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									Request for Proposal No. #09-FCI-001

        Banking Services
                                        FAMILY CENTRAL, INC.
                                         BANKING SERVICES
                                       REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                                         Number 09 - FCI - 001

                                          Table of Contents
Section I – Introduction                                         Page
     1. Family Central, Inc.                                     4
     2. Statement of Purpose                                     4
     3. Conflict of Interest                                     4
     4. Bidding Instructions                                     5
          a. Sealed Proposals                                    5
          b. Application Timetable                               5
          c. Responses to Questions                              6
          d. Unauthorized Modifications                          6
     6. Contact Information                                      6
     7. Right to Reject Proposals and Waive Informalities        6

Section II – Scope of Services
     1. Statement of Work                                        7
     2. Services Desired                                         7
          a. Account Structure                                   7
          b. Master Account                                      7
          c. Sub-Accounts                                        7
          d. Wire Transfers                                      8
          e. On-line Banking                                     8
          f. Monthly Statements                                  8
          g. Line of Credit                                      9
          h. ACH Services                                        9
          i. Other Banking Requests                              9
     3. Selection Criteria                                       9
        a. Minimum Eligibility Requirements                      10

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                 2 of 23
          b. Information to be included in the Submitted Proposal         10
     4. Evaluation Process and Criteria                                   10-11
     5. Length of Contract Period                                         11
          a. Contract Period                                              11
          b. Cancellation of Award/Termination                            12
          c. Default                                                      12
          d. Award of Contract                                            12

Section III - Terms, Conditions, and Other Requirements
     1. Federal and State Tax                                             13
     2. Legal Requirements                                                13
     3. Agreement                                                         13

Section IV - Instructions for Banking Services RFP
     1. Banking Services RFP Instructions                                 14
     2. Example of Letter of Certification                                16
     3. Example for Location of Branches                                  17
     4. Contact People                                                    17
     5. Example of Interest Rate Schedule for Interest Bearing Accounts   17
     6. Account Services Costs                                            18
     7. Certification Affidavit                                           20
     8. W-9 IRS Form                                           Form Attached

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                       3 of 23
                                        Family Central, Inc.
                              Request for Proposal #09-FCI-001
                                       BANKING SERVICES
                                       Fiscal Year 2008/09

                                            SECTION I
Family Central, Inc. (FCI) invites qualified local banking institutions to submit
proposals for providing basic banking services as described in the attached
specifications. Written proposals using the format described herein must be
received by 12:00 noon on August 29, 2008, at Family Central’s office, 840 SW
81st Ave, North Lauderdale, FL 33068 in order to be considered.
       1. Family Central, Inc.
            Founded in 1971 as the Early Childhood Development Association, the
            organization originally provided affordable quality child care for low-
            income families. Starting with just a few child care centers, Family
            Central has grown into a nationally accredited organization that
            provides administrative supervisory, technical assistance and training
            to over 550 child care facilities in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm
            Beach Counties. Now the largest family support organization in Florida,
            Family Central has become a model organization, offering specialized
            services and programs that give children a competitive start. Annually,
            Family Central serves nearly 70,000 children and families from all
            socio-economic backgrounds, and thousands of child care professionals
            receive guidance and technical assistance.
       2. Statement of Purpose
            The objective of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to identify a
            banking institution that can provide the needed quality service at a
            reasonable cost to FCI. The intent of the RFP is to select one banking
            institution to provide basic and on-line banking services.
       3. Conflict Of Interest
            All Applicants must disclose in their Letter of Certification the name of
            any officer, director, or agent who is also an employee of FCI. All
            Applicants must disclose the name of any FCI employee who owns,
            directly or indirectly, other than as a holder of less than 5% of publicly
            traded securities, any interest in the Applicants’ business or any of its

