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									Unprecedented Growth
2004 Annual Report
         Unprecedented Growth
                 Blessed with more than 14,000 hardworking, highly-professional Sales Associates and a staff of 2,100 dedicated
           and resourceful employees, and blessed, too, with a market area that is growing quickly in good jobs, good incomes,
           population, and housing, The Long & Foster® Companies continued its upward trajectory of unprecedented growth
           during the year 2004.
                 Perceived by the home buying and home selling public as trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, and
           neighborly, Long & Foster has earned its blue-chip reputation over 36 years by helping people honestly and fairly
           with all their real estate and related financial services transactions.
                 Nowadays, people who work with a Long & Foster Sales Associate can buy a home, get a mortgage, obtain
           homeowners insurance, arrange for settlement services, a home warranty, a moving van, have their utilities hooked-up,
           and arrange for other home-related services they might need, all in one place. Convenience and customer satisfaction
           keep consumers coming back to Long & Foster Sales Associates time and time again throughout their home buying
           and selling years.
                 It is the broad and deep support that Long & Foster Sales Associates receive from their company’s management
           at all levels that makes them so much more valuable to their clients and customers. For example, Long & Foster
           Sales Associates receive support from a host of corporate services that have been put in place to serve them. They
                                                                                  receive support from departments whose sole
                                                                                  purpose is to help them grow their business, such
                                                                                  as marketing, training, information services,
                                                                                  telecommunications, relocation, property manage-
                                                                                  ment and the Home Service ConnectionsTM group.
                                                                                  They receive support from affiliated businesses such
                                                                                  as Prosperity Mortgage® Company, Long & Foster
                                                                                  Insurance, Mid-States® Title and our Prestige
                                                                                  Partners® settlement services. At Long & Foster,
                                                                                  we work hard for our agents, so our agents can
                                                                                  work harder and smarter for their customers.
                                                                                       When consumers realize that they can enjoy the
                                                                                  convenience of true, one-stop shopping for real estate
                                                                                  and related financial services in one location — their
                                                                                  neighborhood Long & Foster office — and that their
                                                                                  personal Long & Foster Sales Associate is the key to
                                                                                  simplifying homeownership, the whole legal and
                                                                                  financial transaction becomes that much smoother
                                                                                  and easier for them.
P. Wesley Foster, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Brenda Shipplett,      Long & Foster has 218 convenient, neighbor-
President and Chief Operating Officer, The Long & Foster® Companies.              hood sales offices throughout Maryland, Virginia,
                                                                                  Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware,
           New Jersey, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The heart of this Mid-Atlantic market area is the greater Washington,
           D.C./Baltimore, Maryland combined metropolitan area — two major markets growing together to become one—
           and it is here that the majority of the company’s offices are located.
                 This area is a veritable engine of economic growth. In the past seven years, from 1997 to 2004, the greater
           Washington/Baltimore market area has added 513,000 new jobs. By comparison, second place Phoenix gained 268,000
           new jobs, Las Vegas, 237,000, and Atlanta, 208,000 (see chart). According to Dr. Stephen Fuller, professor of public
           policy at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, “Job growth is the best predictor of the real estate market.”
           And the quality of the jobs — professionals, managers, scientists, engineers, jobs related to federal contracting and
           procurement, defense, homeland security, technology, biotechnology, and other service businesses — make the region
           a strong one indeed for residential real estate.
                 Couple this robust growth in quality jobs with historically low mortgage interest rates, very low unemployment,
           and a tight inventory of homes for sale and the result has been the highest appreciation in home values in over
           25 years. While home value appreciation nationally has averaged in the 13% range recently, in the heart of our
           market area the appreciation in home values has averaged around 24%. In 1997, the average home sales price in
           the Washington/Baltimore market area was $177,000. For the first nine months of 2004, it stood at $327,000.
       Metro Comparisions
   Job Change Last Seven Years
         (Oct. 97-Oct. 04)

       Average Sales Price
   Washington/Baltimore Region

                                   A booming economy coupled with low interest rates has created the hottest housing market in the country,
                                   with no downside in sight.

         Total Units Sold
   Washington/Baltimore Region     In 1997, some 79,000 housing units were sold. For 2004, the total should be slightly double
                                   that figure or 160,000 units, worth an estimated $52.4 billion (see charts). Another indicator
                                   of the strong demand for housing in our market area — days on market — reveals that in
                                   1997, a home-for-sale stayed on the market an average of 160 days. During 2004, it was
                                   just 33 days.
                                         Outside the Greater Washington/Baltimore area, Long & Foster continued its impressive
                                   growth in market share both by internal growth and by outside acquisition. In Southwest
                                   Virginia, Long & Foster acquired two very fine firms, Owens & Co. and Boone & Company,
                                   thereby creating a brand new region for the company. Our Richmond region continued to
                                   soar, dominating that market, while our Greater Hampton Roads region solidified its recent
    Total Dollar Volume of Sales   gains. Our Delaware Valley region added new offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and
   Washington/Baltimore Region     has climbed to within the top three or four real estate companies in the Greater Philadelphia
                                   area. Well ahead of the pack and a strong number one on the entire Delmarva Peninsula,
                                   our Eastern Shore region added several new offices and Sales Associates. And our Western
                                   Maryland/Southwest Pennsylvania region likewise showed impressive gains throughout
                                   the year.
                                         Sales for Long & Foster® Real Estate, Inc. totaled $39.1 billion for the fiscal year ending
                                   December 31. Prosperity Mortgage® Company totaled $4 billion. Mid-States® Title Insurance
                                   Agency, Inc. totaled $10.2 billion. And Long & Foster Insurance Agency, Inc. totaled $3.0
                                   billion, bringing the total for all The Long & Foster Companies in 2004 to $56.3 billion.
                                         We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our entrepreneurial, ethical, and enthusiastic
     Average Days on Market        Sales Associates and employees for their tremendous hard work and dedication to the
   Washington/Baltimore Region
                                   long-term success of The Long & Foster Companies. Their daily efforts, combined with the
                                   confident recommendations and referrals from those they have served so well, produced
                                   yet another year of unprecedented growth for Long & Foster, the largest privately-owned
                                   real estate company in America.

