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									   Agency Name                  Description              Total IT Spending FY2009(Enacted)
                          This                                                                     1191.99
Department of Veterans Affairs investment supports all WAN LAN and computer hardware software services and resources
                          The                                                                       new HealtheVet service orie
Department of Veterans Affairsrehosting/reengineering of Vista Legacy mumps applications to the165.471
                          The                                                                      the current VistA system with
Department of Veterans AffairsVistA-FM project focuses on replacing the infrastructural portion of 154.037
                          The                                                                      a veteran
Department of Veterans AffairsVistA Legacy investment funds the operations and maintenance of 112.596 facing Information
                          This                                                                     131.736
Department of Veterans Affairs investment provides ongoing IT maintenance and infrastructure support for the VA Benefits IT e
                          This                                                                     IT Security
Department of Veterans Affairs investment implements and oversees the activities of the VA-wide 140.508 Program as requi
National Aeronautics and Space Administration                                                    149.60339
                          Manages all data from                                                      108.83
National Aeronautics and Space Administration EOS missions from point of data capture to delivery to end users at near real
                          The Software Development and Integration Laboratory (SDIL)/Avionics is117.67
National Aeronautics and Space Administration                                                         the Command and Data Ha
National Aeronautics and Space Administration                                                    185.79081
                          IT Infrastructure is represented by a NASA Enterprise Data Center (NEDC) that provides consolidate
National Aeronautics and Space Administration                                                    444.42372
Department of Agriculture IT applications to support NRCS conservation on the land.                121.376
Department of Agriculture This investment is the USDA infrastructure investment. It includes the all the USDA investments in t
Department of Agriculture APDs are the approval and funding process for state agencies to apply for and receive funding to imp
Department of Agriculture Provides the review/approval mechanism for states to apply for and receive matching funds for plann
                           Human will standardize the collection recording and reporting of financial information by contractor
Department of Health and HIGLASServices                                                              169.23
                           Human Services                                                          114.494
Department of Health and The Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) is a componentized electronic healthcare in
                           Human Services
Department of Health and The ICT21 investment will enable the FDA through the development of 102.094a bioinformatics platform to
                           Human Services                                                          820.813
Department of Health and Consolidation of all HHS IT Infrastructure Investment. This investment is supported by a portfolio of
                           Human Services                                                                140
Department of Health and The Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement supports preparedness
                           Human of funds                                                         systems
Department of Health and TransferServices to the States for the federal share of State Medicaid 1698.218costs.
                           Human Services                                                              1067
Department of Health and This project provides IV-D and IV-E systems grants to states as in the President's Budget.
Corps of Engineers        Consolidated management of the IT infrastructure.                        356.367
                          ERAM replaces the Host computer system software/hardware Direct Access Radar Channel (backu
Department of Transportation                                                                       245.459
                          ATOP integrates flight and radar data processing detects conflicts between aircraft provides data lin
Department of Transportation                                                                       103.532
                          TFM                                                                      114.161
Department of Transportation provides a technical refresh of hardware re-engineers the software architecture to support futu
                          The                                                                      most FAA-owned and leased
Department of Transportation FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) services will replace 188.469
                          NextGen is a multi-agency initiative in the planning stage. �It is designed to transform America's air
Department of Transportation                                                                       266.174
                          Provides upgraded facility physical security systems at FAA staffed facilities by supporting FAA respo
Department of Transportation                                                                         102.74
                          The                                                                        120.96
Department of Transportation Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is a very precise navigation system for aviation which
                          Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) is the leading technology opportunity to meet
Department of Transportation                                                                       316.415
                          This                                                                     230.315
Department of Transportation investment is a compilation of all IT infrastructure in DOT exclusive of FAA National Airspace S
Department of the Treasury                                                                        1503.995
                          EITIO utilizing the ITILoB will advance Treasury�s ongoing efforts to consolidate and optimize its IT
                          The new                                                                    208.67
Department of Homeland Security business model will mark the inception of an account-based customer-centric processing
                          SBInet                                                                         690
Department of Homeland Securityintegrates the optimal mix of technologies into a comprehensive border security suite. This sy
                          WHTI will                                                                139.973
Department of Homeland Security fulfill the regulatory requirement to develop and implement a system to verify that U.S. citiz
                          NII technologies support the detection and prevention of contraband including drugs currency and o
Department of Homeland Security                                                                    223.384
                          TSA Operating Platform (TOP) is a common environment for hosting applications;integrated data inf
Department of Homeland Security                                                                    170.203
                          US-VISIT                                                                   foreign
Department of Homeland Security collects maintains & shares info. incl. biometric identifiers on294.694 nationals to determin
                          Web-based import/export system that consolidates seven systems into 316.851
Department of Homeland Security                                                                    one portal. It will provide adv
                          The National Cybersecurity Protection Program (NCPP) through its National Cybersecurity Protectio
Department of Homeland Security                                                                      155.77
                          Command control & comms system that improves mission execution in coastal zone. Essential to m
Department of Homeland Security                                                                    110.615
                          This investment represents the consolidated IT infrastructure supporting the missions of DHS.
