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Projects listed include those directly targetting hard to treat houses as well as those installing hard to treat m

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 for Homes' Hard to Treat Project Database
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t houses as well as those installing hard to treat measures.

                                                last updated: 15.12.09
Project Name                                Lead partner type
Aberdeen City Council: a case study of
community heating                           Local Authority

Barley Mow Estate, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets Local Authority

Beaufort Gardens, Kensington                Local Authority

Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association   Housing Association

Bournemouth Borough Council: Steane Houses Local Authority

Brinnington High rises, Stockport           Housing Association

Canterbury House                            Housing Association

Chy An Gweal                                Housing Association

Coastline Housing                           NGO

Completing the loop                         Housing Association

Conwy Council                               Housing Association

Cornish Houses, Caerphilly                  Local Authority
Eco Terrace, Newcastle-under-lyme (new
development)                                Local Authority

Edward Woods Estate, Hammersmith            Local Authority

Ferrier Point, Canning Town, Newham         Local Authority

GainSolar - Nottingham                      NGO

Generation Homes                            Housing Association

Glenalmond Street, Shettleston              Housing Association

Green House, Leeds (new development)        Private

Hard to treat heating & insulation          Housing Association
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) ASHP
pilot                                       National Government
Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES)
Renewables Pilot                            National Government
Home Health (Cornwall Sustainable Energy
Partnership)                                NGO
John Wood House - Upper Largo                Housing Association

Kielder Community Enterprise Ltd             NGO

Lansdowne Court                              Local Authority

London Borough of Enfield - High Rise        Local Authority

Malford Rd, St Albans                        Local Authority

Mid-Suffolk: post 1919 terrace improvements Local Authority

Millmead Estate                              Housing Association

Moray Street Insulation Project - Macduff    Local Authority

Newport City Council solid wall insulation   Local Authority
Nursery Crescent, Pre-cast reinforced
concerete houses                             Local Authority

Ochil View, Luphinnans                       Housing Association

Old Trafford Renewables Project              Local Authority

Oldham Road, Manchester                      Local Authority

Oxford Solar Initiative                      Local Authority

Park Homes Telford (Health Through Warmth) Energy supplier

Peel Avenue                                  Local Authority

Reema Houses, Caerphilly                     Local Authority

Renewable/Energy Heritage                    NGO
Roscoe Street Estate, Peabody Tower & St.
Mary's Tower, Islington                      Housing Association

Rotheley House, Well Street, Hackney         Local Authority

Rotherham: Insulating HTT properties         Local Authority
Sandwell Borough Council: An Example of a
New Brick Skin and Cavity Wall               Local Authority

Scottish Renewable Heating Pilot (SRHP)      National Government

Seaton Point, Nightingale Estate, Hackney    Local Authority

Servite Housing Association: ASHP            Housing Association
Sheffield City Council; Non traditional low rise Local Authority

Sheffield Road, Barnsley                        Local Authority

Smethwich High Rise                             Housing Association

St Francis Tower, Ipswich (new development)     Private

Summerfield Eco Neighbourhood Project           Local Authority
The Meadows Ozone Community Energy
Company                                         Local Authority
The TwentyFifty Project - Whitechapel
Preston, Lancashire                             Housing Association

Titanic Mill, Huddersfield (new development)    Private

Top of Tenements project                        NGO

Victor Street Tower                             Housing Association

Vineyard Heights (new develolpment)             Private developer
Walsall Housing Group Brownhill
Refurbishment Phase 2                           Housing Association

Warm Zones - Gateshead                          NGO

Warm Zones - Newcastle                          NGO

Warmer Walls: Crewe and Nantwich                Local Authority

West Bridge Mill - Kirkcaldy                    Housing Association

Westlea Housing Association                     Housing Association

Westray Development Trust                       Housing Association
WISE Homes grants: Stroud District Council’s
Energy Efficiency Grants                        Local Authority
Wolverhampton City Council: Low Carbon
Grants                                          Local Authority

Wood Warmth Scheme                              Local Authority
                                                Kirklees Metropolitan Council
Kirklees RE-Charge scheme                       and Kirklees Energy Services

Recreation Row Leeds                            Local Authority

Sheffield Eco Terrace                           Local Authority
Partners                           Tenure           Funding
                                                    Government’s Community Energy
                                                    Programme grant for 40% of the
Aberdeen Council                   Social           capital costs.

