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									                                          EMPLOYMENT SERVICES

                                              JOB DESCRIPTION

POSITION: Employment Specialist (full time/non-exempt)

PROGRAM ASSIGNMENT: Employment Services/ Community Workforce, Property
                    Maintenance, Greenhouse, and Competitive Employment
                    (as assigned)

SCHEDULED WORK TIMES: Monday through Friday
                      40 hours week
                      Hours: 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
                      (or as arranged by immediate supervisor)

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Employment Manager of assigned unit

CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH: Program Managers; Assigned Floater Job Coach;
Parents; Employment Managers and other Specialists, and the Employment Director.

     Education: Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Science or a
                related field from accredited college or university.

      Experience: 2 years successful work experience in habilitation, education for people who
                  have special needs.

      Substitute for Education & Experience: 2 year of full-time employment in a vocational
                                program or closely related field for every required year of
                                education (8 years experience in direct care, job development
                                or job maintenance)


•     Ability to be understood by agency participants.
•     A valid drivers license that allows a person to be insured as designated by our vehicle
      insurance carrier.
•     Ability to operate agency vehicles in a safe manner as authorized by the agency’s driver
      certification program.
•     Ability to summon emergency personnel off the agency’s emergency call list.
•     Ability to become and maintain CPR certification.
•     Ability to follow through with and update, in a timely fashion, all other necessary trainings
      as outlined by agency, state, and federal guidelines.
•     Be physically able to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.
•     Ability to provide “eyes on” supervision of ARC participants.
•     Be able to use all equipment and adaptive equipment safely and effectively.
•     Ability to implement program goals and deal with participants behavioral issues.
•     Be able to physically access program locations.
As a member of the interdisciplinary team the Employment Specialist is the primary provider of
services in the assigned sub- program. The Employment Specialist is responsible for writing
and implementing a planned training program for assigned participants, ensuring documentation
of services and the overall success of the participants programs. This includes development of a
program curriculum, evaluation of which should build skills and abilities through and planned
community work related activities. A service plan with goals, objectives, and operational
procedures for your program will accompany this curriculum. The ultimate goal is to develop
daily community jobs, ensuring that adequate work and community opportunities are available

The Employment specialist ensures the development and implementation of all work for the
assigned employees of the Employment Services Programs. The Employment specialist
develops and maintains all assigned customer relations between businesses, contracts &
staff/employee’s and shares all information between among, Employment Managers, Program
Director and direct care staff. The Employment specialist also provides on-site staff supervision
and training and quality assurance, including planned follow-up with staff and feedback to the
program director and employment managers. In addition, the Employment specialist will assist
the Employment Managers in implementing the billing process within their assigned department.

A.        KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: To assure a daily schedule of meaningful activities
         is completed and followed through with.

         Specific Duties:
     ♦      Procure new community contracts/jobs as the need arises for all departments/

     ♦      Following the established philosophy of ARC, the Employment specialist will plan for
            regular completion of contracted work and the development of community jobs for all
            employees of Employment Services .

     ♦      Ensures continual work is maintained throughout the day within for all employees of
            Employment Services.

     ♦      Assists in assigning participants to work crews and/or competitive jobs.

     ♦      Assist in the development/assignment of the transportation plans for each employee.

B. KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Act as the primary work coordinator/ job developer
between departments and the community to ensures the interest of the employee and agency
are represented.
    Specific Duties:
    ♦       Facilitates problem solving concerns and day- to- day issues within the assigned
            sub-programs or with businesses and contractors.

     ♦      Ensures telephone calls are returned within by the next business day to businesses
            or contractors.

     ♦      Logs (and files) all communication regarding job development contacts and customer
            satisfaction/relations contacts on designated forms.

     ♦      Shares information regarding business, contracts, quality assurance & employee
            progress between/among, Employment Managers, Program Director, and direct care
     ♦       Shares with the Program Director and Employment Managers any concerns with
             staff instructional methods and job related issues.

