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           ResumeMaker Web Platform 4.0
 New! Web-based Resume Builder & Career Tools (SaaS)
ResumeMaker® Web Solutions™, a division of Individual Software Inc., is the leading
provider of Web-based resume-writing solutions. Integrating ResumeMaker into an
organization’s existing Web services enables corporate hiring departments, staffing and
recruiting companies, outplacement corporations, government agencies, and colleges
and universities to provide the necessary tools that help job seekers write professional
resumes and search job openings.

                   B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                   4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
                            #1 Best-Selling Resume Writing
                                 Solution for the Web
Step-by-Step Guides for                                                resumes instantly with a single-click.
                                                                                                       10 YEA
Professional Resumes                                                     Resumes can be converted to MS Word,



                                                                                                                A R E*
                                                                         RTF, or PDF formats and even published
                                                                                     B E S T- S E
ResumeMaker Guided Resumes , the
                ®                    ™

leading, patented, resume-writing system, is      LI                     as Web pages for hiring employers to view

                                                     NG        S                          L
an unparalleled tool that assists job seekers                           online. Different from other online resume
in writing more effective resumes. This flagship                      applications, ResumeMaker delivers resumes
product provides step-by-step guidance and preferred             in the traditional formats that hiring managers
resumes types—Chronological, Functional, and                 want to see and job seekers prefer to deliver.
Combined—designed for various career situations that
                                                                                                           Valuable Advice for
position job seekers in the best possible light.
                                                                                                           Various Career Situations
Persuasive Writing Assistance                                                                              ResumeMaker® Expert Advice™ leverages
with Recommended Phrases                                                                                   ResumeMaker’s twenty years of experience in helping
With ResumeMaker® Phrase Writer™, users choose                                                             job seekers create persuasive resumes and cover
from thousands of recommended resume phrases and                                                           letters and negotiate a higher salary. ResumeMaker’s
keywords, pre-written by career experts, organized                                                         winning advice helps users network for the best
by industry and ranked by popularity in order to                                                           jobs, identify transferable skills, and translate
articulate skills and abilities more quickly. Powerful                                                     experience into what employers want. Job seekers
phrases are included for every business professional,                                                      learn about resumes, cover letters, interviewing,
from entry-level to executive, management,                                                                 career planning, job searching, and more.
administration, finance, healthcare, sales/marketing,
                                                                                                           Professional Sample Resumes
education, engineering, technology and more.
                                                                                                           Written by Professional Writers
Resumes in the Formats                                                                                     ResumeMaker® Professional Samples™ provide
Hiring Managers Want                                                                                       users with access to hundreds of sample resumes
ResumeMaker® Style Designer™ lets users                                                                    and cover letters that have been commissioned
choose from dozens of professionally designed                                                              by career experts and reviewed by professionally
resume styles that exceed HR industry standards.                                                           certified resume writers. These professional samples
ResumeMaker’s proprietary style conversion tool                                                            serve as a resource when job-seeking candidates are
allows users to change between styles and transform                                                        developing their resumes and cover letters.

                                         B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                                         4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588

*Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service - based on cumulative dollar sales (1998 – 2009) of ResumeMaker brand of products and derivatives within the Resume software category.
                     With Over 20 Years Experience,
              ResumeMaker Includes Every Feature You’ll Need!
Resume-Writing                                Resume Available for Online Searching    Search by City, State, Zip
Step-by-Step Wizards                          Private URL for Web Resume               Search by Area Code
  Expert Advice                               Keywords Added to Web Resumes            Estimated Number of Job Openings
  Examples                                    E-mail Resumes in Perfect Format™        1-Search Through Major Career Sites
  Frequently Asked Questions                  E-mail Resume as an Attachment           Add Job/Company to Contact Manager
  Pop-Up Expert Advice                           Microsoft Word Document (DOC)         View All Jobs As One List
Types of Resumes                                 Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF)
  Chronological                                  Plain Text Document (TXT)             Expert Advice
  Functional                                     Web Page (HTML)                       60 Expert Advice Videos
  Combined                                       Generic Word Processor (RTF)          Insider Advice for Resume Writing
Personalized Resume Interviews                E-mail Resume within Body Text           Insider Advice for Cover Letters
  Student / Recent Graduate                                                            Insider Advice for Interviewing
  Entry-Level                                 Cover Letters                            Insider Advice for Career Planning
  Skilled Worker                              250 Sample Letters                       Insider Advice for Salary Negotiation
  Experienced Professional                      Advertisement Reply                    Tips for Resume Writing
  Manager / Executive                           Broadcast Letters                      Tips for Cover Letters
Personalized Resumes by Industry                Follow-Up Letters                      Tips to Career Planning
Import Existing Resume                          Networking Letters                     Tips for Interviewing
Preview Resume Add/Remove Sections              Offer Acceptance/Rejection             Tips for Job Searching
Progress Status Bar                             Request Recommendation                 Information Interviewing
Pre-Written Recommended Phrases                 Referral Letters                       Managing Career Transitions
  Objective                                     Career Transition Letters              Find a Job and Evaluate a Job Offer
  Summary                                       Fax Cover Sheets                       Insider Advice for Job Searching
  Skills                                        Recruiter Letters                      Networking Tips
  Accomplishments                               Thank You Letters                      Ensuring Initial Success in New Position
  Employment                                    Relocation Letters                     Develop 3, 5, & 10 Year Career Plans
  Education                                     Resignation Letters                    E-mail Career Counselor for Response
Action-Benefit™ Writing Style                 Browse by Career Situation               Responses to Your Questions
Browse Phrases by Job Category                Browse by Job Title                      25 Insider Guides
Keyword Search for Phrases                                                             Job Searching and Networking
Action Word Glossary                          Sample Resumes & Letters                 Interview and Salary Negotiation
                                              1,200 Professionally-Certified Samples
Resume Formatting                             Written by Certified-Professionals       Federal Employment
Edit Resume Text In Place                     Approved by Professional Writers         40 Federal Employment Forms
Export Resume                                 Advanced Resume Searching                OF-612, SF-15, & SF-171
   Microsoft Word Document (DOC)                 Browse by Industry                    U.S. Postal Service Applications
   Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF)                  View only Chronological Resumes       Federal Employment Guide
   Plain Text Document (TXT)                     View only Functional Resumes          Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA)
   Web Page (HTML)                               View only Combined Resumes            Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ)
   Generic Word Processor (RTF)                  Search by Career Situation            Sample Resume, KSAs, & ECQs
Page Break Settings                              Search by Resume Title
Add Graphic to Resume                                                                  Advanced Features
Spell Check                                   Interview & Salary                       Career Videos
Key Word Thesaurus                            Virtual Interview™ Videos                FLASH Product Tour / Tutorial
Add/Remove/Rename Resume Sections             Questions, Answers, and Rationale        U.S. Patented Technology
Page and Section Borders                      500 Common Interview Questions           Works with iPhone and Other Internet Devices
Change Text Colors                            Questions You Should Ask
Automatic 2nd Page Heading                    View Salary by Career Field              HR EmploymentCenter
Change Date Formats                           Salary for 2,500 Careers                 Administration Module
1-Click Resume Styles                         Compare National Averages                Usage Statistics
1-Click Header Styles                         Adjusted Salary by Zip Code              Offer Recruiter/HR Manager Access
Description of Each Style                     Personal Salary Reports                  Post Job Openings
Includes Resume Fonts                         Salary Negotiation Tactics               Add, Edit, Delete Job Openings
                                              25 Tips for Higher Salary                Centralized Resume Database
E-mail & Web Resumes                          United States and Canada Salary          Searchable Candidate Data Center
Publish Resume as Web Page                    Strategies for Pay Increase              Skill-Based Resume Searching
Post Resume Online (no additional fees)                                                Basic and Advanced Searching
Host Resume Online (no additional fees)       Internet Job Finder                      Forward Resumes to Hiring Managers
Public/Privacy Options for Online Resume      Job Finder™ Patented Technology          Save Candidate Profiles to List
                                              Search Job Title or Keyword

                              B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                              4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
NEW! Use ResumeMaker                                             NEW! User Interface Update
      with any Windows                                                and Modern Design
PC, Mac,—even iPhone!                                            New design, graphics, and modern look and
Works reliably with all modern browsers                          feel ensure an easy-to-use experience.
including Safari, Internet Explorer,
                                                                 Completely redesigned for 2009! Over 30 user
FireFox, Chrome and more—even with
                                                                 interface enhancements make using ResumeMaker
handheld devices.
                                                                 simpler, more straight-forward, and logical. Graphics
Now, users can update their resume and search for                have been updated with a modern look and feel, a
jobs from anywhere, anytime—even with their new                  redesigned main menu helps improve overall navigation,
iPhone. New technology enables ResumeMaker to                    and improvements in the step-by-step guides offer
work on all new browsers including Safari, Internet              better performance and refined ease-of-use.
Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and more.

