; Pestle Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry Worth
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Pestle Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry Worth


Pestle Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry Worth document sample

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India Logistics Outlook 2007
Published on March 2007

                                                                                                                Report Summary


Strong growth enablers exist in India today in the form of over $300 billion worth of infrastructure investments, phased introduction of
value-added-tax (VAT), and the development of organized retail and agri-processing industries. Strong foreign direct investment
inflows in several industry sectors will also lead to increased market opportunities for 3PL providers in India.


India Overview: PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) analysis of India Industry Overview:
Analysis of the relationship between the Indian economy and its logistics industry Issues, Trends and Challenges: The structure of the
Indian logistics industry and the activities of the key stakeholders: the government and the 3PLs Analysis by sector (FMCG,
automotive, textiles, retailing, electronics, express and pharmaceuticals) and mode (road, rail, sea, air)


With India's gross domestic profit growing at over 9% per year and the manufacturing sector enjoying double digit growth rates, the
Indian logistics industry is at an inflection point, and is expected to reach a market size of over $125 billion in year 2010. As a result of
the under-developed trade and logistics infrastructure, the logistics cost of the Indian economy is over 13% of GDP, compared to less
than 10% of GDP in almost the entire Western Europe and North America. The Indian logistics industry is characterized by
dominance of a disorganized market. Transporters with fleets smaller than five trucks account for over two-thirds of the total trucks
owned and operated in India and make up 80% of revenues. The freight forwarding segment is also represented by thousands of
small customs brokers and clearing & forwarding agents, who cater to local cargo requirements.

Reasons to Purchase

``India Logistics Outlook 2007`` provides an in-depth analysis of the Indian logistics industry and its key drivers. Covers top level data,
forecasts and insightful analysis of the main factors affecting the Indian logistics market, both currently and in the future.

                                                                                                                Table of Content

Executive Summary 5
2.1 PESTLE Summary 8
2.2 Political: Declining in influence, Indian National Congress still holds the key to political stability 9
2.3 Economic: Doubts over sustainability of the current rapid economic growth continues to plague the sub-continent 11
2.4 Social: Recent economic development raises new social issues 13

India Logistics Outlook 2007                                                                                                        Page 1/5
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2.5 Technological: India registers an increasing technological presence globally 14
2.6 Legal: Steps have been taken to improve the system, though a lot still remain 16
2.7 Environmental: Concerns remain buried under economic and social problems 17
Overview 18
4.1 Logistics Industry: From un-organized to organized 22
4.2 Transportation Infrastructure Investments 23
4.3 CAPEX by Logistics Service Providers 24
4.4 VAT Implementation 25
5.1 GDP, EXIM and Infrastructure Growth 28
5.2 Industry Verticals 29
Auto and Auto Components 31
Textiles 33
Organized Retailing 35
Electronics 36
Pharmaceuticals 38
6.1 Air Freight 43
6.2 CEP Market 46
6.3 Road Freight 48
6.4 Rail Freight 51
6.5 Sea Freight 53
6.6 Multi-Modal Transportation and Container Logistics 55
Summary and Conclusions 63
List of Tables
Table 1: PESTLE Highlights 8
Table 2: Productivity of software industry 16
Table 3: Logistics industry market drivers ranked in order of impact (India) 2007-2016E 19
Table 4: Indian Logistics Industry Snapshot: Dynamics and Competitive Scenario 42
Table 5: Stages of airport modernization plan 45
Table 6: Various categories for container train license 62
Table 7: Minimum requirement for CFSs 62
Table 8: Players applied for licenses 62
List of Figures
Figure 1: Time-wise Distribution of Political Parties in Power 9
Figure 2: % of votes polled in elections for Indian National Congress 10
Figure 3: Growth drivers and enablers 21
Figure 4: Higher value add by Indian LSPs 23
Figure 5: Increased level of integration 25
Figure 6: Current Scenario 26
Figure 7: Post VAT implementation - Hub & spoke model 27
Figure 8: India Agricultural Products Market 30
Figure 9: India Automobile Production ('000) 31
Figure 10: Indian Auto Components Market ('9 Billion) 32
Figure 11: Indian Textile Industry 33
Figure 12: Indian Retail Market 35

India Logistics Outlook 2007                                                                                 Page 2/5
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Figure 13: Indian Electronics Market 37
Figure 14: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 38
Figure 15: Indian Logistics Industry 39
Figure 16: Indian Outsourced Logistics Market - 2006 ('18.8 Billion) 40
Figure 17: Key Players in the Indian Logistics Industry 41
Figure 18: Indian Air Cargo Tonnage (in '000 Tons) 43
Figure 19: India's International Air Freight Market Share - 2006 44
Figure 20: Indian Express and Parcels Market ('869 Million) 46
Figure 21: Indian Road Network (3.32 Million KM) 48
Figure 22: Infrastructure spending ('254 Billion, FY06-12E) 49
Figure 23: National Highways in India 50
Figure 24: Golden Quadrilateral : Project Map 51
Figure 25: State-wise Presence of Indian Ports (Number of ports, as %age) 53
Figure 26: Current and Estimated Capacity hikes in Indian ports (FY04-14E) 54
Figure 27: Estimated Capacity Hike Costs in Indian Ports (FY04-14E) 55
Figure 28: Container Handling Share of Various Ports 56
Figure 29: Container Terminal (CFS/ICD) Concentration in India 57
Figure 30: Number of ICDs/CFS' in India 58
Figure 31: Existing CFS' at JNPT (Total Capacity 1 Million TEUs) 59
Figure 32: Proposed CFS' at JNPT 60
Figure 33: Key Players in Container Trade Management 60
Figure 34: Container traffic flow in India 61

India Logistics Outlook 2007                                                                                Page 3/5
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