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					                                       and all the trimmings that eve-
                                       ning. Thanks also to George Mar-
                                       tello PER for hosting the evening      Inside this issue:
                                       and keeping the event lively. Gi-
                                       ant Eagle gift certificates were
                                       raffled off and it seemed that eve-
                                       ryone had a great time.                Exalted Ruler’s Message      1
Holiday Greetings                          As I write this article several
    It is hard to believe that it is   other events are about to take         Attention Veterans           2
the end of another year and the        place to complete this calendar
holidays are right around the cor-     years. Again J.P. Ducro IV PER will    Buckeye Bucks Calendars      2
ner. November and December are         be conducting the annual Hoop          Available
busy months for both the mem-          Shoot. Students again will be
bers and the Lodge. With the holi-     competing at the various age lev-      Children’s Christmas Party   2
days, come many activities and         els for a chance to compete at
parties, and is a joyous time en-      the district shoot out in Lake         Veterans Corner              3
joyed by most.                         County. Again my personal thanks
    On Veterans Day our Lodge          to J.P and his committee for pro-      Elks National Foundation     3
hosted the annual veterans din-        viding this great event for the        Poor Man’s Reverse Raffle
ner. Thanks to the diligent efforts    youth of our community.
of Mike Campbell and his commit-           This is also the time for our      Calendar of Events           4
tee, too numerous to mention in        youth Americanism essay contest
this article, we served over 650       to take place. This year I am          December Birthdays           5
members of the public that eve-        chairing the event. I have met
ning. I can say with pride that this   with area school superintendents
                                                                              Thursday Night Club          6
is one of the best veteran’s pro-      to explain and provide informa-
jects in the state of Ohio and it      tion for this years contest. This
has been my pleasure to repre-         years theme is “what freedom           New Year’s Eve Dinner for    6
sent our Lodge at several Ohio         means to me.” As usual there are       Two
Elks meetings when this event          two divisions 5th and 6th grade in     Browns-Steelers              6
has been recognized. My personal       the first and 7th and 8th in the
thanks to Mike and the commit-         second division. Prizes will be
                                                                              Grand Exalted Ruler’s Mes-   6
tee for their unwavering support       given to the winners as well as a      sage
for our American hero’s, our vet-      chance to compete at the district
erans, who by there service to our     level for additional accolades. A      Lodge Meeting Date Change    6
country have provided us freedom       dinner for local winners will also
and liberty.                           be provided.                           Tom and Jerry Night          6
    November also brought a very           Finally some events to remem-
successful Turkey Night. Greg          ber in December, the trustees
                                                                              Hoop Shoot 2008 Results      7
Kaydo chaired the event this year      again will be hosting our annual
and the turn out was better than       Tom and Jerry night. This event is
it was last year. We served ap-        an Elks tradition each year and is     Restaurant Specials          8
proximately 146 meals of turkey                       (Continued on page 2)
               Ashtabula Elks Lodge #208                                                                         Attention Veterans
                 2008-2009 Lodge Year                                                                  Just by way of information for all Veterans, it
                                                                                                   has now been confirmed that the National De-
                                                                                                   fense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009 has
Exalted Ruler ...................................................... Gerald Allen, PER
                                                                                                   been signed by President Bush. This Act, as
Esteemed Leading Knight ............................................Tim Aunger                     amended, includes legislation which authorizes
Esteemed Loyal Knight ..................................................David Tidd                 military Veterans of the United States military to
Esteemed Lecturing Knight ......................................... Greg Kaydo                     render the hand salute to honor our flag when it
Secretary..............................................................Lloyd Baylor, PER
Secretary                                                                                          passes in review, during the playing of the Na-
Treasurer ...................................................Don Shaughnessy, PER
Esquire .......................................................................... Phil Colucci
                                                                                                   tional Anthem, during the Pledge of Allegiance,
Tiler...............................................................................Tony Colucci
Tiler                                                                                              and during the raising and lowering of the colors
Chaplain................................................................ Harold Johnston
Chaplain                                                                                           at ceremonies. These changes to Title 1 of the US
        Guard..................................................................... Walt Saari
Inner Guard                                                                                        Code were originally sponsored by Senator James
                                                                                                   Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), who also sponsored the
                              Board of Trustees                                                    amendment which clarified the legislation to in-
   John McEndree • Bruce Arsham (Secretary) • Ed Armstrong                                         clude all three instances addressed by the US
           Bob Lampela (Chairman) • Mark Johnson
                              House Committee                                                          Buckeye Bucks Calendars Available
    By Article IX, Section 1 of the By-Laws of Ashtabula Lodge
                                                           It’s that time of year again - Buckeye Bucks
  #208, the House Committee is the Exalted Ruler, Est. Leading
                                                      Calendars are now available! It only costs you a
  Knight, Est. Loyal Knight, Est. Lecturing Knight and the Board
                             of Trustees              donation of $20 for a chance to win. Each calen-
                                                      dar comes with a 4 digit number for that particu-
             Web site    lar buyer. That number is your chance to win
                                                      based on the Ohio Lottery pick 4 number which is
(Exalted Ruler’s Message - Continued from page 1)
                                                      drawn twice daily. Our Lodge gets to keep
generally well attended. I hope to see many of you
                                                      $5 from each calendar sale. To get your calen-
there for fellowship and fun. Also don’t forget to
                                                      dars see Dave Tidd, ER Gerry or any bartender.
make plans to dine with us on New Years Eve. We are
currently planning some special features for the eve-             Children’s Christmas Party
ning. Watch the board our front or signs in the club       Don’t forget the holidays are fast approaching.
room for additional information.                      It’s time to sign up for the Children’s Christmas
    As the calendar year comes to a close I want to Party!
wish all the members, their families, and friends the      The party will be held on Sunday, December
warmest holiday wishes and may everyone have 14, starting at 3:00 p.m (Note the change from
peace and prosperity in the upcoming years. As I al- the November newsletter.) The Sign-Up sheets to
ways say I hope to see you soon and often at the club register your children and grand-children are on
during this                                           the Elks bulletin board in the bar, and will be avail-
joyous holiday season.                                able from the Children’s Halloween Party through
                                                           Friday, December 5. Please be sure to complete
Fraternally,                                               all the information (age/sex). Santa’s helpers
Gerry Allen PER                                            want to be sure the gift for Pat or Chris is appropri-
Exalted Ruler                                              ate - a doll? or a set of matchbox cars?, only to
                                                           find out Pat is a 10 year old boy and Chris is only
6 months old!! In order for Santa to wrap all the gifts, the sign up must be completed by Friday, December
    Rumor has it Santa and his helpers have promised to take a short break from their very busy schedule
to stop by the Lodge to visit.LeeAnn Johnston, Chair