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                              4 of 23
            branches. All respondents must disclose any business relationships
            with any officer or director of FCI.
     4. Bidding Instructions
               a. Sealed Proposals Each Applicant shall submit only one proposal
                  per Bid Solicitation. A proposal shall consist of one signed original
                  and four (4) photocopies of the completed proposal. They must be
                  submitted in a sealed envelope or package bearing the title
                  “FAMILY CENTRAL BANKING SERVICES” along with the name and
                  address of the Organization submitting the proposal. Proposals
                  should include a contact name and an e-mail address for
                  correspondence, and shall be submitted no later than 12:00
                  noon on August 29, 2008, to Ainsworth Geddes, Chief Financial
                  Officer, Family Central, Inc., 840 SW 81st Ave, North Lauderdale,
                  FL 33068. It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that
                  the proposal arrives on time at the right place. Late proposals will
                  be returned unopened.
               b. Application Timetable
                     Dates Advertised/Available:
                        July 13, 2008 – August 29, 2008 (48 Days)
                     Due Date for Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal
                        July 21, 2008 at Close of Business – 5:00 PM
                        Facsimile may be sent to 954-724-4622.
                        Email may be sent to

                     Deadline for Receipt of Written Questions (via email or fax per
                         July 25, 2008
                     Answers to written questions available via website
                         August 1, 2008
                     Deadline for Receipt of Proposals (no exceptions)
                        August 29, 2008 by 12:00 noon
                        Family Central, Inc.
                        840 SW 81st Avenue
                        North Lauderdale, FL 33068
                     Evaluations and Interviews, if applicable
                        September 22 - 23, 2008
                     Approve and Award Contract
                        October 1, 2008
                     Contract begins
                        November 1, 2008

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                               5 of 23
       All dates set forth above are subject to change by FCI with notice

               c. Responses to Questions. Written questions may be submitted,
                  preferably via e-mail, in order to clarify any matters relating to this
                  RFP. All questions and responses will be made available to all
                  respondents of record and will be available via the website
                    The cutoff date for questions is July 25, 2008. Beyond that date,
                    questions will not be answered. All answers will be made available
                    via the website (, on August 1, 2008.
                    Questions should be submitted to Ainsworth Geddes, Chief
                    Financial Officer, Family Central, Inc., 840 SW 81st Ave, North
                    Lauderdale, FL 33068. Questions
                    received in writing, preferably via e-mail, by the time and date
                    specified herein will be answered in writing and posted to the FCI
                    website (
               e. Unauthorized Modifications. Any unauthorized modifications by
                  Applicant of RFP specifications, forms or terms may render the
                  proposal invalid.

     5. Contact Person
          The only contact person with respect to any or all aspects of this RFP is
          Ainsworth    Geddes,    Chief    Financial    Officer,    954-724-4622;

     6. Right to Reject Proposals and Waive Non-Material Irregularities
          FCI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, waive any
          non-material irregularities and technicalities and may, at its sole
          discretion, request a clarification or other information to evaluate any or
          all proposals. FCI reserves the right, before awarding the contract, to
          require Applicant(s) to submit evidence of qualifications or any other
          information FCI may deem necessary.

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                6 of 23
                                   SECTION II - SCOPE OF SERVICES