     ♦       Ensures crisis intervention is provided as appropriate, including direct assistance to
             employees at the job sites if needed.

     ♦       The Employment specialist may be required to provide back-up coverage for
             transportation routes and for job sites.

C.       KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: To implement a system to determine participant
         wages that complies with DOL and CARF standards.

         Specific Duties:
         ♦      Conducting prevailing wage studies.

         ♦      Assists in conducting and updates employee wage determinations to comply with
                CARF and DOL.

         ♦      Ensure at employee time sheets are complete, accurate, and turned into
                Employment Management by the designated time.

D.       KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Implements a system for all financial, customer
         bids/contracts and billing processes.

       Specific Duties:
     ♦        Conducts the annual fair market cost survey.

     ♦       Completes, reviews, revises and maintains all bids and/or contracts as well as, the
             perspective Job “Cost Analysis” for each contracted job.
     ♦       Maintains all price lists based on the fair market cost survey and the overhead cost

     ♦       Assists Employment Managers and the Program Director in implementing the system
             for tracking hours to be billed. Ensuring billing paper work is completed on a timely
             basis to allow for prompt monthly billing of customers.

     ♦       Assists Employment Managers and the Program Director in departmental billing of
             customers at the beginning of each month.

E.       KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Development and Implementation of assigned
         participants’ Individual Program Plans (IPP)

         Specific Duties:
         ♦       To participate as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) in the
                 development of an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for each assigned employee,
                 this includes facilitating IDT meetings when necessary.

                •       Ensure IPP is consistent with individuals needs, including:
                        •       assessments
                        •       habilitation strengths, preferences and needs
                        •       program goals
         ♦      Document implementation and progress by ensuring that all documentation and
                practices follow established agency procedures; including completion of:

                        •       data sheets/site visits
                    •      quarterly, semi, and annual employment summaries
                    •      assessments
                    •      incident reports
                    •      time sheets
                    •      career plans and placement plans

     ♦      Modifies teaching strategies/goals as scheduled, or as dictated by individuals

     ♦      Provides information exchange/communication within the Employment
            Department, among other intra-agency departments and to outside agencies.

     ♦      In conjunction with the Employment Managers, the specialist will facilitate
            specialized activities of consultants in accordance with agency procedures and
            assigned participants' IPP’s.

            •       Recommends to Employment Managers the referral/ continuation/
                    discontinuation of specialized services based upon the individuals
                    satisfaction, progress, the cost effectiveness of the services and the
                    integration of the services with other departments/activities.

     ♦      To assist in writing behavioral support plans for assigned participants as

     ♦      The Employment Specialist will maintain all program goals for the assigned

     ♦      To implement written behavior management plans for assigned employees as

     ♦      To provide feedback to Employment Managers.

     ♦      Ensures that up-to-date and accurate information is maintained in each assigned
            participants case record in accordance with agency and regulatory body
            standards, and that bi-annual case record reviews are conducted to ensure
            records are in good order.

     ♦      To monitor assigned employee’s individuals attendance on a monthly basis.

     ♦      To ensure compliance with ARC procedures and outside agency requirements
            regarding individual program plans. Outside agencies may include the
            Department of Mental Retardation, Department of Rehabilitation Services,
            Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

F.   KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Maintenance of work.

     Specific Duties:

     ♦      To teach employees the skills necessary to complete the assigned job as
            independently as possible.

     ♦     To teach employees business professionalism at the job site.

     ♦      To plan, prepare, distribute and process work to assigned employees according
            to job specifications.
      ♦      To complete quality control checks of assigned work. Work is to be thoroughly
             checked by the Employment Specialist to meet customer’s expectations.

      ♦      To monitor and/or provide adequate documentation of work completed by
             assigned employees. To assist participants to complete times sheets ensuring
             their accuracy and completion by due dates.

      ♦      Completes work related production records for billing .

      ♦     To assist in the completion of participants period time studies (as requested) and
            ensure change of status are completed and turned into appropriate personnel.

