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					Online Resource for
Job Seekers and
The Virtual OneStop (VOS) is Ventura County’s        Santa Clara Valley Job & Career Center Satellite
comprehensive employment services web site,          838 W. Ventura Street
providing online resources to job seekers and         (805) 933-8300
employers at no cost. It offers the resources
of the Job & Career Centers online, with                Oxnard Job & Career Center
additional convenience and features including:          1400 Vanguard Drive, Suite C
 • User-friendly navigation                             (805) 385-9100
 • 24/7 access via the Internet                          West Oxnard Job & Career Center
                                                         635 S. Ventura Road
 • Links to other online resources                       (805) 382-6551
 • Tools to create and search resumes,                    Oxnard College Job & Career Center
   job postings and more                                  4000 S. Rose Avenue
                                                          (805) 986-7300                                   Santa Paula
                                                           Santa Clara Valley Job & Career Center
Log on to the Virtual OneStop from any Internet            725 E. Main Street, Suite 101
connection. The eight Job & Career Centers offer           (805) 933-8300
computer and Internet access and simple training
                                                           Simi Valley                                                       Ventura County’s
workshops on how to use the Virtual OneStop.               East County Job & Career Center
The services are available to employers and job
                                                           980 Enchanted Way, Suite 105                                      Employment Web Site
                                                           (805) 955-2282
                                                           Thousand Oaks
                                                          East County Job & Career Center Satellite
                                                          1423 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite 100
                                                          (805) 374-9006
                                                         Ventura Job & Career Center
                                                        4651 Telephone Road, Suite 201
                                                        (805) 654-3434

                                                        Employment Services Information
                                                      (800) 500-7705
                                                                               Workforce Investment Board
                                                                                        of Ventura County
                                                                                       855 Partridge Drive
                                                                                       Ventura, CA 93003
                                                                                           (805) 477-5342
                                                   PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                 WIB-005 06/08
Employment Assistance                               Job Seeker Resources                                 Employer Services
Developed specifically to meet Ventura County’s     Job seekers can access a wide range of               The Virtual OneStop offers employers convenient
workforce needs, the Virtual OneStop is a web       employment services through the Virtual OneStop.     access to qualified candidates, labor market
site providing employment and career information:                                                        updates and help with human resource issues.
                                                    The interactive web site allows job seekers to
 • Labor market and industry facts                                                                       Candidate search
                                                    create and post resumes online, search for jobs by
 • Wages and projections for jobs                   area and take advantage of job-matching features.     • Job postings
 • Resume templates                                                                                       • Resumes sorted by skills, location and salary
                                                    Jobs and employers
 • Training resources                                                                                       requirements
                                                     • Job listings and employer information
 • Candidate searches                                                                                     • Job matching via the Virtual Recruiter
                                                     • Jobs by title, training or education level,
 • Employer information                                and occupation                                    Employment data
                                                     • Ten-step guide for choosing a career               • Facts on the labor market by industry,
The Virtual OneStop provides a full range of
                                                                                                            occupation and area
assistance, including state-of-the-art search       Career research tools
tools that link employers and job seekers.                                                                • Salary comparisons for specific occupations
                                                     • Education and training programs by area
                                                                                                          • Unemployment rates by area
                                                     • Industry projections and fastest-growing
How it works                                           occupations                                       Current information
The Virtual OneStop uses the latest technology       • Wages and job requirements by occupation           • Labor resources and employer incentives
to upload job openings from numerous job               and area
                                                                                                          • Updates on OSHA, Social Security and
boards and major corporations. Based on                                                                     the IRS
candidate searches, it automatically delivers
                                                    Community support
                                                     • Social, health, education and legal services       • Wage reporting, labor statistics and
resumes to an employer’s message center or
                                                       available locally                                    commerce
email address.
                                                     • Eligibility requirements for accessing benefits    • Wellness and ergonomics information
Registered users can save specific settings,
                                                     • Applications and contact information
preferences and searches for future visits.
The Virtual OneStop web site is secure, and all
personal information remains confidential.
                                                                                                         Equal Opportunity Employer/Program/Service. Auxiliary aids and
                                                                                                         services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
                                                                                                         TDD/TTY Inquiries call (800) 735-2922.

                                                      T h e Wo r k f o rc e I n v e s t m e n t
                                                      Board funds employment
                                                      and business services
                                                      i n Ve n t u r a C o u n t y.

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