Ashtabula “Lakeside” Lodge Newsletter, December 2008. Published monthly by Ashtabula Elks Lodge #208, PO Box 633, Ashtabula, OH
44005-0633. Subscription paid automatically as part of annual membership dues. For additional information, please contact Exalted Ruler
Gerald Allen, c/o Ashtabula Elks Lodge #208, PO Box 633, Ashtabula, OH 44005-0633. Deadline for articles is the 15th of the preceding
month. Articles can be submitted via electronic mail to
       Veterans Corner                the massive parking job that             helping someone in need.
    The Veterans Day Dinner           needed to be done. They were a              We wish everybody a Merry
turned out to be the biggest one      great bunch of young men who             Christmas and a Happy New Year!
so far with 662 dinners served. It    came out to help us under the               Now, at this time, here are the
was great to see all the Veterans     supervision of Keith Stewart. We         names of all the volunteers who
gathered together sharing their       appreciate all your help so much.        worked so hard to put on one of
stories with one another. We had          The patio is now complete for        the biggest dinners and did it so
World War II, Korean War, Viet        everybody to enjoy. The rope             smoothly and effortlessly:
Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Af-      needed to complete the project
ghanistan represented in one          was donated to us by George Cse-         Mike and Katie McCarthy, Dave
room. They all enjoyed our fa-        pegi and John Pugh. We really ap-        and Caroline Patterson, Chuck
mous Pot Roast Dinner cooked by       preciate this generous donation          and Lois Radil, Dee Ellis, Monte
the one and only, Jim Otto. Job       to complete the patio. Also, a big       Foltz, Bill Essig, Dan Whitmire, Bill
well done Jim!!! What can I say       “thank you” to George Stoneman,          Booth, Harvey Mulder, Pete and
about the volunteers who make         Dan Whitmire and Smokie Farr for         Kathy Nakoski, Larry and Peggie
all this happen? They are an ex-      helping to install all the roping. All   Sonstein, Dave and Anne Tidd,
traordinary group of people who       of these gentlemen have always           Tim Aunger, Jay Ketchum, Harold
make it look so easy. They were       been supporters of the Veterans          and Lee Ann Johnston, Jim McIn-
up for this mission when it came      Committee activities.                    tyre, Don Shaughnessy, Gloria
to working so well together. A lot        Just a reminder--the Christ-         Campbell, Ed and Reta Arm-
of work goes into this event to       mas Box is in the Club Room. All         strong, Jo-Bob, Allan Sidbeck and
prepare the food, serve the food,     donations are being collected for        Dan Claypool.
and the clean-up after the dinner.    the Veterans Hospital in Cleve-
What a great co-ordinated job         land. Lee Ann and Harold Johns-          Michael G. Campbell,
that is done by this group of peo-    ton will be taking these donations       Command Sergeant Major, (ret.)
ple. We would also like to say        to Wade Park Hospital and distrib-       Veterans Committee
“thank you” to the A.J.V.S. Safety    uting them to the Veterans in
Force volunteers for helping with     need. There is nothing better than

