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					Below are the 17 sites that we have collected that may help you locate and purchase
foreclosed homes. We have included some tips for some of the sites that may help make
them more user friendly.

1. HUD foreclosed housing website:
     Make sure you choose “neighborhood stabilization program” for the Government
        Foreclosure Programs and Buyer Time selections.
     This website is pretty self explanatory, but let us know if you start using it and
        have difficulties.

This is a backdoor website for HUD houses may be easier to access for some:

2. Freddie Mac:

These websites are for Asset Companies:
To best use this site:
*Click “Property Search,” Select KY and your county, a list of any available properties in
your area should appear. If you have more than one county, you can select all of KY and
filter from there.
*After you get the results for your area, if you select “Print Property Reports (CSV),” you
will get an excel sheet with all available properties and contact information for the listing
agent and the Wells Fargo contact.
*This site is to buy house. You do not have to bid.

8. Chase Mortgage

These websites are Pay Websites:

*The wonderful thing about paid sites is they give you a great starting point and have a
wealth of information free. You can take the information from paid websites and make a
trip to the Courthouse and pull mortgage information, tax bill, deed and have all the
contact information you need to get started. I suggest visiting several paid site and take
10 to 15 addresses at once and cull the ones that don’t pan out.
11. United States Department of Agriculture:
*Always make sure the property is foreclosed or abandoned so you will need to contact
the person on the listing to make sure it qualifies under NSP.

 Misc. sites:

15. We have given your contact info to PNC Bank if they have houses in your approved
areas that are foreclosed, they should e-mail you.

16. KHC:

17. Sara or Roy will email you as Bank of America properties become available.

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