried the time capsule for people of the future to find.
careless              adj   /'ke@l@s/          Try not to be so careless in future.
cart                  n     /kA:t/             She met a farmer with his horse and cart.
carton                n     /'kA:tn/           I'd like six cartons of orange juice.
case (a – in point)   n     /keIs/             I said your work was getting better, and this latest essay is a case in point.
cash machine          n     /'k{S m@"Si:n/ The cash machine swallowed my card and I had no money!
ceramics              n     /s@'r{mIks/        Sonia teaches ceramics at Columbia College.
charming              adj   /'tSA:mIÎ/         What a charming child!
cheat sb                    /'tSi:t "sömb@di/ He cheated her at cards.
civilisation          n     /"sIv@l-aI'zeIS@n/ he archaeologist was fascinated by the ancient civilisation of Egypt.
civilised             adj   /'sIv@l-aIzd/      France is a very civilised country.
clay                  n     /kleI/             He made a figure out of clay.
coffee maker          n     /'kÁfi "meIk@/     She poured two cups of coffee from the coffee maker.
come up with                                   I
                            /köm 'öp wID, wIT/ tried to come up with an answer, but my mind was a blank.
companion             n     /k@m'p{nj@n/       One of her travelling companions became ill.
confronted with                                He admitted his guilt when confronted with the evidence.
                            /k@n'fröntId wID, wIT/
considered            adj   /k@n'sId@d/        All things considered, I think the day went well.
contrast              n     /'kÁntrA:st/       There was a great contrast between the rich and the poor areas of the city.
cuneiform             n     /'kju:nifO:m/      He was studying the cuneiform writing of ancient Mesopotamia.
curator               n     /kjU'reIt@/        He's curator of fine art at the Metropolitan.
definitely            adv   /'defIn@tli/       I'll definitely phone you tonight.
dense                 adj   /dens/             They hacked their way through the dense tropical jungle.
documentary           n     /"dÁkj@'ment@ri/We watched a documentary about dinosaurs.
domestication         n                        The
                            /d@"mestI'keIS@n/ domestication of this breed of dog took hundreds of years.
drizzle               n     /'drIzl/           A light drizzle had started by the time we left.
ecstatic              adj   /Ik'st{tIk/        When Beckham scored, the crowd was ecstatic.
effect                n     /I'fekt/           We do not know what the long-term effects of pollution are on the Earth.
empire                n     /'empaI@/          She's reading "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire".
eruption              n     /I'röpS@n/         The village was destroyed by the volcanic eruption.
excessive             adj   /Ik'sesIv/         Excessive dieting can be very harmful.
execute sb                                     They
                            /'eksIkju:t "sömb@di/ executed the murderer at midnight.
fact                  n     /f{kt/             I don't want to go, really. In fact, I'm not going.
fertile               adj   /'fÆ:taIl/         The soil was fertile and produced enough food for the whole village.
find sth out                                   Jack found out that Suki has been seeing Norman.
                            /"faInd sömTIÎ 'aUt/
fit                   v     /fIt/              I'm not as fit as I used to be in my twenties.
fountain              n     /'faUnt@n/         Tourists throw coins into the Trevi fountain in Rome.
fours (on all -)      n     /fO:z/             He was down on all fours playing with the puppy.
full of sth                 /'fUl @v "sömTIÎ/ The glass was full of orange juice.
fusion                n     /'fju:Z@n/         He plays an unusual style of jazz fusion.
gadget                n     /'g{dZ@t/          I bought a handy little gadget for opening bottles.
genre                 n     /'ZÁnr@/           He started a whole new genre of impressionist painting.
gladiator             n     /'gl{dieIt@/       In ancient Rome, gladiators fought lions in the Coliseum.
go out                      /g@U 'aUt/         They decided to go out for a meal.
go up in smoke                                 Her
                            /g@U "öp In 'sm@Uk/ plan to sail to Africa went up in smoke when the engine failed.
grandeur              n     /'gr{ndZ@/         Her paintings capture the grandeur of the mountains.
granite               n     /'gr{n@t/          The building was made of grey, sparkling granite.
graze                 v     /greIz/            Tim fell off his bicycle and grazed his knees.
grow up in                  /"gr@U 'öp In/     She grew up in Belgium but has lived in Scotland for years.
guide                 n     /gaId/             The guide pointed out the cathedral on the left.
gunpowder             n     /'gön"paUd@/       Their plan was to blow up parliament with barrels of gunpowder.
healthcare            n     /'helTke@/         The UK healthcare system is free but we pay for it through our taxes.
hitchhike             v     /'hItShaIk/        He had hitchhiked down from Glasgow.
hold                  v     /h@Uld/            The play held me spellbound right up to the end.