                                             P. Wesley Foster, Jr.                                 Brenda Shipplett
Source: George Mason University              Chairman & Chief Executive Officer                    President & Chief Operating Officer
Center for Regional Analysis.
 P. Wesley Foster, Jr.                  Brenda Shipplett                          Jack Queen                   George T. Eastment, III
    Chairman and                          President and                      President, Maryland,                     President,
Chief Executive Officer               Chief Operating Officer           Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania,             Long & Foster
                                                                          Delaware, and New Jersey                Financial Services

   Mary K. Weddle               Bruce Enger                Richard Nelms                   Paul Foster                 Paul DiCicco
Executive Vice President   Senior Vice President and     President, Richmond,             Vice President/              Vice President/
                            Chief Financial Officer      Hampton Roads, and             Regional Manager,            Regional Manager,
                                                         Southwestern Virginia         Northern Virginia and          Northern Virginia
                                                                                           West Virginia

   Ron Pearman                  Alice Burch                  Hattie Scott                 Cindy Ariosa                  Peter Rucci
  Vice President/           Senior Vice President/       Senior Vice President/          Vice President/              Vice President/
 Regional Manager,            General Manager,            Regional Manager,             Regional Manager,            Regional Manager,
  Hampton Roads                 Baltimore and           Southern Maryland and               Baltimore           Montgomery County, Maryland,
                            Southern Pennsylvania       Prince George’s County                                     and Washington, D.C.

  Mark Holloway              Lorraine Waxman                    Art Herling                Jeff Owens                  Tim Garrison
  Vice President/              Vice President/              Vice President/              Vice President/              Vice President/
 Regional Manager,           Regional Manager,            Regional Manager,            Regional Manager,             Regional Manager,
   Eastern Shore            Western Maryland and           Philadelphia and           Southwestern Virginia        Roanoke Valley, Virginia
                           Southwest Pennsylvania             New Jersey

    Herb Engler                 Glen Phillips              James Maiden                  Mike Maddiex                  Susan Holler
     President,                   President,                Vice President,                 President,                    President,
Prosperity Mortgage®            Long & Foster               Long & Foster                 Long & Foster                Mid-States® Title
     Company                Insurance Agency, Inc.      Insurance Agency, Inc.         Settlement Services          Insurance Agency, Inc.
                           (Commercial Insurance)        (Personal Insurance)
The Long & Foster Companies            ®

     In this vibrant real estate market, The Long & Foster® Companies has become the region’s leading provider of
homeownership services by putting its customers first. Our affiliated services — Prosperity Mortgage®, Mid-States®
Title, and Long & Foster Insurance — are the best in the business. Coupled with our real estate expertise, they offer
consumers convenient one-stop service with competitive pricing and unparalleled attention to detail. This makes
Long & Foster Sales Associates much more valuable to their customers and clients.
     Beginning in the late 1980’s, faced with an ever-shrinking company dollar, Long & Foster made the decision to
evolve from a pure residential real estate company into a multi-faceted homeownership company that offered true
one-stop service to the home-buying public. Long & Foster added its own mortgage business in 1984, followed by the
purchase of its own independent insurance agency in 1988, and in 1996, founded its own title insurance agency.
     It is the customers of Long & Foster’s astute Sales Associates who benefit from the synergy created by having
real estate and related financial services under one roof.
Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.®

                                   Long & Foster® Real Estate,
                              Inc. which began 36 years ago
                              with a single sales office in
                              Fairfax, Virginia, has grown
                              to become the largest privately-
                              owned real estate company in
                              the nation. Long & Foster is
                              committed to the professional
                              development of its Sales
                              Associates and to gaining
market share within its service area. Long & Foster
Real Estate, Inc., the Companies’ flagship unit, sold
$39.1 billion worth of homes on 124,256 properties,
a 32% increase over the previous year.
     By providing our Sales Associates with the full
power of The Long & Foster® Companies and our
Prestige Partners®, Long & Foster gives them the
training and the tools they need to serve their
clients and customers better than anyone else. This
service superiority provides an ever-increasing
number of referrals and repeat business that
further widens the competitive gap and grows
market share. Long & Foster is committed
to providing the most professional real
estate and related financial services —
mortgage, title, and insurance —
available through one convenient and
financially stable source: The Long & Foster Companies.

   2004 SALES VOLUME                                      Total Real Estate Sales Volume
   $39.1 Billion                                                    Since 1997


   New 3,565
   Transfer 1,513
Prosperity Mortgage Company                    ®

                                   Over the past five years, Prosperity Mortgage® has been ranked by The Washington Post
                              as one of the top five mortgage lenders in the greater Washington, D.C. area. The company
                              originated $4 billion in loans last year, an increase of 4% over 2003. Herb Engler, President
                              of the mortgage affiliate, attributes Prosperity’s phenomenal success to four factors: the
                              quality of our home mortgage consultants, an incredibly strong housing market, the
                              lowest mortgage rates in history, and the strong partnership between Long & Foster and
                              Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.
                                   Prosperity Mortgage® Corporation was established internally in 1984, and in 1993,
                              it entered into a joint venture with a highly successful national partner, Wells Fargo Home
                              Mortgage, to form Prosperity Mortgage Company, now one of Wells Fargo’s most profitable
                              entities in the country, as well as the largest real estate company joint venture in the country.
                              They have also ranked Prosperity Mortgage’s home mortgage consultants as having the
highest productivity per loan officer in both units and volume of any of their 30 joint ventures nationwide. Prosperity
Mortgage has over 230 home mortgage consultants serving every one of our 218 sales offices throughout Long & Foster’s
service area. High speed computer lines have been installed in all of the Long & Foster offices which offer the ability to
approve loans faster and work more efficiently. Prosperity Mortgage is also adding multi-lingual home mortgage consul-
tants and staff to serve a growing, culturally-diverse population.
      Prosperity Mortgage home mortgage consultants work hand-in-glove with the very successful Sales Associates of
Long & Foster to serve their customers and build long term, highly professional business relationships.

         From left to right, first row: Herb Engler, President; Benny Poole, Maryland Manager; Linda Evans, Maryland and
         Washington, DC Area Manager; April Alexander, Manager; Bob Becker, Northern Virginia Area Manager; Mike Dunn,
         Baltimore, Pennsylvania, and Eastern Shore Area Manager. Back row: Scott Carter, Richmond Manager; Dave Jones,
         Northern Virginia Manager; Dave Updike, Maryland Branch Manager; Kevin Hull, Area Manager, Virginia Beach.
         Not shown: Mark Stewart, Program Manager.
Mid-States Title Insurance Agency, Inc.

                                    To provide yet another valuable service to our clients, customers, and Sales Associates,
                              Long & Foster formed its own title insurance agency, Mid-States® Title Insurance Agency,
                              Inc. in 1996, for the issuance of title insurance commitments and policies. Homebuyers
                              are given the opportunity to place their title insurance through our affiliate, Mid-States
                              Title, when their closing is held at one of Long & Foster’s recommended real estate
                              settlement companies, our Prestige Partners®. The Agency reported $10 billion in real
                              estate sales values in 2004, a 40% increase over the previous year.
                                    During 2004, Long & Foster hired Mike Maddiex, a seasoned title professional, to
                              become president of Long & Foster Settlement Services, which oversees Mid-States Title
                              and manages the business relationships with our Prestige Partners® settlement services.
                              These affiliates, which provide our customers with the most professional and convenient
closing services at the time of settlement, are the most respected settlement companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.
They include RGS Title, Universal Title, MBH Settlement Group, Inc., Fountainhead Title, Brennan Title Company,
Bon Air Title, Long & Foster Settlement Services, Long & Foster Harbor Title, Trump & Trump, Homestead Settlement
Services, Long & Foster Closing Services, and Southern Title of Roanoke.
     We began adding affiliations with highly respected title partners throughout our marketplace in 1997. In 2004, the
number of our Prestige Partners grew to 12 with the addition of four new firms, one in Pennsylvania, and three in our
newest regions, Southwestern Virginia and Roanoke Valley.

