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					                     Bexar County Commissioners Court
                           San Antonio, Texas 78205-3036

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       May 6, 2008                                             210.335.0073/o

 No May 10 ballot measures will affect senior, disabled property tax freeze

An e-mail in high circulation that contains misinformation about what exactly is on
the May 10 joint election ballot has sent numerous confused voters to the polls
wanting to “keep the Homestead.”

There is nothing on the May 10 ballot that affects:
● the homestead exemption,
● the state Constitutional amendment to lower property taxes for all Texans
   passed last year,
● the senior tax freeze for school property taxes, or
● the Bexar County property tax freeze for senior citizens.

Bexar County voters approved the property tax freeze for senior citizens in May
2005. It is a permanent tax freeze – it will not expire, voters will not have to return
to the polls to keep it or extend and it cannot be rescinded.
The extension of the Bexar County visitor tax will not affect the property
tax rate for Bexar County residents because it is not a property tax or a
sales tax. There are school district bond elections that will affect the districts’
property tax rate, but not for those populations who have property tax freezes.
For more information on the school bond elections, call the appropriate districts.

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