  Elks National Foundation            Exalted Ruler’s goal of $4.50.           sale the fifteenth of November,
     Poor Man’s Reverse               With a Lodge Year starting mem-          will be $10.00 per person, with a
    One thing that Elks are really    bership in our Lodge of 812 mem-         menu to be announced. The
good at is asking for donations for   bers, that means that we need to         “main board” prize will be
various projects. Once again, you     raise an additional $1226.10 to          $500.00, with all profits going
are going to hear a plea for funds,   meet the GER’s goal.                     towards reaching our ENF goal of
but for a very worthy cause - - -         In an effort to meet our goal        $4.50 per capita.
the Elks National Foundation. This    before the end of the Lodge Year,            Please consider joining us for
fund, often called “The Heart of      we have planned a “Poor Man’s            this project. There is a lot of fun to
Elkdom,” provides much of our         Reverse” for Saturday, January           be had, and the proceeds are go-
charitable funding for projects       17th, 2009, beginning at 5:00            ing to the most worthwhile project
such as the Elks Scholarship pro-     pm. This is being run with the           that we as Elks support on a na-
gram, Hoop Shoot, support for our     able assistance of our Lodge PER         tional level.
state major project of cerebral       Association, and we hope it is well
palsy, and a host of other things.    attended! Dinner will be served          Larry Sonstein, PER
    As a Lodge, we are currently      between 5:00 and 6:30, with the          ENF Chairperson
at an average donation per mem-       drawing for prizes beginning at
ber of $2.99 towards our Grand        6:30. Tickets, which will go on
      December 2008
    Sun               Mon        Tue              Wed                Thu              Fri             Sat

                  1         2                 3                 4                5               6
                            House Committee                     Lodge Meeting    District Hoop
 Every Sunday                  7:00 p.m.
                                                                   7:00 p.m.         Shoot
    Brunch                                                      (Only meeting     Willoughby
  9:30 - 1:00                   8:00 p.m.                        in December)

7                 8         9                 10                11               12              13
Elks Memorial                                                                                     Tom & Jerry
   Service                                                                                           Night
  1:00 p.m.                                                                                       5:00 - 7:00

14                15        16                17                18               19              20
Christmas Party
  3:00 p.m.

