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SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (May 6, 2008) -- Momentum Worldwide chairman and CEO Chris Weil, and Momentum Brazil president and managing director, Ze Boralli, hosted a press briefing in Sao Paulo today to share the significant progress Momentum Brazil has made over the last six months since Boralli’s appointment. Momentum Brazil is the South American headquarters of Momentum Worldwide, the world’s first and only global Phygitalsm marketing agency. Momentum specializes in extending a brand’s engagement with the consumer by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds through live events & sponsorship, interactive storytelling and content creation, entertainment and music, social networking and retail and promotional marketing.

The press briefing took place at Momentum Brazil’s recently renovated Sao Paulo office, in conjunction with the meeting of the global executive team and managing directors and creative directors from the Company’s top markets including the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Australia, China and Sweden.

“As we continue to expand our global footprint, we are investing in management and infrastructure in markets, like Brazil, that not only have the best potential for growth, but give us the opportunity to do great work in both the physical and digital spaces,” said Chris Weil. “Ze has done a tremendous job since coming on board just last September in completely restructuring and greatly improving the agency and the work we do for our clients.”

“Not only have we seen substantial revenue growth and 100% client retention, but our collaboration with McCann Erickson Brazil through our solid relationship with regional director Luca Linder, and with our team truly leveraging Momentum offices around the globe, our clients and potential clients are telling us continually that our offering is truly unique,” said Ze Boralli. “Thanks to the upswing in the market and the ever-increasing avenues to reach consumers, the opportunities are endless and I know I have the very best team in place to help take Momentum Brazil to unparalleled heights.”

Since Ze Boralli took over Momentum’s operations in Brazil, the agency has undergone a sound and steady restructuring - from team structures, people and processes, to technology and infrastructure. Revenue has grown over 20% compared to this time last year; they have retained 100% of their clients; and have recruited leadership from some of the region’s top agencies and corporations.


The agency’s marquis clients in Brazil include GM, J&J, Nestle, Intel, Nokia, Microsoft, Bradesco and Wyeth. In just the last several months, Momentum Brazil has won an impressive amount of new project work, including Listerine for J&J, Miss Daisy and Qualy for Sadia, Plus Vita for Bimbo and new clients Brastemp, Mastercard, Olympus, Mandalah, and Mattel.

In an effort to evolve Momentum Brazil to align with the globally agency, numerous operational changes were made. For instance, Momentum Brazil:    remodeled its offices to reflect Momentum’s “Move It Forward” mantra and brand identity and provide employees a more comfortable, stimulating place to conduct business; made a large investment in technology infrastructure, implementing dynamic IT systems and new management software; continue to invest in building up the agency’s Phygital expertise through training existing talent and hiring the very best minds to bring a new level of consumer engagement opportunities to brands in Brazil and throughout South and Latin America.  Is implementing a global exchange program for employees, giving them the opportunity to visit other Momentum offices abroad to help them grow professionally and increase their strength and synergy within the global agency; and finally;  developing a formal training program including leadership training, English classes, global management and systems training and formal training on Momentum’s global portal – the company’s most vital collaboration tool that resides online and is accessible only by Momentum employees.

Upon joining, a key objective Ze Boralli set for himself was to retain and nurture the agency’s existing talent, while attracting those that could help further build the agency. In addition to brining in Danilo Martins as Creative Director, the agency hired numerous professionals with tremendous experience in client service, interactive and digital, event strategy and management, planning and administrative/ financial activities including: Kátia Bivanco – Client Services Director; Nathan Peres – Operation Director; Gustavo Herbetta – Account Director; Jonas Fortes – Account Director; Cesar Chamie – Operational Planning Director; and are hiring an additional creative director this week.



ABOUT MOMENTUM WORLDWIDE Momentum is the first and only truly Phygitalsm marketing agency in the world. We create ideas and brand engagement with consumers through the seamless interplay of experiences in both the physical and the digital space. In doing so, we inspire action and loyalty. By leveraging the Company’s expertise in live events & sponsorship, interactive storytelling and content creation, music and entertainment marketing, social networking, and retail and promotional marketing, Momentum develops concepts and solutions that connect with how consumers live today. Momentum delivers on this promise in 51 countries around the globe for blue-chip brands including American Express, Anheuser Busch, Coca-Cola, Intel, Microsoft, Nestle’ and Verizon. Momentum Worldwide is part of the McCann Worldgroup, the world’s largest marketing communications network, housed within Interpublic Group [NYSE: IPG}


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