Our Settlement Services Partners

         From left to right, first row: Katie Brennan Grammes, Brennan Title Company; Susan Holler, President, Mid-States
         Title Insurance Agency, Inc.; Robbin Price, Homestead Settlement Services, LLC; Virginia Distanislao, Bon Air Title
         Agency, Inc.; Mary K. Weddle, Executive Vice President, The Long & Foster® Companies; Skip Sacks, Long & Foster
         Harbor Title Agency, LLC. Second row: George Eastment, III, President, Long & Foster Financial Services; Rick
         Shreves, RGS Title, LLC; Mark Carlson, MBH Settlement Group, LLC; Mike Ridgway, Universal Title; Mike Maddiex,
         President, Long & Foster Settlement Services, LLC; Rocco Imperatrice, III, Long & Foster Settlement Services, LLC;
         Robin Ballinger, The Fountainhead Title Group Corporation. Not shown: Deb Hartman, Long & Foster Closing Services;
         Charles Trump, Trump & Trump, LC.
Long & Foster Insurance Agency, Inc.
                                  As an independent insurance agency, Long & Foster Insurance Agency, Inc.’s goal is to
                             complement our real estate sales force by helping individuals, businesses, and government
                             entities secure the highest quality insurance coverage at the best available price.
                                  This blue-chip affiliated business offers an array of insurance protection from over
                             20 of the nation’s top insurance companies. Today, Long & Foster Insurance is one of the
                             largest insurance providers in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, having been
                             recognized once again by The Washington Business Journal as one of the area’s top
                             25 insurance brokers based on premium volume. Long & Foster Insurance Agency, Inc.
                             provided policies equal to real estate sales
                             values of $3 billion for 2004, an increase
                             of 14% over the previous year.
     In 2004, Long & Foster Insurance created two distinct
divisions to focus on and grow both the commercial and
personal lines of the insurance business.

Personal Insurance Division
     The Personal Insurance Division now has 11 professional
insurance sales agents operating throughout each of our major
regions to serve our Sales Associates’ customers. The agency
scored a coup this year when it hired James Maiden as Vice
President of Personal Lines. Maiden joined Long & Foster from
Allianz, one of the largest property and casualty insurers in the
world, and since joining the firm he has hired several seasoned
insurance professionals to build the personal lines business.
     Under Maiden’s direction, the team of insurance sales
professionals plays a highly visible role in the personal lines
business strategy by calling on branch managers and
Sales Associates to help increase awareness of the types          From left to right, first row: Insurance Sales Representatives: Ana Martinez,
of insurance protection their customers need. By providing        Allie McDougal, Susan Evans, and Vernon Hawkins. Middle row: Insurance
coverage such as Homeowners Insurance, Automobile, Life,          Sales Representatives: Mike Kuntz and John Devlin. Mike Dillon, Business
Personal Articles, and Umbrella Coverage, the Personal            Development Manager. Back row: William Malone, Sales & Marketing Manager;
Insurance Division provides a convenient single source for        Jane Sketchley, Personal Lines Manager; James Maiden, Vice President;
consumers’ insurance needs. Our Sales Associates are able to Myron Godette, Director, Total Quality Management.
instantly put their customers in touch with a Long & Foster
Insurance agent to secure all the coverage they might need.

Commercial Insurance Division
      The Commercial Insurance Division serves commercial accounts of all
sizes, in both the public and private sectors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region,
including local municipalities such as the Arlington County Fire Department.
As the insurance industry has become extremely selective, it is not only
difficult for businesses to obtain proper coverage today, but premium rates have
risen dramatically, thereby making the services provided by our commercial
insurance experts that much more valuable.
      The Agency’s Commercial Division serves as an advocate for its clients and
capitalizes on the trust and confidence it has established in the insurance market-
place. During 2004, it worked hard to develop intra-divisional synergies to further
expand its business. For example, not only does the Commercial Division receive
referrals from its existing clients, but it also benefits from referrals from other
Long & Foster divisions, such as the Home Service ConnectionsTM group with its
hundreds of vendors, and the Commercial Real Estate Division, from clients
buying or leasing commercial real estate.                                           From left to right: Blake Phillips, Commercial Lines
                                                                                    Manager; Stacy Phillips, Health & Life Manager;
                                                                                    Glen Phillips, President, Long & Foster Insurance Agency.
“At Long & Foster, We Do More For Our Agents, So Our Agents Can Do More For You ®
                   Real Estate, Mortgages,                      Operations
                   Title & Insurance                            • Day-to-Day Operations
                   • Maryland             • Virginia            • Affiliated Services
                   • Washington, D.C.     • Pennsylvania        • Mergers & Acquisitions
                   • Delaware             • West Virginia
                   • North Carolina       • New Jersey
                   New Homes & Condominiums                     Finance
                   • New Home Sales & Marketing                 • Corporate Finance
                                                                • Retirement Plan

                   Relocation                                   Accounting
                   • Corporate Relocation                       • Commission Payments
                   • National Referral Services                 • Sales Associate Accounts
                   • Corporate Assets                           • Accounts Receivable /Payable
                   • Affinity Groups                            • Payroll
                                                                • Financial Statements

                   Resort Rentals                               Legal
                   • Atlantic Beaches                           • House Counsel
                   • Maryland and Virginia
                     Mountain Lakes

                   Commercial Leasing & Sales                   Business Services
                   • Mid-Sized To Large Transactions            • Purchasing
                   • Retail, Multi-Family, Office, Industrial   • Distribution
                     And Special Purpose Properties             • Logistics

                   Marketing                                    Construction &
                   • Advertising        • Special Events        Development
                   • Public Relations   • Company Store         • Land Acquisitions
                   • Direct Mail Center                         • Project Management
                   • Extraordinary Properties® Division

                   Information Services                         Residential Property
                   • Network Services                           Management
                   • Internet/Intranet                          • Property Management
                   • Data Processing                            • Leasing Services
                   • Telecommunications

                   Training & Career                            Metro Referral
                   Development                                  Associates, Inc.
                   • New & Experienced Sales Associates         • Broker Referral Agency For Active
                   • Pre-Licensing Course                         Licensees No Longer Selling Or Listing
                                                                  Real Estate

                   Home Service ConnectionsTM                   Human Resources
                   • Moving Connections                         • Employment / Benefits
                   • Utilities Connections                      • Employee Relations
                   • Home-Related Services                      • Employee Training & Development
                                                                • Employee Communications & Policies

                   Commercial Property                          Contract Forms Management
                   Management                                   Support Services
                   • Company-Owned Facilities                   • Electronic Contract Forms
                                                                • Support & Maintenance
Corporate Divisions and Departments

          Scheduling a moving van and getting utilities hooked-up and other home-related services are available through our
          Home Service Connections™ group.

