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									Hermantown Police Department

   Annual Report

Presentation Letter                     Page 3
Community Crime Factors                 Page 5
City Council                            Page 7
Police Department Employees             Page 8
Officer Continuing Education/Training   Page 9
Department Organizational Chart         Page 11
Recorded Activity – 5 Year Comparison   Page 12
Incident Analysis - 2008                Page 14
Incident Reports / Month                Page 15
Part I & II Serious Crime               Page 16
Arrests – 5 Year Comparison             Page 18
DWI Arrests – 4 Year Comparison         Page 20
Part III Lost & Found                   Page 22
Part IV Casualties                      Page 23
      Accident Locations:
            Intersection Locations      Page 25
            Private Property            Page 29

Part V
      Miscellaneous Officer             Page 30
      Miscellaneous Public              Page 31

Traffic Violations                      Page 34
      Driving Citations                 Page 35
      Vehicle Citations                 Page 37
D.A.R.E. Program                        Page 40
School Police Liaison                   Page 43
K-9                                     Page 47
Lake Superior Drug/Gang Task Force      Page 50
Criminal Prosecution System Outline     Page 53

                                                         Hermantown Police Department
                                                                   5111 Maple Grove Road
                                                               Hermantown, MN 55811
                                                                          (218) 729-1200

Wayne Boucher, Mayor
City of Hermantown
On behalf of the Hermantown Police Department, it is my pleasure to submit
the 2008 Annual Report. With in this report, there will be two different types
of numbers reflected, INCIDENTS and OFFENSES. INCIDENTS are the total
number of calls our department handled. Recorded incidents in 2008 totaled
7077 compared to 7661 in 2007, a 7.62% decrease. The following is a chart
comparing incidents from 2007 to 2008, broken down by the categories
defined below.

                 Category             2007    2008    Difference
                 Traffic              3210    3007         -203
                 Part I & II           938     784         -154
                 Part III               77      72            -5
                 Part IV               639     477         -162
                 Part V (Public)      2653    2580          -73

                 Part V (Officer)      144     157           13
                 TOTAL                7661    7077         -584

It appears that the major reason for the 2008 decrease in incidents are as
• Decrease in traffic enforcement (traffic stops and parking violations) by
officers account for a majority of the difference.
• Decrease in Part I & II (Serious Crime) – decreases were seen in Damage
to Property, Disturbing the Peace, and Theft.
This report reflects community activity recorded in six defined categories.
The Incident Analysis section provides a visual reference to the
percentage of activity in each category. The six categories are defined as
Part I & II Serious Crime, Part III Lost & Found, Part IV Casualties,
Part V Miscellaneous Officer, Part V Miscellaneous Public and the last
category defined is Traffic.

Presentation Letter – Cont.
Due to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s incident reporting
system, the numbers represented in each of the categories do not represent a
one-for-one correlation with the total recorded incidents as spelled out above. A
single incident report may have multiple OFFENSES associated with it. The
following category numbers reflect the offenses that were reported.
• Part I & II Serious Crime decreased 18.18 % in 2008 with a total of 1035
offenses compared to 1265 in 2007.
• 280 adults and 62 juveniles were arrested for various offenses.
• Part III offenses decreased 8.86% in 2008 with a total of 72 offenses
compared to 79 in 2007.
• Part IV Casualties decreased 6.85% in 2008 with a total of 272 motor vehicle
accidents compared to 292 in 2007.
• Part V Miscellaneous Public offenses decreased 9.15% in 2008 with a total of
2649 offenses compared to 2916 in 2007.
• Part V Miscellaneous Officer offenses increased by 9.72% in 2008 with a total of
158 offenses compared to 144 in 2007.
• Officers stopped a total of 3007 drivers for minor traffic offenses in 2008,
compared with 3156 in 2007, an 4.72 % decrease.
      •Officers issued a total of 716 citations in 2008, compared to a total of 853
      citations in 2007, a 16.06% decrease.
      •Up to ten violations have been recorded on a single traffic stop. In 2008,
      citations were issued for a total of 1148 separate violations, compared to
      1256 in 2007, an 8.60% decrease.
      •Officers do not always have to write citations to educate people about the
      law and to change their behavior. In 2008, officers warned and released
      drivers for 2916 violations, compared to 2942 in 2007, for various driving
      and traffic related violations.
The DARE program and the School Police Liaison program continue to serve the
community, school district and the police department with prevention and
educational support for our youth. Both programs place an officer in the school
environment having direct and immediate contact with students and faculty for
planning, presentation and prevention purposes.
In 2008, the Hermantown Police Department continued with the K9 Program and
also our partnership within the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force.
All fourteen of us, along with our three support staff members, look forward to
our roles in helping the people of Hermantown achieve the highest possible
quality of life.
Respectfully submitted,
Michael Anderson
Chief of Police                                                                   4
Community Crime Factors

