COX BUSINESS FACT SHEET Cox Business supports over 200 000 Frequently Asked Questions companies helping businesses of al

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					                COX BUSINESS FACT SHEET

Cox Business supports over 200,000
                                                   Frequently Asked Questions:
companies, helping businesses of all sizes
generate greater efficiencies using its            How many customers does Cox Business
communications, information and                    serve?
entertainment services. The company offers         Cox provides telephone, Internet and video
high-speed Internet services; local and long-      services to more than 200,000 business
distance voice; and data and video transport       customers.
services for home offices; small, medium and
large-sized businesses; school districts; and      Who are some of your large business
hospitality, government and military properties.   customers?
As a local telecommunications partner, Cox         Sentara Healthcare (Hampton Roads, Va.),
combines the benefits of a large provider with     The Ocean State Higher Education Economic
the attentiveness of a next-door neighbor to       Development and Administrative Network
identify customized solutions. For more            (Rhode Island), Graybill Medical (San Diego)
information, visit            and Lemon Grove School District (Orange
                                                   County, Calif.).
Cox Business Quick Facts:                          What business services does Cox provide?
                                                   Cox Business’ product portfolio includes
•   A local full-service, facilities-based         dedicated data transmission up to OC-192
    provider, Cox has been selling business        speeds over fiber, T-1 and ATM, as well as
    services since 1993.                           VPN; Internet access; local and long-distance
•   Whether you’re a small business owner,         voice; video services and Music Choice; Web
    large firm or Fortune 500 enterprise, Cox’s    hosting and E-commerce; and carrier access
    reliable solutions range from broadband        services.
    data to Hosted Internet Protocol (IP) Voice
    Solutions and OC-192 high-capacity fiber.      What type of phone service does Cox
•   Cox received the highest honor in J.D.         provide?
    Power and Associates’ 2006 Major               Business Lines, T1s, PRIs, Trunks, LD, Toll
    Provider Business Telecommunications           Free, Centrex and Hosted IP Voice Solutions.
    Services Study SM – Data for highest
    customer satisfaction among                    How do you price your business services?
    small/midsize business data service            Cox Business operates locally in each of our
    providers in the nation.                       markets and, therefore, all services are priced
                                                   locally based on factors such as marketplace
Cox Business Product Portfolio:                    offerings, term of contract, etc.

                                                   How long has Cox been offering
•   Voice Services: Business Lines, T1s,
                                                   commercial services?
    PRIs, Trunks, LD, Toll Free, Centrex and
                                                   Cox began providing commercial services in
    Hosted IP Voice Solutions
                                                   1993 in Hampton Roads, Va. Today, more
•   High-Speed Internet: Broadband HFC             than 200,000 business customers (voice and
    and Dedicated Internet over Fiber              data) trust Cox for their telecommunications
•   Transport: Last mile access for IXCs,          services.
    Transparent LAN services
•   Video: Commercial video and Video On

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