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									                                       Request for Information

Congratulations! Your organization has been nominated for a 2010 Sacramento Workplace
Excellence Leader (SWEL) award. This program is co-sponsored by the Sacramento Area Human
Resource Association (SAHRA) and The Sacramento Bee. The goal of the program is to recognize
truly extraordinary employers within the greater Sacramento area.

What is an Extraordinary Employer?
Extraordinary employers are those that provide an innovative culture and great employee practices such
as learning opportunities, career development activities, generous work/life programs, incentive pay
plans or maybe health and wellness promotions. There are three overall award categories: for profit, not
for profit and government/public sector. Within each category, winners will be judged by the size of the
organization, including small, medium and large. You will only be competing against similarly sized
and situated employers. Candidates must meet the criteria for the category to be awarded.

How do you Respond?
Please complete the information attached and submit it to SAHRA by February 24, 2010. Your
submission must be received by the deadline in order to be considered. An awards banquet will be held
on April 29, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento to recognize the winners and runners up. All
nominees will be listed in advertisements in The Sacramento Bee. A representative of the SWEL
Committee may telephone you to assist in submitting the application.

What is the Benefit to Responding?
Your nomination will provide your organization with extraordinary marketing opportunities and will
build employee morale. Our winners have high community visibility through inclusion in free
advertisements in The Sacramento Bee. Previous participants tell us that completing this application is
a great team building exercise. Your participation in the awards banquet will honor and motivate your
employees through association with our community’s best. Winners may use the SWEL logo in their
promotional efforts for one year. Placement of your company’s name in The Sacramento Bee
advertising supplement distributed at the end of the event and in the general circulation of the newspaper
the next day connects you with a very exclusive list of Sacramento employers.

What is the Next Step?
Please answer each question completely in 500 words or less. It is very important that the questions be
answered in order and your answers numbered accordingly. If your organization has multi-operations or
multi-locations, answers must be specific to operations within the Sacramento area (i.e., number of
employees). If your location has been nominated as an individual unit of a company, we request that the
nomination packet be completed at the local level. Past winners are eligible to resubmit every three
years. If you have any questions, please contact the SAHRA Office at 916/451-9031.

                                        SWEL APPLICATION 2010

An electronic version of this file can be downloaded at Email the
completed file to with Subject Line: SWEL Nomination.

Part 1

Name of Company/Organization:                                            Contact Name:


Contact Phone Number:                                   Contact Email:

CEO Name:        ________________________________ Title:_______________________________

Phone: _____________________________            Email: ___________________________________

Name of Sr. HR Staff: _______________________ Title: ____________________________________

Phone: _____________________________ Email: ____________________________________

Type of Industry:

Type of Operation:
        For Profit         Not-for-profit
        Government agency/Public sector                          Other:

Type of Facility:
        Corporate/Headquarters  Divisional office  Regional office
        Sacramento area facility  Single location   Other:

Size of Organization in the Sacramento Area (exclude temporaries and contractors):

How long has your company/organization been in business: ____   __
How long has your company/organization been in the Sacramento area: ___              ___

What was your organizations turnover rate for 2008 and 2009?                                      ___

If your company/organization conducts an employee opinion survey please provide the overall results for
2008 and 2009.

         I certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct.

         Signature of Sr. HR Staff:     _______________________________________
Part 2

Name of Company/Organization:                                      Contact Name:

Please answer the following narrative questions individually in a brief and concise manner, 500 words or
less per question, emphasizing the uniqueness of your organization. Please submit your response using
the Word file that you can download at to or send the
information to SAHRA, 950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630 by February 24, 2010.

What makes your business deserving of an award of excellence? Communicate the best practices of
your business, programs or values that are unique and set you apart from others. Offering Family
Medical Leave, sexual harassment training or basic health benefits are no longer unique and are
common practices among most companies. But maybe your company provides benefits at no cost to
employees or provides tuition/training reimbursement or special fitness programs. Let us know the
benefits and programs at your company that make it special.

   1. What are guiding principals and/or philosophies behind your workplace programs and

   2. What innovative or unique programs, retention efforts, and career development
      opportunities does your company/organization provide for employees? How does the
      company/organization measure and/or ensure effectiveness of these efforts?

   3. What innovative or unique benefits does your company/organization offer? Be specific. In
      the past two years, what employee benefit program is your company most proud of and

   4. How does your company/organization promote and demonstrate employee welfare both at
      work and away? What specific work/life initiatives has your company/organization
      undertaken in the last two years?

   5. How does your company/organization effectively communicate philosophies, business
      strategies and performance, financial successes, and company news to employees?

   6. How does your company/organization demonstrate a commitment to diversity within the
      workplace? What specific programs or policies has your company/organization developed
      to increase the diversity of its workforce? What results have you achieved?

                        Sacramento Area Human Resource Association
                        950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630
                              916/451-9031 Fax 916/451-9150
              2009 SWEL Winners
For Profit
Small      Telestream
Medium River City Bank
Large      Intel

Not For Profit
Small     Western Health Advantage
Medium Sutter Davis
Large     The Golden 1 Credit Union

Government Agency/Public Sector
Small    City of Rancho Cordova
Medium U.S. Coast Guard Air Station
Large    DMV

              2008 SWEL Winners
For Profit
Small      Rauschenbach Marvelli Becker Architects
Medium EDAW Inc.
Large      Allied Insurance

Not For Profit
Small     California Employers Association
Medium Travis Credit Union
Large     California ISO

Government Agency/Public Sector
Small    Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District
Medium California Community Colleges System Office
Large    City of Sacramento

              2007 SWEL Winners
For Profit
Small      West Yost Associates
Medium Indymac Bank
Large      Genentech

Not For Profit
Small     Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Medium Schools Financial Credit Union
Large     Sutter Health Support Services

Government Agency/Public Sector
Small    Mission Oaks Recreation and Parks District
Large    California Public Employees’ Retirement System

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