Types of Business Communication

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                                   COURSE DESCRIPTION

Length of Course: 1 year
Prerequisite: None

Credit: 1
Grades: 9-12

Master Course Number: 9023, 9024

This one-year course explores different types of business communication, both written and oral.
The course is designed to provide broad training necessary to help students develop competence in
each of the following areas:

1.    Developing effective oral and written techniques for business and personal purposes.
      Written communication will be demonstrated on the computer.
2.    Understanding the mechanics of standard American English including spelling, handwriting,
      punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
3.    Learning to communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly.
4.    Following and giving written and oral directions accurately.
5.    Composing effective business communications while recognizing writing as a process.
6.    Recognizing oral and written language may be structured differently, aimed at different
      audiences, and conveyed by different points of view.
7.    Determining which types of communication are most effective in typical business situations.
8.    Enhancing reading and listening comprehension.
9.    Learning the skill of proofreading and editing.
10.   Exploring job opportunities related to business communication.
11.   Maintaining the minimum English competencies as mandated by the State of Nevada.

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