ECDA (architects), ECDA
LB Tower Hamlets,Royal Borough Social               LB Tower Hamlets
of Kensington and Chelsea, SE
Land and Estates, Energy Savings Social             RBKC and the Energy Savings Trust
Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing                       Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing
Association                      social             Association

Bournemouth BC                     Social

Stockport Homes                    Social           Stockport Homes

Ridgehill Housing Association      Social           Total cost: £185,100, Funding:
                                                    Clear Skies Programme: £81,000,
Penwith Housing Association
Cornwall Sustainable Energy       Social            Cornwall County Council £29,400,
                                                    Penwith District Council: provided
Partnership. Project developer                      an LPSA (Local Public Service
was Coastline Housing. Installers Social
Penwith Housing Association,                        Agreement) reward grant totalling
EarthEnergy Ltd, Earth Energy                       Matching funding provided by
Engineering, Eon, Calorex Heat    Social            EST's Innovation fund

Conway County Borough Council      social
Caerphilly County Borough
Council Staffordshire Housing
Clients:                           Social           Caerphilly County Borough Council
Association, Newcastle-Under-                       South Staffordshire Housing
Lyme Borough Council, Renew        Private          Association
London Borough of                                   London Borough of Hammersmith
Hammersmith & Fulham, ECDA         Social           & Fulham
London Borough of Newham,
ECDA was hosted and project
SunGain                            Social           London Borough of Newham
managed by Nottingham Energy                        Installations recieved grants from
Partnership, a Charity and not-
Drum Housing Association of        Private/Social   Clear Skies internal budget of
                                                    £90,000 from
Hampshire, Generation Homes                         the housing association, £30,000
programme                          Social           from Generation Homes, 50% of
Shettleston Housing Association,                    Scottish Homes (now
John Gilbert Architects            Social           Communities Scotland)

CITU property development          Private          CITU property development
Lochalsh & Skye Housing                             Energy Efficiency Design Awards -
Association                        Social           awarded £163,315.

EAGA, HEES                         Private          Welsh Assembly Government
Flintshire, Monmouthshire and
Powys Councils                     Private/Social    LPSA1 Reward, Government
                                                    Welsh AssemblyEEC, Local
Community Sustainable Energy                        Authority Private Sector Renewal
Partnership                        Private/Social   funding
                                                       Energy Efficiency Design Awards -
Kingdom Housing Association
Kielder Community Enterprises    Social                awarded £99,850. cost of the
                                                       The total installation
Ltd (KCEL). Tynedale Council and                       project was around £650,000.
KCEL were the main               Private/Social        Capital funding for the project
Bristol City Council, Michael
Dyson Associates                 Social                The scheme was funded through
                                                       the Major Repairs Allowance
London Borough of Enfield             Social           Capital Programme with

St Albans City and District Council Social             Funding for the scheme came as
                                                       part of the HIP Capital Programme
Mid Suffolk DC                        Social           and the approximate cost for each

Southern Housing Group Ltd            Social
                                                       Energy Efficiency Design Awards -
Aberdeenshire Council                 Social           awarded £168,580.

Newport City Council                  Social           Newport City Council (£500,000)
Caerphilly County Borough
Council                               social           Caerphilly County Borough Council
Fife Special Housing Association,
John Gilbert Architects Energy
Trafford MBC, National                Social
Action, Action for Sustainable
Living, GB Energy (installers)        Private          £20K DEFRA grant via NEA
Manchester City Council, Miles                         Miles Platting Private Finance
Platting Private Finance Initiative
 Energy for Sustainable               Social           Initiative
Development Ltd (ESD), The                             Energy Saving Trust, London
Rudloe Centre (TRC), Oxford City
Npower, The ScottishPower             private          Electric funding. The beginning of
Energy People Trust, PCT and                           the scheme was through NPower
Telford & Wrekin Council              Private          Health Through Warmth and
Wirral Metropolitan Borough
Council                               Social
Caerphilly County Borough
Changeworks, Lister Housing Co-       Social           Caerphilly County Borough Council
                                                       LCBP2, ScottishPower Energy
operative, Edinburgh World                             People Trust, Edinburgh World
Heritage, City of Edinburgh           Private/Social   Heritage, Scottish Government’s

Peabody Trust                         social           Peabody Trust

LB Hackney                            social           LB Hackney
Eon, Rotherham Metropolitan                            Eon, Rotherham Metropolitan
Borough Council                       Social           Borough Councilfunded the work
                                                       The Council has
                                                       as part of their capital programme
Sandwell Borough Council              Social           over a 2-year period. The cost per
EST, 8 Local Authorities across
scotland                              Private/Social   EST

LB Hackney                            social           LB Hackney
                                                       Scottish Community and
                                                       Householder Renewables
Servite Housing Association           social           Initiative (SCHRI), which is
                                                       The pilot was funded by Sheffield
                                                       City Council as part of their capital
Sheffield CC                          Social           investment programme. The
                                                       The total project cost around
                                                       £1.7m. The initial assessment for
Metropolitan Borough Council          Social           biomass usage was funded

Sandwell Homes                        Social           Decent Homes

Ricky Maskell                         Private          Private developer
                                                       Birmingham City Council, Family
Family Housing, with                                   Housing Association Urban Living
Birmingham City Council               Private          The demand pathfinder) (£2.3
                                                       (lowPrincipal funders of the
                                                       Nottingham OZONE: National
Nottingham City Council, NEA          Private/Social   Lottery Fund; Emda.

