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					Grade Level/Subject/Topic: 5th /Math/Multiplication              Date:
R. Flora
Standards Addressed:
     Math 5.3
          o The student will create and solve problems involving addition, subtraction,
             multiplication, and division of whole numbers, using paper and pencil,
             estimation, mental computation, and calculators.

Pre-Assessment: *see pre-assessment attached on this plan*

Defining the Learning Goals: What the student will:

Know (Facts/Vocabulary):
    How to correctly write vertical multiplication problems
    Larger multiplication problems must be written vertically in order to solve them
    Whole number place value
    Multiplication facts through 9s
    Steps involved in multiplying 3 digit times 1 or 2 digit numbers (save your place
      with a smiley face)
    Vocabulary: regroup, product

Understand (Big Ideas):
    Multiplication is another way to add.
    Multiplication is a computation method that can be used to solve everyday
      problems (shopping, budgeting, measuring, etc.).

Do (Specific Skills student is able to do after the lesson):
   Create and solve 3 digit times 1 or 2 digit multiplication problems.

   Pencil/paper
   Activity worksheets (list of activities – this could be displayed on the Smartboard
      to save paper or a copy could be given to each student)


Day 1: *Note: Students will complete these activities on one day of a differentiated unit.
Prior to this, students will have been pre-assessed and the readiness of each student has
been determined. Whole group and small group instruction preceded today’s activities.

Students will complete one of four assignments, based on their learning style. The
activity worksheet follows at the end on this lesson. Depending on their choice, students
will be producing different end results, but all with the same goal: understanding and
completing the steps of multiplication correctly.
(If) Differentiated Instruction:

What?       content     process    product

How?      readiness    interest    learning profile

Why (What prompted you to differentiate in this way)?

*Note: If the teacher decides to allow students to choose an option other than his/her
learning style, then the lesson is differentiated based on readiness. However, if the
teacher decides that all students will work only in his/her learning style, then this would
be considered differentiated based on learning profile.

Anchor Activities:
    Multiplication War/Dice
    Computers (Timez Attack)

    A post-assessment will be given at the end of this unit on Interactive

    One or two people (depending on time) from each learning style will share what
      assignment they completed and explain how it went and why they liked it.
    Exit cards
          o How did you enjoy this lesson?
          o Do you think this helped you understand multiplication better?
          o What could we do to change this lesson to make it even better?

Teacher Reflection:
(What went well? What would you do differently? Why?)
Name _________________________________________________

                                        Multiplication Pre-Assessment

      I.          Fill in the blanks.

(1) 6 x 3 = __________                  (2) 9 x 7 = __________       (3) 5 x 4 = __________

      II.         Show your work and complete each problem.

(4) 23 x 5 = __________________                       (5) 17 x 4 = _________________

(6)          83                                       (7)     69
            x 3                                              x 7

(8)         321                                        (9)     175 x 34 = ___________________
      x      17

      (10)      642
              x 136
                        ACTIVITY CHOICES
                     ST                                              SF
Write a “how to” book about multiplication     Choose a partner to work with. One person
that you could give to a student in fourth     will complete a multiplication problem
grade. Answer the two multiplication           (start with the two at the bottom of the page
problems at the bottom of the page and         (and then make up more of your own)
then make up two of your own (that should      while the other person tells them what to
give you four problems all together).          do – explaining the steps out loud.
Remember to use the correct vocabulary         Remember to use the correct vocabulary
words regroup and product.                     words regroup and product. Then, when the
                                               problem is done, you may come to
                                               teacher’s desk, reverse roles and then do
*Hint: Fold your paper horizontally, and       the next one. Keep working until you have
write the problem (worked out) on one side     completed four problems each (for a total
and the steps to solving on the other. There   of eight problems).
is an example on my desk if you need to
see it before you get started.

                     NT                                              NF
Compare multiplication and addition by         You will be taking an imaginary trip called
creating comparable problems (Example:         “The Journey of the Three.” Using the two
246 x 3 = 246 + 246 + 246) Start with the      problems at the bottom of the page, and
two problems at the bottom of the page and     then making up two more of your own,
then make up two of your own. Complete         pretend that you are the three in the
them with addition and multiplication, then    problems and tell what it is like to be where
write a few sentences to explain which you     you are. Tell about where you go and what
think is easier and why. Remember to use       happens to you in the problem. (For
the correct vocabulary words regroup and       example, sometimes you may have to
product.                                       “wait” until it is your turn, so tell what is
                                               doing on while you wait.) Write a story for
                                               what the three goes through in each
                                               problem. Remember to use the correct
                                               vocabulary words regroup and product.
                                               You should have four problems all

           No matter what activity you choose, start with these two problems, then
           make up more of your own, as the directions indicate.

           329 x 11 = ________                                5, 432
                                                          x        7

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