Long & Foster’s Home Service ConnectionsTM
                      Long & Foster’s Home Service ConnectionsTM group adds yet another facet to our one-stop service
                      concept. Long & Foster offers a full spectrum of home-related products and services which helps
                      buyers and sellers through their move and beyond. We’ve brought together a network of the
                      area’s leading service providers that meet our high quality standards to help make moving and
maintaining a home easier.
     Home Service ConnectionsTM completed its second year with 260 participating service providers affiliated with
the program. Twenty-nine of those are full-service moving companies that cover Long & Foster’s entire Mid-Atlantic
region. The online Home Utility Program welcomed Verizon into its service offerings, which also includes basic cable,
satellite, and Internet providers. In 2004, more clients than ever took advantage of this program before, during, and
after their move, and that provides Long & Foster with a long-term connection to our customers, making them
customers for life.

                      Quality education and career development have always been a top priority at
                      Long & Foster. Through the University of Long & Foster® we are committed
                      to providing the very best training for our newly-licensed Sales Associates
                      and a multi-faceted curriculum to enhance the skills of transferring and
experienced real estate professionals. Jo Boerner-Nilsen, Vice President, leads this vital
corporate department.
     Over 11,000 students took the pre-licensing course offered by the Long & Foster Institute
of Real Estate® in 75 locations last year, and more than 200 Fast Start® classes were given for
new Sales Associates. The trend in today’s strong real estate economy is that a growing
number of job seekers are entering real estate as a career, and they are extremely professional
and motivated individuals. The number of students
attending our state-approved, pre-licensing course held
at our 15 regional training centers, increased by 32%
during 2004, due in part to the robust housing market
and Long & Foster’s phenomenal growth.
     In addition, more than 30 courses and seminars were
hosted throughout the year for more experienced Sales
Associates, conducted by national and international trainers
such as Steve Woodruff and LeRoy Hauser, for example,
who provided valuable tips to help more experienced
associates build their business. A popular new training
and networking program for newer Sales Associates called
S.T.A.R.S.® has doubled in attendance with 2,500 registered
participants in its second year. These programs are a result
of Long & Foster’s commitment to consistently offer support
for all of our Sales Associates from the day they become           Allan Dalton, a national trainer, speaks to newer Sales Associates at the
licensed to never-ending continuing education opportunities. popular new training and networking program called S.T.A.R.S.®
The Long & Foster Companies —                ®

36 Years of Unprecedented Growth.
     Founded in 1968, Long & Foster has grown from a single, 600-square-foot sales office in Fairfax, Virginia, to become the largest
privately-owned real estate company in America. By 1976, the firm had expanded to include offices in Washington, D.C. and
suburban Maryland, and in 1977 the Baltimore Division was created. In 1988, Long & Foster entered Hampton Roads, and in July
of 1998, entered the Richmond market. In 2001, Long & Foster established a new region in the thriving Philadelphia market, which
has grown quickly to 17 sales offices in under four years, including two new offices in Southern New Jersey. This year, the company
continued its growth by acquiring two excellent companies in Southwestern Virginia, our newest region. In just six months,
Long & Foster has increased its market share in Southwest Virginia to 40% with a total of nine sales offices.
     Growth and expansion for our firm may also be seen in the growing number of company-owned buildings, either built or
under construction, and we also continue to expand and refurbish sales offices throughout our market area with as many as 80
projects underway at any given time. Each year, we complete two or three new buildings from the ground up, and if reasonable
opportunities present themselves to purchase existing buildings, we do so. Long & Foster sales offices convey a genuine impression
of quality, professionalism, and success.
     Our in-house Construction and Development departments, headed by Tom Nutt, Vice President, expanded in June with the
addition of Susan Scott, Director, Construction & Project Management. Scott, an experienced professional in commercial property
management and construction, will guide hundreds of construction projects to completion, while Tom Nutt will focus solely on land
acquisition and development. In Warrenton, Virginia, a 16,888-square-foot office building is underway with completion scheduled for
summer of 2005, and we are nearing completion of a 20,000-square-foot office building in Woodbridge, Virginia. Both facilities will
be stunning, two-story hi-tech mega offices, which will provide consumers the convenience of one-stop service for our real estate and
related financial services. The spaciousness of these new facilities reflects our optimism for Long & Foster’s continued growth.
     During the year, Wes Foster was featured in several well-respected publications such as The Washington Post and a new real
estate industry magazine called Lore. We congratulate our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on being inducted into the 2004
Washington Business Hall of Fame. Wes Foster and four other area trailblazers representing the region’s great business diversity
were honored by the Greater Washington Board of Trade and The Washingtonian Magazine for the benefit of Junior Achievement of
the National Capital Area. The five were honored for the contributions each made to the Washington area’s growth as a center for
business and commerce.

                                                            This beautiful, new 33,000-square-foot office building, completed this year and
                                                            located at Centreville Road and Rt. 28 in Centreville, Virginia, enables Long & Foster
                                                            to better serve our customers and clients with personalized one-stop shopping. This is
                                                            an example of Long & Foster’s own “signature” building designed in the Williamsburg
                                                            style of architecture. Long & Foster currently owns 21% of its sales office facilities,
                                                            a sign of its corporate strength and stability.

The Gold Team officers pose on the steps at the beautiful
Southampton Fairmont Hotel in Bermuda.
                                                                                       2004 Washington Business Hall of Fame Inductees: Left to right: Steve Case,
                                                                                       Former Chairman & CEO, America Online, Inc. and AOL Time Warner;
                                                                                       Marie Johns, Former President & CEO, Verizon; John M. Derrick, Jr., Retired
                                                                                       Chairman, PEPCO Holdings, Inc.; P. Wesley Foster, Jr., Chairman & CEO,
                                                                                       The Long & Foster® Companies; Robert P. Pincus, Chairman, Milestone
                                                                                       Merchant Partners, Former President and CEO, BB&T, DC Metro region.

Our newest region was formed this year with two important
mergers in Southwest Virginia.

