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									                                                                           The Class of 2005           Those graduates are:
                                                                           presented “senior pins”     Jennifer Kammerer,
                                                                           to the Class of 2006.       Beverly Knecht,
                                                                           Troy Fox, member of         Kimberly Mullinnix, and
                                                                           the class of 2005 gave      Victoria Washington.
                                                                           inspirational closing
                                                                           remarks focused on          Jan Hirt, recognized the
             GRADUATING CLASS                                              friendship and support      three graduates that
                                                                           for each other.             completed the Limited
                                                                                                       General Radiography
                                                                           Awards – Class of 2005      Program prior to
                                                                           The class selected the      entering the AS
                                                                           following students to       Radiography Program.
                                                                           receive Class Awards:       These graduates are:
                                                                           Most Supportive –           Ada Courtney, Wesley
                                                                           Beverly Knecht and          Jones and Troy Fox.
Back: Wesley Jones, Kim Mullinnix, Katie McLaughlin, Jason Wise, Robert    Catherine Healy; Most
Dyer, Nikedra Lewis, Bill Chartier, Brian Cole, Jennifer Snyder, Beverly   Reliable and Highest        Program Awards
Knecht, Greg Irick, Middle: Jeff Downs, Josh Tipton, Katherine Bailey,     Professional Attitude –     Bill Chartier received
Christy Janeiro, Victoria Washington, Ada Courtney, Catherine Healy,
                                                                           Bill Chartier;              the Greenville Radiology,
Front: Angela West, Sheena Stoddard, Mindy Simmons, Troy Fox, Diana
Wofford, Sonja Hawkins and Jennifer Kammerer.                              Most Likely to Succeed –    PA “Excellence In
                                                                           Ada Courtney;               Academic Achievement”
                                                                           Best All Around – Troy      for the highest GPA.
        Radiography Awards and Pinning 2005                                Fox; and Best Sense of      The General Proficiency
                                                                           Humor – Robert Dyer.        Award, sponsored by
  Twenty-six candidates               and sincerity to provide                                         Agfa HealthCare went to
  for graduation received             the graduates and                    Special Recognition         Ada Courtney and
  their radiography pins at           audience with an excellent           Michael Dyches,             Wesley Jones received
  the Annual Awards and               message. She used the                Program Coordinator of      the “Outstanding
  Pinning Ceremony                    quote “What lies behind us           CT and Sandy Coleman ,      Student Award”
  Monday, May 9th at the              and what lies before us              Clinical Coordinator,       sponsored by
  Technical Resource                  are tiny matters compared            presented pins to the       Mallinckrodt Medical.
  Center/Library on the               to what lies within us” by           graduates who became
  campus of Greenville                Ralph Waldo Emerson to               charter members of the      Acknowledgments
  Technical College.                  focus on character as a              Alpha Lambda Nu             Jan Hirt, Program
  Gayle Heller, BS, MSN,              central theme to her                 National Honor Society.     Director presided over
  Dean of Health                      message.                             Those graduates are:        the ceremony and
  Sciences/Nursing                    Several radiographers                Bill Chartier, Ada          expressed the program’s
  Division, provided                  assisted with the                    Courtney, Sonja             appreciation of the
  greetings from the                  presentation of pins and             Hawkins, Jennifer           technologists,
  College. Sheena                     awards including                     Snyder, and Jason Wise.     radiologists, institutions,
  Stoddard, member of                 radiographers from area                                          and companies that
  the class of 2005, gave             hospitals: Kelly Duncan &            Judy Speer, Program         support the Radiography
  the Invocation.                     Wesley Walters (GMH),                Coordinator/Instructor      Program. She also
  Sandy Coleman, M.Ed.,               Felicia McCoullough                  of the Mammography          recognized Greenville
  R.T. (R), Clinical                  (Allen-Bennett), Mary                Program recognized and      Radiology, PA, Agfa
  Coordinator of the                  Maddens (Palmetto                    presented certificates      HealthCare, and
  Medical Imaging                     Baptist), Tanya Jacobi               to four graduates who       Mallickrodt Medical, Inc.
  Sciences Department                 (Hillcrest) and Stephanie            completed the               for their continued
  was the guest speaker.              Davenport (Bons Secour               Mammography Program         financial support of the
  Sandy used both humor               Saint Francis)                       in addition to completing   Awards and Pinning
                                                                           the Radiography             Ceremony.
             PHOTOS: Pinning, Awards and Graduation
Page 2                                                                                                 Page 2
                                                                    Awards and Pinning:

