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									                                         DataPower Replacement Program

                                         Gain industry leading performance at half the cost
The DataPower Replacement                Reduce the cost of migrating to the latest version of the industry’s leading
Program offers:                          XML appliance by adopting Layer 7.
Lower TCO                                Return; Repurchase; Re-implement – Really?!
With no need to pay full price to
replace their hardware platform,         Because IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances are hardware-dependent, migrating
Layer 7 customers enjoy a                between versions requires a complete forklift upgrade. In effect, this means returning the
dramatically lower total cost of         existing DataPower appliance; repurchasing new DataPower hardware; re-implementing
ownership than DataPower clientele.      existing configurations and policies; and re-training on the new systems – all of which can be
                                         an expensive undertaking at a time when IT is experiencing more pressure on their budgets
Simplified Implementation                than ever.
Layer 7 provides a complete
migration service including              In contrast, Layer 7 offers an XML appliance whose hardware can be upgraded
installation, configuration and policy   independently, giving customers the choice of remaining on their currently supported
migration from your DataPower            version of the product while upgrading (not migrating) to the latest hardware to take
appliances to Layer 7, in just a few     advantage of performance benefits. And not only can the new hardware be purchased for a
days. Layer 7 makes it simple.           nominal fee (a fraction of the initial purchase price), the original hardware can be
                                         repurposed as a general use server, affording total investment protection.

To learn more about Layer 7 and          As a result, the total cost of ownership for a Layer 7 solution is dramatically lower, with first
how it can address your                  year costs as little as half of the refresh price and 3-5 year TCO of a comparable DataPower
organization’s SOA and Web services      deployment.
needs, call 1-800-681-9377 (toll
free within North America) or            Familiarity + Flexibility Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
+1.604.681.9377                          Layer 7 is a recognized leader for SOA security and governance* and offers much of the
                                         same functionality IBM DataPower customers are already familiar with, such as a 1U rack-
                                         mountable, multiple 64-bit processor device that supports WS* standards, Tivoli Access
                                         Manager, Netegrity, Oracle, RSA, Novell, and Sun, and the ability to bridge HTTP, MQ, FTP,
                                         JMS, Tibco EMS, and other protocols. Unlike DataPower, however, the Layer 7 SecureSpan
                                         appliances offer a number of flexible deployment and extensibility options, including:
                                             •    Availability as software and VMware for deployment in development and test
                                                  environments, as well as in the cloud
                                             •    Custom Assertion SDK, which provides a full Java API for tailoring the solution to
                                                  better fit your unique requirements and evolving needs
                                             •    Ability to upgrade functionality with the installation of a license key – there’s no
                                                  need to swap hardware
                                             •    Intuitive, IDE-like environment featuring drag-and-drop capabilities for building and
                                                  managing policies, as well as complete support for policy versioning and history
                                             •    Loosely-coupled client-side component (SecureSpan XML VPN client), which allows
                                                  clients that do not understand WS* to maintain interaction with service providers
                                                  despite security, compliance, or other policy criteria changes

* GARTNER Magic Quadrant for Integrated SOA Governance Technology Sets; L. Frank Kenney and Daryl C. Plummer; March 31, 2009.
Financial Advantage

In order to remain supported, DataPower customers are forced to repurchase new
                                                                                                                            Total Cost of Ownership
appliances on a three to four year basis when the original hardware is retired. Despite
paying a significant yearly support and maintenance fee, the repurchase price is similar to
the initial purchase price, requiring re-implementation, leading to an unreasonably high
total cost of ownership for DataPower customer after just one or two hardware refreshes.

                                                                                                 Cost of Appliances + S&M
Through the DataPower Replacement Program, a comparable deployment of Layer 7
hardware appliances is significantly less expensive – as little as one third the cost of a
DataPower deployment. When considering development and test environments where
most Layer 7 customers have the flexibility to deploy software or VMware soft appliances,
the savings are even more dramatic. As long as Layer 7 customers remain current on
                                                                                                                                                     Layer 7
Support and Maintenance, the cost to upgrade between Layer 7 hardware platforms is
                                                                                                                              Year Refresh Refresh             Time
nominal, with no charge for soft appliances. This represents a significant difference in total                                 1      1       2
cost of ownership between Layer 7 and DataPower over just one or two refresh periods.

Technical Advantage

The Layer 7 appliances support true clustering, ensuring SLA enforcement and eliminating the race conditions that
can compromise systems under threat from XDOS and Replay Attacks. With a single point of administration and
automated failover, Layer 7 appliance clusters can handle high volumes of payloads, and efficiently scale as load
and message size is ramped up.

Additionally, Layer 7 soft appliance clusters offer all of the features and functionality of the hardware-based
clusters (with the exception of hardware-based XML acceleration), but can be deployed to both public and private
clouds. This allows customers to seamlessly reuse their existing on-premise XML security, integration and
governance solution for their cloud-based initiatives.

Simplified Implementation Package

Layer 7 makes it simple to transition from DataPower to improved performance, flexibility and cost. Layer 7 will
provide a complete consultation, implementation and training package that will get you up and running in just a
few days, migrating your configurations and policies to just the way you had it, or even better if you desire, with
minimal effort on your part. With Layer 7’s increased flexibility, we’ll also show you ways to improve your ability to
secure and manage your application services while cutting your Total Cost of Ownership in half.

The DataPower Recharge Program is available for a limited time only. To take advantage of this
program, call us today at +1 800.681.9377 (toll free within North America) or +1.604.681.9377or visit us

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