     1. Statement of Work
          Family Central, Inc. requests a banking institution to manage the daily
          banking requirements including the ability for on-line banking services.
          The selection criteria will include the lowest aggregate banking service
          cost, consistent with the ability to provide an appropriate level of service;
          ability to handle electronic banking services such as on-line wire
          transfers, ACH payables; best availability schedules; interest rates, etc.
          The information included in the RFP is an average of activity over the
          previous six month period.      These averages do not guarantee the
          minimum or maximum volumes. The budget for fiscal year 2008-2009 is
          approximately $172 million. The following section describes in greater
          detail the banking requirements and selection process for this RFP.
     2. Services Desired
               a. Account Structure The proposed account structure will consist of a
                  Master Account together with Sub Account(s). Initially there will
                  only be one sub account, however, FCI reserves the right to
                  establish additional sub accounts in the future for the same level
                  of services and pricing if necessary.
               b. Master Account The purpose of this account is to concentrate the
                  cash balances on a daily basis. This account will contain the only
                  cash balance within the entire account structure. It is FCI’s intent
                  to maintain this as an interest bearing account.
                    Deposits to the master account will be retained in the account
                    until the funds become available, at which time they will be
                    considered collected balances. No other accounts will have deposit
                    transactions. The bank will process as current day’s transactions
                    all deposits received by at least 2:00 p.m. If the bank can process
                    as current day’s transactions all deposits received after 2:00 p.m.,
                    please indicate latest processing time in the proposal.
                    Banks agree to credit the master account for all checks in
                    accordance with the bank’s availability schedule. Banks are
                    required to attach a copy of their availability schedule to the bid.
                    Awarded bank agrees to notify FCI, in writing, of any changes to
                    the schedule.
               c. Sub Accounts     The structure of the sub account(s) shall be
                  established as zero balance accounts. Appropriate balances will be
                  transferred from the master account to the sub accounts at the
                  end of the business day, or at the beginning of the next business

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                7 of 23
                    day to cover the amount of checks presented the previous day in
                    each of the accounts. Transfers between the accounts will be
                    charged to FCI only as transfers and not also as items deposited
                    and checks paid.
                    All disbursements will flow through the zero-balance account. All
                    balances will be maintained in the master account. The account
                    will be reimbursed at the close of the business or at the opening of
                    the business day following the day the checks are presented for
                    payment, depending on the bank’s policy. These zero-balance
                    accounts will always have a zero ledger balance at the beginning of
                    each business day.
               d. Wire Transfers FCI intends to consider all wire transfers received
                  by the bank prior to the end of the business day, as “available” by
                  FCI, regardless of the time of actual receipt by the bank. Should
                  the Bank not receive a wire transfer, then the wire transfer will be
                  traced from origin to destination to ascertain the party responsible
                  for delaying the transfer. Adjustments will be made as soon as
                  possible for any lost interest, if necessary. The awarded Bank
                  agrees to execute any wire transfer order within one (1) hour after
                  notification by FCI’s Chief Financial Officer or Designee through
                  the computer terminal, or by telephone, or by FAX.
               e. On-Line Banking Services FCI requires a full array of on-line
                  banking services such as positive pay, ability to view the status of
                  checks, stop-payments, on-line wire transfers, etc. The system
                  should be secure, easy to use and web-enabled.
               f. Monthly Statements Monthly Bank statements for all accounts
                  must be provided to the FCI Chief Financial Officer or Designee
                  with full reconciliation documentation supporting all entries on the
                  statement within five (5) business days after the last calendar day
                  of each month. Copies of cancelled checks should be returned on a
                  disk. The bank will dispose of the original checks per Check 21
                  requirements.      The statements shall have checks listed in
                  numerical order with any breaks in the order noted.
                    A monthly Account Analysis report showing overall activity in the
                    master account shall also be provided to the FCI Chief Financial
                    Officer or Designee within five (5) business days after the end of
                    each calendar month. This report shall include a monthly analysis
                    of the bank’s cost of operating the FCI account, interest earned,
                    and average interest rate.
                    The Account Analysis report shall also show, in detail, the bank’s
                    service charges assessed for operating FCI’s accounts. All fees
                    shall be listed and netted against interest earned. In the event the