Department of Homeland Security                                                                   1534.934
                          This                                                                     support
Social Security Administration initiative supports the Agency's workforce structure such as studio 120.012 and Section 508 com
                          The                                                                      671.779
Social Security Administration Social Security Administration (SSA) Infrastructure investment promotes the nation's economic s
Department of Defense The General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) will replace 30+ year old financial systems
Department of Defense LMP is Army�s core initiative/system to completely replace its two largest National-level legacy logi
Department of Defense IT was redesigned to flatten the delivery of C4IM across Army standardize services and implement c
Department of Defense As part of the SECArmy initiatives there was a centralization of installation resources supporting bas
Department of Defense The Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program encompasses the modernization/u
Department of Defense Provides communications support for military construction/upgrade projects. Provides telephone inst
Department of Defense                                                                           294.449
                        Base Level Communications Operation and Sustainment cost. Includes military and civilian manpow
Department of Defense                                                                           216.828
                        Funds operations and maintenance of Pentagon Common Information Technology (CIT) Services. P
Department of Defense                                                                            training
                        DCSIM and DOIM staff operations funds provide civilian pay overhead 130.167 TDY and contract s
Department of Defense                                                                           commander to visualize the b
                        MCS the core tactical battle command system in the ABCS allows the 161.027
Department of Defense                                                                           289.968
                        The Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) is a digital battle command information
Department of Defense                                                                           648.404
                        Warfighter Information Network-Tactical is Army�s fully mobile tactical communications system for
Department of Defense                                                                           146.811
                        TOCs fields digitized platforms and command information centers allowing commanders and staffs t
Department of Defense                                                                           196.067
                        The Leased Telecommunications (non-system specific) initiative identifies telecommunications resou
Department of Defense                                                                           138.532
                        GCSS-Army provides tactical logistics capabilities to the Warfighter by modernizing automated logist
Department of Defense                                                                           119.955
                        AIT a critical Combat Support/Combat Service Support and Logistics Transformation enabler will in
Department of Defense                                                                           144.091
                        MTS tracks location of vehicles communicates with vehicle operators redirects missions on near re
Department of Defense                                                                           123.111
                        Information Assurance resources that protect information to safeguard data as it is being created us
Department of Defense                                                                            for all Service members reti
                        AHLTA integrates patient data from different times providers and sites167.803
Department of Defense                                                                           145.318
                        DEERS is the central person data repository for the DoD containing personnel data on more than 25
Department of Defense                                                                           659.329
                        Line reflects non-DISA managed telecommunications costs previously reported under the DISN line.
Department of Defense                                                                             to include DISA processing
                        Infrastructure resources associated with DLA's computing requirements297.584
Department of Defense                                                                           247.818
                        TIMPO provides the overarching information technology communication and computing infrastructure
Department of Defense                                                                           136.289
                        The Global Command and Control System-Joint (GCCS-J) is the Department of Defense joint Comm
Department of Defense                                                                           191.701
                        The mission of WHCA is to provide telecommunications and other related support to the President o
Department of Defense   Functional Area Application.                                            449.207
Department of Defense                                                                           272.755
                        A&T DDR&E under the high performance computer modernization program provides for activities co
Department of Defense                                                                          1639.711
                        Defense Information System Network (DISN) is DoD's consolidated worldwide telecommunications in
Department of Defense   Communications and Computing Infrastructure.                            118.577
Department of Defense                                                                              694.1
                        Defense Computing Services provides mainframe and server computer operations production suppo
Department of Defense                                                                             and delivers enterprise capa
                        NCES provides a secure collaborative information sharing environment126.332
Department of Defense                                                                              438.3
                        Information Assurance resources that protect information to safeguard data as it is being created us
Department of Defense                                                                           207.041
                        Information Assurance Computer Network Defense (CND) resources for recognizing reacting to an
Department of Defense                                                                           118.674
                        Information Assurance resources for recognizing reacting to and responding to threats vulnerabilitie
Department of Defense                                                                           192.399
                        Computer Network Defense (CND) resources to integrate the IA posture into common operational pi
Department of Defense                                                                           157.099
                        Information Assurance resources that improve and integrate IA transformation processes to develop
Department of Defense                                                                           156.298
                        Information Assurance resources for general support; includes supporting infrastructures/facilities re