Places for people Renaissance
Developer: Lowry                      Social           Places for people Renaissance
                                                       Developer: Lowry
(Joint Venture), ESCo partner:                         (Joint Venture), ESCo partner: Mill
Mill Energy Services
City of Edinburgh council, the        private          Energy Services
local Scottish Community and                           Energy Saving Trust, the project
Householder Renewables                Private/Social   received £75,561 in funding

Sunderland Housing Group              Social

                                      Private          Private developer

Walsall Housing Group
Gateshead Warm Zone,                  Social           European Reconstruction and
Gateshead Housing Company,                             Development Fund and in future
Scottish Power, NAREC                 Social           CESP
Newcastle Warm Zone,
Newcastle CC
Crewe & Nantwich Borough              Private/Social   Warmfront, CERT Borough
                                                       Crewe & Nantwich
Council, Energy Projects Plus,                         Council, The Innovation
Mould Growth Consultants,             Private          Programme, Energy Saving Trust,
                                                       Energy Efficiency Design Awards -
Link Group Housing Association        Social           awarded £103,423.

Westlea Housing Association           Social           Clear Skies initiative
                                                       Energy Efficiency Design Awards -
Westray Development Trust             Social           awarded £140,241.

Stroud District Council
Wolverhampton City Council,   private                  Stroud District Council
                                                       ABCD New Deal for Communities;
SHOPAR, Energy Projects Plus,                          SHOPAR (Sustainable Housing
East Northamptonshire Borough Private                  Partnership)
                                                       £36K funding from “Foundation”
Trafford MBC, Etchells (installers)   Private          (North West Climate Fund)
Kirklees Metropolitan Council                          Metropolitan Council - £3m over 3
Leeds City Council, Services
and Kirklees EnergyAire Valley        private          years, CERT and LCBP
Homes, Connaught, British Gas
A Proctor Partner For
(Exclusive Group, in conjunction      Social           CERT funding partner British Gas
with Sheffield City Council and
Keir Sheffield                        Social
                                                     Energy Efficiency measures installed - type and number of homes service
                                                     indicates that the measure was used but the number is unknown)

Project area              Start date    End date     SWI        PV    SWH       BIO   GSHP      ASHP

Aberdeen Estate,
Barley Mow                              1/1/2005     EWI -
Limehouse, Tower                                     two 14
Hamlets, London                         ongoing      storey
                                                     IWI -
Beaufort Gardens,                                    large
Kensington, London                      Complete     house
                                                     EWI -            y
Bedfordshire                            1/1/2001     solid

Bournemouth                             1/1/2009     EWI -
Brinnington Highrises,                               14
Stockport House,
Canterbury                              1/1/2009     storey
                                                     EWI -
Borehamwood,                                         18
Hertfordshire                           1/1/2009     storey                           14 -
Chy An Gweal, Ludgvan,                                                                bungal
Cornwall 74 Green Lane,
Tarn West,                                1/1/2005 IWI - 14                           ows
Redruth, Cornwall, TR15                            bedsit             10
1LT                          9/1/2006     8/1/2007 in high            panels          y

UK                                         1/1/2008 EWI - 6           6 semi-         y
                                                    semi-             detach
Maes-Y-Ffynnon            6/1/2005      1/1/2006    detache
                                                    EWI -             ed
Caerphilly                              1/1/2009    house

Newcastle-under-Lyme                    ongoing      IWI --6
                                                     EWI                    6
Edward Woods Estate,      planning                   3x24
Hammersmith               stage         ongoing      storey     y
                                                                370   y
Ferrier Point, Canning                                          m2 on
Town, Newham              9/1/2007      ongoing      EWI -      south

Nottinghamshire           2/1/2004      6/1/2005                          109
Kingsley, Hampshire          3/1/2006     4/1/2007              p     16              y
Glenalmond Street,                                                    househ          Terrace
Shettleston               8/1/1998      7/1/1999     EWI -            olds            d
Beeston, leeds                          ongoing      appartm
                                                     IWI - 14         y               y
Isles of Skye             10/1/2009     ongoing      framed                                        14

Wales                                     8/1/2009                    8                            19
Wales                                   1/1/2007     y                bungal                 8y

Cornwall                  8/1/2002      ongoing      y
John Wood House, Upper
Largo                       10/1/2009    ongoing

Kielder, Northumberland                            EWI -                   y
Lansdowne Court, Easton,                           17
Bristol                                1/1/2009    storey
                                                   144 - 2
Enfield                                1/1/2004    high -
                                                   18            18
Malford Rd, St Albans         5/1/2007    1/1/2008 homes         homes