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                8 of 23
                    costs exceed the interest earned, the costs will be paid by a FCI
               g. Line of Credit and Letters of Credit FCI requires an available line of
                  credit in the amount of seven million dollars ($7,000,000), which
                  shall also include letters of credit issued to our primary funders.
                  Please provide the associated terms and interest rates.
               h. ACH Services Provide ACH services for both debit and credit
                  transactions. FCI requires the ability to generate ACH transactions
                  for employee payroll and reimbursements, vendor payments and
                  provider transmittals. The proposal should include the methods of
                  transmission, cut-off times, and any security features related to
                  processing direct deposits.
               i. Other Banking Services Requested:
                    1. Books of carbonless deposit slips at no additional cost to FCI.
                       Approximately 15 slips may be used per month. FCI will
                       purchase its own computer checks.
                    2. The bank shall identify personnel in its operations department
                       who are available to answer questions pertaining to
                       transactions that require more detailed explanation. (This
                       contact information shall be updated in a timely fashion to
                       reflect any personnel or organizational changes throughout the
                    3. If FCI develops a need for additional accounts or services during
                       the life of the depository agreement, those new accounts or
                       services shall be provided with the same condition as apply to
                       existing accounts at the time. If the Federal Reserve, Depository
                       Institutions Deregulation Committee, or other regulatory bodies
                       provide for the establishment of new accounts or other
                       regulations that are favorable to FCI, the bank shall make those
                       new services available to FCI.
                    4. Banking incentives for FCI employees.       FCI currently has
                       approximately 440 employees.       Approximately 95% of the
                       employees utilize direct deposit. Respondents should provide
                       options for moving FCI to 100% direct deposit utilization.
                    5. All returned checks due to insufficient funds shall be
                       automatically re-deposited for a second time. FCI will notify the
                       endorser if it does not clear after the second presentation.
                    6. All debit and credit memos required to adjust errors caused by
                       the Bank shall not be charged to FCI. A copy of the particular
                       deposit slip must accompany all deposit errors. All bank errors
                       must be corrected within ten (10) business days of notification
                       by FCI.

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                9 of 23
                    7. Provide two additional commercial depository accounts for
                       companies within FCI’s group.

  3. Selection Criteria
       a. Minimum Eligibility Requirements         In order to be considered for
          evaluation, Applicant must:
                Be designated by the State of Florida as a qualified public
                 depository pursuant to Florida Statutes 280. A copy of the
                 certificate as a qualified public depository must be submitted as a
                 part of the proposal.
                Be a banking institution certified to do business in the state of
                 Florida with branch facilities located within close proximity of the
                 FCI office locations. If the headquarters of the banking institution
                 or its branch facilities are not located within the FCI vicinity, the
                 Applicant must address how they will (1) provide ready access to
                 FCI and (2) offer the full range of banking services requested in
                 this RFP. FCI’s corporate headquarters and Broward operations
                 are located at 840 SW 81st Ave, North Lauderdale, FL 33068. FCI’s
                 Palm Beach and Miami Dade operations are located at 3111 South
                 Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405 and 10800 Biscayne
                 Blvd, Miami, FL 33161, respectively.
       b. Information To Be Included In The Submitted Proposal        In order to
          maintain comparability and enhance the review process, it is requested
          that responses be completed and organized in the manner specified in
          Section IV – Instructions for Banking Services RFP. Applicants may
          obtain electronic copies of the forms by submitting your request and
          providing an e-mail address. Include all information in your proposal.
          It is required that one (1) original proposal and four (4) copies of the
          proposal be submitted.

       4. Evaluation Process and Criteria
            A rating committee will evaluate the proposals and prepare
            recommendations to the FCI Board. The committee will review the
            proposals received in accordance with the evaluation criteria listed
            below and will present all raw scores, totals, and recommendations to
            the Board. The committee may request a presentation by any or all
            Applicants to clarify proposed plans and details as part of the review
            and evaluation process. They may also ask additional questions to

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                             10 of 23
            clarify the proposal submitted. The information will be presented to the
            Board with the data organized from highest to lowest rating.
            FCI Board members will make the final decision. When the Board has
            selected the successful Applicant, contract negotiations may begin. If
            contract agreement cannot be reached with the selected Applicant, FCI
            shall negotiate with their next selection until agreement is reached. At
            any time during the negotiations, FCI may choose to modify the choice
            of a selected Applicant if the Board determines that such a change is in
            the best interest of FCI.
            FCI reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted. FCI
            further reserves the right before recommending any award to inspect
            the facilities, organization, and financial condition or take any other
            action necessary to determine the ability to perform in accordance with
            specifications, terms and conditions.
            The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

