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									Pat Moore-Lumsden                                                                  E.C. Best
1st grade / Mrs. Grimes

                                    LESSON PLAN / Centers

Lesson: Centers
Date/Time: Monday – Thursday , Feb 13-17, 2006 / 9:00-9:45 am
Grade: 1st grade
Student Groups: Students will be placed into 3 groups (3-4 students each). Groups will be a
mix of high/average level readers and average/lower readers. Groups are as follows:
Red: Michael / Alexis / Tori / (Alisha)
Purple: Nathan / Kelsey / Kenji / (Natalia) Febr
Pink: Kobe / Joseph / Cheyenne / Erika
Project Life group goes to Library each day… White: A.J. / Haylee / Destynie / (Giovanna)
Review the instructions for each center with students. Then let students go to their groups to
work on centers.
Math Center
Mon./ 0    Tues / Pink     Wed. / Red    Thurs. / Purple
Goals: Students will; count how many medals the U.S.A. Olympic has up to today; count by 1’s
to 55; identify doubles facts and doubles plus 1 facts; and recognize and determine the value of a
penny, nickel, dime and quarter.
Objective: Students will: collect, organize and describe data; identify basic addition facts; use
inherent patterns in numbers to skip count by 1’s; determine the value of any set of pennies,
nickels and dimes.
(Standards 5.1.1,1.1.1, 1.1.5, 3.1.4)
Rational: Students will solve problems, and make connections within and beyond the field of
mathematics, they will; use number relationships; techniques of measurement to determine direct
measurement; identity, represent spatial relationships and collect and organize data.
Worksheets: Olympic Medals
              Connect the dots
               Doubles Facts and Doubles Plus 1 Facts
Paper…yellow (gold), gray (silver) and brown (bronze)
Pre-cut circle for tracing medals
Computer with
Written Instructions. This center will be introduced Tuesday to students.
Assessment: Informal: Observe students as they gather information on the Olympic medals;
recognize coins and their value during game. Formal: Correct numbers of medals made for
bulletin board; skip count 1’s to connect dots; recognize double and double plus 1 facts.
Date: _____________

Group: ___________


                            Olympic Medals Count

Group work together to find;

                         Gold           Silver          Bronze   Total
                        Medals          Medals          Medals   Medals

  Total Medal
   Count on
 Website up to
   today 

Medal Count on
Bulletin Board
   green boxes
  Subtract from
 total medal count

  Total Medal
Count for Today
  Make this many
new medals to put
 on bulletin board

Put this sheet in the center’s bin for tomorrow’s information!
                                 Math Center

You will be:
           Collecting and organzing data (5.1.1)
           Identify basic addition facts (1.1.1
           Skip count by 1’s, 0-55 (1.1.5)
           Recognizing coins and their value (3.1.4)

You must complete assignments with a  before

  1. Olympic Medal Count 
        Follow instructions for this worksheet

  2. Numbers 0-55 
        Connect the dots.

  3. Doubles and Doubles Plus 1 Facts
        Follow instructions on worksheet

Place worksheets in center bin and cross your name of the list for each
worksheet completed

When done you can:
     Play the coin game that is on floor by calendar area.
     Instructions for Olympic Medal Count Worksheet

1. Fill in Medal Count on Bulletin Board (2) boxes first.
       Get these numbers from Olympic Medal Count worksheet
         on bulletin board from the green boxes.

2. Go to computer and find the Medal Tracker box to find how
   many medals USA has won up to today.
      Put these numbers in the green boxes on your group’s
       worksheet, Total Medal Count on Website (1)

3. Subtract Medal Count on Bulletin board (2) from Total Medal
   Count (1).
      Put these numbers in the Total Medal Count for Today (3)

4. Look at Total Metal Count for Today (3) and make the number
   of medals indicated.
       Use circles to trace medals:
             o Yellow paper for gold medals
             o Grey paper for silver medals
             o Brown paper for bronze medals
       Cut out medals

5. Put medals and group worksheet in center bin. This
   information will go up on the bulletin board later today.

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