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					                “Empowering All Learners to Succeed
                         in Their World.”

         Southeast Mustang News
718 S Locust Street, Sycamore IL Phone: 815-899-8219            Fax: 815-899-8221                November 2010

      Core Value                    Message from the Principal:
November: Citizenship
                                  With the leaves turning colors and brisk morning air, we know
   “Citizens contribute to the
                          that fall has arrived. It has been exciting to see all the classes getting
community (local/global) in
                          involved with the Pumpkin Festival by decorating pumpkins that will
active, positive, and creative
ways and en-              be added to the display on the courthouse lawn. The students love be-
courage the               ing a part of this fantastic community event.
participation in                  We had a great walking/reading/writing fall fundraiser for the
others.”                  PTO. Students learned about several Midwest cities as we walked to
                          Winnipeg Canada. Ask your son or daughter some interesting facts
                          that they learned about the states and cities that were traveled
     Please Note
                          through. This new fundraiser replaces the selling of gift wrap, cards,
   Parent/Teacher con-    candy and knick-knacks. The funds brought in during the fundraiser
ferences will be held     are used by the PTO to sponsor many different activities around the
Thursday, November 4      school. The funds raised this fall currently allows the PTO to give
from 3:00 to 8:00 pm and
                          $5.00 in fieldtrip money to each student.
Friday, November 5 from
8:00 am to noon.                  This leads us into this month’s core value of citizenship. Our
                          Strategic Design definition for citizenship is listed to the left. Novem-
   If you have not al-    ber is the perfect time to celebrate citizenship by exercising your privi-
ready scheduled a confer- lege to vote. Our students will also be studying citi-
ence with your child’s
teacher please call the
                          zenship in November. They will be taking part in a
school at 899-8219 to set classroom activity that shows good citizenship by
up a time.                giving back to the school community.
   Remember that there           Sincerely,
is NO SCHOOL on either
conference day.                  Mark Ekstrom

     Transportation                           Turkey Ticklers                         The first official Sycamore
                                                                                    Music Booster e-newsletter
      Inquiries or Issues                                                           is now available at the fol-
                                 Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do
                                                                                    lowing website:
Phone: 815-899-8106                 May flowers bring?
Email:               A: Pilgrims                                 .com/
                                 Q: What do you get when you cross a turkey with
                                    an octopus?

                                        A: Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving
                                     S O U T HE AS T M US T A N G NE WS                      PAG E 2

                  Tips for Conference Time
          Parent-teacher conferences are an ex- 5. Avoid lengthy discussions of topics that are
cellent opportunity to find out how your child         not related to the purpose of the confer-
is adjusting to the new school year and to get         ence.
to know his/her teacher.
                                                  6. Be open-minded to suggestions from the
Here are some general hints on how to have a           teacher.
successful conference:
                                                  7. Keep your emotions under control.
1. Ask your child if there is anything that he
                                                  8. Take notes about what has been discussed
       would like you to discuss with the
                                                       to share with your child.
                                                  9. Express appreciation for the conference.
2. Jot down everything that you want to talk
       about at the conference.                  10. Do not stay beyond your allotted time.
3. Arrive promptly or a few minutes early.
4. Begin with positive comments about the
     teacher or classroom.

       Charting from the Nurse
               The Flu Season is Coming            Also children must not have vom-
  Elementary                                       ited or had diarrhea for 24 hours
              The staff at Southeast would like    before returning to school as well.
everyone to remain as healthy as possible
so….Please keep your child home if he/she             Your assistance in maintaining a healthy
is ill. Keeping your sick child at home will      environment for student learning is appreci-
help prevent the spread of illness throughout     ated. If you have any questions please call the
the school building.                              school nurse, Mrs. Meyer at 815-899-8219.

    Students with temperatures over 100º must        In addition the DeKalb County Health
be fever free without the use of medication       Dept. has set up annual flu vaccine walk-in
(Tylenol, Advil, etc) for 24 hours before return- clinics for those wishing to be vaccinated.
ing to school.                                    Please call 815-758-6673 for days and times.

                                   K-Kids at Southeast
                 K-Kids is a "student-led" community-service organization that provides members
              with the opportunity to form sound personal values and build self-esteem based on
experiences in meaningful community service activities. Members learn the core values of: Charac-
ter Building, Inclusiveness, Caring, and Leadership.
   Southeast offers K-Kids to all 4th and 5th grade students. It meets once a month at 7:30 am at
Southeast. Upcoming events include Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, packing food for Feed Our Starv-
ing Children and helping at Cocoa and Caring. Check Friday folders for more information.
                                               S O U T HE AS T M US T A N G NE WS                                             PAGE 3

COLLECTION CORNER                                               From Jen O’Sullivan
September Top Earners: (Each top earner received a Wendy’s Jr. Frosty gift certificate)
Box Tops: Stephen P. (5B) 248 ($24.80), Kristina B. (4W) 168 ($16.80), Haley T. (3R) 108 ($10.80)
Labels for Education: Celia C. (5B) 516 points, Andrea C. (3R) 507 points, Morgan O. (5L) and Ashley O. (1M) each earned 200
              Kemps Milk Caps: Nicholas S. (3M) 89 ($4.45), Elliott M. (5B) 31 ($1.55), Hannah S. (KJ) 22 ($1.10)
              The Box Tops committee is still catching up on counting all the labels, etc. you brought in from saving all summer
              long. Some of these collections are being tracked for the month of October. Thank you for your patience!
*Note Regarding Campbell's Labels for Education…the labels no longer need to be glued on sheets. Please just clip and send them

            Here’s to Our Hero -
        Reading Saves The Day
       The fall book fair was of dynamic proportions this year. Heroic efforts by all the classrooms netted a
grand total of $1,775.35 in the change war. These monies were all returned back to classroom libraries in
books. Each classroom teacher was able to choose 23 new books - the goal set by the
book fair committee was 12 new books. Congratulations to all the classrooms for
reaching this phenomenal goal.
       Tuesday night those that visited the book fair were treated to a visit from
Maggie, a rescue dog. She and her handler, Patti Gibson, from Illinois-Wisconsin
Search and Rescue Dogs shared with students and parents stories of their heroic
        A huge thank you to all that assisted in making this year’s fall book fair a suc-
cess. Mrs. Whisenhunt, Mrs. Kates and Mrs. Atkins couldn’t have done it without all
the parent volunteers and the hours spent setting up, selling and taking down the fair.