                                     Evaluation Criteria
                   Description of Service                                   Points
          a.       Cost of Services                                         0-35
          b.       Ability to provide the type, quantity and quality of     0-50
                   services requested within this RFP.      This includes
                   responsiveness of the Applicant in meeting the daily
                   banking requirements and on-line banking capabilities.
          c.       Prior not-for-profit experience                          0-05
          d.       The detailing and presentation of additional financial   0-10
                   services and implementation plans above and beyond
                   those called for herein, but within the realm of the
                   Bank/FCI relationship.
                                       Maximum Points                        100

     5. Length of Contract Period
            a. Contract Period The selected institution shall be designated as the
               FCI depository for an initial five-year term commencing November 1,
               2008. FCI retains the option to renew the depository contract
               annually after the initial five year period.
            b. Cancellation Of Award/Termination  In the event any of the
               provisions of this proposal are violated by the Bank, the

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                           11 of 23
                 President/CEO, or designee will give written notice to the Bank
                 stating the deficiencies and unless the deficiencies are corrected
                 within ten (10) days, recommendation will be made to the Board for
                 immediate cancellation. Upon cancellation hereunder, FCI may
                 pursue any and all legal remedies as provided herein and by law.
                 FCI reserves the right to terminate any contract resulting from this
                 RFP, at any time and for any reason, upon giving 45 days prior
                 written notice to the other party. If said contract should be
                 terminated without cause as provided herein, FCI will be relieved of
                 all obligations under said contract. FCI will only be required to pay
                 to the Bank that amount of the contract actually performed to the
                 date of termination. Access to any and all account information will
                 be provided to FCI after the Termination of the contract.
                 The Bank will have the option to terminate the contract without
                 cause upon written notice to the President/CEO. Such written
                 notice must be received at least 60 days prior to the effective date of
                 termination. Cancellation of contract by provider may result in
                 removal from bidders/Applicants list for a period of ten years.
            c. Default In the event that the awarded Applicant(s) should breach
               this contract FCI reserves the right to seek remedies in law and/or
               in equity. Default will result in removal from the bidders/Applicants
               list for a period of ten years.
            d. Award of Contract The Family Central Banking Services Contract is
               expected to be awarded at the Board meeting that will be held at
               8:00 A.M., October 1, 2008, in the FCI Conference Room, 840 SW
               81st Ave, North Lauderdale, Florida 33068.

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                               12 of 23

          1. Federal And State Tax
               FCI is exempt from federal and state taxes for tangible personal
               property, sales taxes, and intangible taxes. The Chief Financial
               Officer will sign an exemption certificate submitted by the successful
               Applicant(s).    Applicant(s) doing business with FCI will not be
               exempted from paying sales tax to their suppliers for materials to
               fulfill contractual obligations with the FCI, nor will any Applicant be
               authorized to use FCI’s Tax Exemption Number in securing such
          2. Legal Requirements
               It shall be the responsibility of the Applicant to be knowledgeable of
               all federal, state, county and local laws, ordinances, rules and
               regulations that in any manner affect the items covered herein which
               may apply. Lack of knowledge by the Applicant(s) will in no way be a
               cause for relief from responsibility.
               Applicants(s) doing business with FCI are prohibited from
               discriminating against any employee, applicant, or client because of
               race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or age
               with regard to but not limited to the following: employment practices,
               rates of pay or other compensation methods, and training selection.
          3. Agreement
               A contract will be negotiated after the award for any services to be
               performed as a result of this RFP. The RFP, the proposal, and the
               resulting contract will constitute the complete agreement between
               Applicant and FCI.