21                22        23                24                25               26              27
                                               Christmas Eve        Christmas
                                              Lodge Closes at
                                                 5:00 p.m.      Lodge Closed

28                29        30                31                1                2               3
Browns-Steelers                               New Year’s Eve    New Year’s Day
  Bus Trip to                                   Dinner 4-9
   Rochester                                                    Lodge Closed

4                 5         6                 7                 8                9               10
                            House Committee                     Lodge Meeting
                               7:00 p.m.
                                                                  7:00 p.m.
                                8:00 p.m.
                              December Birthdays
1 John W. Higgins             12 Michael A. Czup                        24 J. Brian Kane, LM
  James E. Shaughnessy           Joseph M. Whalen                          James R. Myers

2 Robert E. Deems             13 Thomas H. Hacha                        25 Linda E. Ernst
  Jack G. Massengill             Charles S. Pezdirtz                       David G. Frye
  Jerry M. Zaback, PER           James B. Westbay                          Roger E. Sisson

3 Ray A. DiDonato             14 Lew Ayers                              26 Steve G. Gegen
                                 John Thomson                              Robert H. Headman, LM
4 Herbert E. Bias                                                          Beth C. Martello
  Larry E. Cumpston           15 Philip F. Russo                           Frank Suppo
  Janine Hagerdon                                                          Monica A. Tomchak
  Michael W. Messent, PER     16 George Martello, PER
  Cornell P. Strong              Thomas J. Picken                       27 Kevin J. Miller

5 Christopher L. Hearn        17 James H. Kanicki, LM                   28 Michael Moore, LM
  James W. Shannon               Charles D. McEndree                       Terry M. Schlaich
  Ronald V. Thomas               Daniel J. Tredent
                                                                        29 Antoon Gevelaar
6 Steve DiGiacomo             18 NONE                                      James Kist
  Andrew M. McElroy, LM                                                    Pat E. Pucci
  James E. McIntyre           19 Paul Duncan                               Alan Sidbeck
  Nick Orsuto                    Wesley J. Eastman, LM                     Loren A. Swedenborg, LM

7 Francis J. Cragon, LM       20 Charles T. Brown                       30 W. Donald Huffman, LM
  Stephen A. Kaydo               Ronald C. Phelps                          Nick M. Japuncha
  Michael W. Rose, III
                              21 NONE                                   31 Charles P. Brockway
8 Herman G. Johnson, Jr.                                                   Steven F. Cararo
  Jay M. Ketchum, III         22 Douglas B. Amidon, LM                     Charlotte V. Louth
                                 Ronald F. DiDonato                        Blaine C. McIntyre
9 NONE                           Carl L. Edgren                            William W. Whipple, LM

10 David E. Pontius           23 Richie C. Carlo
                                 Joseph M. Cellitti
11 Phillip Heasley               Norman J. Durden
   Patrick G. Martin             Alfred Savarn

                             To all Elks Members born in December         To all E.A. Members born in December
                             This coupon entitles you to $5.00 credit    This coupon entitles you to $5.00 credit
                            toward any Saturday Night Dinner during     toward any Saturday Night Dinner during
                                     the month of December                        the month of December

                             _______________________________             _______________________________
                                        Signature                                   Signature

                             _______________________________             _______________________________
                                  Membership # and D.O.B.                     Membership # and D.O.B.