Historically, the causes and
 origin of crime has been
  the subject of extensive
    research by varied
 disciplines. Some factors
 that are known to affect
  the volume and type of
   crime occurring in a
community are as follows:

           Page 1 of 2
Community Crime Factors
 Legislative changes as to what constitutes a criminal
 Density and size of the community population and the
metropolitan area of which it is part.
 Variations in composition of population, particularly
youth concentration.
 Stability of population with respect to residents,
mobility, commuting patterns, and transient factors.
 Modes of transportation and highway system.
  Economic conditions including median income, poverty
level and job availability.
  Cultural factors and educational, recreational and
religious characteristics.
 Family conditions with respect to divorce and family
  Effective strength of law enforcement.
 Administrative and investigative emphasis of law
 Policies of each law enforcement agency and other
components of the criminal justice system (I.e.
prosecutorial, judicial, corrections, and probation).
 Citizen attitude towards crime.
 Crime reporting practices of the citizenry.

                         Page 2 of 2
    Hermantown City
Keith MacDonald             Mayor
Brad Tafs                 Councilor
Andy Thielen             Councilor
Darlene Koski            Councilor
Wayne Boucher             Councilor

Lynn Lander       City Administrator

         Name:            Position        Begin     End
                                         Service   Service

Michael Anderson     Chief of Police    07-22-96

Shawn Padden         Deputy Chief       10-24-95

William Marsolek     Sergeant           02-27-93

Mark Gunderson       Sergeant           05-03-04

Wayne Boucher        Officer            05-01-77

Paul Johnson         Officer            12-20-93

Thomas Wick          Officer            10-19-94

Kristi Hansen        Officer            07-06-04

Jozef Miketin        Officer            10-17-05

Jason Salo           Officer            10-17-05

Kody Vedder          Officer            06-02-06

Lisa Volk            Officer            06-02-06

Daniel Rendulich     Officer            03-05-07

Griffin Pfeiffer     Officer            07-21-08

Jessica Treviranus   Clerical/Records   08-10-04

Luanne McMillan      Clerical/Records   08-17-04

Tara Rotta           Clerical/Records   11-06-06

Officer Continuing Education
      The Hermantown Police
    Department is committed to
 providing quality operational and
  law enforcement training to all
    department personnel. The
 Department encourages all staff
   to continue their educational
training to enhance their ability to
      provide responsible and
        professional service.

Advanced Vehicle Contraband                MN Chief’s of Police Assoc. – CLEO &
                                           Command Academy
Arson Basic Fire Investigation             MN Chief’s of Police Assoc. – Executive
                                           Training Institute
1st Witness Team Refresher                 MDIAI Educational Conference

Basic School Resource Officer              MN Permit to Carry Law
Crash Data Collection                      Northwest University School of Police Staff
                                           and Command
Canine Legal Update                        PATROL - various monthly on-line courses
CAN AM Winter Conference                   Police Management Principles & Practices
DARE Elementary School Training            Police Personnel Management
Drug Interdiction through Traffic          PPCT – Ground Avoidance / Ground Escape
Enforcement                                Instructor Seminar
DWI & Traffic Safety Satellite Training    PPCT Defensive Tactics
Emergency Vehicle Operation                Predatory Offender Training
FEMA IS100, IS200, IS300, IS700, & IS800   Pro Laser LIDAR Training

Firearms Qualif. – Day/Cold Weather        Region 18 K9 Narcotics Cert
Firearms Qualif. – Night/Cold Weather      Reid Interview & Interrogation Training

Forensic Digital Photography               Safe & Sober Standardized Field Sobriety
                                           Testing Update

FTO Character Based Training               Safety and Loss Control Workshop

Hazardous Materials & Blood/Airborne       School Safety Conference
Initial Officer Use of Force Course        Search Warrant Writing
Juvenile Officers Institute Conference     Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

Law Enforcement Guide to Forfeitures       Strangulation/Predominant Aggressor
Leadership Academy – MCPA                  Supervision of Police Personnel

M26/X26 Taser User Certification           Towards Zero Deaths Conference

Managerial Communications                  Understanding Challenges that Youth face

MN Vehicle Theft Investigation             Understanding/Planning for School
                                           Emergency Events

  Hermantown Police Department
     Operational Chart - 2008
                                Chief of Police (1)

                                 Deputy Chief (1)

Clerical / Records (3)               Operations           Emergency Management

                                  Sergeants (2)

                Investigations (1)                              Police Liaison (1)
                     LSDGTF                                       School Dist.

