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									                                                    RECRUITERS EVALUATION FORM                                           2007-2008
                                                    CAREER OPPORTUNITIES CENTER
                                                        University of Missouri-Rolla

               Would you please fill out this brief survey and leave it with a COC representative upon your departure.
                                                                   THANK YOU!

1. Overall, students were prepared for interviews with your organization and possessed
   good interviewing skills.                                                           99            YES            2     NO

  If no, what advice would you offer for improvement?

2. Does your oganization utilize social networking sites to gauge candidates?               12       YES            89    NO

  If yes, what sites are you utilizing (please check all that apply):

                         2 Facebook                                                     5 LinkedIn
                         2 MySpace                                                      3 Other:           Google most often cited

3. Does your oganization hire/contract outside agencies to perform any portion of the
   human resource/recruitment activities?                                                  26        YES            77    NO

  If yes, what organizations are you hiring/contracting?

  If yes, what aspects of human resources/recruitment are they performing?

4. Does your organization require candidates to complete an on-line personality
   and/or psychological test/assessment?                                                   12        YES            92    NO

  If yes, what type of program are you utilizing?

  If yes, what is the purpose and what is being measured?

5. In what areas do UMR graduates exceed your expectations and the performance of graduates from other institutions?

6. In what areas do UMR graduates fall short of your expectations and the performance of graduates from other institutions?

7. Comments regarding UMR's Career Opportunities Center:

8. Comments regarding UMR's academic programs and departments:

  Employer Name:

  Submitted by:

                                          THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THIS SURVEY!
                                                 Spring 2008 career fair is Thursday, February 21st
    University of Missouri-Rolla
          RECRUITERS EVALUATION FORM         2007-2008
              University of Missouri-Rolla

4 Blank

4 Blank

2 Blank

1 Blank
 1   Just one was new to behavioral questions
 2   Need more knowledge of company
 3   But weak on company research
 4   Mostly, good interviews--need better preparation for company + jobs
 5   More practice to help them feel and look comfortable
 6   More preparation, only a handful could articulate what we do and why they want to work with us. Questions are ok -- but ha
 7   More research on company before interview
 8   Provide guidance for researching company prior to interview
 9   Continue eye contact, positive posture
10   Applying online at our website so they could read and find positions that interest them
11   Always bring transcripts
12   Always have a few questions for the interviewer
13   Intern interviewing skills
14   Fortune 200 companies look for Fortune 200 employees. Check appearance for same.
15   They should attempt to attend the information session the previous evening to gain knowledge & history of our company
16   Please research the company and please seem at least interested
17   Did not research company enough
18   Coaching on STAR Method & conducting company research
19   It is important that students communicate freely to demonstrate good social communication skills
20   I saw a real mix of those who did & did not.
th us. Questions are ok -- but have something to say!