                                        Happy Birthday,
                                         Member Elks!                             Happy Birthday, EA!
  Thursday Night Club Mem-                    New Year’s Eve                             Browns-Steelers
            bers                              Dinner for Two                     Our annual “exchange” pro-
    Thursday Night Club will start        Wednesday, December 31             gram with Rochester Lodge #283
in January 2009. Please pay Jo-                                              continues on Sunday, December
                                           4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Bob or any bartender your                                                    28. On that day, the Cleveland
$25.00, or drop in Lloyd’s mail                                              Browns will take on the Pittsburgh
                                        The cost of the dinner is only $30.
slot in Secretary’s door.                                                    Steelers at Heinz Field. Our lodge
    Drawings will start on Thurs-                                            will be traveling to Rochester
                                                     The Menu:
day, January 8, 2009. Please                                                 Lodge, with the bus leaving at
                                         16 oz. Platter-Cut Sirloin, Stuffed
have your money in no later than                                             9:00 a.m.
                                           Flounder, Chicken Marsala,
Tom and Jerry Night. Any num-                                                    If you are interested in taking
                                        Baked Potato, Snow Peas, Tossed
bers not sold by then will be avail-                                         the bus, the cost is only $25. See
                                          Salad and Fresh-baked Dinner
able for purchase.                                                           John McEndree or JoBob Dixon
    Remember, each meeting                                                   for tickets.
gives     you                              After dinner, be sure to stick Goodwill of season can help
two chances                             around for our New Year’s Eve
to win $25,                                                                         ‘Grow Elkdom’
                                        Party.                            To all District Deputies, Exalted Rul-
$15        or
$10, plus a                                                                      ers, Officers and Members:
                                            December is or should be a reverent, benevolent, gratifying and even
$5 bonus if
                                        festive month for all Elks. The first Sunday in December we all pause to re-
you’re     at                           member and pay tribute to our departed Members as we live once again
the meet-                               among our memories of good friendships, good fellowship, and good accom-
ing.                                    plishments. We faithfully revisit our individual and collective “Tablets of Love
                                        and Memory”!
    It is also the ninth month of our Lodge year and it finds us in the midst of the holiday season, and perhaps with
our thoughts occupied by all the fun and festivities that abound. While this is certainly a most joyous time for us all,
hopefully some of that joy comes from carrying our mission to “Grow Elkdom” into service activities and actions in
the communities we serve.
    In my acceptance speech in Anaheim, in referring to Santa Claus, I said, “We will be tapping into his spirit of
goodwill and giving as we move forward in this new year of Elkdom.” While I know much goodwill and giving has
occurred since Anaheim, what better time than December to ramp up your efforts of “Growing Elkdom” through
your programs of service, goodwill and giving in your community.
    December is a perfect time to practice Charity, Brotherly Love and Fidelity, not only in your communities, but
                                        also among Members. This holiday season is a perfect time to enlist a Mem-
 Lodge Meeting Date Change ber’s help in your efforts to service the needs of your community. It is also a
     Our By-Laws, which were ap- perfect time to extend a hand of friendship or help to a fellow Member, to
proved last year by Grand Lodge, strengthen the relationship among the Members, and to strengthen the rela-
include a provision for changing tionship between the Members and your Lodge. The holiday season pre-
meeting dates in the event of a sents many opportunities to make
holiday on a regular meeting each and every Member of your                              Tom and Jerry Night
night. Normally, our meetings are Lodge feel welcomed, wanted and                     The Trustees will be hosting
held on the first and third Thurs- needed!                                       their annual Tom and Jerry Night
days of the month, with meetings            Thank you so very much for your on Saturday, December 13 from
on the first Thursday only in July, continuing dedicated efforts. Jane 5-7 p.m.
                                        and I, our office staff here in Newark,
August and December. However, Delaware, and all the Grand Lodge                       Be sure to come down to the
if a holiday falls on the regularly family, extend our best wishes to you Lodge and enjoy free cocktails
scheduled meeting night in Janu- and yours for a safe and joyous holi- and take a break from your hectic
ary or July, the meeting for the day season and a prosperous and holiday season with your friends
first Thursday will be held on the healthy New Year.                             at the Elks.
second Thursday instead.
    Our Lodge meetings in Janu- Hon. Paul D. Helsel                              See you at the Lodge,
ary will be on January 8 and Janu- Grand Exalted Ruler                           John McEndree
ary 15.                                                                          Trustee
                         Local Champions Crowned in “Elks Hoop Shoot”
    Three boys and three girls, ages 8-13, won the second round of competition in the “Elks Hoop Shoot”
free throw contest at Lakeside Junior High School’s Ball Gymnasium on Saturday, November 22, 2008
and have been named Ashtabula area champions.
    First place trophies were awarded to one boy and one girl in each of three categories: ages 8-9, 10-
11, 12-13. Winners also received a certificate of achievement, a basketball, and a limousine ride to the
district finals courtesy of Ducro Services. Second place trophies were also awarded in each category.
Group Boys                               School       Girls                                    School
8 -9   1st Isiah Mathers (15)            T.J.         Kaytlyn Farr (9)                         McKinsey
       2nd Colyn Noce (8+1+2)            Thur. Marsh. Abigail Yocum (7+4)                      Rock Creek
10-11 1st Joshua Gibson (11)             Saybrook     Sarah Morehouse (15)                     T.J.
      2nd Jacob Bliel (10+3)             Ridgeview    Sydney Claypool (13)                     N. Kingsville
12-13 1st Eli Kalil (20)                 T.J.         Tiffany Wimer (7+1+0+1)                  Washington
      2nd Jeremiah Waits (10+3)          Thur. Marsh. Kelly Cross (7+1+0+0)                    State Rd.
 Number of shots made is in parentheses. First number is out of 25 shots and following numbers are out
                                        of 5 shot tie-breaker.