                                                      D.A.R.E              Investigatons (Juvenile)


                                              Investigations (General)
               Predatory Offenders


                                      911 CALLS

    Special Assignments         Patrol Officers (8)               Vehicle Services

                           Patrol                 Traffic Enforcement

                               Crime Scene / Lab Techs.

        Recorded Activity
      5-Year Comparison
   Minnesota State Statute, Chapter 299C.06,
requires all law enforcement agencies to furnish
statistics and information regarding the number
of crimes reported and discovered, arrests made,
complaints, information and incidents filed along
                 with dispositions.
   Minnesota State Statute, Chapter 299C.12,
 requires law enforcement officers/agencies to
   keep a permanent written record, in a form
 prescribed by the state Commissioner of Public
Safety, of all felonies, warrants issued in relation
to the commission of a felony, statements of the
 facts and description of the offender if known,
method of operation, action taken by the officer
       and any other information that the
           superintendent may require.
      Local law enforcement has a greater
  responsibility to the community beyond that
  required by statute. The primary purpose of
    municipal law enforcement is to provide
    professional service in keeping with the
expectations of our society and the needs of the
            Recorded Activity
5-Year Comparison – Cont.
   There were 7,077 recorded incidents for 2008.
   This is a 7.62% decrease from 2007, a 5.49%
 increase from 2006, a 9.72% increase from 2005,
         and a 25.04% increase from 2004.








            2004    2005    2006    2007   2008
Incidents   5,660   6,450   6,709   7661   7077
        Incident Analysis
                                 Part I & II Serious
                                    Crim e, 11%
                                                   Part III Lost &
                                                     Found, 1%

                                                  Part IV
                                               Casualties, 7%

Traffic, 43%

                                                 Part V Misc.
                                                 Public, 36%

               Part V Misc.
                Officer, 2%

   Incident Complaint Reports by Month

900                 813
800                         692
700 599         631                     617
600 585 568             564
                                513 513         527
500                                         455
  0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

   The annual total of 7077 recorded incidents
   is portrayed monthly above, with November
      having the least activity at 455 and May
          having the most activity at 813.
     Part I & II Serious Crime
Category                    No.
Assault                      66
Burglary                     48
Forgery/Counterfeiting       19
Drugs/Narcotics              37
Escape                        3
Arson/Fires                   1
Gambling                      0
Homicide                      1
Crime Against Families        7
Traffic & Accident/DWI      235
Kidnap/Abduct                 0
Criminal Sexual Conduct       5
Miscellaneous                        52
Disturbing Peace/Privacy/Comm        85
Obscenity                             1
Trespass/Damage to Property          95
Receiving/Concealing Stolen Prop      2
Robbery                               0
Theft                               315
Vehicle Theft                        28
Weapons                              14
Crimes Against Admin of Justice      14
Crimes Against Government             6
Sex Related/Prostitution              1
                           Total   1035

Arrests are a combination of those who
are physically arrested and those who
  are formally charged with a crime.

            Total Arrests
           2008:       342
           2007:       379
           2006:       445
           2005:       203
           2004:       211

    Arrests decreased 9.76% from
    2007 to 2008. Overall, arrests
   increased 62.08% from 2004 to

 Total Arrests By Year

2008                          280
2007                            310
2006                                348
2005                   170
2004                   190

       0             200            400           600

            Juveniles      Adults     Total

    Driving While Intoxicated
        arrests increased
          again in 2008.

