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					     On The Wild Side                      ON THE WILD SIDE
                                                           Registration Form
                                     Please type or print all information, and make a copy of this
                                     form for your records before sending it to:
                                     EEAI Conference Registration, 1844 College Ave., Huntington,
                                     IN 46750. If you have questions about registration contact
                                     Marvin McNew at (260) 468-2127 or email:
      EEAI Conference
      October 7-9, 2005              Each person must submit his or her own separate registration
    Red Mill County Park             form, even those in the same family. Please make as many
       (219) 324-5855                copies of this form as needed. Payment must accompany the                 registration form. Make checks payable to EEAI.

                                                                          1.Conference Registration Fee:
Name_______________________________________                               You must pay the conference Registration Fee to participate. This fee
                                                                          entitles you to attend all sessions, entertainment, special events, coffee
Address_____________________________________                              breaks, and field trips. Full Registration includes activities for all three
                                                                          days. Does not include membership, lodging, or meals.

City/State/Zip________________________________                            Please check one: (12 and under are free)
                                                                          Full Registration:          Single Day Registration
Telephone___________________________________                              $70.00 ______               $35.00______
                                                                          Senior or Student           Senior or Student
Email address________________________________                             $60.00 ______               $25.00______
                                                                                     1. Total from this box =______

2. Meals        Vegetarian_____ Diabetic______                            3. Membership
Continental breakfasts will be provided to all participants on Saturday   All memberships are annually renewed at the conference.
and Sunday mornings sponsored by the LaPorte County Parks Depart-
ment.                                                                     Life                                     Family
                                                                          $200.00 _____                            $30.00______
Friday Dinner               Saturday Dinner
                                                                          Student                                  Individual
$16.00_______               $16.00______
                                                                          $10.00 ______                            $25.00______
Saturday Lunch              Sunday Lunch
$10.00_______               $10.00______                                                     3. Total from this box =______
         2. Total from this box =______

4.Lodging                                                                 5. Field Trips
EEAI has rooms reserved at the Hampton Inn. Each conference               Field Trips will be offered on Saturday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to
attendee is responsible to call and reserve your personal room.           4:30 pm. We will be visiting a wide variety of locations in Northwest
                                                                          Indiana. Make sure you sign up for a field trip at the conference.
(219) 879-9994
Free primitive camping will be offered at Red Mill County Park.
This includes a pit toilet in close vicinity of the camping area.                                       nes              Mou
                                                                                                    u                          ntain
Flush bathrooms and running water will be available with a short                             h   eD                                    Bikin
                                                                                      n   gT
hike. No showers available. All campers will have to check in.                  iti
                                                                            Vis                     Visiting Coffee Creek
Please check if you intend on camping.                                                     Hikin                                       h more!
Friday night_____               Saturday night_____
                                                                                                              Fishing      and muc

  Please add totals from box 1-3. This is your total cost. Make checks payable to EEAI.
                                                                  Total $__________
                                                                                             LaPorte County
                                   ON THE WILD SIDE                                                   Solid Waste

                                 Red Mill County Park October 7-9, 2005
Friday, October 7th

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm      Registration
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm      Welcome, Presidential address,
                        Business meeting, Mixers
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm      Sessions
5:30 pm                 Dinner
7:00 pm                 Key Note Address: Lynn Rogers
                        “Black Bears in Myth and Reality”
8:30 pm                 Night Activities
                        Camp fire, night hike, and more

                                                                           Lynn Rogers
Saturday, October 8th
                                                                          Keynote Speaker
6:00 am                 Inspirational
8:00 am                 Continental Breakfast
8:30 am to 10:00 am     Sessions
                                                            Lynn Rogers has spent over 30 years learning about
10:30 am to 12:00 pm    Sessions                            wildlife and sharing his information with the public.
12:30 pm                Lunch                               Using airplanes, vehicles, and snowshoes, he radio-
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm      Field Trips                         tracked over 100 bears in the vast forests of
5:30 pm                 Awards Dinner                       northeastern Minnesota, studying some for as long as
7:00 pm                 Night Activities                    22 years. Rogers’ study is the source of much of the
                                                            scientific information on black bear behavior available
                                                            today. He has written over a hundred scientific articles
Sunday, October 9th                                         on black bear behavior and ecology. He has appeared
                                                            on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic
6:00 am                 Inspirational
                                                            Explorer’s “Bear Talk,” PBS’ Nature, and is the
8:00 am                 Continental Breakfast
8:30 am to 10:00 am     Sessions
                                                            subject of Animal Planet’s documentary: “The Man
10:30 am to 12:00 pm    Sessions                            Who Walks With Bears.”
12:30 pm                Lunch

                                                                            Red Mill County Park
                                                                           0185 S. Holmesville Rd.
                                                                           LaPorte, Indiana 46350
                                                            Red Mill is located on 160 acres just south of
                                                            Michigan City off U.S. Highway 421. This 160-acre
                                                            park offers trails for hiking and mountain biking,
                                                            fishing, picnic areas, and a playground. The remaining
                                                            parcel that the LaPorte County Park Foundation
                                                            presently holds is host to a variety of wildlife. It
                                                                                                  EEAI Conference
                                                                                                   Nature Preserve
                                                            includes a 108-acre State DedicatedOctober 7-9, 2005
                                                            and headwaters to the Little Calumet River with 23
                                                                                               Red Mill County Park
                                                            acres of wetlands and open water. (219) 324-5855

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