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                             13 of 23
FCI requires a proposal to be completed in full, including the following
                           A – Table of Contents
                           B - Letter of Certification
                           C – Availability Schedule
                           D - Proposal
                           E - Location
                           F - Interest Rates for Interest Bearing Accounts
                           G- Account Services Costs
                           H – Certification Affidavit
                           I – W-9 IRS Form

A – Table of Contents
Table of Contents: include a clear identification of the material by section and
by page number.

B - Letter of Certification
This section is a letter of certification on Company letterhead to be signed by an
officer of the banking institution. The letter should state that the bank can
provide the service FCI requires, that specific attachments have been included,
that the required additional documentation will be forwarded within 24 hours if
selected. See the example of the Letter of Certification on page 16.

C – Availability Schedule
Banks agree to credit the master account for all checks in accordance with the
bank’s availability schedule. Banks are required to attach a copy of their
availability schedule to the bid. Awarded bank agrees to notify FCI, in writing,
of any changes to the schedule.

D - Proposal
                Briefly state the understanding of the Applicant regarding the
                 services to be rendered and make a positive commitment to
                 perform the services.
                Give the names of the persons who will be authorized to make
                 representations for the Applicant, their titles, resumes, addresses,
                 telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
                Give the names of the persons who will be the Contact on a daily
                 basis. Provide their titles, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-
                 mail addresses.
                Discussion of how you will meet each of the services desired as
                 described in Section II - Scope of Services. At a minimum, this

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                            14 of 23
                    section should include an explanation concerning each of the
                     Account Structure with the Master and Sub Accounts, as well
                      as the availability schedule
                     Wire Transfers
                     On-line Banking Services
                     Monthly Statements
                     Other Banking Services

                Additional Data: Since data not specifically requested must not be
                 included in the foregoing proposal sections, give any additional
                 information considered essential to the proposal in this section. If
                 there is no additional information to present, state in this section
                 “No additional information to present.”

E – Location
The locations of the branches which shall be available to FCI based on its office
locations: 840 SW 81st Ave, North Lauderdale, FL 33068; 3111 South Dixie
Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405; and 10800 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL
33161. Please provide a list of branches specifically noting the distance from
each branch to the office location in the respective counties.

F - Interest Rates for Interest Bearing Accounts
For the master account, please state the earnings rate that would have been
given to that account by your bank in June 2008.

G- Account Services Costs
Complete the matrix for Account Services Costs. Any other costs which the
bank feels it needs to include, are to be addressed in the “Exceptions” area of
this component. If a service requirement cannot be met, the term “No
Proposal” should be entered on the line for that specific requirement. In the
case of a “No Proposal” remark, an alternative equivalent service may be
offered. A separate listing of exceptions to RFP specifications is required or the
exceptions will be invalid. A copy of the bank’s fees schedule should also be
attached along with the proposed rates and fees for the line of credit requested.

H – Certification Affidavit
The Certification Affidavit attests that the organization has made all necessary
disclosures and will provide copies of policies within 3 days of being selected.
This form needs to be signed and notarized and returned with the proposal.

I – W-9 IRS Form
Complete a standard W-9 IRS form to certify the banking institution’s taxpayer
identification number.

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                            15 of 23
2: Example of Letter of Certification (IV-B)

Ainsworth Geddes, Chief Financial Officer
Family Central, Inc.
840 SW 81st Ave
North Lauderdale, Florida 33068
Dear Mr. Geddes:
We have read Family Central’s Request for Proposal and fully understand its
intent. We certify that we have adequate personnel, equipment, technology,
and facilities to fulfill the requirements thereto. We understand that our ability
to meet the criteria and provide the required services may be judged by the
Finance Committee with final approval from the Board.
We have attached the following:
               1. Banking Services Proposal – include complete discussion of each
                  topic outlined in the Scope of Services Section
               2. Certificate of Qualified Public Depository as defined per Florida
                  State Statute 280
               3. Availability Schedule
               4. Signed and notarized copy of the Certification Affidavit
               5. Completed W-9 IRS Form (See attached form)

I, the undersigned Applicant have not divulged, discussed, or compared this
proposal with any other Applicants and have not colluded with any other
Applicant in the preparation of this proposal in order to gain an unfair
advantage in the award of this proposal.