                                                   Red Ribbon Week
                         Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. It
                     is a program for schools and families that promotes taking a stand for the hopes and
                     dreams of our children through a commitment to drug prevention and education and a per-
                     sonal commitment to live drug free lives.
                      Southeast promoted Red Ribbon Week with fun ways to stay drug free. We started the
                   week off with Crazy Hair day on Monday. Tuesday socked it to drugs with Crazy Sock Day,
and team spirit was evident on Wednesday with Jersey Day. Thursday was red hot when students showed
their support to be drug free by wearing red. Sycamore Police officers showed support by visiting classrooms
to reinforce the important day.
 Southeast Walked                                         PTO Sponsored Events
   to Winnipeg!                                        All School Theater Trip
                                                      5th Grade Springfield Trip
       Wow, what a great trip to Canada. This         Classroom Teacher Grants
year Southeast’s fall fund raiser was a walking
                                                           Cocoa and Caring
trip to Winnipeg Canada. Students were asked
to obtain sponsors in lieu of selling items from        Classroom Celebrations
a catalog.                                                            Fun Fair
                                                                  Red Ribbon Week
       All day on Friday, October 22 students
                                                                5th Grade School Gift
learned about the states and cities along the
way north. They calculated distance, looked at        Sycamore High School Senior Scholarship
the cities on Google Earth, wrote stories and
exercised by walking the mileage equivalent to
the 850 real miles it would take to reach the
final destination.                                                 Excused Absences
                                                        Are you going out of town for the holidays and plan to
        Through the generous donations of          be gone more days than the scheduled days off on the Dis-
Southeast families and friends, PTO will be        trict 427 calendar? If so, please stop in the office and fill
able to give $5.00                                 out an Excused Absence Form.
per student for
                                                      Please note, however, that vacations should be planned
field trips as well
                                                   during scheduled days off whenever possible to keep stu-
as provide funds
                                                   dents current in their studies. Any work missed during the
for other student                                  absence will be given upon return as stated in the South-
activities.                                        east handbook.

 Southeast Photo Gallery
                                        Classroom              Mrs. Middle-
                                        teachers show          ton is draped
                                        off their new          with a snake
                                        books pur-             during the
                                        chased through         Wildlife As-
                                        book fair              sembly.
                                        change war.

 Evan Groble and
 Cassidy Galgalski
 enjoyed breakfast
 and a ride to school
 with the Sycamore
 Firefights for win-
 ning the Fire Pre-                                            Mrs. Bohlig’s 5th Grade class is welcomed
 vention Week essay                                            at the Canadian border during the fund-
 and poster contest.                                           raiser.
                 Southeast Sundries
           Illinois State Law                                            Parent Portal
    Did you know that it is illegal to talk on your       The parent portal will give you access to your high
cell phone in a school zone or construction work       school and middle school children's grades, atten-
zone without the use of a hands-free device in         dance, schedules and assignments. This is limited at the
the state of Illinois? This law went into effect       elementary level to progress reports (skills) and atten-
January 1, 2010.                                       dance.

   It is also now illegal to receive or send a text       The school messenger application which
or email message while operating a motor vehicle       will send email along with emergency phone
unless the car is in park or neutral.                  messages is linked to the portal as well.

  For more information please visit the following    Any parent who has signed up for the Parent Portal
web site.             will be automatically entered into the email portion of
                                                  the system.
                                                         To sign up for the Parent Portal please see the district
 Early Childhood Screening                             website -

    Early childhood screening is for children
from birth to 5 years whose parents are con-
cerned about developmental delays. If a parents                       Firefighter Reminder
feels their child is not reaching developmental
milestones in speech, large or fine motor skills                       Remember to change the bat-
or social interactions a screening can be set up       teries in your smoke detector when the time
between 1:00 - 3:00 pm on the following dates:
                                                       changes on November 7 at 2:00 am.
              November 12, 2010
              December 20, 2010                           Spring and Fall time changes are the per-
              January 7, 2011                          fect time to check the working order and
              February 18, 2011
              March 11, 2011                           change the batteries in your smoke detector.
              April 15, 2011
              May 13, 2011                                If your home does not have detectors,
                                                       the Sycamore Fire Department will
  Screenings are held at South Prairie Elemen-
tary School, 820 Borden Ave., Sycamore. Ques-          provide them at no cost. Contact
tions can be addressed to Neilly Berger at 815-        them at 815-895-4514.
                                                         Remember, smoke detectors save lives.

                                    Lunch Protocol                              Please remember soda
                                                                                is not allowed in the
If you plan to have lunch with your child please adhere                         cafeteria. We also re-
to the following protocol.                                                      quest that par-
1. Arrive right at your child’s lunch time. Check in at the office.             ents not at-
2. Go directly to the cafeteria. Your child will meet you there.                tend recess.
3. When your child goes back to class, you check out at the office.

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