   In the Mid-Atlantic Region
   Long & Foster Acquired:
   • Owens & Co., Southwest Virginia
   • Boone & Company, Roanoke, Virginia                                        Wes Foster featured in
   • Cowne, Odend’hal & Plaster, Manassas, Virginia                            The Washington Post
   • Clark & Madara, Narbeth, Pennsylvania
   • Marcia Hill Properties, New Hope, Pennsylvania
   • Princeton Corridor, Greater Princeton, New Jersey
   • AGS Realty, Washington, D.C.

Source: Richard Miller Statistics, select 2004 market share data. This representation and estimation are based in whole or in part on data supplied
by MRIS® and other MLS systems in Long & Foster’s core market area only. Neither these organizations nor Long & Foster® Real Estate, Inc.,
guarantee or are responsible in any way for the accuracy of the data. The data may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.
                     Long & Foster’s Commercial Division is fast becoming a
                     dominant player in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area,
                     one of the healthiest commercial markets in the nation. The
                     Division, under the leadership of Vice President Ken Ulsaker,
is headquartered at Tysons Corner, Virginia, a thriving business corridor, and is
in a perfect position to handle commercial sale and lease transactions in its niche
market of mid-sized to large retail, multi-family, office, industrial and special
purpose properties.
     With over 22 experienced commercial agents, Long & Foster’s Commercial
Division provides specialized services targeted at the specific needs of commercial
                                                 clients. With vast local and
                                                 regional knowledge in the com-
                                                 mercial arena, Long & Foster
                                                 Commercial is an excellent
                                                 resource for handling client leads
                                                 from more than 14,000 Long &
                                                 Foster residential Sales Associates     Ken Ulsaker, Vice President of
                                                 throughout our seven-state region       Long & Foster’s Commercial Division
                                                 and the District of Columbia. The
                                                 Division offers commercial clients the very best service by combining
                                                 the specialized talents and expertise of our commercial agents into a
                                                 team approach, and the Division is dedicated to serving its clients in the
                                                 areas of commercial sales, leasing, and development.

The Commercial Division focuses on mid-sized to large commercial sales and leasing for a variety of projects such as: multi-family,
churches and hotels, as well as office, warehouse, and retail centers. In addition to the Long & Foster Commercial projects shown,
the Division also handles large commercial land development projects.

The Commercial Network
The Long & Foster Commercial Network, under the direction of Syd Machat, is our own in-house commercial resource
for general brokerage Sales Associates and managers. The twin goals of the Network are training and networking
throughout all regions of our company, facilitating the many residential Sales Associates who have commercial
capabilities, and handling local real estate investor and business user clientele. An added benefit for our residential
Sales Associates is that the Network sponsors the coveted Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)
designation in-house through our world-class training department. CCIM is the premier institute in the world for
commercial investment education and is an affiliate of the National Association of Real Estate (NAR).
Long & Foster Relocation offers a full array of global relocation services for businesses.

                      Under the leadership of Nancy Sudduth, Vice President, Long & Foster’s Relocation Division is in
                      the forefront of the global relocation industry.
                           Foremost among the Division’s many business units is Long & Foster Relocation Management
                      SolutionsTM, a full-service corporate relocation company committed to helping clients achieve their
strategic employee mobility objectives.
      Partnering with Fortune 500 companies to manage and
improve their employee mobility programs, Long & Foster
Relocation Management Solutions provides a full spectrum
of management, administrative, and analytical expertise and
world-class service for its clients.
      Policy analysis and development is an important service provided to ensure that our clients have a high caliber,
cost-effective relocation policy in place to support corporate objectives and values while maintaining competitive
benefits, compliance with tax laws, and sensitivity to employee needs.
      Corporate clients also benefit from the state-of-the-art management information system we call Pegasus, a web-
based customer service tool offering 24/7 access to information clients need to manage their relocation programs and
transferees need to check on the status of their move and communicate with their personal relocation counselor.
      Long & Foster Relocation Management Solutions Home Marketing Assistance Program (HMAP) focuses on strictly
controlling clients’ relocation costs, especially the expense of acquiring and selling inventory homes, the most costly
aspect of any relocation program. With HMAP, employee-generated home sales increase substantially as a result of
obtaining the highest equity for their homes as rapidly as possible, thereby reducing or eliminating this potentially
burdensome corporate expense.
      Our comprehensive Home Finding Services Program helps companies like the Washington Redskins
save on travel expenses, temporary housing, hotel costs, and car rental expenses. This program meets
the extensive needs of the transferee while limiting the loss of productivity and work-related stress
incurred during the transition period. It serves both relocating homeowners and renters equally,
offering the same level of care and concern to both.
      Relieving the administrative burdens on the clients’
Human Resources and Accounting departments, while ensuring
full compliance with the company’s relocation policy and
procedures, is a major benefit provided by Long & Foster
Relocation Management Solutions. We make the relocation
process as efficient and trouble-free for our clients as possible
while providing attention, comfort, and guidance for the transferee.
Through the use of modern technology and in-depth counseling,
we carefully review all legitimate expenses, calculate tax withhold-
ings and gross-ups, provide timely reimbursement information,
and communicate directly with our clients’ Payroll Department.
      Moving household goods quickly and securely is one of the
most important stages of the relocation process and one that
relieves a considerable burden from the transferees and their
families. We coordinate all aspects of the move, from packing
to pickup and delivery dates, expense reimbursement, and
insurance needs, and we employ only “best in class” moving
service partners at a considerable discount.                              Long & Foster’s signage at FedEx Field, the Washington Redskins’
                                                                          stadium in Landover, Maryland.
           Long & Foster Relocation’s SMARTMOVE® affinity program
     reached a milestone in 2004 by rebating $3.7 million dollars to
     SMARTMOVE participants. Enhanced services include a new,
     leading-edge Web site and a new “Work Life Benefits” program that
     has recently been extended to corporate clients as well as to those
     affiliated with associations and credit unions.
           The Relocation Department has two full-time, certified
     instructors who teach the latest relocation industry-specific courses to
     Long & Foster managers and Sales Associates throughout our entire
     market area, as well as to the Department’s own staff of 78 relocation
     specialists. This professional training, many courses of which have
     been approved for continuing education credit, makes these reloca-
     tion experts that much more valuable to their clients.
           More and more consumers are turning to the Internet to begin
                                                                                 Long & Foster’s signage at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore,
     their home buying searches, and one of the first places they turn to        Maryland, home of the Baltimore Ravens.
     is, Long & Foster’s very popular Web site.
     Within the Relocation Department is a group of e-business specialists who turn consumer browsing expeditions, when
     ready, into solid referral leads for Long & Foster Sales Associates. This e-business activity increased by 93% over the
     previous year.
           Also housed within the Relocation Department is Metro Referral Associates, Inc., a referral company that has been
     associated with Long & Foster for over 20 years. It allows Sales Associates who are no longer associated with a specific
     broker to maintain an active license so they can still earn commission income by making referrals. Over 2,500 Sales
     Associates whose licenses are with Metro Referral Associates, Inc. generated over $150 million in settled sales volume
     through referrals last year.