Department of Defense                                                                           236.613
                        The ECSS will be composed of a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Enterprise Resource Planning
Department of Defense                                                                           210.824
                        Mission Planning Systems (MPS) program is a family-of-systems that provides automated flight and
Department of Defense                                                                             277.44
                        Base Level Communication Infrastructure (BLCI) enables all personnel at ten former Tactical Air Com
Department of Defense                                                                             info assurance contract sup
                        This program funds AETC civilian pay competitive sourcing (595) costs111.172
Department of Defense                                                                           197.232
                        HQ AFMC/IT supports Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) mission areas and support functions by
Department of Defense                                                                           214.029
                        Provides operations and maintenance resources required to support AFSPC HQ Base-level comm
Department of Defense   Provides comm and maintenance (O&M) resources required to support 125.229AMC Headquarters base co
Department of Defense                                                                            Provide
                        Base Comm directly supports Flying Wings and Mission Support Units. 324.839 day-to-day comm sv
Department of Defense                                                                           118.789
                        Provides a wide-range of base level Comm Control Information System and administrative telecom
Department of Defense                                                                           225.339
                        The Defense Enterprise Computing Centers provide data center support and data processing for the
Department of Defense                                                                           317.479
                        The Combat Information Transport System (CITS) program fields the standardized network defense
Department of Defense                                                                           205.859
                        The Air and Space Operations Center is the weapon system the Commander AF Forces provides th
Department of Defense                                                                           143.787
                        Ms. Payton directed the termination of the BCC portion of the BCS-M program. BCC comprised 100
Department of Defense                                                                           328.538
                        Tactical Data Links (TDL) are used in a combat environment to exchange information such as messa
Department of Defense                                                                           TDC-equipped Wings. Also
                        Provides operating funds for ACC combat communications groups and 124.165
Department of Defense                                                                           297.398
                        Payment to DISA provides worldwide defense switched network NIPRNET SIPRNET Red Switch D
Department of Defense                                                                           227.592
                        Information Assurance Crypto Modernization resources that protect information to safeguard data as
Department of Defense                                                                           231.374
                        Information Assurance resources that protect information to safeguard data as it is being created us
Department of Defense                                                                           190.361
                        The Navy ERP Program is a response to the need for Department of Defense and Navy business tra
Department of Defense                                                                              119.9
                        NTCSS is a multi-application program that provides standard information resource management to v
Department of Defense The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) is the DoD�s family of common software-defined programm
Department of Defense JTRS GMR consists of ground mobile radios for vehicles. The JTRS GMR is the next-generation rad
Department of Defense The AMF JTRS Program is to provide an intregrated modular communications capability for all servi
Department of Defense JTRS NED develops software-defined legacy radio waveforms and networking waveforms supportin
Department of Defense This initiative includes a variety of applications that support USMC Operational Command and Contr
Department of Defense Provides funding for Navy/USMC deployed tactical and shipboard communicating requirements.
Department of Defense Commander Fleet Forces Command miscellaneous subsystems projects programs special interes
Department of Defense The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is a Firm Fixed Price IDIQ contract to provide IT seat servic
Department of Defense Information Assurance resources that protect information to safeguard data as it is being created us
Department of Energy                                                                          1205.228865
                           The Department of Energy's Consolidated Infrastructure a portfolio of approx 387 subinvestments s
Department of State                                                                                207.305
                           The Consular Support and Visa Applications project provides technical and end-user support for the
Department of State                                                                                695.479
                           The investment consists of the DoS worldwide computer network and all IT infrastructure for the Dep
Department of Justice                                                                          110.069098
                           DOJ's Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) will replace the legacy financial systems for FB
Department of Justice                                                                                  185
                           The Justice Law Enforcement Communication System (J-LECS) supports DOJ's law enforcement co
Department of Justice                                                                              231.492
                           The NGI Program is an upgrade to the current IAFIS providing new biometric functionality. The NGI
Department of Justice                                                                          975.662542
                           This is a CONSOLIDATED BUSINESS CASE for capital investments within: Office Automation Tele
Department of Education The current CSB-Legacy solution will focus on system operations and maintenance and will be opera
                           HUD's Development                                                   157.097905
Department of Housing and UrbanIT infrastructure consists of IT integrated services the assistive technology program for disab
Department of the Interior This investment encompasses Department-wide and bureau investments in end-user computing da
                           The Office of Enterprise Infrastructure (OEI) investment includes the technology infrastructure across
General Services Administration                                                                172.024617
                           EPA consolidated business case for infrastructure office automation and telecommunications.