Mid-Suffolk Estate, off
The Millmead                1/1/2003     3/1/2004    EWI - 18
Millmead Road, Margate,                              apartme
Kent                                     1/1/2006    nt - 20
                                                     flats w
Moray Street, Macduff       10/1/2009    ongoing     solid
Newport                                  4/1/2007    improve
                                                     EWI -
Nursery Crescent,                                    65
Rhymney, Gwent                           1/1/2009    Wates
Ochilview, Lumphinnans,
Fife                        9/1/2000     8/1/2001                          5      18 flats
                                                                 5 flat    clean-
Old Trafford                1/1/2007     12/31/2007 EWI -        panel     burnin
Oldham Road, Manchester                  1/1/2009   storey

Oxford                      4/1/2002     6/1/2005    IWI/EWI y
                                                     EWI -       y
Telford & Wrekin            1/1/2009     ongoing     (annoth
                                                     EWI -
Peel Avenue, Wirral                      1/1/2006    estate
                                                     EWI -
Caerphilly                               1/1/2009    Reema       9
Roscoe Street Estate,       4/1/2007     6/1/2008    EWI -       ment
Peabody Tower & St.                                  2x 13
Mary's Tower, Islington                  complete    storey
                                                     EWI -
Rotheley House, Well                                 12 flats,
Street, Hackney                          complete    1000m2
                                                      EWI -                          3 - off
                                                       122                             gas
Rotherham                   9/1/2009     7/1/2010      Airey                         propert

Sandwell                                 1/1/2004    EWI - 64

Scotland                      4/1/2006      7/1/2008 EWI -            13         4       28         55
Seaton Point, Nightingale                            22
Estate, Hackney                          complete    storey                                    53
Dundee, Tayside and Fife                 11/1/2008                                             gs
                                                       EWI -
Sheffield                                 1/1/2004     (system)                      166
Sheffield Road, Barnsley
Thomson Gardens Manor                      1/1/2006 EWI -                            across
Road, Smethwick,                                    15
Birmingham                     4/1/2006 7/1/2007    storey
                                                    EWI -
St Francis Tower, Ipswich               8/1/2007    storey                 Betwee
                                                                           n Febru
Summerfield, Birmingham                   1/1/2007                         ary

The Meadows, Nottingham                   ongoing                 5 each
Whitechapel Preston,                                              of                      5 Heat
Lancashire                                   7/1/2009 IWI -       1.04kW             Wood plants
Titanic Mill, Linthwaite,                             130                            chip
Huddersfield                              1/1/2009    appartm y            7 top     CHP
Edinburgh                    7/1/2004     2/1/2006    EWI -                flats;
Roker, Sunderland
Vineyard Heights,                         1/1/2006    storey
                                                      EWI -42
Mortlake High Street,                                 apartme
Mortlake, Richmond-upon-                  1/1/2006    nts -
Shannon Drive, Brownhills,                            209
Walsall                                   1/1/2009    REEMA
                                                      EWI -
Gateshead                                    1/1/2009 terrace
                                                      EWI -
Newcastle-upon-Tyne                          1/1/2009 terrace

Crewe & Nantwich             4/30/2005    4/30/2007    IWI - 34
West Bridge Mill,
Kirkcaldy, KY1 1TE           10/1/2009    ongoing                                             6 new
Withy Close, Bushton         9/1/2003     9/1/2004     EWI - 9                                homes
Westray Island               10/1/2009    ongoing      properti                                   9

Stroud                       1/1/2000     12/1/2008

All Saints, Wolverhampton 4/1/2009        ongoing      IWI - 17            3 or 4    15
Trafford                     3/1/2009     ongoing                                    stoves

Kirklees                           2008         2011                  75        29                5
                                                       IWI -
Recreation Row, Leeds         10/1/2008 Complete       (54 m2)
                                                       IWI -
Sheffield                      7/1/2009 Complete       (50 m2)
alled - type and number of homes serviced (y
used but the number is unknown)
                    Other Measures / further info        Single or Multiple   Number of homes treated
                                                         Measures used?       (range)
                   CHP - 288 flats in high rise first
                   phase                                 single               over 100

                   thermal insulation, condensing single                      over 100
                   gas boilers, solar water heating,
                   mechanical ventilation and heat Multiple                   under 20

                   PermaRock external wall          single                    over 100
                   insulation system to overclad
                   the homes with 70mm mineral single
                   WBS’s hardwearing,                                         ?
                   weatherproof External Wall
                   75mm mineral fibre and 20mm single
                   Insulation System was applied                              20 to 100
                   phenolic – achieves a U-value of
                   0.35W/m2K. source heat pump single
                   Each ground                                                under 20
                   will extract around 6 MWh of
                   renewable thermal energy from single                       under 20

                   Coastline Housing has converted Multiple                   under 20

                   Installing SEDBUK A rated      single
                   Condensing Boilers.
                   Re-roofing Wall Insulation
                   WBS External                   Multiple                    under 20
                   System was used on the outside
                   fabric of the building. This   single                      ?