                             Long & Foster’s award-winning Marketing Department helps Long & Foster Sales Associates
                             attract more buyers and capture more listings through its corporate advertising and public
                             relations activities, its high-volume Direct Mail Center and popular Business Accessories Center
                             store, its Extraordinary Properties® magazine and
      Division, and by ensuring that the Long & Foster brand
      is the brand consumers recognize on sight, feel
      positive about, and prefer.
           Long & Foster Marketing invests heavily in powerful
      television, radio, and newspaper advertising campaigns to
      let consumers know that Long & Foster Sales Associates
      are the best in the business — the ones they should hire to
      help them sell or buy a home. Marketing’s Public Relations
      group, too, plays a vital role in spreading the word about the
                               company, its people, and its involvement
                                in community affairs. Long & Foster and
                                 Wes Foster, were the subject of several
                                  major news stories in 2004. Because of
                                   its size and strength, the company is a
                                    bellwether for the real estate industry
                                     throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of
                                      the country. Community activities, such
                                       as Community Service Day and the
                                        $200,000 Long & Foster Scholarship
                                         Program, and dozens of others, give
                                           back a portion of the company’s profits
Now in its 19th year, Extraordinary        each year to the communities in which
Properties® magazine has helped            we do business.                               Headlines like these are just a few examples of the
our Sales Associates sell more                  Marketing’s Direct Mail Center is        press coverage generated by the Marketing
million dollar and above homes             currently processing over one million         Department’s Public Relations team.
than our competitors.
Two of Long & Foster’s Direct Mail Center employees are               Television coverage for the firm’s mergers in Southwest Virginia
processing Standard Mail for delivery to five of the U.S. Postal      was obtained by the Public Relations team.
Service’s bulk mail facilities.

pieces of direct mail per month for Long & Foster Sales Associates to aid them in their prospecting and referral-
generating activities. The Business Accessories Center offers the convenience of getting closing gifts, productivity
tools, advertising specialty items, and logo merchandise in-house. The Extraordinary Properties® Division helps
our Sales Associates capture and market high-end listings. And Long & Foster’s upper-brackets magazine,
Extraordinary Properties®, which has won numerous prestigious awards for excellence, is direct-mailed by name
and address four times each year to over 200,000 upscale homeowners throughout the company’s market area.

Information Services
                     Our Information Services Department with 90 full-time professionals, is dedicated to providing
                     the highest level of technology support and service to The Long & Foster® Companies and to the
                     25,000 customers and clients we serve each day. Additionally, Long & Foster has an Extended
                     Data Center that employs another 50 software developers full time to assist in the delivery of
the solutions used daily by the customers of the Information Services Department. The Department serves 2,100
employees and 14,000 Sales Associates with an outstanding level of service to help them do their jobs.
     2004 was a year of enhancements for our cutting-edge Information Services Department. We continued to
improve our online presence,, which serves millions of consumers annually as they seek up-to-
the-minute real estate information and an impressive array of research tools and search functions that touch every part
of our business.
     An exclusive and unique Web site solution for our Sales Associates called PROCURATM was introduced during the
year. PROCURATM delivers the tools necessary for Long & Foster Sales Associates to customize their own Web sites,
capture critical contact information, and automatically follow up on all Web site leads.
     To further support our Sales Associates, all of the company’s 218 sales offices have been upgraded with the very
latest technology. Field service and support software has been implemented to enable the Help Desk to deliver fast,
seamless service. With this new software, Help Desk technicians can facilitate
complex issues and assign them to the proper field service staff.
The Help Desk has increased its first-call closure rate from
slightly more than 60% to almost 90%. Average on-hold time
for employees has decreased by 80%, and calls generally are
answered within three seconds.
Front row, left to right: Scott LaCasse, Manager, Help Desk;
Dave Hayes, Manager, Operations Support; Jane Winchester,
Senior Projects Manager. Middle row, left to right: Kevin Hudgins,
Manager, Datacenter/LAN Services; Debbie Pflugshaupt, Senior
Manager, Network & Technical Services; Mayur Raichura, Managing
Director; Diane Gray, Senior Manager, Telephony & Communications;
Shane Pate, Manager, WAN Services. Back row, left to right: Mike Koval,
SVP, CIO; Clark Jarman, Manager, Field Service. Not shown: Meg Huffaker,
Director, e-Commerce & Application Development; Sam Jackson, Senior
Manager, Field Service, Help Desk & Training; Sheila Fisher, Manager, IS
Property Management
                     Long & Foster’s Property Management Division is the largest property management division of any
                     full-service real estate company or of any residential property management company in the nation.
                     The Division effectively manages over 3,000 single family homes, townhomes, and single-unit
                     condominiums for absentee and investment owners. In addition, the Division is a constant source
of new listings for our Sales Associates. Due to the exceptionally large number of single family homes managed by
Long & Foster, it was necessary for the company to write its own software program to link absentee owners globally
with their current property data and real-time accounting statements, along with digital imagery of the property.
The dramatic speed of this new, worldwide reporting system provides our clients with the highest possible level
of service.
     Many smaller firms acquired by Long & Foster have property management departments, thereby adding hundreds
of additional accounts to our portfolio. To aid in a smooth transition, and to better serve our new clients’ tenants,
property managers, and Sales Associates, The Property Management Division has recently added an Acquisition
Manager to help transition the new accounts into Long & Foster’s technically-advanced method of operation.

New Homes & Condominiums
                     The Company’s New Homes/Condominium Division provides land acquisition, marketing, and
                     sales services to builders. The Division currently represents 17 builders, an increase of 20% over
                     the previous year, and 33 new home developments are currently being sold through Long & Foster.
                     The land acquisition department saw phenomenal growth in 2004 with $45 million in land trans-
actions, an increase of 75% over the Division’s best year ever. There is a noticeable outward expansion by national
builders in the search for available land. Builders are also creatively utilizing remaining infill parcels. This may
include demolishing existing structures, rezoning, making more difficult sites work, and/or changing the planned use
of properties.

Resort Rentals
                      Long & Foster’s Resort Rentals Division continues to provide the highest quality service through its
                      resort rental offices located throughout the Mid-Atlantic coastline from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,
                      to Ocean City, Maryland, and westward to the mountains of Western Maryland and West Virginia.
                      This year the Division expanded once again, opening an additional resort rental office in Fenwick
Island, Delaware, and soon will be opening a West Ocean City, Maryland, office to better serve the expanding vacation
and year-round rental market there. With our most recent merger with Owens & Co. Long & Foster in Southwest
Virginia, we now have resort rentals at Smith Mountain Lake in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, one
of the east coast’s premier vacation resorts.
     Long & Foster’s Resort Rentals Division along the Atlantic coastline managed 1,728 properties last year and
experienced a 7% increase in resort rental revenue in 2004 compared to the prior year.
     Convenience is important in all aspects of today’s fast-paced world, which includes the way people schedule their
vacation property. The number of people booking online with the Division doubled this year.

