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Gift Certificate Cute - DOC


Gift Certificate Cute document sample

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									                           No Breed Dog Show Categories
                                  Entry Fee $2.00 per category
                                      Entry forms available at
                                Humane Society of Eastern Carolina tent

                        Winners of each category will receive a $5 PETsMART
                        gift certificate. Winner of Best in Show will receive a $10
                        PETsMART gift certificate and a Canine Crawl T-Shirt.

Cute as a Button (for small dogs over one year in age)
Best small dog category. Will be judged on size, overall personality, appearance
and cute factor.

Who’s the Big Dog (for BIG dogs only)
Best looking, biggest dog. Will be primarily judged on size and overall

Best Physically Challenged
We all know that our canine friends adapt more easily than we humans. Dogs
that have lost a limb, are blind or deaf or suffer some other disability will be
judged on their spirit and personality.

Dog Tails
Best tail or lack thereof – fluffy tails, extra special or nubby tails welcome.

Most Ear-ristible Ears
Judges look for dogs that have ears that they think are really cute, have
character or stand out in some way. They could be extra large or super floppy or
just all ears.

Best Senior
For dogs 7 yrs old or older. Judges look for dogs that are good looking, have
great personalities or stand out in some way.

Cutest Puppy
For dogs between 6 months and 1 year old (must have complete set of shots and
be spayed or neutered). Judges look for puppies that are really cute, have great
personalities or stand out in some way.

                                   Best in Show
  The winner from each category goes on to compete for BEST IN SHOW!

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