             DWI Arrests By Year
 2008                                108
 2007                           100
 2006                     68
 2005                50
 2004           36

        0        50            100         150

 There was a 8% increase in DWI Arrests from
2007 to 2008 and a 200% increase from 2004 to
           Comparison of
            DWI arrests
50                                     51
40                                           2007
                          31                 2006
30                24                         2005
20                                           2004

     1st Deg   2nd Deg   3rd Deg   4th Deg

          Part III
      Lost and Found
Category                 Number
Persons Lost                 10
Animals Lost                 11
Property Lost                12
Persons Found                 2
Animals Found                 3
Property Found               32
Drugs Found                   2
                 TOTAL       72

        Part IV Offenses
Motor Vehicle Accidents                                272
Fatalities                                               0
Person Injury                                           24
Property Damage                                        200
Hit & Run/ Personal Injury                               1
Hit & Run/ Property Damage                              30
Personal Injury/MV/Pedestrian                            1
Private Property/ Prop Damage                           16
* Additional private property damage listed in other

      Part IV Offenses
Snowmobile Accidents                     1
Public Accidents                         1
Home Accidents                           0
Occupational Accidents                   0
Firearm Accidents                        0
Animal Bites                             4
Fires (Officer Assist)                  27
Suicides                                 0
Suicides – Attempts/ Threats            24
Sudden Death/ Body Found                17
Sick Cared For                         151
Mental Cases                             6
                              TOTAL    231
                Grand Total: 272+231   503
    Accident Locations
Arrowhead Rd / Getchell Rd    1
Arrowhead Rd / LaVaque Rd     1
Arrowhead Rd / Stebner Rd     1
Arrowhead Rd / Ugstad Rd      1

Berkeley Rd / Copley Rd       1

Getchell Rd / Hermantown Rd   2
Getchell Rd / Mall Dr         1
Getchell Rd / Morris Thomas   4
Getchell Rd / Swan Lake Rd    1

Haines Rd / Anderson Rd       8
Haines Rd / Arrowhead Rd      2
Haines Rd / Evee Dr           1
Haines Rd / Hermantown Rd     3
Haines Rd / Lindgren Rd       1
Hermantown Rd / Keenes Creek Ct   1

Hwy 2 / Midway Rd                 4

LaVaque Rd / Sheridan Rd          1

Maple Grove Rd / Haines Rd        10
Maple Grove Rd / LaVaque Rd       7
Maple Grove Rd / Richard Ave       1
Maple Grove Rd / Sangstrom Rd     1
Maple Grove Rd / Stebner Rd       2
Maple Grove Rd / Westberg Rd       3

Midway Rd /Arrowhead Rd           1
Midway Rd / Hagberg Rd            1
Midway Rd / Hermantown Rd         2
Midway Rd / Hwy 194               1
Midway Rd / Maple Grove Rd        3
Midway Rd / Old Hwy 2             1
Midway Rd / St. Louis River Rd    3

Miller Trunk Hwy / Airport Rd     1
Miller Trunk Hwy / Arrowhead Rd   17
Miller Trunk Hwy / Elmwood Ln      1
Miller Trunk Hwy / Haines Rd      9
Miller Trunk Hwy / Hwy 194        9
Miller Trunk Hwy / LaVaque Rd     6
Miller Trunk Hwy / Mall Dr        11
Miller Trunk Hwy / Stebner Rd     11
Miller Trunk Hwy / Ugstad Rd      10

Morris Thomas Rd / Dana Rd        1
Morris Thomas Rd / LaVaque Rd     1
Morris Thomas Rd / Midway Rd      1
Morris Thomas Rd / Stebner Rd     1

Stebner Rd / Radar Rd             1

Swan Lake Rd / Airbase Rd          1
Swan Lake Rd / Sundby Rd           1

Arrowhead Rd                  13 Haines Rd                             8
Hawk Circle Dr                  4 Hermantown Rd                        1
Highway 194                     2 LaVaque Rd                           4
Mall Dr                       15 Maple Grove Rd                   16
Meadow Parkway                  2 Menard Dr                            1
Midway Rd                       5 Miller Trunk Hwy                21
Morris Thomas Rd                2 Portland Ave                         1
Stebner Rd                      5 Sundance Loop                        1
Thompson Rd                     1 Ugstad Rd                            2

* Accident locations are approximate and based on the location
specified by the dispatch program. Not all accidents included in the
intersection counts may be in the actual intersection; some may be a
short distance away. This generally happens when a caller is unable
to provide an exact address of an accident that occurred on a
roadway but not at an intersection.

 Private Property

Group Home Property          1
Happy Days RV                1
Hermantown School Property   3
ICO                          1
Menards                      1
Napa Auto Parts              1
Sam’s Club                   1
Skyline Bowling Lanes        1
Walmart                      6

   Part V Offenses
 Miscellaneous Officer
Category                          No.