                                             Back Row: Mindy Simmons, Jennifer Snyder, Sheena Stoddard, Josh
                                             Tipton, Victoria Washington, Angela West, Jason Wise, Dianna Wofford.
                                             Middle Row: Greg Irick, Christy Janeiro, Wesley Jones, Jennifer
                                             Kammerer, Beverly Knecht, Nikedra Lewis, Katie McLaughlin, Kim
                                             Mullinnex, Shabon Shalabi
                                             Front Row: Katherine Bailey, Bill Chartier, Brian Cole Ada Courney, Jeff
                                             Downs, Robert Dyer, Troy Fox, Slnja Hawkins, Catherine Healy

              Bill Chartier
              Excellence In Academic Achievement, GRPA
              Most Reliable
              Highest Professional Attitude

                                                           Rising Seniors: Standing: L to R: Jan Hirt (Program Director),
                                                           Shannon Watson, Teresa Weakley Chuck Welling Nicole Hirt,
                Robert Dyer                                Candice Lewis, Nora Troung, Stacey Suddeth, Debbie Jameson,
                Best Sense of                              Judy Speer (instructor), Amy Daigle (Clinical Instructor),
                Humor                                      Sandy Coleman (Clinical Coordinator)
                                                           Kneeling L to R: Terri Jordan, Cindy Watson, Jane Stribling,
                                                           Elayne Tate, Megan Loftis
                                   Dean Gayle Heller

                                                                                             Ada Courtney
                                                             Wesley Jones                    General Proficiency
   Catherine       Beverly       Sheena Stoddard             Outstanding Student             AGFA
    Healy          Knecht        Gave the Invocation         Mallinckrodt Medical
       Most Supportive

                                                       Graduation Ceremony
                                                       Back row L to R: Jason Wise,
                                                       Brian Cole, Nikedra Lewis,
                                                       Mindy Simmons, Beverly
                                                                                                     Troy Fox
                                                       Knecht, Jennifer Kammerer,
                                                                                                  Best All Around
                                                       Jennifer Snyder, Bill Chartier
                                                                                                  Closing remarks
                                                       Front row L to R:
                                                       Tonja Hawkins, Christy
                                                       Janeiro, Angela West, Robert
                                                       Dyer, Catherine Healy, Sheena
                                                       Stoddard and Kathy Bailey
FACULTY LUNCHEON                                            Teachers are not the sum of their knowledge,
 On May 5th the graduating class held an                     Nor are they the success of their students. Page 1
                                                                  They are the sum of their desire.
appreciation luncheon for the faculty.
                                              A desire to challenge those who are lucky enough to be graced with their
Class president, Bill Chartier, presented
each faculty with a gift certificate and           They challenge their students, not for the credit of teaching,
gave an expressive thank you speech. He                     But from the desire to make a better world.
related the class feeling of gratitude and    To provide students with the tools necessary to shape their own destiny.
respect for the faculty along with thanks             And in doing so, give back to the world in which they live.
for their friendship. For the occasion,        In sharing their knowledge, they make possible the dreams of others.
Jennifer Snyder penned this poem…                                 They carve a path to the future.
                                                A future made better, by their will and desire to raise others above
 YUM…YUM                                                                     themselves.
                                              In the pursuit of progress, there exists no greater power than that of a
                                                        When cancer is only a myth, and poverty a fairytale,
                                              May the world look back at the ones who planted the seeds of tomorrow,
                                                                  And give them their due thanks.

                         Jennifer Snyder

  A reception was held on May 3, 2005 to recognize the graduates                     STAR STUDENTS
  from the class of 2004. Graduates are:                                  Students recommended for their “Star
  Shameka Andrews, Ormond Billups, Linda Campbell, Joan Cullin,           Performance” are: Chuck Welling, Debby
  Adam Emery, Krystal Rountree, Brooke Stribble and Mary Wooten.          Jameson,Ruth Ann Shanahan, Elayne
                                                                          Tate and Megan Loftis.
                                                                          To nominate a student phone (250-8416)
                                                                          or email

                                                                          Congratulations to Candice Lewis (Class
                                                                          of 2006) who received a Rising Senior
                                                                          Scholarship from the SC Society of
   Left to right: Andy Clarke, Shameka Andrews, Adam Emery,               Radiologic Technologists.
   Krystal Rountree, Brooke Stribble, Sandy Coleman, Ormond
   Billups and Joyce Hunter.