                   Passive solar design upgrade
                   thermal overcladding                  Multiple             under 20
                   to current building regs,
                   Photovoltaics panels, Solar
                   enhanced building fabric              Multiple             over 100
                   performance, PV installation,
                   60% CO2 reduction. 370m2 of           Multiple             over 100

                   · Cavity and loft insulation · Full   Single               over 100
                   double glazing · Draught-
                   proofing · Energy efficient light
                   The Shettleston scheme makes          Multiple             under 20
                   use of geothermal energy by
                   taking water at 12 degrees C,         single               under 20

                   Rain and grey water systems
                   install insulated membranes,      Multiple                 over 100
                   internal insulating plasterboard,
                   upgrade loft insulation and       Multiple                 under 20

                                                         single               under 20

                   delivering measures to homes in Multiple                   ?
                   Cornwall - similar to Warm
                   Front, but now doing EWI        Multiple                   ?
John Wood House in Upper
Largo is a B listed former
hospital which has been - 6 new
Biomass district heating            single     ?
build plus community
buildings                           Multiple   under 20
Originally with a U-value of
2.17W/m2K for the wall
An external semi-rain screen        single     under 20
system was used with a steel
framethermal heating panels
Solar system fixed to the           single     over 100
were installed, which were
expected to provide 55% of the
The external insulation and         Multiple   under 20
cladding system used was
Permarock and comprised a
The original tile hanging was       single     under 20
removed and the houses were
overclad with Alsecco external
The Moray Street Insulation         single     over 100
Project in Macduff consists of 20
solid granite flats.                Multiple   under 20

WBS External Wall Insulation        single     20 to 100
System was used on the outside
fabric ofsource heat pump
Ground the building,                single     20 to 100
systems using open loop water
source heat pumps.                  single     under 20
2 solar-compatible condensing
gas boilers insulation was
external wall                       Multiple   under 20
used to upgrade the brick
substrate to a U-value of
OSI has facilitated the             single     under 20
installation of 80 active solar
External over 450 energy
systems, Wall insulation which is   Multiple   20 to 100
a 60mm external render, blown
The PermaRock and under floor
in loft insulationmineral fibre     single     under 20
insulation system was installed,
WBS External Wall on the
with scratch renderInsulation       single     ?
System was used on the outside
fabric of the building,             single     over 100

The buildings have insulation
Draft proofing, loft been           Single     20 to 100
externally insulated using an
acrylic render system               single     over 100

                                    single     under 20

The properties have had new         single     over 100
external brick skins built on a
boot foundation along with          single     20 to 100
refered to warm deal for
insulation                          Multiple   20 to 100

                                    single     20 to 100

                                    single     20 to 100
The external wall insulation
used was a Permarock system
with 50mmbiomass heating •
Communal phenolic foam,              single     20 to 100
system using local wood chips
80mm kW and 1 x 150 kW •
1 x 320mineral fibre insulation      Multiple   over 100
was used on this particular
project, which not only offered      single     over 100

                                     single     20 to 100

insulation & central heating
Energy advice and zero interest      Multiple   over 100
loans, “Local residents have
used green loans to install          multiple   ?

Wireless Energy Monitor
Dry lining (200-300mm mineral        Multiple   under 20
bre insulation) has been applied
 Heat internal ventilation
to the recoverywalls, roofs and      Multiple   over 100
systems. Solar water heating.
Loft blocks are being overclad
The insulation.                      Multiple   under 20
with PermaRock’s mineral fibre
insulated system, incorporating
Some 2,400 sq. metres of MR          single     under 20
Swisstherm external wall
insulation was specified by
weber.therm external wall            single     20 to 100
insulation system, with 70mm
phenolic insulation to the upper     single     over 100

                                     single     under 20

                                     single     under 20
Loft, cavity wall and hot water
tankmill has large windows,
The insulation, double glazing,      Multiple   20 to 100
vaulted ceilings and solid walls.
The Group is aiming to achieve
Link projectHousing Association      single     ?
insulate the lofts uses timber
‘Good’ rating andand hot water       single     under 20
cylinders in all of the properties
as well as draught proof and         Multiple   under 20
grant is offered following home
energy audit and advice              multiple   20 to 100