Assist Other Agency                35

Gun Permits                       61

Traffic Control                   38

Serve Subpoena/ Civil Process      1

Predatory Offender Registration    8

Liquor License Check               15

                       TOTAL      158
    Part V Offenses
  Miscellaneous Public
Deer Complaints              107
Dog Complaints               129
Bear Complaints                2
Horse Complaints               4
Other Animal Complaints       27
Check on Welfare             94
Transport to Detox             3
Check Hazard                  90
Request for Extra Patrol      22
Doors & Windows Found Open   18

Motorist Assist               78
Open Car Door                122
Towed/Abandoned Vehicle       11
Suspicious Person             76
Suspicious Vehicle           150
Suspicious Activity           25
Illness & Death Notices        0
Attempt to Locate            201
Civil Problem                 41
Kid Trouble                   54
911 Hang-Up                   42
Fire/ Security Alarm         316
Public Assist                156
Snowmobile/ATV Disturbance    16
CO Detector                   10

General Disturbance         145
Domestic Disturb (verbal)    22
Shots Heard                  10
Unwanted Person              30
Dog License Issued          181
Motor Vehicle in Ditch       55
Fingerprinting               78
All Other Calls For Service 334
                    TOTAL 2649

       Traffic Violations

1500                    980   150                     134
1000                          100
           284                          46
500                            50

  0                             0
               Speed                 Expired Plates

       Cited    Warned              Cited    Warned

200                     190   300              285
150                           200
100        22                 100
 50                             0
  0                                   No Proof of
         Fail to Stop                 Insurance
       Cited    Warned              Cited    Warned

          Driving Violations
Offense                       Cited    Warned
                          (Off 1-10)
Speeding                        284      1210
Fail To Stop                     22       190
Careless Driving                  1         0
Reckless Driving                  8         6
Over Center Line                 31       126
Improper Passing                  8        34
Following Too Close               1         1
Fail to Yield                    38        18
No Signal                        12       106
Vision Obscured                   1        81
Fail to Report Accident          17         4
Illegal Use of Lights             0         1
Stop Arm Violation                2         0
Impeding Traffic                  0         3
Inattentive Driving              37        12

Offense                            Cited Warned
                               (Off 1-10)
Muffler Violation                    0        3
Seat Belt Violation                 92        7
Pedestrian Hitchhiking               0        2
Other Driving Violations             4       34
Exhibition Driving                   4       14
Unreasonable Acceleration            3        0
Improper U-Turn                      4       22
Road Rage Incident                   0        6
Cellular Phone Use Violation         1        1
Parking Violations                   6        8
TOTAL                              576     1889

     Vehicle Violations
Offense                           Cited Warned
                              (Off 1-10)
Out of Class DL                    13        3
No DL in Possession                 1       33
Other DL Violations                15       32
Driving After Revocation           48        2
Driving After Cancellation          6        0
Driving After Suspension           33        0
Expired Plates/Registration        46      134
Illegal/Improper Plates            13       39
No MN Registration/Plates           9       49
Open Bottle                        18        2
No Motorcycle Endorsement           1        1
No Proof of Insurance             285       73
Other Violations                    9      115
No Insurance                       42        1

Offense                               Cited Warned
                                  (Off 1-10)
Headlamps                                6     296
Window Tint                             15         40
No Motorcycle Helmet                     0          1
Revoked Plates                          3          0
Child Restraint                          1         0
Tail Light                               8     206
TOTAL                                  572    1027

    Safe & Sober (warn/release)              146
    Safe & Sober (citation)                  147
    Nightcap (warn/release)                  106
    Nightcap (citation)                      39

    Fines Received:                  $63,832.11

 Breakdown of
Traffic Offenses

            Driving Offenses
            Driving Offenses
            Vehicle Offenses
            Vehicle Offenses

The    D.A.R.E.    (Drug    Abuse    Resistance
Education) program continues to be a success
supported by students, parents, faculty and the
community. This program teaches sixth grade
students positive techniques that enable them
to avoid future drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

This 10-week program is presented by a
uniformed police officer in a classroom setting.
The programs are designed to give these
students the skills and information they need
to make good life choices. These programs also
helps develop a positive relationship between
students and police officers.

Hermantown Officer Wayne Boucher is trained in
both the elementary and middle school D.A.R.E.
curriculum. Officer Boucher is also trained in giving
community       and   student      presentations    on
methamphetamine and internet safety. He teaches
all of these programs as part of his assignment as the
School Resource/Liaison Officer.