Deep Creek Lake, where Long & Foster’s mountain and lake resort-   Family-friendly beaches such as Bethany Beach, Delaware, draw
rental operations are based, features year-round activities.       thousands of vacationers to Long & Foster’s Resort Rentals
                                                                   Division each year to rent all types of vacation properties, from
                                                                   condominiums to single family homes, along the Atlantic Coast.
        Experience the Power of
             Last year over ten million people put the power of to work as they searched for homes for
        sale and up-to-the-minute real estate information. Currently over 100,000 homes for sale regionally, and two million
        more nationwide, are listed real-time at
             In addition to finding a home online, visitors obtained mortgages, several types of insurance, home warranties,
        settlement services, moving vans, utilities, painters, plumbers, electricians, and a host of other home-related services.
             Explore the power of for yourself.

                          Quickly search a                         Get pre-qualified
                          specific ZIP code                         for a mortgage.
                         for a home to buy.                                                                            Find a qualified
                                                                                             Find the address,          Long & Foster
                                              Explore the entire                             phone, and a map             real estate
Save favorite searches                          region for the                                 to the nearest          Sales Associate.
   and properties.                              perfect home.                               Long & Foster office.

     Explore an                                                                                                              Apply for
   exciting career                                                                                                       homeowners, auto,
   in real estate.                                                                                                      and other insurance.

 Hire an investment                                                                                                         Contact a
 property manager.                                                                                                      Prestige Partner®
                                                                                                                      settlement company.

  Learn about the
 home buying and                                                                                                              Rent a
  selling process                                                                                                          beach cottage.
in English, Spanish
    and French.

                                                                                                                            Buy a home

     Apply for a
   Long & Foster                                                                                                            Learn more
    Scholarship.                                                                                                           about a given
                                                                                                                           town or area.

Obtain assistance for                                    Locate a great
  corporate move.                                     moving van company.
                                                                                                              Check Open
                          Find a plumber, painter,                                      Search for homes
                          electrician, handyman.                                       for sale nationally.
The Keys To Our Success:
Long & Foster’s Sales Associates and Employees.
     There is a strong sense of family that makes Long & Foster a uniquely supportive and dynamic environment that enables
our Sales Associates to flourish. It is the professional partnership between the company’s employees and Sales Associates that
has made Long & Foster the largest and most respected real estate company in our seven-state Mid-Atlantic region and the
District of Columbia, and the #1 privately-owned real estate company in America.
     Many company events throughout the year offer wonderful opportunities for Sales Associates, managers, and employees
to network, have fun, and share ideas. More than 800 top producers, spouses, and guests attended a glorious six-day retreat
                                                             in Bermuda in 2004, staying at the beautiful Southhampton
                                                             Fairmont Hotel. Highlights included an “In the Pink” beach party,
                                                             a “Secret Agent” theme dinner, and a “Silver Stars & Golden Oldies”
                                                             black tie dinner featuring the Platters, Drifters, and Coasters —
                                                             a tremendous show!
                                                                  Other much-anticipated events during the year were
                                                             Long & Foster’s Great American Picnic, attended by nearly 5,000
                                                             Sales Associates, employees, and their families, and a series of
                                                             nine elaborate Awards Breakfasts which honored more than
                                                             2,000 of our top producing
                                                             Sales Associates. In addition,
                                                             Long & Foster sponsors an
                                                             annual company-wide
                                                             Community Service Day in
                                                             which all 218 sales offices
                                                             participate to give back to the
                                                             local communities in which
                                                             they do business.

                                                                    Annual Awards
The Gold Team
  Retreat to
Long & Foster’s Great American Picnic     The Long & Foster Scholarship Program