Submitted by:


(AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE)                                                       (DATE)


(E-MAIL)                                                            (TELEPHONE)

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                  16 of 23
3: Example for Location of Branches (IV-E)
We shall give same day credit as “good ledger funds” for all deposits made by
the specified time at these specific branches. We agree to accept deposits until
2:00 p.m. at the following branches:

                    NAME OF BRANCH:                         ADDRESS:

4: Contact Information

      NAME OF CONTACT PERSON:                       PHONE #/E-MAIL ADDRESS:

5: Example of Interest Rates Schedule for Interest Bearing Accounts (IV-F)
The proposal for the interest bearing accounts is as follows:
                                         AVERAGE RATE       BASIS FOR
ACCOUNT                       TYPE       FOR NOVEMBER       DETERMINING RATE

Master Account                Interest

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                           17 of 23
6: Account Services Costs (IV-G)
We agree to provide the following services at the costs specified below based on
the information provided in this RFP. If any exception must be made, it should
be stated here in the appropriate section.
The history with respect to the volume of transactions is based on an average
of the last 6 months.
                 Service               Average    Cost Per         Service
                                       Monthly     Item            Charge
Account Maintenance                       4
On-line banking services                  2
ZBA Master/Sub Accounts                   2
Electronic debits/credits                62
Check images cleared                    1,336
Transmission out/in
ACH origination                         2,323
ACH reversal / exceptions /              10
returns / NOC
Deposits                                 20
Deposit Items                            158
Returned Checks                           1
Wire transfers: Incoming                  8
Wire transfers: Outgoing -                0
Computer Transaction
(preferred method)
Stop Payment fees                         2
Status of check inquiry                   2
FDIC Expense / $1,000                    963
Full Reconciliation                       2
Checks on CD ROM

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                       18 of 23
                 Service               Est. Annual   Cost Per   Service
                                         Volume       Item      Charge
Overdraft charges                          0


FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                  19 of 23
                                       CERTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT
   I do hereby certify that all facts, figures, and representations made in the
   proposal are true and correct. The filing of this proposal has been
   authorized by the contracting entity and I have been duly authorized to act
   as the representative of the organization in connection with this proposal. I
   also agree to follow all Terms, Conditions, and applicable federal and state
     Applicants are hereby advised, and agree to comply with FCI’s adopted
     conflict of interest regulations:
     All Applicants must disclose the name of any officer, director or agency who
     is also an employee of FCI. All Applicants must disclose the name of any
     FCI employee who owns, directly or indirectly, any interest in the
     Applicants’ business or any of its branches. All Applicants must disclose
     any business relationships with any officer or director of FCI. Such
     disclosure must be submitted as a cover letter included with the Application
     for Funding, addressed to the FCI Board Chair, no later than the proposal
     I, the undersigned Applicant, hereby attest that the following policies,
     procedures, regulations, and documentation are in effect and agree to
     provide copies of the following within three (3) working days of notification of
     intent to contract or contract award:
                         a. Affirmative Action Policy
                         b. Certified Minority Business Enterprise (if applicable)
                         c. Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Policy (if
                         d. Americans with Disabilities Act Policy
                         e. Drug Free Workplace Policy

   a. I understand that a “public entity crime as defined in Paragraph 287.1
      33(1)(g), Florida Statutes means a violation of any state or federal law by
      a person with respect to and directly related to the transaction of