Radiator panels                      Multiple   under 20

                                 single         under 20
Plus 6 biomass. Figures are for
year 1 installations
Spacetherm® F18 high             Multiple       20 to 100
performance dry lining laminate
onto the existing 1900’s, 9 inch single
Spacetherm® F40 high                            under 20
dry lining laminate              single         under 20
                           Link to further
Further comments
ACC consulted tenants      information
                           http://www.energysa      contact      <B>Partners: funding text
                                                                 Partners and </B>Aberdeen
throughout. The tenants                   Council. <B>Funding:
were able to choose. Of    ess/Global-                           </B>Government’s Community
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>LB Tower
                                   Hamlets, ECDA. <B>Funding:
                           k/                                    </B>LB Tower Hamlets
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>ECDA
                                   (architects), Royal Borough of
Advantages                 k/                                    Kensington and Chelsea, SE Land
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Bedfordshire
• Thermal mass of the                Pilgrims Housing Association.
building is on the inside  .uk/partL_study/
                           http://www.inca-                      <B>Funding: </B>Bedfordshire
                                      <B>Partners: </B>Bournemouth
The utilisation of this    release-09-07-03.htm
                           http://www.wbs-                       BC. <B>Funding: </B>
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Stockport
WBS system improved                 Homes. <B>Funding:
the insulation u-values    /casestudies/Brinning
                           http://www.inca-                      </B>Stockport Homes
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Ridgehill
                                      Housing Association.
Mostly older residents     release-09-09-25.htm     Denys        <B>Funding: </B>
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Penwith
previously on solid fuel     Stephens,    Housing Association.
and renewable
The electric heating, all  k/page195g.html          Sustainabi   <B>Funding: </B>Total cost:
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Cornwall
technology not only                  Sustainable Energy Partnership.
making the premises        k/page200g.html                       Project developer was Coastline
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Penwith
                           http://www.completi                   Housing Association, EarthEnergy
                           http://www.conwy.go                   Ltd, Earth Energy Engineering,
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Conway County
                                   Borough Council. <B>Funding:
                           http://www.wbs-                       </B>
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Caerphilly
                                  County Borough Council.
                           /casestudies/cornish.                 <B>Funding: </B>Caerphilly
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Clients:
                                    Staffordshire Housing Association,
The scheme incorporates k                                        Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>London
the largest                        Borough of Hammersmith &
buildingintegrated         k/                                    Fulham, ECDA. <B>Funding:
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>London
                                   Borough of Newham, ECDA.
                           http://www.nottener                   <B>Funding: </B>London Borough
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>SunGain was
                                      hosted and project managed by
· Good communication       energy/solar-water-
                           http://www.generatio     cathy.hou    Nottingham Energy Partnership, a
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Drum Housing
between stakeholders     gh@esd.c     Association of Hampshire,
was essential in ensuring Project.htm
Shettleston Housing, Paul   Generation Homes programme.
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Shettleston
Association did install an uk/uploads/documen                    Housing Association, John Gilbert
electric pool heater about ts/partnership/Heat%     Developm     Architects. <B>Funding:
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>CITU property
                           http://www.greenhou      ent          development. <B>Funding:
                           http://www.lowcarbo      manager,
                                                    Ian          </B>CITU property development
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Lochalsh & Skye
                    McIver,      Housing Association.
                           http://www.eagagrou      infor@lsh
                                                    Adam.cho     <B>Funding: </B>Energy HEES.
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>EAGA,
                    wn@eaga.     <B>Funding: </B>Welsh Assembly
                           http://www.heeswale      com          Government </B>Flintshire,
                                   Monmouthshire and Powys
                           _report%20_english.p                  Councils. <B>Funding:
                                                                 <B>Partners: </B>Community
                                   Sustainable Energy Partnership.
                           k/page104g.html                       <B>Funding: </B> LPSA1 Reward,
                             http://www.sustainab                  <B>Partners: </B>Kingdom
                                       Housing Association.
Issues raised The main       munities/news/energ
                             http://www2.northu                    <B>Funding: </B>Energy
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Kielder
lessons that have come                   Community Enterprises Ltd
out of this project for      orts/nreg/
                             http://www.inca-                      (KCEL). Tynedale Council and KCEL
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Bristol City
                                        Council, Michael Dyson
So far feedback on the       release-09-09-25.htm
                                     Associates. <B>Funding: </B>
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>London
scheme has been positive     uk/uploads/documen                    Borough of Enfield. <B>Funding:
from residents,              ts/partnership/Insulat                <B>Partners: </B>St funded
                                                                   </B>The scheme wasAlbans City
                                     and District Council. <B>Funding:
It is a little early for     k/page193g.html
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Mid Suffolk DC.
tenant feedback, but so      uk/uploads/documen                     <B>Funding: </B>Funding for the
far no significant           ts/partnership/Insulat
                             http://www.inca-                      scheme came</B>Southern HIP
                                                                   <B>Partners: as part of the
                                         Housing Group Ltd. <B>Funding:
                             http://www.lowcarbo                   </B>
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Aberdeenshire
                                   Council. <B>Funding: </B>Energy
                             http://www.newport.      Newport      Efficiency Design Awards - City
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Newport
                       City         Council. <B>Funding:
The outcome of this          s/public/documents/n
                             http://www.wbs-          Council,     </B>Newport</B>Caerphilly
                                                                   <B>Partners: City Council
particular scheme was so                 County Borough Council.
successful, OchilaView
Tenants at that waiting      /casestudies/wates.p
                                     <B>Funding: </B>Caerphilly
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Fife Special
complained that their        uk/uploads/documen                    Housing Association, John Gilbert
The householders hot
radiators were nothaveto     ts/partnership/Heat%                  Architects. <B>Funding: </B>
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Trafford MBC,
formed a                             National Energy Action, Action for
pioneering wood fuel         k/wood-you-believe-it
                             http://www.inca-                      Sustainable Living, GB Energy
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Manchester
                                        City Council, Miles Platting Private
                             release-09-09-25.htm     Paul         Finance Initiative. <B>Funding:
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B> Energy for
                             http://oxfordsolar.en    Robinson,    Sustainable Development Ltd
Excellent feedback. Due
                             http://www.telford.g     probinson
                                                      Afordable    (ESD), The Rudloe Centre (TRC),
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Npower, The