    The six champions will now advance to the district finals at Willoughby Middle School, 36901 Ridge
Road, Willoughby, Ohio on Friday, December 5, 2008 at 7 P.M. where they will compete with other win-
ners from throughout the Northeastern Ohio area.
    The Elks Hoop Shoot, begun as a local program by Corvallis, Oregon Elks in 1946 is in its 38th year of
national competition. Over three million boys and girls are expected to participate this year. Names of the
national winners will be inscribed on the Elks National “Hoop Shoot” plaque, on permanent display in the
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.
    The competition represents one of many activities sponsored by the Elks as part of their ongoing com-
mitment to drug awareness and education.

J. P. Ducro, IV, PER
Ashtabula #208 Hoop Shoot Director

                                                       Award winners in the 2008-2009 Elks Hoop Shoot
                                                        at Ball Gymnasium on Saturday, November 22,

                                                      Photo: Back Row Standing: 1st Place winners Isiah
                                                      Mathers (8-9), Joshua Gibson (10-11), Eli Kalil (12-
                                                      13), J.P. Ducro IV, Hoop Shoot Director, Tiffany
                                                      Wimer (12-13), Sarah Morehouse (10-11), and
                                                      Kaytlyn Farr (8-9)

                                                      Front Row Seated: 2nd place winners Colyn Noce
                                                      (8-9), Jacob Bliel (10-11), Jeremiah Waits (12-13),
                                                      Kelly Cross (12-13), Sydney Claypool (10-11), and
                                                      Abigail Yocum (8-9)

                                                      Photo courtesy J. P. Ducro, IV, PER
                  B.P.O. Elks #208                                                                                                                            Non-Profit Org.
                  P.O. Box 633                                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                  Ashtabula, OH 44005-0633                                                                                                                        PAID
                                                                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 185
                                                                                                                                                              Ashtabula, OH