dge & history of our company
 1   Not for college recruiting, but for experienced positions -- think resources; rowland
 2   Not typically used for entry-level positions. Management recruiting
 3   Aurrco For Background checks
 4   Recruiting firms that specialize in the steel industry. Finding qualified, experienced candidates
 5   Isolated 'head hunters' for specific usually experienced positions
 6   Recruiting services to hire experienced engineers
 7   Accolo. Candidate indentification and pre-screening
 8   Reference checks
 9   We placed an ad on MonsterTrak
10   Austin Nichols. Candidate recruiting
11   Carco. Background checks once offers are made.
12   Background check
13   Head hunters at times
14   I think mostly at higher levels of management
15   Kayne-Bassman, Nicholas Charles. Initial screening, primarily during off-seasons.
16   Agencies in KC. Contract hires
17   3rd Party recruitment companies
18   Don't use agencies for new college grads.
19   Prokarma, Satyan
20   Recruitment done by professionals within the company
21   Recruiting benefits administration
22   Orion, Career Builders.com. Locating appropriate candidates
23   GRN, Lucas Group. Sourcing, prescreening
24   Relocation services. Monster
25   Various staffing agencies at times. Staffing
 1   Certain positions - Carr & Assoc. personality evals. Potential strengths & weaknesses
 2   Profiles on the web.com. Measures the strengths & weaknessess of overall person
 3   Upon Hiring. To gain deeper understanding of the candidate.
 4   In-house. Determine personalities to enhance training
 5   Activity Vector Analysis -- A behavioral profiling tool.
 6   Hogan Personality Inventory. Fith with KJWW culture and fit with characteristics of a good consultant
 7   MMPI. Required to work @ our nuclear power plant.
 8   Sometimes we as for a Gallup assessment. Understand leadership potential.
 9   Psychological profile. Better determine what makes good employees
10   Predictive Index, ASSESS. Characteristics that may lead to succeed in a given position.
11   Preferences.
12   Caliper Assessment. Leadership potential, interpersonal skills, problem solving, organization
13   Professionalism, problem solving skills.
14   Only full-time employees.
15   We are looking at one for motivational fit for sales.
16   Hard Copy Test. Can be extrapolated from Job Descriptions (Sorry, can't say)
17   Not at entry level
 1   After interns this time
 2   We look at UMR heavily. Must be well-rounded good performers
 3   All seem to be techincally strong.
 4   Strong tech background
 5   Not enough data for analysis
 6   Generally better prepared for interviews, students are from geographic areas more compatible w/ our location
 7   Unknown at this time
 8   Appear more prepared for interview
 9   Attire for interview is always good
10   Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
11   Quality of students diverse educational background
12   Most all if not all
13   High tech background, good intern experience
14   Technical knowledge
15   Better prepared, good skills
16   We are brilliant.
17   The nuclear engineering have good reactor operations experience with UMR having a reactor
18   Good communication skills
19   Great education! Power emphasis
20   Strong educational background. Solid co-op/intern experiences
21   Level of education, experience
22   Good technical
23   About the same
24   Most seem very well spoken. In addition many seem to have been involved in many project based courses which is very be
25   Only interview UMR students
26   Prepared for interviews, clear set of goals, high expectations for achievement, excited about a challenging environment
27   Very strong technical & academic backgrounds
28   Well prepared for workplace.
29   Technical competency within the engineering disciplines.
30   Driven individuals who know the the direction they want to go
31   Not sufficient data to comment
32   Communication & attitude
33   Problem solving skills UMR grads tend to grasp difficult concepts quicker and need little guidance
34   Experience normally, not today
35   Their sincere, confident & mature approach to their job search
36   Fairly typical
37   Co-op and intern interviewees understood the value and importance of work experience. IDE-20 course forces teamwork a
38   UMR graduates had a desire to work in a manufacturing plant and apply their education in practial ways.
39   Technical abilities
40   Rural ethics, work experience, motivation
41   About the same
42   GPA - Knowledgeable, ask good questions
43   Experience levels. Course work more real world vs. theory
44   Not enough information to compare
45   Engineering areas of design strategies, thoughts & processing skills
46   At UMR students are better prepared for interviews
47   Technical abilities; well-rounded backgrounds in combination with good engineering skills, which is rare
48   Tech background
49   Good grades, excellent interpersonal skills
50   Interview preparation, technical knowledge
51   Good communicators; prepared for behavioral questions
52   Practical plant knowledge. Less job hopping.
53   Mining - Tech. capabilities
54   Interviewing skills and preparation
55   Technical knowledge
56   Experience in intern and co-op positions. They do their homework, they investigated our company
57   Well grounded technically
58   The quality of the education earned at UMR
59   Better technically prepared
60   Techincal comptency
61   Obviously the COC's support of the co-op / internship programs better prepares students. We have had to ask other univer
62   Preparedness, good questions
63   Ability to learn quickly and be able to complete tasks efficiently
64   I only interview here, so I can't offer a different perspective.
65   Have not looked at other institutions yet
66   I don't have personal experience working w/ UMR grads
67   Technical knowledge of the industries we work in.
68   UMR graduates are more prepared for the rigors and daily challenges of a technical career than graduates from other instit
69   On par with other universities.
70   N/a
71   Down to earth, realistic. Strong technical background.
72   Well rounded. Hands on experience, both academic and leadership
73   The knowledge of the technical information
74   Great engineering background
75   Lots of extra curricular activities
76   Good basic knowledge of their field
77   Interview preparedness, eagerness to work
78   Experience & involvement
79   Electrical engineering, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering
80   Techincal skills & work experiences
81   Professionalism, problem solving skills
82   Good ceramics preparation. Practical ceramics and practical students
83   The UMR students are well balanced, complete individuals
84   Communication
85   Work ethic
86   Many- But primarily applicated based curriculum
87   Knowledge of consulting industry
88   Communication skills, internship experience
89   Academic discipline and practical experience
90   They lead the way in leadership skills & professionalism
91   Com. Svc. Social Orgs.
92   Real world experience. Excellent work ethics.
tible w/ our location

ct based courses which is very beneficial

ut a challenging environment

DE-20 course forces teamwork among engrs.
practial ways.

