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									    Human Resource Management

                 Jay Billings

    Project Human Resource

    Management is getting things done

    a. With people
    b. Through people

    Modern Theories of Human Resource

       Drucker –
               Human RESOURCE an asset that can be managed, that can
                appreciate in value (through directed development training and
                motivation, draining and development)—it can also depreciate
       Herzberg/Argyris
               Human Resource can be DEVELOPED in ways that are
                supportive of the ORGANIZATION
       Morris
               Human Resources (managed by others) or RESOURCEFUL
                HUMANS (who manage others and initiate)

    Project Human Resource Management
    Organizational Planning-- Inputs

       Project Interfaces
              Organizational interfaces
              Technical interfaces
              Interpersonal interfaces
       Staffing requirements
       Constraints
              Organizational structure
              Labor agreements/contracts
              Personal styles
              Expected/available staff
    Project Human Resource Management
    Organizational Planning --Tools and Techniques

       Templates
       Personnel practices
       Organizational theory
              Tailoring the project for best fit within the host
       Stakeholder analysis
              The needs of various concerned parties

    Project Human Resource Management
    Organizational Planning --Tools and Techniques

      –   Background Check
      –   Benefits and Compensation
      –   Bonding
      –   Bonus and Incentives
      –   Consulting and Outsourcing
      –   Evaluations
      –   Insurance
      –   NDA’s and No-Competes
      –   Recruitment and Retention
      –   Software
      –   Succession planning
      –   Testing and Screening
      –   Training and Development

    Project Human Resources Management
    Organizational Planning-- Outputs

       Roles and responsibility assignments
              Role assignment/ requirements matrix
       Staffing management plan
              Levels of resources required over time
              Accessing, and releasing personnel
              Follow-up evaluation of staff
       Organizational chart and OBS
       Supporting detail

    Project Human Resources Management
    Staff Acquisition -- Inputs

       Staffing management plan
       Staffing pool description
       Recruitment practices

    Project Human Resources Management
    Staff Acquisition -- Tools and Techniques

       Negotiations
              With functional managers
              Other project management teams
       Pre-assignment
              Proposal team
              Internally funded project (investment)
       Procurement --acquiring personnel using
        contracts, e. g. consultants, subcontractors

     Project Human Resource Management
     Staff Acquisition -- outputs

        Project staff are assigned
        Project team directory
                 Project members
                 Stakeholders as points of contact
        Roles and Requirements Allocation Matrix
         –   OBS and WBS (Forms basis of cost account
             management and work package planning)

     Project Human Resource Management
     Team Development -- Inputs

        Project staff
        Project plan
        Staffing management plan
        Performance reports
        External feedback

     Project Human Resource Management
     Team Development-- Tools and Techniques

        Team building activities
               Form, storm, norm, perform, adjourn
        General management skills
               Know yourself and others
        Reward and recognition system (+ & -)
        Collocation
        Training

     Project Human Resource Management
     Team Development

        Performance improvements
               form quicker effective starting
               improved individual and team efforts
        Input to performance appraisals
               cross-team evaluations and assessments

     Human Resource Management
     Special Concerns

        Because projects are temporary
         organizations these topics need to be
         –   Conflict of Interests
         –   Computer and Network Usage rules
         –   Performance Appraisals
         –   Cost of conflict

     Conflict of Interest Policy

        Adopting a conflict-of-interest policy that prohibits or limits
         business transactions with project members and requires
         project members to disclose potential conflicts.
        Disclosing conflicts when they occur so that project members
         who are voting on a decision are aware that another
         member’s interests are being affected.
        Requiring project members to withdraw from decisions that
         present a potential conflict.
        Establishing procedures, such as competitive bids, that
         assure that the organization is receiving fair value in the

     Computer and Network Usage rules

        The (organization's) internal network is connected to the
         Internet. Everyone with computer access to the internal network
         has the ability access the Internet, including use of electronic
         mail and the World Wide Web. While the Internet is a great
         resource for our organization, it is the responsibility of each
         employee to use this resource responsibly and respectfully. It is
         assumed that the predominant use of these resources will be
         for work use, and that any personal use of electronic mail or the
         World Wide Web will be limited; never a priority over work
         matters. If an employee is found spending excessive time on
         personal use of these resources, this privilege may be revoked
         for that employee.
        Most intranet systems TRACK, STORE AND BACK UP ALL
         computer activity. THIS CAN BECOME A PUBLIC RECORD!

     Performance Appraisals

        Project Management lends itself to use of
         Management By Objectives methods
         –   Objectives should be ―SMAART‖
         –   Objectives can be managed as ―mini-projects‖ with charters,
             resources, responsibility and authority
        Consider organizational performance appraisals as
         well as team and individual appraisals—Use
         Balanced Scorecard, outcome evaluations and
         results based assessments.

     Cost of Conflict

        Conflict is good theory
        Violence in Workplace theory

     Project Human Resource Management
     Project Manager Personality

     MBTI exercise

     Discussion of different personality types and
       how they affect project and team


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