                                                              Restaurant Specials for December
                       Tuesdays: Chicken Wing Night; Wednesdays: Spaghetti Night; Thursdays: Taco and Burrito Night
Wednesday, December 3                          Friday, December 12                           Saturday, December 20                           Wednesday, December 31
SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS....... $6.25             STUFFED SCROD.................... $11.25       (ONLY ONE DINNER AND SANDWICHES)                    NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER
(2 meatballs on a bed of pasta topped with     (Baked scrod topped with shrimp, crab-        SOUTHERN FRIED                                            4:00 TO 9:00
tomato sauce)                                  meat and cheese)                              CHICKEN SALAD .......................$6.75      DINNER FOR 2 ..............ONLY $30.00
6 oz. BAKED SCROD................. $8.50       M&M RIB EYE......................... $12.95(Boneless wings bites, sweet potato fries,         16 oz. Platter-cut sirloin
(Scrod baked in a lite butter sauce)           (Grilled rib eye topped with mushrooms and tomatoes and cheese on a bed of greens)            Stuffed Flounder
TERIYAKI CHICKEN ................... $7.75     mozzarella cheese)                                                                            Chicken Marsala
(Grilled chicken breast topped with teriyaki   PECAN CHICKEN....................... $8.75    Wednesday, December 24                          Served with baked potato, snow peas,
glaze)                                         (Chicken breast dip in a pecan breading       Restaurant closed for Christmas Eve             tossed salad and fresh-baked dinner roll.
                                               and fried to a golden brown)
Friday, December 5                                                                           Friday, December 26
POTATO CRUSTED SALMON ..$10.75                 Saturday, December 13                         STEAK & CHICKEN COMBO ... $10.75
(Baked salmon topped with crush potato          (ONLY TWO DINNERS AND SANDWICHES)            (Steak cooked your way and a grilledEach night has other specials
chip & parmesan cheese)                        SALISBURY STEAK ................... $8.25     chicken breast)                     so new that they are unable to
A.Y.C.E. BEEF LIVER ................. $7.95 (Ground steak slow cooked in a rich onion BEER BATTER FISH...................$8.25
(Grilled liver topped with lots of onions)  gravy)                                    (Fish dipped in 100% beer batter and fried
                                                                                                                                 be published in the newslet-
SOUTHWEST CHICKEN ............. $8.25 BLACKENED CHICKEN SALAD. $6.75 to a golden brown)                                          ter. Come on down to the
(Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon,  (Blackened chicken breast on a bed of                                                lodge and sample some of our
peppers, onions and swiss cheese)           greens)                                   Saturday, December 27
                                                                                       (ONLY TWO DINNERS AND SANDWICHES) restaurant’s excellent cuisine!
Saturday, December 6                           Wednesday, December 17                        CHEF SALAD..............................$6.75
 (ONLY TWO DINNERS AND SANDWICHES)             SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS ...... $6.25            (Bed of greens topped with turkey, ham &        Reservations are not required
BLUE CHEESE SIRLOIN ............ $8.25         (2 meatballs on a bed of pasta topped with    cheese)
(Grilled ground sirloin topped with blue       tomato sauce)                                 CHICKEN CORDON BLEU..........$8.75              for dinner, but they are recom-
cheese)                                        FISH & SHRIMP COMBO .......... $8.75       (Lightly breaded chicken breast stuffed            mended!
CABBAGE ROLLS ...................... $8.25     (Haddock & shrimp fried to a golden brown) with ham & cheese)
(Cabbage rolls slow cooked in a rich tomato SALISBURY STEAK ................... $8.25
sauce)                                      (Ground steak slow cooked in a rich gravy)

Wednesday, December 10                         Friday, December 19
SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS....... $6.25             CHICKEN STIR FRY................... $8.50
(2 meatballs on a bed of pasta topped with     (Chicken and vegetables served on a bed
tomato sauce)                                  rice)
3 pc. FISH DINNER ................... $8.50    GRILLED SWORDFISH............ $10.50
(Cod fried to a golden brown)                  (Fresh swordfish grilled)
CABBAGE ROLLS ...................... $8.25     COUNTRY FRIED STEAK........... $8.50
(Cabbage rolls slow cooked in a rich tomato (8 oz. Bread steak fried to a golden brown
sauce)                                      and topped with a rich gravy sauce)

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