                During the academic year 2004-2005 a total of 7 students completed the Mammography Program
                (option 1) and 9 students completed the four didactic courses (option 2). Four of the full
                curriculum students were recognized May 9th at the Radiography Awards and Pinning Ceremony.
                The graduates are: Jennifer Kammerer, Beverly Knecht, Kimberly Mullinnix,
 and Victoria Washington. Since the didactic courses are taught online, students can
 enroll and complete the courses from any location across the country. This spring, one
 student was from Omaha, Nebraska and during the fall semester, two students were from
 West Virginia. Contact: Judy Speer (864) 250-8108

                                                                                              Jennifer Kammerer
                                                                                                Beverly Knecht
ALPHA LAMBDA NU                             Michael Dyches                                           CT       Michael Dyches

 Page 2
The Medical Imaging             imaging courses, participate                                         The Computed Tomography
Sciences department held        in professional societies and                                        Program completed another
the first induction             perform community service.                                           year with graduation on May
ceremony of the Alpha           Students and faculty                                                 10th of 9 students. One
Lambda Nu National Honor        inducted as chartered                                                graduate was a Nuclear
Society in Medical Imaging      members are: Bill Chartier,                                          Medicine Technologist,
on April 28, 2005. Guest        Ada Courtney, Sonja                                                  without a RT background, who
                                                                  Rising senior attendees:
speaker was the Dean of         Hawkins, Jennifer Snyder,                                            obtained a great job at
                                                                  Taria Anderson, Cindy
Allied Health Sciences and      Jason Wise, Nikki                                                    Emory University Medical
                                                                  Watson, Nicholas Wham,
Nursing, Gayle Heller, RN,      Abercrombie, Betty Pinner,        Teresa Weakley, Carrie
                                                                                                     Center in Atlanta doing PET-
MSN. Dr. Cathy Dyches           Deborah Lanier, Pam               Neale, Candice Lewis, Elayne       CT scanning. Four graduates
gave the invocation. The        Anthony, Andy Clarke,             Tate, Michelle Roddy and           have full-time CT jobs. The
GVTC Alpha chapter is the       Sandy Coleman, Amy                Shameka Andrews.                   student at the greatest
first chapter of Lambda Nu      Daigle, Mike Dyches, and                                             geographical distance this
in SC. Students must have       Joyce Hunter.                                                        year was in Lawton,
at least a 3.4 GPA in their                                                                          Oklahoma.
                                                                                                     The first international
                                For requirements and                                                 student has applied to the
                                application for membership                                           program for next year from
                                in Alpha Lambda Nu contact                                           the Grand Bahamas Island.
                                                                  Several former students have
                                                                  now taken the ARRT CT
                                                                                                     Registry exam with a first
                                                                                                     time passing rate of 82 to 87
Inductees: Back Row L to R: Michael Dyches, Betty Pinner,         L to R: CT Program Coordinator
                                                                                                     points. (National average is in
Joyce Hunter, Jennifer Snyder, Sandy Coleman,                     Mike Dyches.
                                                                                                     the 80's)
Amy Daigle,Andy Clarke, Pam Anthony. Front Row: Jason Wise,       Graduates Jemeca Coleman,
Sonja Hawkins, Ada Courtney and Bill Chartier.                    Lamentra Young and Betty Pinner.

MRI        Pam Anthony                                              DMS            Ronda Keller
                                                                    We are changing our admissions policies for the DMS
In August, 2004 the MRI certificate program was                     program beginning fall of 2006. Students will no longer
reformatted to a 9 month (2 semesters) curriculum. All              be required to have an Associates Degree to enter our
didactic courses are offered on-line making it possible for         program. With the establishment of a weighted
students from any state to enroll in the program. Clinical          admissions policy, we will award students a slot in our
sites are established as needed to meet the needs of                program based on a points system. Anyone interested in
distance students.                                                  the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program should
The MRI program is a post-graduate curriculum for the               email the appropriate advisor below to request
two-year credentialed radiographer. Upon completion of the          an information packet.
program, the technologist is prepared to challenge the ARRT         Last name beginning with A-M:
advanced registry in magnetic resonance imaging. Didactic           Last name beginning with N-Z:
courses are taught on-line with various clinical sites being
utilized. All didactic material meets the ARRT Content
Specifications and covers patient care and MRI safety,
imaging procedures, data acquisition and processing, physical          Congratulations to the MRI Class of 2005:
principles of image formation and cross-sectional anatomy.      Grads from SC: Desiree Case- Summerville, Demetrice
The clinical component totals 495 contact hours.                Clark- Boiling Springs, Michael Todd Crocker- Spartanburg,
                                                                Angela Collins Hood- Spartanburg, Isabel Kearson- Myrtle
This program prepares students in the use of high magnetic      Beach, Haley King- Anderson, Nancy Knight- Charleston,
fields and radio frequencies to obtain cross-sectional          Monica McDowell- Florence, Kevin Mings- Spartanburg,
anatomical images of the human body. The Greenville             Tammy Pratt-New Berry.
Technical College MRI program is one of only four programs      Grads from NC: Jillian Millwood- Ellenboro, Travis Morris-
to be recognized by the Joint Review Committee on               Charlotte, Jennifer Reichman- Asheville, Adelia Hallie Scott,-
Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).                    Franklin.
Contact: Pam Anthony (864) 250-8045                             Pamela Goe- Lombard, IL                                          Jill Jespersen- Coralville, IA and Alyssa Plathe- Amana, IA

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