NEWS ARTICLE January 2006 For additional information contact Ashli Davis EBD Communications Director 501 682 5500 This is the Year for a Healthier

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NEWS ARTICLE January 2006 For additional information contact Ashli Davis EBD Communications Director 501 682 5500 This is the Year for a Healthier Powered By Docstoc
January 2006

For additional information contact:
        Ashli Davis
        EBD Communications Director
                         (501) 682-5500

This is the Year for a Healthier You – We Can Help

Have you done it yet? Have you committed to making positive changes in 2006?
Most of us have at least a mental list of things we’d like to accomplish to make
our lives better in the New Year. For many of us, improving our health is high on
that list. Whether it is quitting smoking, losing weight, or getting those check-ups,
the State health insurance benefits offer several programs to help you meet your

We can help you kick the habit. Through a contract with Corphealth, the
State's medical-behavioral care management provider, a unique and FREE
tobacco cessation program is offered. Members of any health plan and their
covered adult spouses are eligible for the plan which offers total integration of the
following options: individual and group coaching, 24-hour web encouragement
and support, plus 100% discount off nicotine replacement patches and 50% off
Bupropion (Wellbutrin). The "Arkansas Quit Now" program is open for enrollment
at any time by calling Corphealth at 1-866-378-1645 or going online at To date over 700 state and/or public school employees
have joined this program to help kick the habit.

Let’s go down….”weigh” down. Currently, an official weight loss program is
not in place through the health insurance plan; however, guidance and resources
are available through Corphealth by calling 1-866-378-1645. You may also
contact your health insurance carrier for information on resources, discounts and
related programs they may offer. A resource within State government is the
Healthy Arkansas website at This site has a wealth of
information about weight loss and exercise.

Don’t want to get your annual check up? There’s no excuse if there is no
cost. It is important to know all state health plans (excluding plans for Medicare-
primary retirees) have a preventative health care benefit which includes NO
COST annual examinations for adults and covered dependent children. These
preventative services do not require plan members to pay a co-payment,
deductible or any co-insurance if an in-network physician or facility is used.
Translation - no-out-of-pocket cost for you.

Examples of covered services are:

      annual wellness examination,
      routine gynecological examination,
      well baby and child care,
      prostate specific antigen testing (PSA test),
      colorectal cancer screening,
      colonoscopy,
      most immunizations,
      cholesterol and blood sugar testing,
      some cancer screenings and
      non-disease-related screening mammograms.

Note: some benefits are limited by frequency, gender and age. Please refer to
the Summary Plan Description available from the Employee Benefits Division
and online at, or contact your health insurance carrier for
complete details.

The following criteria must be met to take advantage of this benefit:

      Use only in-network physicians and facilities
      Use these types of physicians for wellness services
          o Primary Care Physician (PCP), such as
                   General Practitioner
                   Family Practitioner
                   Pediatrician (for children)
                   Internal Medicine Physician
          o Obstetrician/Gynecologist (Ob/Gyn)
      Preventative services must be claimed separately from non-preventative
       services in order to be covered with no out-of-pocket expense. Do not
       combine your annual wellness visit(s) with services that are not
       preventative or screening in nature.

Can you see clearly now? Any participants in an HMO or POS plan with Health
Advantage, QualChoice or NovaSys Health are eligible for a preventative eye
examination every 24 months for a $25 co-payment. Obtain a list of participating
providers from your health insurance carrier. (NovaSys Health PPO / HDPPO
and Blue Cross PPO plan members are not eligible for this benefit.)

Show me those pearly whites. An important part of your overall health is the
health of your teeth and gums. Gum disease can lead to other diseases and is
best caught in the early stages and hopefully prevented altogether. Take
advantage of a preventative dental exam (cleanings and x-rays) every six
months. The cost is just $25 when using an in-network provider. Members of a
Health Advantage HMO or POS plan should use dentists under the Blue Cross
Blue Shield dental plan network. For a current listing, either call 1-800-482-8416
or go to Click on “dental plan” then search for
a participating provider.
Members of a QualChoice or NovaSys Health HMO or POS plan must use a
dentist participating in the Delta Dental Premier network. The current Delta
Dental provider listing is available by calling 1-800- 462-5410, or by visiting Click on “dentist search,” select the “Delta Premier”
option and enter search criteria. (NovaSys Health PPO / HDPPO and Blue Cross
PPO plan members are not eligible for this benefit.)

Just do it. It’s a new year; why not make it a BETTER year? Diligent care of
your health is an important foundation for everything else you hope to
accomplish. Let your health insurance benefits help you!

We welcome your benefit questions and comments:
Call the Employee Benefits Division (EBD) at 501-682-9656 or toll free at 1-877-
815-1017. You may also visit our website at or send an
email to

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