Environmental Protection Agency                                                                    208.753
Department of CommerceThis is an integrated set of tasks oriented towards developing an IT architecture that enables the Bur
Department of CommerceThe Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-R) Ground Segment monitors and co
                                                                                               Consistent with the OMB ITILOB
Department of CommerceDOC CIO's strategy to effectively manage DOC's IT infrastructure. 435.534307
Department of CommerceBroadband Technology Opportunities Program to provide grants to accelerate broadband deploymen
Total IT Spending FY2010(Budget)         Line Of Business Name
                           1421.982   Health
                            164.292   Health
                            149.246   Health
                             115.95   Health
                            152.536   Information and Technology Management
                            163.402   Information and Technology Management
                          172.41406   General Science and Innovation
                             106.61   General Science and Innovation
                            123.285   Transportation
                          161.99908   Transportation
                          442.07835   Information and Technology Management
                            126.329   Natural Resources
                            791.856   Information and Technology Management
                            342.524   Income Security
                            176.431   Income Security
                            167.715   Financial Management
                             108.24   Health
                             24.002   General Science and Innovation
                            866.851   Information and Technology Management
                                140   Health
                            1764.09   Health
                           1091.008   Community and Social Services
                                364   Information and Technology Management
                            219.402   Transportation
                             93.333   Transportation
                             75.664   Transportation
                            162.009   Transportation
                            365.488   Transportation
                             105.74   Homeland Security
                            128.652   Transportation
                            211.827   Transportation
                            224.828   Information and Technology Management
                           1453.206   Organizational Management
                            203.354   Homeland Security
                            594.452   Homeland Security
                             167.51   Homeland Security
                             89.073   Homeland Security
                            191.667   Information and Technology Management
                                  0   Homeland Security
                            267.958   Homeland Security
                            185.693   Homeland Security
                            164.914   Disaster Management
                           1875.589   Development and Integration
                            150.484   Human Resource Management
                            612.218   Information and Technology Management
                            126.597   Financial Management
                            224.132   Supply Chain Management
                            375.804   Information and Technology Management
                            424.725   Information and Technology Management
                            149.398   Information and Technology Management
                            213.318   Administrative Management
 318.334   Information and Technology Management
 172.354   Information and Technology Management
 116.899   Information and Technology Management
  105.59   Defense and National Security
 358.863   Defense and National Security
 737.667   Defense and National Security
  29.934   Defense and National Security
 284.962   Information and Technology Management
 216.206   Supply Chain Management
  74.058   Supply Chain Management
  94.088   Supply Chain Management
 100.073   Information and Technology Management
 189.482   Health
 153.238   Human Resource Management
 630.279   Defense and National Security
 307.124   Information and Technology Management
 297.818   Health
  98.362   Defense and National Security
 173.096   Information and Technology Management
  391.16   Information and Technology Management
 274.391   Information and Technology Management
1653.283   Defense and National Security
 111.381   Information and Technology Management
 715.539   Information and Technology Management
 121.858   Defense and National Security
 433.253   Information and Technology Management
 201.826   Information and Technology Management
  119.61   Information and Technology Management
 187.166   Information and Technology Management
 171.344   Information and Technology Management
 153.865   Information and Technology Management
 349.742   Supply Chain Management
 191.504   Defense and National Security
 226.353   Information and Technology Management
   109.8   Information and Technology Management
 210.444   Information and Technology Management
  215.24   Information and Technology Management
  125.78   Information and Technology Management
 332.973   Information and Technology Management
  90.314   Information and Technology Management
  214.55   Information and Technology Management
  454.66   Defense and National Security
 250.574   Defense and National Security
  63.624   Defense and National Security
 259.369   Defense and National Security
  81.065   Defense and National Security
 343.206   Defense and National Security
  238.33   Information and Technology Management
 279.418   Information and Technology Management
 193.592   Supply Chain Management
 134.309   Defense and National Security
 254.356   Information and Technology Management
    133.014    Defense and National Security
    207.912    Defense and National Security
    326.931    Defense and National Security
    209.472    Defense and National Security
      103.52   Human Resource Management
    121.597    Information and Technology Management
      182.69   Information and Technology Management
   1496.762    Information and Technology Management
    125.396    Information and Technology Management
 966.652848    Information and Technology Management
    230.439    Homeland Security
    508.048    Information and Technology Management
 138.503301    Financial Management
    205.143    Communication
    164.067    Law Enforcement
1060.645012    Information and Technology Management
      263.51   Information and Technology Management
 141.853407    Information and Technology Management
 507.815753    Information and Technology Management
  177.61341    Information and Technology Management
    204.871    Information and Technology Management
    950.305    General Government [CA]
    298.539    Environmental Management
 438.516261    Information and Technology Management
        3530   Information and Technology Management

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