to it improving park      warmth       ScottishPower Energy People
homes the insulation has     racy/News/LocalPark
                             http://www.inca-         manager.     Trust, PCT and Telford & Wrekin
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Wirral
                                         Metropolitan Borough Council.
The External Wall            studies-1.htm
                             http://www.wbs-          Andrew       <B>Funding: </B>
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Caerphilly
Insulation System used    Murphy,      County Borough Council.
not only improved the        /casestudies/reema.p
                             http://www.changew       Caerphilly
                                                      rbarnham     <B>Funding: </B>Caerphilly
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Changeworks,
                       @change      Lister Housing Co-operative,
                             hp?linkid=373     Edinburgh World Heritage, City of
Completed with residents                  <B>Partners: </B>Peabody Trust.
in situ                      k/                                    <B>Funding: </B>Peabody Trust
                                     <B>Partners: </B>LB Hackney.
There are about 260 Airey    k/
                             http://carbonactionn     Paul         <B>Funding: </B>LB Hackney
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Eon, Rotherham
  construction houses in      Maplethor    Metropolitan Borough Council.
  the council's stock, the
Owner-occupiers under        oads/magazine/CANe
                        pe,          <B>Funding: </B>Eon, Rotherham
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Sandwell
the right to buy scheme      uk/uploads/documen                    Borough Council. <B>Funding:
were campaigning to get      ts/partnership/Insulat
                             http://www.energysa      Bob          </B>The Council has funded the
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>EST, 8 Local
                       Barnham,     Authorities across scotland.
                             orate/Global-            Changewo     <B>Funding: </B>EST
                                     <B>Partners: </B>LB Hackney.
Improved aesthetic           k/
                             http://www.energysa                   <B>Funding: </B>LB Hackney
                                                                   <B>Partners: </B>Servite Housing
                                   Association. <B>Funding:
                             ess/Publication-                      </B>Scottish Community and
Tenants have been very                             <B>Partners: </B>Sheffield CC.
satisfied with the            uk/uploads/documen                               <B>Funding: </B>The pilot was
improvements in thermal
Through the                   ts/partnership/Insulat
                              http://www.housingc      Dick                    funded by Sheffield City Council as
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Metropolitan
establishment of an      Bradford,               Borough Council. <B>Funding:
energy supply contract,
Many of the residents         f/Fit_for_the_future_
                              http://www.wbs-          r.bradford              <B>Partners: project cost around
                                                                               </B>The total</B>Sandwell
have commented on how                            Homes. <B>Funding: </B>Decent
pleasing the block now is     /casestudies/sandwell                            Homes
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Ricky Maskell.
                                                 <B>Funding: </B>Private
                           Claire                  developer </B>Family Housing,
                         Hardwick,               with Birmingham City Council.
“We spend a lot of time       ojects/eco+projects+p
                         0121 766                <B>Funding: </B>Birmingham City
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Nottingham
visiting houses and           .uk/areas_of_work/p                              City Council, NEA. <B>Funding:
The people who about
talking to peoplelive in a    ublic_services_lab/en
                              http://www.placesfor     derek.wat               </B>The Principal funders of the
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Places for
community, how they live     ters@plac               people. <B>Funding: </B>Places
their lives but also the- a
Not entirely sucessful        s/our_eco_plan/white
                              http://www.lowryho       esforpeopl              for people </B>Developer:
number of empty                                  Lowry Renaissance (Joint
The key successes years
appartments a fewin the       media/sustainable_en
                              http://www.changew       rbarnham                Venture), ESCo partner: Mill
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>City of
project were:           @change                 Edinburgh council, the local
AEstablishing ‘permitted
  silicone through-           hp?linkid=344
                              http://www.inca-              Scottish Community and
coloured render was                                  <B>Partners: </B>Sunderland
applied, enabling the         studies-1.htm
                              http://www.inca-                                 Housing Group. <B>Funding: </B>
                                                     <B>Partners: </B>. <B>Funding:
the properties were           studies-1.htm
                              http://www.inca-         ammo.sin                </B>Private developer
completed in just 12        gh@whgr                 <B>Partners: </B>Walsall Housing
months – to cause as little   release-09-07-03.htm
                                                       John                    Group. <B>Funding: </B>
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Gateshead
                        Leslie,                 Warm Zone, Gateshead Housing
                              http://www.warmzon       Gateshead
                                                       simon.joh               Company, Scottish Power, NAREC.
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Newcastle
                        nson@ne                 Warm Zone, Newcastle CC.
100% of people said           ml
                              http://www.crewe-        wcastle.go
                                                       Alastair.Ba             <B>Funding: </B>Warmfront,
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Crewe &
delivery was fast, 80%     in@cheshi               Nantwich Borough Council,
said that their home feels    ugh_life/council_new
                                                       brea@link     Bev Read, Energy Projects Plus, Mould
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Link Group
                        01592     Housing Association.
Heating listed building
Grade B specialist sub        munities/news/energ
                         k             644048    <B>Funding: </B>Energy
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Westlea
contractor needed to          uk/uploads/documen                               Housing Association.
develop a user manual as      ts/partnership/Heat%
                              http://www.sustainab                             <B>Funding: </B>Clear Skies
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Westray
                                                   Development Trust. <B>Funding:
Feedback Generally            munities/news/energ
                         Debbie.He               </B>Energy Efficiency Design
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Stroud District
feedback has been             uk/uploads/documen       witt@stro               Council. <B>Funding: </B>Stroud
positive and the private
6 of 7 in SWI pilot were      ts/partnership/Insulat
                                                       Energy                  District Council
very pleased, 1 neutral.      efficiency              </B>Wolverhampton City Council,
Happy to have work done       g/improvements/ener
                              http://foundation.cli    officer,
                                                       Andy                    SHOPAR, Energy Projects Plus,
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Trafford MBC,
                         Hunt,                   Etchells (installers). <B>Funding:
                              http://www.kirklees.g    Sustainabi
                                                       William                 </B>£36K funding from
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Kirklees
interest free secured loan      Edrich,                 Metropolitan Council and Kirklees
of up to £10,000
The unique high               ironment/RE-             Environme
                                                       Tony                    Energy Services . <B>Funding:
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>Leeds City
performance aerogel                                    Allen,                  Council, Aire Valley Homes,
insulation (with a k-factor
Spacetherm® F40 high                                   Leeds City
                                                       Dave                    Connaught, British Gas (Exclusive
                                                                               <B>Partners: </B>A Proctor
performance                                            Hardwick                Group, in conjunction with
dry lining laminate onto                               Sheffield               Sheffield City Council and Keir

