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					Business Category             Specific experience / pitch proposition

Associations / institutes /   Spoken at the following Associations:
organisations                    • Australian Institute of Management
                                 • Mortgage Institute Association of Australia
                                 • Credit Union Association of Australia
                                 • YPO / EO / CEO

Banking and Finance           Worked with many of Australia’s largest finance and
                              banking customers addressing both internal middle
                              management on leadership as a keynote and as a
                              series of workshops.

                              Also addressed their brokers and clients on
                              FutureProofing their business. This was done through
                              road show events.

                              Clients include ING / AMP / Bank of Queensland /
                              Mortgage Institute Association of Australia / Credit
                              Union Association of Australia.

Legal                         Have partnered with many legal firms conducting
                              breakfast and lunchtime keynotes to their clients on
                              business topics of the day.

Hospitality                   Was a lead speaker for six years at Australia’s top
                              hospitality group, Australian Leisure and Hospitality
                              Group (Fosters).

                              Spoken at the Choice Hotels annual conference for
                              the Asia Pacific region, as the lead keynote, 2 years
Franchise                   Been one of Australia’s leading franchise business
                            consultants for 20 years.

                            Consulted to over 300 brands in six different

                            Spoken on the topic to potential franchisees and
                            franchisees and to franchise groups in sixteen
                            different countries.

                            Been a franchisee twice and more recently a

Real estate                 Have consulted to most of the Australian franchise
                            real estate groups and spoken at their conferences
                            on sales, marketing and leadership.

                            Owned a real estate agency.

                            Current significant shareholder in a real-estate
                            franchisor business.

Advertising and marketing   Owned an advertising agency and a marketing
                            consultancy business for a number of years. Built the
                            businesses to six million dollars in billings in three

                            Was a leading marketing consultant to many multiple
                            outlet retail brands in Australia specialising in local
                            area marketing and relationship marketing.

Multi outlet retail         Worked with one of Australia’s leading retailers, Coles
                            Myer, and with one of Australia’s leading travel
                            retailers, Flight Centre, addressing their global sales
                            team 2 years running.
YPO                                  Global leader of EO in 2006/7. Member for 13 years.
                                     Emceed four EO universities and spoken at EO events
                                     around the world for over a decade.

Entrepreneurship                     Owned ten companies in 20 years.

                                     Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization for 13

                                     Global President of the organization 2006/7.

Pizza                                Worked as a business consultant to one of Australia’s
                                     leading pizza brands, Eagle Boys Pizza, for over a
                                     decade. Addressed their conference on multiple

                                     Was also one of their franchisees for 3 years.

Fast food general                    Consultant to international brands including:
                                        •   Baskin Robbins
                                        •   Subway
                                        •   Wendy’s

                                     Spoken at their conferences on Marketing and

Technology                           Bought a technology company that was losing sixty
                                     thousand dollars a month and turned it around.

Doing business in the Asia Pacific   Developed the EO throughout Asia Pacific in the

                                     Spoken and consulted to businesses there for almost
                                     20 years.
Media / TV / Radio         Worked in radio for six years as a host, production
                           and programme manager.

                           Hosted 2 national Australian business television

                           Had a business that sold syndicated programmes to
                           radio stations across Australia.

Pool industry              Consultant to Australia’s leading pool services
                           company PoolWerx for over a decade.

                           Spoken at their conference for 7 years running as
                           lead keynote.

Children’s entertainment   Was a significant shareholder in one of Melbourne’s
                           largest children’s playground hire companies.

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