                              Community Service Day
Long & Foster Residential Sales Offices

NORTHERN VIRGINIA                                    Roanoke 866-894-0962
                                                     Roanoke/Botetourt 877-644-0472
                                                                                               Bel Air Central 410-879-0900
                                                                                               Bel Air North 410-515-7400
Alexandria/Mt. Vernon 703-960-8900                   Roanoke North 540-966-5700                Bel Air South 888-789-5246
Alexandria/Old Town 703-548-3700                     Roanoke South 540-989-0863                BWI 800-228-6625
Alexandria/Old Town Historic District 703-683-0400   Smith Mountain Lake 866-700-5981          Canton 410-675-1244
Annandale 703-750-2800                                                                         Chesapeake City 800-453-9650
Arlington 703-522-0500
Arlington/Fairlington 703-998-3111                   WEST VIRGINIA                             Clarksville/Riverhill 800-522-2104
                                                                                               Columbia 800-296-2513
Ashburn 703-724-9494                                 Berkeley Springs 877-258-7653
                                                     Charles Town 800-922-9309                 Columbia Midtown 888-805-4883
Burke/Fairfax Station 703-425-8000                                                             Crofton 800-735-5122
Centreville Gateway 703-631-3200                     Martinsburg 800-553-1572
                                                     Short Gap 800-836-7858                    Eldersburg 410-795-9600
Clifton 703-502-8500                                                                           Elkridge 410-540-9200
Fairfax 703-573-2600                                                                           Elkton 410-398-0660
Fair Oaks 703-968-7000
Falls Church 703-534-9660
                                                     DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA                      Ellicott City 410-461-1456
                                                     Brookland 202-526-7141                    Federal Hill/North 410-752-1224
Fredericksburg 800-356-7004                          Capitol Hill 202-547-9200                 Federal Hill/South 410-727-4644
Front Royal* 540-622-6353                            Chevy Chase 202-363-9700                  Fells Point 410-675-5500
Great Falls 703-759-9190                             Chevy Chase/Taylor 202-362-0300           Finksburg 410-876-1010
Haymarket 703-753-9330                               Chevy Chase/Uptown 202-364-1300           Fort Meade/Odenton 410-551-6600
Herndon/Reston 703-904-3700                          Friendship Heights 202-364-5200           Greenspring 410-583-5700
Kingstowne 703-313-6500                              Foxhall 202-363-1800                      Hampstead 410-239-6111
Lake Anna/Spotsylvania 866-814-0830                  Georgetown 202-944-8400                   Howard County @ Waverly Woods 888-808-5512
Leesburg 703-777-2900                                Georgia Avenue 202-882-2121               Hunt Valley 410-527-0066
Lorton/Laurel Hill 703-495-6200                      Logan Circle 202-667-1320                 Lutherville 410-823-8111
Manassas 703-368-1146                                Woodley Park 202-483-6300                 Owings Mills/New Town 410-363-7355
Manassas Central 703-369-5777                                                                  Pasadena 410-437-9000
McLean 703-790-1990
McLean Elm 703-873-3500                              MARYLAND                                  Perry Hall 410-529-1900
                                                                                               Phoenix 410-667-1900
Purcellville 540-338-1350                            Andrews 301-735-9600
                                                     Bethesda Avenue 240-497-1700              Pikesville 410-653-1700
Reston 703-437-3800                                                                            Reisterstown 888-521-5787
Reston/North Hills 703-435-4900                      Bethesda 301-215-6444
                                                     Bethesda/Chevy Chase 301-654-3535         Riverside at Water’s Edge 410-575-6411
Springfield 703-451-9400                                                                       Roland Park 410-889-9800
Stafford 540-659-3453                                Bethesda/Gateway 301-907-7600
                                                     Bethesda North/Rockville 301-468-0606     Rosedale 410-574-2000
Sterling/Potomac Falls 703-430-1000                                                            Security 410-298-3500
Tysons Central 703-556-8600                          Bowie 301-262-6900
                                                     Cambridge 800-787-2121                    Severna Park 410-544-4000
Vienna/Oakton 703-938-4200                                                                     Taneytown 410-751-1221
Warrenton 800-374-7253                               Camp Springs 301-449-9100
                                                     Charlotte Hall 800-294-7303               Timonium 410-453-0500
Warrenton Intown 800-523-8846                                                                  Towson 800-583-9432
Winchester/Webber & Associates* 800-468-6619         College Park 301-441-9511
                                                     Cumberland 301-722-4700                   Westminster 410-857-5020
Woodbridge/Prince William Parkway 703-986-5700                                                 White Marsh Town Center 410-931-6300
                                                     Damascus 301-253-5155
                                                     Deale 800-603-4543
RICHMOND                                             Deep Creek Lake 800-336-5253
Atlee/VCC 804-550-4564                               Democracy Center 301-564-4900
Bay/River 804-435-2673                               Dunkirk 410-257-7628                      Blue Bell 800-431-7835
Cary Street 804-288-8888                             Easton 800-851-4504                       Chambersburg 800-458-0272
Chesterfield 804-748-4440                            Fort Washington 301-292-0700              Devon 800-431-7864
Chickahominy 804-328-5500                            Frederick 301-694-8000                    Doylestown 888-348-0009
Grove Avenue 804-288-8888                            Frederick Festival 866-478-1605           Exton 800-730-9814
Hanover 804-746-1850                                 Hagerstown 301-797-2300                   Gettysburg 800-667-2027
Harbour Pointe 804-739-6000                          Kent Island 800-447-1419                  Hanover 800-633-7319
Huguenot 804-794-9650                                LaPlata 800-214-1145                      Haverford 866-206-4785
Innsbrook 804-346-4411                               Laurel 301-490-9700                       Lancaster 866-331-6581
Nuckols 804-290-8866                                 Lexington Park 301-862-3000               Lehigh Valley 610-865-7776
Libbie Avenue 804-285-2250                           Mid-Shore 866-572-0261                    Media 800-256-8802
Midlothian 804-560-7625                              Mitchellville 301-249-1600                Narberth 610-664-2500
Patterson Avenue 804-740-7206                        Mt. Airy 301-831-7500                     New Hope 215-794-5700
Short Pump 804-360-3636                              Ocean City 800-992-7777                   Newtown Square 610-353-1199
Southpark 804-520-5600                               Ocean Pines 800-356-9967                  Shrewsbury 800-437-8113
Stony Point 804-272-0222                             Olney/Brookeville 301-924-1100            Spring House 866-206-4784
Strawberry Street 804-340-0840                       Pocomoke City 410-957-6454                Wayne 800-981-7782
Tuckahoe 804-740-3000                                Potomac 301-299-4663                      West Chester 800-256-0086
Virginia Properties 804-282-7300                     Potomac/Cabin John 301-469-4700           Yardley 888-368-5600
                                                     Potomac North/Gaithersburg 301-975-9500   York 800-842-4185
HAMPTON ROADS                                        Potomac Village 301-983-0060
                                                     Prince Frederick 410-535-1000
Chesapeake 800-896-5556
Great Neck 800-941-2222
                                                     Rockville/Falls Grove 301-251-3040        DELAWARE
                                                     Rockville/King Farm 301-548-9700          Bethany Beach 800-228-8833
Isle of Wight 757-238-8494                           Salisbury 800-842-5704                    Brandywine 800-798-8679
Kempsville 800-941-4444                              Silver Spring/Burtonsville 301-384-8700   Fenwick 800-299-7224
Lynnhaven 800-448-5865                               Silver Spring/Colesville 301-236-4300     Milton 302-684-5300
Norfolk 800-479-7355                                 Silver Spring/Downtown 301-650-4400       Rehoboth Beach 800-462-3224
Ocean Front 800-941-3333                             Silver Spring/Kensington 301-949-7070     Seaford 800-565-0126
Peninsula 800-447-1738                               Silver Spring/White Oak 301-388-2600
Western Branch 800-243-0393                          Solomons Island 800-732-1537
Williamsburg 800-951-3434
York/Hampton 800-523-6720
                                                     St. Michaels 888-451-4504
                                                     Takoma Park 301-434-8900
                                                                                               NEW JERSEY
                                                                                               Greater Princeton 609-275-5101
                                                     Takoma Park/Old Town 301-270-7026         Haddonfield 856-795-6966
SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA                                   Waldorf 301-645-8300
Blacksburg/Holiday Lane 540-552-1010
Blacksburg/North Main Street 540-961-9317            BALTIMORE                                 NORTH CAROLINA
Christiansburg 866-840-1703                          Annapolis 800-345-6787                    Elizabeth City/Hall & Nixon* 800-763-0262
Lynchburg 866-288-0850                               Annapolis/Downtown 800-693-1300

*A Long & Foster Licensee
           Mission Statement
Founded on a bedrock of integrity and innovation, honesty
and good old-fashioned customer service, Long & Foster
has as its corporate mission to provide the most profes-
sional residential and commercial real estate and related
financial services — mortgage, title, and insurance —
available through one convenient and financially stable
source. Long & Foster honors its Sales Associates and
enhances their professionalism and commitment to
excellence with superior training, sophisticated
marketing, and state-of-the-art technology, resulting in
both unsurpassed service to the consumer and a true
feeling of family within the Company. Long & Foster is
successful because its people are.

           The Long & Foster® Companies
              Corporate Headquarters
                11351 Random Hills Road
                 Fairfax, Virginia 22030

       The Home Of Homeownership.TM                         LF1064

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