                                                                 Over 30 user interface enhancements make ResumeMaker
                                                                 easier to use than ever!
EXCLUSIVE! Update your resume and search for jobs on ANY
Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, or other Internet device.

                           B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                           4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
NEW! Professional                                                 IMPROVED! Resume Import from
      Sample Resumes                                                        Word Document
and Cover Letters                                                 Importing an existing resume from Microsoft
Includes 1,200 updated sample resumes,                            Word now works more reliably than ever.
even award-winning resumes, written by
                                                                  ResumeMaker is the only web service that actually
certified professional writers.
                                                                  imports your existing resume from a word document
Meets the requirements of all career counselors to                so your job seekers will never have to re-type
ensure that the Sample Resumes are more indicative                information again. This provides instant results. A
of the highest quality professional writing                       new version of ResumeMaker’s import technology
practices. Your customers should never settle for                 improves the results and reliability of importing
generic samples, and you should have the highest-                 data from any resume. Importing an existing resume
quality, award-winning samples from CareerDirectors               should increase usage and improve usability for
(a professional resume-writing organization).                     many users.

          by professional
          resume writers


                                                                  Exclusive! Only resume-
                                                                  building service that
Award-winning resumes and cover letters.                          automatically imports
                                                                  an existing resume.

                            B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                            4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
NEW! Job Finder                                                     NEW! Job Finder Gadget
Search over 5 million jobs through all major                        Job Finder Gadget™ sits on your desktop and
career sites simultaneously.                                        searches for jobs that meet your career selection.

Your job seekers will sit back and relax while                      New Job Finder Gadget lets job seekers search for
ResumeMaker helps them locate and apply for their                   available jobs without having to visit the Internet
next job. No more going from site to site to search                 through a browser. This slim, new gadget sits on a
for jobs. Job Finder searches all major career sites,               user’s desktop and searches for jobs that meet
50,000+ corporate sites and classified ads to locate                the candidates career selection, industry, and
up to 5 million job openings in the candidate’s area                location as soon as they are posted online by an
and displays results in a single interface. No other                employer. Job seekers are immediately informed
search engine is more powerful. Plus, you can save                  about the latest job openings before anyone else,
your search results to keep track of the jobs you                   which gives them a competitive advantage by being
are interested in following-up.                                     the first to apply for new jobs.

                                                                    Job Finder Gadget
                                                                    sits on your desktop
NEW! Search over 5 million jobs through all major career            and searches for
sites simultaneously. Save the jobs you are interested in for       jobs that meet your
later follow-up.                                                    career selection.

                              B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                              4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
NEW! 15 New, Modern                                                                   IMPROVED! Additional Fonts
     Resume Styles                                                                              for Resumes
Updated, modern, and impressive styles                                                Fonts that were specifically designed and
designed by professionals that get results.                                           selected by professionals for resumes.

Now, ResumeMaker includes everything you                                              Now, your candidates will have everything they
need to make a great first impression! ResumeMaker                                    need to present their qualifications in the best light
ensures your resume reflects the professional in                                      and make a great first impression. Dozens of new,
you—right from the start. Choose from over                                            modern professionally-looking fonts are available
15 new resume styles, including modern colors                                         to use with any of the new styles of resumes.
and graphics while still retaining a professional
look and feel.

                              by professional
                              resume writers


                                                                                     Illustrated an
                                                                                     career history
specialized                                                                    Handled returning
skills &                                                                       to work after
abilities                                                                      an absence

  consulting &                                                       Made the most
  part-time work                                                     of limited
                   Successfully                 Communicated         experience
                   transitioned                 ability to produce                    Includes downloadable,
                   into a new career            results                               professional fonts
                                                                                      uniquely designed
Over 15 new, impressive resume styles, each designed                                  to use with modern
by professionals that grab attention.                                                 resume styles.