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                 20 of 23
          business with any entity or with an agency or political subdivision of any
          other state or with the United States, including, but not limited to, any
          bid or contract for goods or services to be provided to any public entity or
          an agency or political subdivision of any other state or of the United
          States and involving antitrust, fraud, theft, bribery, collusion,
          racketeering, conspiracy, or material misrepresentation.
     b. I understand that “convicted” or “conviction” as defined in Paragraph
        287.1 33(1)(b), Florida Statutes means a finding of guilt or a conviction of
        a public entity crime, with or without an adjudication of guilt, in any
        federal or state trial court of record relating to charges brought by
        indictment or information after July, 1989, as a result of a jury verdict,
        non-jury trial, or entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere.
     c. I understand that an “affiliate” as defined in Paragraph 287.1C3(a)(a),
        Florida Statutes means:
                    o A predecessor or successor of a person convicted of a public
                      entity crime; or
                    o An entity under the control of any natural person who is active
                      in the management of the entity and who has been convicted of
                      public entity crime. The term “affiliate” includes those officers,
                      directors, executives, partners, shareholders, employees,
                      members, and agents who are active in the management of
                         The ownership by one person of shares constituting a
                         controlling interest in another person, or pooling of equipment
                         of income among persons when not for fair market value under
                         an arm’s length agreement, shall be a prima facie case that one
                         person controls another person. A person who knowingly enters
                         into a joint venture with a person who has been convicted of a
                         public entity crime in Florida during the preceding 36 months
                         shall be considered an affiliate.
     d. I understand that a “person” as defined in Paragraph 287.1330) (e),
        Florida Statutes means any natural person or entity organized under the
        laws of any state or of the United States with the legal power to enter into
        a binding contract and which bids or applies to bids on contracts for the
        provision of goods or services let by a public entity, or which otherwise
        transacts or applies to transact business with a public entity. The term
        “person” includes those officers, directors, executives, partners,
        shareholders, employees, members, and agents who are active in
        management of an entity.
     e. Based on information and belief, the statement which I have marked
        below is true in relation to the entity submitting this sworn statement.
        (Please indicate which statement applies).

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                               21 of 23
                    o Neither the entity submitting this sworn statement, nor any
                      officers,   directors,  executives,     partners,   shareholders,
                      employees, members, or agents who are active in management
                      of the entity, nor any affiliate of the entity have been charged
                      with and convicted of a public entity crime subsequent to July
                      1, 1989.
                    o The entity submitting this sworn statement, or one or more of
                      the officers, directors, executives, partners, shareholders,
                      employees, members, or agents who are active in management
                      of the entity, or an affiliate of the entity has been charged with
                      and convicted of a public entity crime subsequent to July 1,
                      1989, AND (Please indicate which additional statement applies.)
                    o There has been proceeding concerning the conviction before a
                      hearing officer of the state of Florida, Division of Administrative
                      Hearings. The final order entered by the hearing officer did not
                      place the person or affiliate on the convicted vendor list. (Please
                      attach a copy of the final order).
                    o The person or affiliate was placed on the convicted vendor list.
                      There has been a subsequent proceeding before a hearing
                      officer of the State of Florida, Division of Administrative
                      Hearings. The final order entered by the hearing officer
                      determined that it was in the public interest to remove the
                      person or affiliate from the convicted vendor list. (Please attach
                      a copy of the final order).
                    o The person or affiliate has not been placed on the convicted
                      vendor list. (Please describe any action taken by or pending with
                      the Department of General Services).

                              ORGANIZATION’S NAME AND ADDRESS:


Type Authorized Official’s Name                          Authorized Official’s Title

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                                   22 of 23
____________________________                       ___________________________
Authorized Official’s Signature                          Date



STATE OF                                           COUNTY OF
PERSONALLY APPEARED BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority,
________________________ who, after first being sworn by me, affixed his/her
________________________(name of individual signing) signature in the space
provided above on the                  day of _____________________, 2____.
____________________________NOTARY PUBLIC
My commission expires:

FCI, Banking Services RFP-09-FCI-001                                             23 of 23

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