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                                            TAX CHECKLIST
Ever wonder what paperwork you should start to gather, sort and organize for having your taxes prepared.
Here is a checklist to help you in collecting the information necessary for me to complete your income tax
returns. Check the ones that apply to you and bring the list along with all your papers. Remember, this is not
an all inclusive list for everyone. Please feel free to bring along any papers you think look important. I will be
happy to take a look at them and determine if we need to use them in preparing your taxes.

  o   W-2 forms from eac h employer you had.
      Bring your last pay stub if you did not receive a         o   Child-care expenses along with provider
      W-2 from a prior employer.                                    information. The tax ID number and address for
  o   Interest and dividend income 1099 Forms                       the provider is required.
      (1099-INT and 1099-DIV )                                  o   Information on any rollovers, IRA conversions or
  o   1099-R forms for pension, retirement and IRA                  IRA cont ributions made or to be made for the tax
      income                                                        year. Both Regular and ROTH amounts.
  o   1099 from Social Security if receiving any                o   Higher educational expenses paid and the 1098
      benefits                                                      form from the college.
  o   1099 from state unemployment fund (ESC)                   o   New dependents will need a social security
  o   1099- MISC for compensation paid as an                        number.
      independent contractor, execut or, trustee, for           o   Schedules K-1 from partnerships, S
      commissions, or jury duty.                                    corporations, trusts, and estates for which you
  o   1099-B from sale of stocks, securities and                    received a distribution or hold a percent
      options along with purchase information                       ownership. These are not required to be in your
  o   1099-S for the sale of any real estate                        hands by a certain date, watch for them to come
  o   1099 for state tax refunds                                    later.
  o   1099 for gambling or lottery winnings                     o   Summary of moving expenses for a job related
  o   Your personal records regarding rental and                    move.
      business income and ex penses.                            o   Bill of sale regarding vehicles purchased,
  o   Alimony amount paid or received, including the                leased, traded or sold during the year for
      social security number of the recipient.                      business and sales tax purposes.
  o   Records of the purchase and sale of personal              o   Summary of casualty loss (fire, theft, natural
      residence, including any forms given at the time              disaster) if not fully insured.
      of closing. Cost records for improvements made            o   Interest paid on student loans.
      during ownership if the gain on the sale is over          o   Tip records from your job.
      $250,000 or you owned the house for less than             o   Any notices received from IRS or NC DOR for a
      2 years.                                                      prior tax year.
  o   Settlement Statement on the purchase, sale or             o   Amortization schedule if you received any
      refinance of your home.                                       installment payments on property sales from this
  o   Summary of medical, dental and vision                         year or a prior year sale.
      expenses paid during the year. The amount of              o   Interest or dividend income and sale of stocks
      insurance reimbursement is also needed.                       for your children.
      HSA forms and expens es paid.                             o   Foreign bank account interest and foreign taxes
  o   1098 for mortgage and home equity loan interest               paid.
      paid on all properties.                                   o   Information on gifts to any one individual totaling
  o   Real estate taxes paid on all property owned.                 over $12,000.
  o   Amount of tax paid on vehicles and boats.                 o   Amount of non-taxable sick pay received.
  o   Summary of charitable donations, including                o   Information on any hous ehold employee you
      checks, and items given in kind. For property                 had working for you this year.
      donated a priced itemized list and receipt is             o   Information on any proc eeds from a lawsuit or
      necessary on all donations now. Try using                     class action you received proceeds from.
      www.satruck.org or www.itsdeductible.com to               o   Mileage Log book for business use of
      cost items. Do not forget those volunteer miles               automobile.
      and expenses.                                             o   Schedule of estimated taxes paid for both
  o   Job-related expenses for educational purposes,                federal and state taxes.
      job hunting and out-of-pocket expenses related            o   Last pay stub and a recent pay stub to check
      to your employment. (dues, work clothes, tools                withholdings for the coming year.
      and equipment)                                            o   Cont ributions to the NC 529 plan.
  o   Amounts paid by you for travel, lodging and
      meals while away from home on business.

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