which is rare
We have had to ask other universities to support co-ops for their students.

r than graduates from other institutions
 1   Communication skills
 2   Knowing company
 3   In some cases, socialness with fellow employees
 4   Better prepartion for interview - knowledge of company and job they are interviewing for
 5   Interviewing skills, need more polish. Don't divulge too much personal info. Think through answers.
 6   Computer Science
 7   Communication skills (written & oral) can always improve.
 8   Not a lot of school teamwork projects - Need more so they can speak to leadership
 9   Outside of AE program - No focus on HVAC industry; lack of AutoCad skills
10   Internships/co-ops too short. Other universities keep students with the same employer to allow them to get deeper into the
11   No personal experience with UMR grads.
12   Web development & SQL skills, interpersonal communication, general technical knowledge for some majors (IST)
13   Some what hesitant to move outside the part of the country they grew up in.
14   Personal skills
15   Professional goal setting
16   I would like to see PE's have more oil & gas internships/experience.
17   Business experience.
18   Social skills
19   Not enough information to compare - in general less co-op/intern experience than previous years.
20   The Career Svc dept compared to OSU is 'hands off'
21   Have not seen grads as a whole
22   A couple of graduates mentioned their lack of basical electrical and circuits as a handicap. I am also concerned with how c
23   Our company prefers students with co-op or intern experience. University is working to encourage students to seek these o
24   Preparation with regards to company knowledge
25   They do not fall short. They possess the same high academic achievements, personal qualities that we are seeking.
26   No way.
27   UMR grads need more interpersonable skills, technical abilities are half of what we look for.
28   Work history and internships prior to graduation
29   Would like to see more diverse pool of candidates but that's a problem w/ engineering in general.
30   AE program too narrow. I would expect more concentration in a particular discipline starting earlier.
31   About the same
32   Interview preparation
33   Doesn't come to interviews with a lot of knowledge of company interviewing with
34   My experience is that UMR GPA's are somewhat inflected from some of the bigger universities we recruit from, but that doe
35   Less social / all-rounded
36   Overly focused on techincal, poor communication skills
37   Weak in core software development and object oriented principles. Minimal experience in industry lead technologies. ( Jav
38   Graduates are fine. Need more of them.
39   Unknown
40   Not enough data for analysis
41   Saw several who were really lacking interpersonal skills/traits
allow them to get deeper into the discipline.

e for some majors (IST)

 I am also concerned with how courses that are retaken appear to drop off GPA and transcript
courage students to seek these opportunities

alities that we are seeking.

ities we recruit from, but that doesn't impact me much. I just consider that when I see someone with a lower GPA.

