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									                                     Hal Hubschman
                                         7910 Fawndale Way
                                          Atlanta, GA 30350
                                            (770) 804-8282
                                          (404) 247-8283 cell
       Six Sigma Green Belt, IT Project Management, Software Development Methodology
                                     and Process Specialist

SUMMARY                A former Microsoft Global Enterprise Program Manager, information systems
                       executive and strategist with proven record of accomplishment in successful
                       large-scale application design, integration and implementations. Managed
                       and directed product development teams and designed processes and
                       procedures to lower code defects and project overruns.


Languages              Visual Basic, VB Script, ASP, HTML, XML, Java, Perl, PHP, VBA, C, COBOL,
                       FORTRAN, REXX, JCL

Software               XP, Server (5.5, 2000, 2003), Exchange (5.5, 2000, 2003), Share Point, Office
                       Suite, Project, Visual Studio, Visio, Erwin, Rational UML, Visual Test, VM,

Databases              Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005), Microsoft Access, Oracle

Hardware:              Servers, Desktops, Watch guard Firewall, Cisco, IBM Mainframes

EXPERIENCE             ISO International, Inc
6/01-Present           Atlanta, GA
                       Management Consulting and IT Technical Services

            o   Timpani Marketing – Designed and managed the development of a dashboard
                and reporting system for a major credit card company’s transaction data
            o    Infinite Dimensions – A nationally recognized light manufacturing and fabrication
                company for trade shows and special events
                     Services included Business Analysis, IT consulting, process workflow
                        analysis, software solution analysis and selection, and new system
            o   Rare Hospitality Group (The Capital Grill and Long Horn Steak) for Definition 6
                     Project Managed using agile development process, participated in the
                        requirements gathering and developed the wire frames for a web enabled
                        and hostess station restaurant reservation solution 30 premium branded
                        locations utilizing touch screens, Visio 2003, Microsoft .Net and SQL Server
            o   Raymond James for AXSOne
                     Project Managed the deployment of a Sarbanes Oxley /SEC compliance
                        solution and advised the vendor on process and software improvements
            o   Managed, developed, and implemented, the strategic IT plans, which included disaster
                avoidance and recovery for a mortgage lender. Developed RFQs and negotiated
                contracts with the vendors selected.
                                     Hal Hubschman

EXPERIENCE            OPTIO Software, Inc
6/00 - 5/01           Atlanta, GA
                      TECHNICAL RESOURCE MANAGER/Customer Care Center

           o   Managed the companies second level support team, directed teams from first level
               support, training, and services to improve customer satisfaction by managing the
               escalation process of issues and improving their technical knowledge
           o   Managed the budget, hired and developed/mentored junior team members and
               meet with the executive team with regard to both staffing and customer issues
           o   Worked as part of the leadership team in the new product release, that included
               participating in architecture design and reviews
           o   Work with account management and services leadership in developing processes
               and methods to resolve customer issues, formulated procedures, and required
               tasks for by services during the life cycle of a customer engagement
           o   Developed service level agreements (SLA) with customers and internal
           o   Developed and presented seminars to a company wide audience in an effort to
               raise their level of knowledge of trouble shooting and emerging technologies
           o   Managed the support and development labs and developed the security and
               disaster recovery guidelines

7/99 - 11/99          ACG Software a Division of ACG Professionals
                      Atlanta, GA

           o   Interim VP to complete a number of critical tasks while I planned the closing of the
           o   Designed and developed a B2B Internet based real estate appraisal application to
               track the property appraisal projects and expenses of real estate appraisers in 12
               cities which intergraded into their existing accounting applications
           o   Developed the functional specifications, project plans and managed the
               development staff using formal SDLC processes

6/98 – 7/99           Forestar Information Systems, Inc.
                      Atlanta, GA
                      CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER
                      (Acquired by Great Plains, Inc.)

           o   As part of the Executive team, I presented the company’s solutions to Great Plains
               that lead to the acquisition.
           o   Worked closely with development team in developing the Fixed Asset module that
               ran as a Great Plains Financial software solution
           o   Managed the interview process of candidates for employment
           o   Managed budgeting, procurement for hardware and software
           o   Managed the company’s IS team and developed the backup, recovery and security
                                    Hal Hubschman

EXPERIENCE           Quality Systems
6/98 – 9/98          Atlanta, GA
                     CONTRACT DEVELOPER

3/98 – 6/98          Radiant Systems
                     Atlanta, GA

10/91 – 10/97        Microsoft Corporation
                     Seattle, WA, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY
                     INTERNET CUSTOMER UNIT (11/93 – 10/97)

         o    Directed the development and support for a major international publishing
              company, Reed-Elsevier with 26,000 employees in 30 divisions across six
              countries with a budget in excess of $50 million a year in product and services
              using the Microsoft Solution Frame work agile development process
         o    Distributed objects where created to support the vast array of applications stored
              on Microsoft, IBM and Sun servers using SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle
         o    Designed solution using UML and ER modeling tools while following formal SDLS

                     PROJECT MANAGER/SENIOR CONSULTANT (10/91-11/93)

              As a Project Manager and Senior Consultant, worked with senior level
              management of Fortune 500 companies in designing and implementing long term
              information systems and strategies utilizing Microsoft Internet technologies, SQL
              Sever and Visual Basic. Some clients include:

                        Bellsouth (Birmingham and La Vista Road)
                        Cox Cable
                        Southern Company
                        Georgia Pacific
                        Georgia Power
                                     Hal Hubschman

EXPERIENCE             Bartech Information Systems, Inc.
8/85 – 11/91           New York, NY
                       MANAGING GENERAL PARTNER

          o     Managed, designed and developed solutions for financial and non-financial
                customers using C, FOCUS, Oracle, and Assembler, on PCs, DEC systems, and
                IBM mainframe systems
          o     Developed detailed project plans and specifications, which included budgets for
                manpower and facilities requirements
          o     Designed and developed solutions for the brokerage industry on Wall Street
          o     Meet with Senior Executives to develop long term plans for their
          o     Recruited person to facilitate fulfillment of proposed solutions and projects
          o     Developed disaster recovery plans and security guidelines
          o     Facilitated the mentoring of Junior Staff in proper process and methodologies of
                software development

10/83 – 10/85          Information Builders, Inc.
                       New York, NY
                       SENIOR FIELD CONSULTANT/FOCUS

10/82 – 10/83          AT&T Bell Labs
                       Homedale, NJ

1981 - 1982            General Motors
                       New York, NY


1982                   Baruch College – City University of NY
                       New York, NY
                       Computer Science and Statistics


Six Sigma Green Belt

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