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									                                       This document has been created to help your youth ministry think about some
                                       different ways to raise funds for your upcoming summer mission trip. All of the
                                       ideas came from veteran youth workers just like you! Feel free to use this
                                       document and others supporting documents to invite your congregation into
                                       raising money for your summer mission trip, leadership camp, confirmation
                                       camp, etc… Blessings!

Some Fundraising Tips:
   PLAN AHEAD! You can never start too early when planning fundraisers, because when you work ahead the better
    your event will turn out.
   CREATE A TEAM! We think better when we work cooperatively and there is less work. Involve your adult leaders
    going on the trip, key students and parents who are sending their child on this trip in the planning and execution of
    your fundraiser.
   PUBLICIZE! The earlier you get the word out the better. You want folks to participate in your fundraiser, so help
    them to prioritize by getting on their busy calendars first!
   GIVE IT AWAY! Live out your Christian values by giving away 10% of your fundraised money to the organization
    planning your mission trip, to local ministries you will be working with or local ministries your group has passion

Buy Stock in the Youth!                                                                              Publicity TIP:
                                                                                                      Publicize for at least
A very simple and easy way to invite folks from your congregation to invest in your ministry is to      ONE full month
sell stock! This is a great fundraiser for an upcoming summer mission trip.                           before the start of a
                                                                                                     fundraiser! You want
Time Needed to Plan: 2 months                                                                        to make sure people
                                                                                                       can save up some
How to Plan:                                                                                           money to support
To make this fundraiser happen you need to do the following beforehand:                                 your ministry!!
 Publicize, publicize, publicize about your upcoming fundraiser—Facebook, e-mails, posters
   around the church, announcements, talk it up everywhere!
 Create a stockholders card that you can give to each person who buys “stock” in your ministry. A sort of receipt
   that shows how much stock they bought.
 Set a date for a Stockholders Meeting that follows your trip. This is a time that you invite all stockholders to come
   and hear/see about the trip they helped make happen. Think about how you might bring the experience back at
   the Stockholders Meeting through pictures, postcards, local art, local food, music from the place you went and
   people you met.
                           Sell stock! Make sure to collect the contact info for the folks who purchase stock, so you
                          can invite them to the Stockholders meeting.
                           Send out a Stockholders Meeting Invite.
                           Gather the group for final planning for the Stockholders Meeting—timeline of your
                              event, presentations, equipment, décor, food, music, etc...
                           After the trip, host the Stockholders Meeting to share the pictures, stories, videos and
                              experiences from this trip. Let folks know how there money was well spent in supporting
                              this ministry.
Silent Auction
This type of fundraiser if planned out well can really involve the entire community and celebrate the gifts of those in
your midst. A silent auction requires a lot of work ahead of time, but the day of is a fun event for all!

Time to Plan: At least 4 months                                                                       Planning TIP:
                                                                                                     As items/services are
How to Plan:                                                                                           coming in for the
 Decide on date, time, location— The place you hold the auction should be large enough to            auction, assign one
   accommodate lots of tables for items & auction sheets plus room for folks to move around.         person to keep track
   Consider when will people already be at church? Will you serve food?                              of who donated what
                                                                                                     with mailing address
 Decide where the items collected will be stored before the auction.
                                                                                                        so that you can
 Decide how parents will be involved in the planning and execution of this event—food
                                                                                                     properly thank them
   ordering/prep, create auction bidding sheets, cashiers at the auction, creating a preview          following the Silent
   booklet of auction items, clean up, thank you notes following the auction.                               Auction.
 Decide how the event will be executed from the set up, to the auction, to ending the auction
   (1 hour is usually PLENTY of time for an auction), to checking out folks, clean up.
 Decide how much each student/family should contribute and collect. Should each student collect 5 items/services
   for auction and provide one service of themselves, or will you brainstorm people and places to ask for donations,
   and split up the list?
 Agree on deadline for donated auction items—at least 3 weeks prior to the auction.
                           Start finding items! Solicit local businesses, members of the congregation, friends, family
                            members with special gifts, everyone!
                           Start publicity at least 1-2 months prior to your auction—for items and services and for
                            folks to plan to attend your event.
                           Create an auction booklet that allow folks to preview items at least one week before the
                            date of the auction. Pass those out after worship services to create buzz for the Silent
                           Execute your event!
                           Send thank you notes to the businesses and individuals who donated items/services for
                            your auction with the results.

Support Your Missionary!
One way to encourage each student going on your summer mission trip to raise their own funds and decentralize
fundraising is to create a missionary brochure with their picture on the front cover. This brochure is something that
each student can send directly to family and friends asking for money to support their efforts as a missionary wherever
your group is serving.

Time Needed to Plan: 2 months
How to Plan:
 Create a system for students to turn in money collected.
 Help students set a goal for the amount of money they want to raise through
   their personal connections of family, friends and neighbors.
 Decide on how you want to invite the congregation to also participate in your
 Set a goal for the amount of money you challenge the congregation to offer.
 Set a deadline for collecting all funds.
 Create a brochure template that be made unique to each person.
 Publicize, publicize, publicize!
 Raise funds.
 Equip your group to send thank you notes to all who contributed to this trip.

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