hooligan              n     /'hu:lIg@n/        A gang of football hooligans attacked the shop.
humidity              n     /hju:'mId@ti/      It was hot but damp and the humidity was very high.
impress sb                                     He
                            /Im'pres "sömb@di/ tried to impress her with his vast knowledge of world affairs.
impressed             adj   /Im'prest/         I was really impressed by how well the team played in its first game.
inclined to                 /In'klaInd t@, tU/ It seemed unlikely that her story was true, but I was inclined to believe her.
indifferent           adj   /In'dIf@r@nt/      How could a father be so indifferent to his own children?
investigate           v     /In'vestIgeIt/     Police are investigating the robbery.
irrigation channel       n                        T
                               /"IrI'geIS@n "tS{nl/ hey dug an irrigation channel to water the crops.
kettle                   n     /'ketl/            I'll put the kettle on.
key ring                 n     /'ki: rIÎ/         She added the luggage key to her key ring.
kiosk                    n     /'ki:Ásk/          We stopped at the kiosk in the shopping centre to buy a newspaper.
leave sth on                   /"li:v sömTIÎ 'Án/ The old lady leaves the TV on all day.
loneliness               n     /'l@Unlin@s/       She has no family and suffers from loneliness and poverty.
look after sb                                     It would be nice if someone could look after her when she gets old.
                               /lUk 'A:ft@ "sömb@di/
lost                     adj   /lÁst/             After walking for several hours, we realised that we were lost.
lost                     adj   /lÁst/             He set up an expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis.
make                     n     /meIk/             This is a very popular make of washing machine.
marble                   n     /'mA:b@l/          The columns were made of white marble.
master                   n     /'mA:st@/          My brother is a master of kung fu.
mean                     v     /mi:n/             "Start" and "begin" mean basically the same thing.
medicine                 n     /'meds@n/          Medicine is a difficult career to choose.
mess                     n     /mes/              I'm afraid my room's a bit of a mess.
microwave oven           n                        We
                               /"maIkr@weIv 'öv@n/ only use the microwave oven to heat up food.
mind                     n     /maInd/            Bear in mind that you have to pick up Gran on the way back.
monastery                n     /'mÁn@stri/        The monks from the monastery grow their own vegetables.
moss                     n     /mÁs/              The tree trunk was covered in moss.
motorbike                n     /'m@Ut@baIk/ He bought her a Harley Davidson motorbike for her birthday.
mouse (computer)         n     /maUs/             I moved the mouse to the next page of the document.
naive                    adj   /naI'i:v/          I was young and naive then.
naturalist               n     /'n{tS@r@lIst/     As a naturalist, he's always outdoors studying plants and animals.
nuclear weapon           n     /"nju:kli@ 'wep@n/ Some countries arm themselves with nuclear weapons.
ornamental (- gardens)   adj   /"O:n@'mentl/      We went to visit the ornamental gardens at Versailles.
otherwise                adv   /'öD@waIz/         Hurry up! Otherwise we'll miss the bus.
owl                      n     /aUl/              The owl swooped down and caught the mouse in its claws.
palace                   n     /'p{l@s/           The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.
palmtop computer         n                        I don't
                               /"pA:mtÁp k@m'pju:t@/ like palmtop computers because the screen is too small.
pastor                   n     /'pA:st@/          The pastor of Holy Trinity church visited the old people's home.
personal stereo          n     /"pÆ:s@n@l 'steri@U, 'stI@r-/
                                                  I have a personal stereo but I now want an MP3 player.
pitiful                  adj   /'pItIf@l/         The children had been abandoned and were in a pitiful state.
pity                     n     /'pIti/            It's a pity you can't come.
pizza                    n     /'pi:ts@/          He made a cheese, tomato and mushroom pizza for dinner.
planet                   n     /'pl{n@t/          Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.
plough                   v     /plaU/             He still has an old horse-drawn plough.
plunge down                    /"plöndZ 'daUn/ The pearl divers plunged down to the seabed for oysters.
potter                   v     /'pÁt@/            He makes his living as a potter, selling ceramics to the tourists.
pray                     v     /preI/             Let us pray for peace.
prehistoric              adj   /"pri:hI'stÁrIk/   There were some prehistoric cave drawings on the wall.
primitive                adj   /'prIm@tIv/        The soldiers made a primitive shelter to sleep in.
principal (=main)        adj   /'prIns@p@l/       Coffee is Brazil's principal export.
put off by                     /pUt 'Áf baI/      I've been put off eating pork by seeing how badly pigs are treated.
pyramid                  n     /'pIr@mId/         He bought a paperweight in the shape of a pyramid.
rapids                   n     /'r{pIdz/          The canoeist was injured whilst canoeing down the rapids.
recommendation           n                        The
                               /"rek@men'deIS@n/ report made recommendations on how schools can improve their teaching.
recover                  v     /rI'köv@/          I hope I recover from this flu before my holiday starts.
re-enact                 v     /"ri: I'n{kt/      In the film they re-enacted the Battle of Waterloo.
regret                   v     /rI'gret/          I really regret leaving school so young.
remote                   n     /rI'm@Ut/          My brother and I fight over who holds the TV remote!
scramble                 v     /'skr{mb@l/        I scrambled up onto the roof of the house.
security system          n                        He tested the bank's security system for any weaknesses.