Aberdeen, UK

E3, UK
36 Beaufort Gardens,
Kensington, UK

MK45, UK

Bournemouth, UK

Stockport, UK
Hertfordshire, UK

Ludgvan, Cornwall, UK
74 Green Lane, Redruth,
Cornwall, TR15 1LT, UK

Maes-Y-Ffynnon, Conwy,

Caerphilly, UK

Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK

Hammersmith, London, UK
Canning Town, Newham,

Nottingham, UK

Kingsley, Hampshire, UK
Glenalmond Street,
Shettleston, UK

Beeston, leeds, UK

Isles of Skye, UK

Wales, UK

Wales, UK

Truro, Cornwall, UK
Upper Largo, UK
Kielder, Northumberland,


Enfield, UK

Saint Albans, UK

Mid-Suffolk, UK

Margate, Kent, UK

Moray Street, Macduff, UK

Newport, UK


Lumphinnans, Fife, UK

Old Trafford, UK
Oldham Road,
Manchester, UK
Hertford college, Oxford,

Telford & Wrekin, UK

Peel Avenue, Wirral, UK

Caerphilly, UK

Edinburgh, UK

Islington, London, UK
Well Street, Hackney,
London, UK

Rotherham, UK

Sandwell, UK

Perth, UK

Hackney, London, UK

Dundee, UK
Sheffield, UK

Barnsley, UK

Ipswich, UK

Birmingham, UK

Nottingham, UK
Whitechapel, Preston,
Lancashire, UK
Linthwaite, Huddersfield,

Edinburgh, UK

Roker, Sunderland, UK
Mortlake High Street,
Mortlake, Richmond-upon-
Thames, London, UK
Shannon Drive, Brownhills,
Walsall, UK


Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Crewe & Nantwich, UK


Withy Close, Bushton, UK

Westray Island, UK

Stroud, UK
All Saints, Wolverhampton,

Trafford, UK

Kirklees, UK

Leeds, UK

Sheffield, UK

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