industry lead technologies. ( Java & .NET)
 1   Well organized, extremely helpful, answered all questions, showed us around. Better experience than at several other scho
 2   Very helpful. Colleen is warm!
 3   Great hospitality for interviewing
 4   Excellent; my contact is helpful & professional - very responsive.
 5   Very helpful in every aspect.
 6   Very helpful and organized. Facility and hospitality were excellent.
 7   Excellent facilities, very cooperative staff.
 8   Staff & services have always been accommodating. Nice facility, service & staff
 9   We had a great experience.
10   Great job - keep up the good work.
11   Great facilities & service. Everyone is always more than willings to assist.
12   Nicely organized. Everyone showed up and on time.
13   No complaints.
14   Very friendly, helpful!
15   Excellent
16   Professional, friendly, willing to help.
17   Web site and staff are both user friendly - in fact I commented to the Mizzou Staff on how much easier your system is to wo
18   I have personally had Colleen Kapeller as my contact in Rolla, Colleen has been very beneficial and a joy to work with.
19   They do a good job.
20   Comfortable environment inducive of successful interview.
21   Well organized
22   Very helpful.
23   One of the best atmospheres we visit as a company.
24   Excellent staff & facilities.
25   Very easy to work with, excellent
26   Very well organized.
27   Excellent.
28   Very helpful.
29   Very accommodating. Well prepared - professional. Enjoyable to work with staff.
30   Colleen and Sara were very helpful with regards to the on-campus recruiting.
31   Very helpful.
32   Sara Earl did an excellent job preparing for interviews. Facilities were excellent.
33   Sara Earl was well-organized, helpful, and friendly, interview rooms were well equipped & spacious.
34   Very good. Very helpful. Much easier to work with than other universities.
35   Great as always. Coffee's good too.
36   Love it.
37   The Career Services dept compared to OSU is 'hands off'.
38   One of the easiest career centers to work with.
39   Clean, well organized.
40   Everything is great.
41   Very good and knowledgeable.
42   Excellent facility.
43   Well organized, but our interviewing rooms were not satisfactory.
44   Very good.
45   Staff very helpful - a little trouble w/ MonsterTrak and inaccurate schedule.
46   Excellent work.
47   Well organized.
48   Great facilities.
49   Good. Other universities offer to have catered lunches delivered for fee because we often have little time to go out.
50   Clean, quiet, well organized.
51   Great!
52   Great facility and staff. Thank you!
53   Interviewing students did not know where we located. Thought COC Building, but in Havener.
54   Our firm will continue to come to UMR for possible engineering candidates.
55   Very well organized & friendly.
56   Well organized! Process flowed smmoothly and efficiently.
57   It's the best I've been to.
58   Very well prepared.
59   Very good; very organized.
60   Nice facility - very smooth operation.
61   Great center for interviews well prepared packets of information
62   Colleen is a gem! She has always been more than accommodating on our interview days.
63   Very friendly and helpful.
64   The Career Services Center employees were very helpful in arranging interviews & setting up the interview room for me.
65   Good. Very helpful.
66   Great and responsive. Nice facilities. Colleen was always available! Helpful. Please put resumes in on campus interview
67   First time here. Very nice facilites, staff much more interested in our success than other schools.
68   Keep up the good work. Student athlete night to network.
69   Has been a pleasure to work with.
70   Excellent.
71   I wish I didn't have to go out to the parking lot and feed the meter w/ this bad knee.
72   Awesome! Colleen has been patiently diligent and on top of everything!
73   Great! Couldn't ask for more!
74   Thank you for the excellent support. Sara Earl was extremely helpful!
75   Colleen is very helpful!
76   Very well organized.
77   Very user friendly.
78   Awesome!
erience than at several other schools.

much easier your system is to work with.
eficial and a joy to work with.

 have little time to go out.
up the interview room for me.

resumes in on campus interview packet.
 1   Very good and produce enthusiastic candidates.
 2   Very good
 3   Great!
 4   HVAC dept is fantastic - expand it. You will see this industry accelerate rapidly.
 5   Excellent
 6   Need to keep focus on core engineering majors instead of trying to be more general with business/IST majors.
 7   GPA's were all high - is it a tough course load?
 8   Thanks to Dr. Louden & the G&G dept for meeting w/ me on short notice - All set up by Mary Bird
 9   Students seem well prepared. Engineering Management program does not appeal to employers. Better to have an engine
10   Great programs. Wish we could get more students interested.
11   Poor tech skills at the IST dept, lack of Web App development & SQL in IST & CS.
12   Academic programs seem solid & well directed to industry.
13   UMR's Eng Dep is well respected at ABF. We appreciate the opportunity to recruit here.
14   Exceptional!
15   They keep delivering.
16   Always the best around!
17   Nice diversity in engineering disciplines. Helps us to find the right candidates.
18   Very good!
19   Real world experience and projects are good, too much specialization is bad.
20   Good controls cirriculum.
21   Excellent
22   Seems good
23   Chemical engineering course offerings make it difficult for co-ops due to classes being offered only once per year.
24   I would like for UMR to offer masters level classes available to springfield area. Similar to KU Regent's Center in KC.
25   Impressive. Supportive of their students. Engaging them towards Ash Grove Cement. We enjoy the relationship we have
26   Keep the true programs like Met/Mining. They are what make this a special campus.
27   Excellent
28   Not enough data for analysis.
29   I don't have any experience here.
30   UMR has an excellent academic program.
31   Very good.
32   Very strong
33   Very competitive
34   I was a little surprised and disappointed that steel design and concrete design classes are not both required for BSCE.
35   Very good EE program
36   Good engineering program respected in Midwest.
37   Dissappointed in lack of interest from Geological Engineering Department.
38   Strong metallurgy engineering department.
39   I saw all ChemEs except 1 MechE… interested to meet other disciplines.
usiness/IST majors.

loyers. Better to have an engineering degree in a discipline & learn practical management on the job.

ered only once per year.
 KU Regent's Center in KC.
e enjoy the relationship we have established with your COC department heads.

not both required for BSCE.

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