Officer Boucher’s duties also include enhancing
community support for the D.A.R.E. program by
talking with local business and individuals. Upon
completion of the D.A.R.E. program, a graduation
ceremony is held at the school with parents, relatives,
family, and friends in attendance. One student is
selected from each class to present their written
essay to the audience on what the D.A.R.E. program
means to them. Also during the ceremony, a drawing
is held to award donated items, from businesses and
individuals, to the students for a job well done.


Funding for the program is a cooperative effort
between the City of Hermantown and the
Hermantown School District. A portion of the
funding is generated by the School District
through state legislation authorizing a special
levy to be used for drug prevention and
education programs. The City of Hermantown
received $54,105.00 from this special levy for
the 2007-2008 school year and $55,728.00 for
the 2008-2009 school year.
During the 2007-2008 & 2008-2009 school
years, there was a joint agreement between the
Hermantown School District and the
Hermantown Police Department to teach the
DARE Curriculum in the 6th grade. This program
was well received and well liked.

The    Hermantown      Police  Department,    in
cooperation with the Hermantown School
District, provides funding for the position of a
School Resource Officer. The program provides
for one non-uniformed officer in the school
setting during the year. The program primarily
serves the high school; however, services are
extended to the middle school, elementary
school, and early childhood family education
center, as needed.
Officer Wayne Boucher is currently assigned as
our School Resource Officer and was selected
based on his law enforcement experience and
desire to work with our youth. The program
continues to be well received by students,
parents, and faculty.

  Duties of the School Police Liaison Officer:

   Conduct preliminary investigations, complete
initial reports, and process assigned cases.
     Interview complainants, witnesses,
   victims, involved parties, and take
   statements when necessary
     Prepare and serve search warrants.
    Present completed cases for prosecution
   or diversion in accordance with the
   guidelines set forth by the St. Louis County
   Attorney and the Police Department
    Work with the School District, Juvenile
   Court, St. Louis County Attorney’s Office, St
   Louis County Probation Department, St
   Louis County Social Services, detention and
   shelter facilities.
  Serve as a resource to staff, administration,
parents, and students regarding police and
juvenile procedures.
 Take enforcement action when necessary.
Duties of the School Police Liaison Officer-cont.

   Coordinate with school
administration for prevention and
educational awareness subjects taught
in the classroom.
 Teach the D.A.R.E. program to sixth
grade students.
   Respond to teacher requests to speak
in classes on appropriate subjects.
 Serve as a deterrent to recidivism by
establishing a close association in the
school and community with youth who
have committed delinquent acts.
 Attend after school activities such as
school dances, sporting events, etc.

Hours of School Related Activity

            School              School
           Resource    DARE    Overtime
            Officer           (Dept Wide)

    2006    1178.5      117       85
    2007     1219       132       62
    2008     1133       70       50.5

Hermantown Police Department established the first
k-9 in the history of the Department in 2005. The
dog, Nero, a 5 year old male sable German
Shepherd was imported from the Czeck Republic. The
dog and handler initially completed 400 hours of
POST training thru North Metro K-9 Association . The
dog has successfully certified thru the USPCA (United
States Police Canine Association) in Narcotic
detection and Criminal Apprehension. This
certification is continued on a yearly basis.

           2008 Police K-9 - Activity

   School Search 0.00

Community Event         0.65

        Tracking           2.65

  Business Check               3.40

   Vehicle Search                          10.50

  Building Search                                   16.20

Ast. Other Agency                                           22.45

                    0           5     10       15      20     25

                        Total: 55.85

             2008 Police K-9 - Training

     Tracking        1.75
      Articles       2.25
Building/Boxes          4.60
       Agility              5.60
    Obedience                           11.00
 Apprehension                                    19.45
     Narcotics                                                26.75

                 0      5          10      15   20       25     30
                            Total 71.40

At the beginning of 2005, our department
partnered    with    the    Duluth    Police
Department, Superior Police Department,
and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office in
assigning one investigator to the Lake
Superior Drug and Gang Task Force. The
Task Force is funded via the Byrne Grant
Program. The City of Hermantown was
reimbursed $40,000.00 in 2008 for our
participation in the Task Force. This Task
Force partnership targets drug traffickers,
gang elements, and firearms within the
Twin Ports community. This task force has
had great success since its formation in
taking violent and dangerous criminals off
the streets.    It has also functioned in
furthering the level of cooperation
between all of the law enforcement
agencies that partner in the task force.