      ♦     To implement a planned coordinated activity program in accordance with
            assigned participants IPP. Ensuring daily activities maximize implementation of
            each assigned participants’ IPP including targeted and generalized use of
            individual teaching strategies, behavior plans, career plans, incidental teaching,

      ♦      Develop long range work opportunities which address individuals needs by
             developing and implementing the various employment plans.

      ♦     To assist employees in recognizing and carrying out normal routines as an
            employee, such as submitting completed vacation requests; recognizing illness
            and going home sick; interacting appropriately with peers, supervisors,
            customers and the public; personal hygiene routines (providing assistance as
            necessary); social skills; ADL skills; following safety procedures on the job; and
            using community services for break and lunch.

      ♦     To problem solve concerns & day to day issues at various job sites.

G.   KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Maintenance of a safe and productive work
     environment including van care and safety.

      Specific Duties:
      ♦       To provide for supervision (as planned) to the participants of the Employment
              Service Program, as outlined in their individual program plans.

      ♦      To maintain a safe, healthy work environment according to OSHA regulations
             and ARC policies.

      ♦      To provide and maintain job site security is the responsibility of the specialist
             assigned to that area. The Employment Specialist will be responsible for locking
             supplies, turning off all lights and locking all doors.

      ♦      To provide transportation to assigned employees, as requested. The daily use of
             vans is necessary to the delivery of services to the Employment Services Units.
             Regular care of the vehicles is extremely important. The Employment Specialist
             should be very careful to use the outlined re-fueling procedures every time gas is
             purchased. Mechanical problems and/or body damage should be noted in the
             log book and reported to your immediate supervisor.
      ♦      To adhere to all traffic and road safety procedures per ARC vehicle Safety Policy
             and Procedures.

      ♦      To maintain and keep van(s) in a neat and orderly condition is also the
             responsibility of the Employment Specialist assigned to drive a van on any given
       ♦      To note mechanical problems and/or body damage in the log book and report it
              to the employment manager.

H.   KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Participation in the development of the Employment

       Specific Duties:
       ♦ To participate in staff meetings and designated professional in-service training.

       ♦ To participate on agency and outside agency committees as assigned by the
         Program Director.

I.    KEY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: Customer and Public relationships.

       Specific Duties:
       ♦       To build and maintain positive customer relations when required.

       ♦      To provide support and education to others at the job site and facilitate
              communication between them and assigned employees.

       ♦      As requested, to provide support to other Employment Specialist at the job sites
              and communicate necessary information to them and their assigned employees

       ♦      To positively represent ARC to the community and advocate for all employees.
              Employment Specialist will communicate information to customers and team
              members in a professional manner.

       ♦      Specialists must communicate and/or refer all customers, public, residential, and
              family members matters to the appropriate supervisory staff.


      Specific Duties:
      ♦       To have knowledge of special diets, medications, behavior plans and seizure
              disorders that may relate to a particular program participant.

       ♦      To encourage employees, who are on diets, to choose low fat, low calorie food

       ♦      To be aware of the purpose, side effects and allergic reactions to any
              medications that are to be administered.

       ♦      To be familiar with individual behavior plans. Employment Specialist should
              implement interventions as described in the behavior plan.

       ♦      To be familiar with seizure intervention techniques. Seizure reports should be
              completed after each persons seizure. Some employees may require medication
              or medical attention after a seizure.

In Addition: The Employment Specialist works closely with the Employment Managers, and
Program Director to ensure that day to day operations run smoothly. The Employment
Specialist may be required to provide back-up coverage for transportation routes or other
During your orientation period, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive
clarification on your position responsibilities. Please be sure to take full advantage of these

This job description is not intended to be all inclusive. The employee will also perform other
reasonably related duties as assigned by the division director/program director/human
resources director.

The agency reserves the right to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as the need
arises. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

I acknowledge I am able to perform the essential functions and other responsibilities as
outlined in this job description.

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