                              B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                              4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
NEW! Career & Industry                                        NEW! Salary Finder
New videos profiling over 500 careers for                     View and print a personalized salary report on
helping users identify the ideal career.                      2,500 careers adjusted geographically.

Watch videos that provide valuable insight and tips           Help your job seekers negotiate for the salary
about careers, from Accounting to Zoology—over                they deserve. They get a personalized salary
500 career videos to choose from. By comparing                report from up-to-date data on 2,500 careers
the required skills and interests of each career, your        adjusted geographically. Plus, with 25 proven
job seekers will be able to more quickly identify             strategies and salary negotiation techniques, they’ll
their ideal career!                                           be more likely to negotiate for the salary they
                                                              are worth.

Watch videos to
help you identify the                                         Exclusive! Get up-to-date salary
ideal career. Over                                            reports on over 2,500 careers
500 videos profiling                                          and print a salary report.
every major career
are included.

                        B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                        4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
NEW! Server Platform 4.0                                    NEW! Seamless Integration*
The new, ResumeMaker 4.0 platform is built on               Integrate directly with your existing customer
one of the highest-performing and most reliable             database, resume database, or backend system
server platforms available.                                 with the common goal of developing a more
                                                            integrated, seamless solution. Develop data
Brand new hardware and infrastructure boosts
                                                            transfer from your system and/or implement
system performance of the ResumeMaker for the
                                                            a data synchronization strategy so that all job
Web application and delivers improved reliability
                                                            seeker data is always up to date, in real-time.
and outstanding performance.
                                                            Seamless integration of two different systems,
                                                            databases and technologies (ResumeMaker ’s and
                                                            Client existing systems). Client resumes will be
                                                            included within the databases where corporations
                                                            search for candidates and vice versa.
                                                            *Additional customization fees may apply depending on
                                                            the complexity of integration.

                      B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                      4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
            Additional Tools Designed for Your Career Center

Computer Training                                             Award-Winning Programs by Individual Software:

Professor Teaches Individual Training Series –
The Professor Teaches series includes over 30
                                                              Professor Teaches
training titles, including Microsoft Word, Excel,
                                                              SIIA Codie Award Finalist –
Adobe Photoshop, and more!
                                                              Best New Consumer
                                                              Software Program

Typing Instruction

Typing Instructor Platinum for Organizations
and Typing Instructor for Business –
                                                              Typing Instructor
These award-winning typing programs are
                                                              SIIA Codie Finalist –
designed to improve keyboarding skills.
                                                              Best Educational Technology
                                                              Solution for Home Consumers

Language Development

Learn to Speak Language Immersion Learning –
Language learning tools for English, Spanish,
                                                              Learn to Speak
French, and German.
                                                              #1 Immersion Learning System –
                                                              The Leading Brand of
                                                              Immersion Learning Software.

                        B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                        4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588
                  Individual Software’s Rich 25-Year History

Our Company                                                  Contact Us

Individual Software is a leading developer and               If you need more information or want to evaluate
publisher of award-winning education, business,              our products, please contact us.
and personal productivity software for schools,
businesses, organizations, and consumers. We
empower millions of people to excel in their daily
lives by providing essential computer training and           Hours of Operation
skill development solutions. Individual Software             Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM (PST)
is a privately held company headquartered in
Pleasanton, California.
                                                             B2B Sales

Our Advantage                                                800-822-3522 x140
                                                             John Connors
Individual Software is large enough to deliver               Vice President of B2B Sales
the most advanced software solutions available     
today, yet small enough to respond quickly to our
customer’s needs and desires—a huge advantage!
                                                             800-822-3522 x158
We are an innovative market leader, committed to
                                                             Peggy Budnick
using cutting-edge technology and best-practices in
                                                             National Sales Manager B2B Sales
software design and development.

                                                             Technical Support

                                                             David Swinton

                       B2B Sales: 800-822-3522 or
                       4255 Hopyard Road, Suite #2 • Pleasanton, CA 94588

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