Same 39 yr old female - 2 yrs 9 months time span
                  METH USE

The following is a 2008 SUMMARY for the LSDGTF:
Investigations:          247
Consent Searches:        12
Search Warrants:         38
Non-Drug Arrests:        60
Drug Arrests:            145
            Felony Arrests:          139
            Misdemeanor Arrests: 61
            Federal Charges:         42
            State Charges:           103
            Sale Charges:            105
            Possession Charges:      40
Weapons Seized:
            Handguns:                9
            Rifles/Shotguns:         8
            Pepper Spray             1
Drugs Seized:
            Cocaine:                 580 grams (53 gms)
            Crack Cocaine:           645 grams (345 grams)
            Marijuana:               347 ounces (7 ounces)
            Marijuana Plants:        2
            Ecstasy:                 57 pills (57 pills)
            Methamphetamine:         379 grams (541 grams)
            Mushrooms:               1 gram
            Oxycotin:                243 pills (28 pills)
            Prescription Pills:      268 pills (272 pills)
            Unknown                  15 grams (7 grams)
     Note: The amount in parenthesis indicates the amount purchased as evidence.

Typical Criminal
Prosecution Process


Misdemeanor Charge         Arrest          Gross Misdemeanor
                                           &Felony Charge

    Arraignment *                           First Appearance

  Pre-Trial Hearing *                     Omnibus Hearing *

       Trial                               Pre-Trial Hearing *

    Sentencing                                   Trial


   Charges are filed against the individual who allegedly
     committed the crime by the issuance of a written
complaint. The complaint contains a brief statement of the
 facts and sets forth the crimes the defendant committed
  based on those facts. Depending upon the charge, the
    defendant will follow one of the two basic paths in
      proceeding through the criminal justice system.

     * The defendant may plead guilty at these
    hearings and proceed directly to sentencing.
Prosecution Process – Cont.
                   Misdemeanor Charge
 Arraignment – The defendant is formally notified of the
charges filed, advised of his or her rights, and bail is set. If
the defendant cannot afford an attorney, a public defender
is appointed by the court to represent the defendant. The
defendant also enters a plea at the time of arraignment. If
the defendant pleads guilty, he or she will proceed to
Pre-Trial Hearing – See Pre-Trial Hearing under
“Gross Misdemeanor/ Felony Charge.”
Trial – See Trial under “Gross Misdemeanor/Felony
Sentencing – If the defendant pleads guilty or is found
guilty following a trial, a judge will impose a sentence at
the sentencing hearing. Unlike sentencing for gross
misdemeanor /felony charges, a pre-sentence investigation
(see glossary) is not automatically ordered. However, one
may be requested in certain instances.
 The victim(s) may attend sentencing and request to relate
to the judge just how the crime has affected them and
what sentence they feel would be appropriate. This is
known as a Victim Impact Statement. The victim may also
request that the court order the defendant to pay
restitution for any monetary loss caused by the defendant’s

Prosecution Process – Cont.
                       Gross Misdemeanor/Felony Charge

First Appearance – The defendant is formally notified of the charges filed, advised of his
or her rights, and bail is set. If the defendant cannot afford an attorney, a public defender
is appointed by the court to represent the defendant.

Omnibus Hearing – At the Omnibus Hearing, a judge decides what evidence may be
used, and whether there is enough evidence for the defendant to go to trial. If the judge
finds probable cause (see glossary) for the defendant to go to trial, the defendant will be
required to enter a plea. If the defendant pleads guilty, he or she will proceed to
sentencing. If the defendant pleads not guilty, a trial date will be set.

Pre-Trial Hearing – At the pre-trial hearing the case is formally set for trial on a specific
date. Often a plea agreement (see glossary) is offered and discussed at this time. The
defendant may plead guilty and proceed to sentencing.

Trial – At the trial both the prosecutor and the defense attorney are put to the test of
presenting their case before a judge or a jury. The judge or jury will then review the
evidence they have heard and make a decision of guilty or not guilty. The prosecutor must
prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sentencing – If the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty following a trial, the judge
will order a pre-sentence investigation (PSI). The PSI will include the defendant’s criminal
history and personal background. The individual conducting the PSI (usually a probation
officer) will contact the victim(s) of the crime and find out how they have been impacted by
the defendant’s actions. The PSI enables the judge to find out more about the defendant
so that he or she is better able to impose the proper sentence.
After the PSI has been completed, the defendant comes before the judge for sentencing.
The victim(s) may attend the sentencing and will be given an opportunity to relate to the
judge how the crime has affected them, and what sentence they feel would be appropriate.
This is known as a Victims Impact Statement. The victim may also request that the court
order the defendant to pay restitution for any monetary loss caused by the defendant’s
crime. If the victim chooses not to attend the sentencing his or her input may be sent to
the judge in the form of a letter.
The judge can only impose a sentence that falls within the boundaries of state law or the
Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. Keeping those boundaries in mind, and weighing all the
facts of the case, the judge then sentences the defendant.