                               /sI'kjU@r@ti "sIst@m/
shade                    n     /SeId/             I'd rather sit in the shade than in the sun.
shiver                   v     /'SIv@/            I was cold and wet and I couldn't stop shivering.
shocked                  adj   /SÁkt/             The shocked passers-by saw the bus explode.
silly of sb to                                    It was silly
                               /'sIli @v "sömb@di t@, tU/ of Gran to say he could stay – he'll never leave!
smoke                    n     /sm@Uk/            My dreams of becoming rich have gone up in smoke.
social services          n                        She
                               /"s@US@l 'sÆ:vIsIz/ rang social services asking for help to feed the children.
souvenir                 n     /"su:v@'nI@/       The boomerang was a souvenir of our holiday in Australia.
speciality               n     /"speSi'{l@ti/     Fish is our speciality.
spellbound               adj   /'spelbaUnd/       They watched spellbound as the magician cut himself in half.
spellbound               adj   /'spelbaUnd/       He held the children spellbound with his stories.
squirrel                 n     /'skwIr@l/         The squirrels eat all the food I put out for the birds!
stairway                 n     /'ste@weI/         She climbed up the stairway to the next floor of the palace.
stateroom                n     /'steItrUm, -ru:m/ The councillors held their meeting in the stateroom.
steep                    adj   /sti:p/            I can't ride my bike here – it's too steep.
strike                   v     /straIk/           It strikes me that you may not be telling the truth.
stroll                   v     /str@Ul/           We strolled along the beach.
struggle up sth                                   They
                               /"strög@l 'öp "sömTIÎ/ struggled up the hill to see the view from the top.
stuffy                   adj   /'stöfi/           It's very stuffy in here – can I open a window?
stupid of sb to                                   It was stupid
                               /'stju:pId @v "sömb@di t@, tU/of me to lend him the money, I'll never get it back.
surgeon                  n     /'sÆ:dZ@n/         The surgeon performed the operation in two hours.
surgery                  n     /'sÆ:dZ@ri/        She had surgery to remove a lump from her neck.
surveyor                 n     /s@'veI@/          Before buying the house, we asked a surveyor to look at it.
tablet (clay/stone -)    n     /'t{bl@t/          They found large stone tablets with strange writing on them.
take over                      /"teIk '@Uv@/      She has taken over the running of the business.
take sth up                       /"teIk sömTIÎ 'öp/ I'm going to take up something easy like hang-gliding!
tapestry                    n     /'t{p@stri/        On the wall there was a tapestry showing a hunting scene.
telescope                   n     /'tel@sk@Up/       Through the telescope I could see details of the moon's surface.
temple                      n     /'temp@l/          The Temple of Heavenly Peace is in Beijing.
things (all – considered)   n     /TIÎz/             All things considered, I prefer living in the North of England.
time                        n     /taIm/             Don't waste time, get on with it!
time capsule                n     /'taIm "k{psju:l/ We buried the time capsule for people of the future to find.
tone                        n     /t@Un/             "Hi, Jane," Rod called out in a friendly tone of voice.
track                       n     /tr{k/             The soldier left no track to show where he had gone.
turn sth off                      /"tÆ:n sömTIÎ 'Áf/ Sheila turned off the lights before she went to bed.
unbelievable                adj   /"önbI'li:v@b@l/ Jack's had some unbelievable luck in the last few years.
undergrowth                 n     /'önd@gr@UT/ I promised Mum I'd cut back the undergrowth beneath the trees.
vast                        adj   /vA:st/            The Romans once controlled a vast empire.
voluntary work              n                        Joe
                                  /'vÁl@nt@ri wÆ:k/ does some voluntary work at the hospital.
walkman                     n     /'wO:km@n/         She has a Walkman but would like to replace it with an iPod.
waste                       v     /weIst/            My father thought I would just waste time at college.
wheeled                     adj   /wi:ld/            The wheeled cart ran over my foot
wilderness                  n     /'wIld@n@s/        Fifty years ago, this area was just a wilderness.
work sth out                                         I'll
                                  /"wÆ:k sömTIÎ 'aUt/ try and work out the quickest route.

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