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					                                ZETA DELTA
                              NEWS AND VIEWS
Delta Kappa Gamma                             Alpha State, Texas                  Arms trong, Oldham, Potter and Randall
Society International________________________Area XI, Chapter 148_________________Counties; Vol. XLIV, No. 6_________
___________________________________________February, 2005_____________________Nancy King, President____________

                                        HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

     One of these days I am going to learn how to do the clip art so I decorate these newsletters a
little better and give them a feminine touch! In the meantime, it is just plain-jane text. I had
attempted to do the newsletter in columns, but received word back that when some of you opened
it, it was not in columns, but some kind of garbled mess that was difficult to read. Until I get all this
figured out, I’ll just keep it simple.
     2005 is not only upon us, but 1/12th of the way gone. As many of you know, with spring on the
horizon, things really get busy. Those of you still teaching will be facing end of year testing and all
the other pressures of closing out the school year. We have no meeting in March (enjoy your spring
break), then installation of new members and presentation of the grants-in-aid in April, and a joint
chapter meeting at Tascosa Country club in May. That brings up two important issues that I will
address later on in this newsletter.
     Last week, I took about 30 rolls of wrapping paper that you donated at the January meeting to
the Eveline Rivers center. As usual, they were so thankful to get it and said they appreciated our
on-going support of their organization. Thanks to all of you who always give so generously and
consistently. Your kindnesses do not go unnoticed.
     I received an e-mail thanking us for the recipes that were sent in to compile a cookbook for
Carolyn Adkins. It is my understanding that once they get it put together, they hope to have copies
for sale and will use the proceeds to fund projects for their chapter. I’ll keep you posted.
     For those of you that missed the January meeting, we heard, and participated in a very lively
discussion about lap-top computers for every student in grades 6-12 at Highland Park. The
superintendent from Highland Park fielded many questions and agreed to come back and talk to us
again after the program has been implemented in their schools.

FEBRUARY MEETING                                                              FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS
Saturday, February 12                                                         4th Rene Pittman
Trinity United Methodist Church                                               7th Carrol Spears
9:30 A.M. Social time                                                         15th Sue Hamilton
10:00 Meeting

DEVOTIONAL: Linda Dosher
HOSTESSES: JANET HARTER, (CHR), Sue Hamilton, Helen Hamilton, Kay Arp

Membership: I really should have been promoting this back in November and December, but we
need to start looking seriously at increasing our membership. Please take a few minutes to think of
someone who would be an asset to our chapter. If you don’t have a Recommendation for
Membership form, bring the information with you to the meeting, and we can fill out the form then.
We need to present this applicants and vote on them at the February meeting. We do not meet in
March, and installation would be in April.
GRANTS-IN-AID: I have received one application for a grant. If you know of any young lady
that is a junior or senior and going into education, please have them write a letter requesting to be
considered for a grant. We will be giving two grants again this year.

February Program: Our February Program will be Partnership in Education “Job Shadowing”
This has become a very popular program across the nation. Young people can see first hand what
all a particular job entails, the glamorous part as well as the unglamorous part. Some jobs have
more of one than the other.

Following are some changes that need to be made in your yearbooks. Please make note of them.
Kay Arp: Induction year is 1985, phone number is 468-8398
Patsy Duncan has retired from Zeta Delta and should be deleted from you yearbook
Renea Fike: Address is 5703 Foxcroft, 79109; e-mail address is:
Diana Johnson: e-mail address is:
Vicky Taylor-Gore: Correct spelling is Vicky. Address is: 2807 S. Washington, 79109
                    Occupation is: AC Art Assistant. Phone number: 220-0716
                    Web site:

Keep me posted of any other changes and I will pass them on.


                                  Minutes of Regular Meeting
                                       Zeta Delta Chapter
                         Alpha State, Delta Kappa Gamma International
                                         January 8, 2004

The meeting was held at Trinity Methodist Church at 10:00 a.m.
The president called the meeting to order. The devotional was given by
Robin Cummins for Kay Martin.
Minutes from the December meeting were approved.
Denise Litherland gave the Treasurer’s report which was accepted. Balance on hand amounted to
A report was given on absent members. Illness, Saturday school, and travel kept members from
Sue and Rene did an excellent job on the yearbook – again. Norma appreciated the dedication of
the yearbook to Ada.

Tyler Street Resource Center sent a “Thank You” note. Helen Hamilton sent an e-mail “Thank
You” for the rose, card, and visit. Cheryl Beckley sent a “Thank You” note for her retirement gift.

Grant and Aid needs applications from juniors and seniors in education. Mindy Adams, at AC,
could help get applicants from AC.
Membership forms were passed out. New members are needed.
Vicky Taylor-Gore has the web site ready. Members may write articles to be put on our site. Vicky
will keep the maintenance up.
Buchanan Methodist Church is creating a computer lab that Mann Middle School students can use
for homework.

Submitted by Linda Dosher,                          Nancy King,
Secretary                                           President

Alpha State Convention, Dallas, June 16-18
Southwest regional Conference, San Antonio, July 13-16

Alpha State Convention, Amarillo, June 14-16, 2007

The Constitution and By-laws committee plans to present proposed changes to the members at the
February meeting. Please read the following portions of the Constitution and By-laws and be ready
to give your input. Article III, section D; Article IV, section D, 4; Article IX, section A, 3.

Vicky Taylor-Gore has the website up and ready for you to look at. If you have any suggestions as
to what can be added, please let Vicky or me know. We hope you will check it out. In case you
didn’t see it in the paper, Vicky was part of a group of artists that put some of their works up for
sale and designated the proceeds to go to the tsunami victims. We’re very proud of you, Vicky.

I have not received any calls about members being ill, having surgery or being hospitalized. Maybe
no news really is good news.


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