Prosecution Process – Cont.
Acquittal: A legal judgment, based on the decision of either a jury or a
judge, that an accused is not guilty of the crime for which he or she has
been charged and tried.
Adjudication: The judicial decision that ends a criminal proceeding by a
judgment of acquittal, conviction, or dismissal of the case.
Bail: Money or property promised or given to the court as security when a
defendant is released before and during his or her trial with the agreement
that he or she will return to court when ordered to do so. Bail is forfeited if
the defendant fails to return to court.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The degree of proof needed for a jury or
judge to convict an accused person of a crime.
Charge: A formal accusation filed by the prosecutor’s office that a specific
person has committed a specific crime; also referred to as pressing charges.
Continuance: A delay or postponement of a court hearing; the case is said
to be “continued” when it has been delayed or postponed.
Conviction: A judgment of the court based either on the decision of a jury
or a judge that the defendant is guilty of the crime for which he or she has
been tried.
Defendant: A person who has been formally charged with committing a
Defense Attorney: The lawyer who represents the defendant in a legal
Dismissal: A decision by a judicial officer to end a case for legal or other
Disposition: The final judicial decision which ends a criminal proceeding by
judgment of acquittal or dismissal or which sets the sentence if the
defendant is convicted.

Prosecution Process – Cont.
                           Glossary – Cont.

Felony: A serious crime for which the punishment is imprisonment,
usually for one or more years.
Hearing: A legal proceeding in which arguments, witnesses, and/or
evidence are heard by a judicial officer or an administrative body.
Implied Consent: If one is granted the privilege of possessing a
driver’s license, one has automatically given “implied consent” to
submit to blood alcohol testing upon request. If a licensed driver
refuses to submit to testing, his or her license is revoked for a period
of one year. The revocation is handled administratively through the
Department of Public Safety, rather than through a criminal court
Misdemeanor: A crime that is less serious than a felony and for
which the punishment is usually imprisonment for one year or less,
usually in a jail or other local facility.
Personal Recognizance: The promise of an accused person to the
court that he or she will return to court when ordered to do so. The
promise is given in exchange for release before and during his or her
Plea: A defendant’s formal answer in court to the charge that he or
she commits a crime.
Plea Agreement/Plea Negotiation: An agreement between the
State and the defendant wherein the defendant agrees to plead guilty
under certain terms and conditions. Since both the state and the
defendant risk losing everything should the case go to trial, plea
agreements are a means to arrive at a reasonable disposition without
the necessity of a trial. The victim has the right to be made aware of
the plea agreement and to comment on the offer. All plea agreements
are subject to the judge’s approval.
  Prosecution Process – Cont.
                             Glossary – Cont.

Pre-Sentence Investigation: (PSI): Usually conducted by a probation
officer after a plea or verdict of guilty. Done before sentencing to enable
the judge to find out more about the defendant so that he or she is better
able to impose a proper sentence. Includes information about the
defendant’s criminal history and personal background. The individual
conducting the PSI will contact the victim(s) of the crime and find out
how they have been impacted by the defendant’s actions.
Probable Cause: The degree of proof needed to arrest and begin
prosecution against a person suspected of committing a crime; the
evidence must be such that a reasonable person would believe that this
specific crime was committed and that it is probable that the person being
accused committed it.
Probation: Conditional freedom granted to an offender by the court
after conviction or a guilty plea with requirements for the offender’s
behavior set and supervised by the court.
Prosecutor: An attorney for the community employed by a government
agency to represent the interests of the general public, including crime
victims, in court proceedings against people accused of committing
Public Defender: An attorney employed by a government agency to
represent defendants who are unable to hire private counsel.
Restitution:     Payment made by a defendant to victims as
reimbursement for monetary losses incurred as a result of the crime.
Ordered by the court as part of a sentence.
Subpoena: A court order requiring a person to appear in court and give
Victim Impact Statement: A statement given by the victim(s) which
details how the crime has affected them, and what sentence they feel
would be appropriate.                                            58
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