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					VOLUME 1          ISSUE 2

                                                                                            Volume 7


                                                                                               Issue 9

Table of Contents
                                                   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
    1 President’s Message                                     It is hard to believe that it is September
    2 Upcoming Events                                     already. For some of you this means it is year-
                                                          end at work, you’re sending your children off to
    2 Community Service                                   school or you’re excited to follow your favorite
    2 AGA PDC News                                        fall sport. For members of the CEC it means
                                                          all of the above plus another busy month of
      and Fun Facts                                       planning quality events for our members.
    3 from the editor                                         The Chapter is in the planning phase for the
                                                          first conference we will be organizing and
    3 Members’ news
                                                          running by ourselves. Please mark October 19th
    3 Government News        and 20th on your calendars for this event. The conference will be located at
                             Ohio Dominican University and will replace the Regional PDC that we co-
    3 Treasurer’s Report     hosted with the Central Ohio Chapter in past years. The main differences
    3 Technically Speaking   between the Regional PDC of past years and the conference this year will be
    4 CGFM Spotlight         that this year we will have more of a Federal Government focus and the
                             event will be two days rather than three. Like I said, we are in the planning
    4 CGFM News              phase and working out all of the details, so please be on the watch for more
                             information on this event.
    4 CEC Minutes
                                 Back by popular demand is the opportunity to work in the Team Shop at
    4 AGA National News      the OSU football games. This opportunity is for all home football games,
    5 Quote of the Month     so if you are interested keep an eye out for information on signing up to
                             volunteer. Volunteers will be on a first come first serve basis. This has
    5 Tech Talk              been a popular event in the past, so I hope we can continue to make this
    6 Chapter Officers       a success.
        Directors                Lastly, all members should have all received a user name and password
                             to access the chapter website (www.greatercolumbusaga.org). If you did not
    6 Mentoring Minute       receive this information please contact Jeff Barr (Jeffrey.barr@dfas.mil) or
    6 Vet’s Corner           Justin Sponseller (Justin.sponseller@dfas.mil) and they will assist you. The
                             user name and password is important because the website will now allow
                             you to customize when you receive notifications from the Greater
                             Columbus Chapter. I believe that the continuous updates made to the
                             website will assist in communicating with you and providing an easy
                             location for you to find whatever you are looking for in relation to AGA
                             and the Greater Columbus Chapter. Of course that does not mean that if
                             you have a question you cannot contact me or any of the Directors because
                             we are always ready and willing to answer any questions you have. If you or
                             someone you know is not receiving AGA updates please let Jeff or I know
                             as well and we will ensure they do in the future.
                             Have a great month!
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                         UPCOMING EVENTS                                                    EMPLOYEE Service
                     – SEPTEMBER LUNCHEON –                                            Watch for info on how to sign up
Topic: CPAs IN THE CLASSROOM. Elementary School Financial                              for the Kroger Reward Program
Literacy Outreach - In response to requests from teachers and OSCPA                                  *****
members to offer a program that addresses financial literacy basics such as             OSU Football Game Volunteer
budgeting, saving and spending at the elementary school level, The Ohio                        Schedule – Times
CPA Foundation created a new classroom activity, called FETCH!™:                          Thursday – September 2nd
Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits™.                                       Marshall – 4:30-7:30 pm
   This new Foundation program is the exclusive OSCPA volunteer                            Saturday – September 11th
opportunity for elementary school students and will debut in fall 2010.                   Miami[FL] – 12:30-3:30 pm
High School Personal Finance Program - This well-established pro-                          Saturday – September 18th
gram features the acclaimed National Endowment for Financial Educa-                         Ohio – 9:00 am-12:00 pm
tion’s (NEFE) high quality financial planning curriculum. The materials                   Saturday – September 25th
are suitable for all high school-aged students, grades 9 through 12.                          Eastern Mich – TBA
Facilitated in five, 45 minutes sessions, the program addresses budgeting,                  Saturday – October 9th
investing, credit, identify theft, and insurance. Volunteers are encouraged                     Indiana – TBA
to complete the curriculum and promote discussion by sharing their                          Saturday – October 23rd
personal and professional experiences with students.                                      Purdue – 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Speaker: Kimberly Scher, vice president of communications at The Ohio                      Saturday – November 13th
Society of CPAs and Karen J. West, The Ohio Society of CPAs.                                    Penn St – TBA
Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010 – Joint Meeting with ASMC                                Saturday – November 27th
                                                                                              MICHIGAN – TBA
Time: 11:30 m – 1:00 pm
Location: DFAS Conference Center – Room C136-C137
                                                                                      Please contact Kortney Whiteman for
Menu: Assorted boxed lunches from Panera Bread to include your                         information on future Community
choice of sandwich, potato chips, a pickle, and a cookie. Choices:                          Service Volunteer Events
  Napa Almond Chicken Salad / Bacon Turkey Bravo / Italian Combo /
  Asiago Roast Beef
  Sierra Turkey / Smoked Turkey Breast / Mediterranean Veggie /
  Smoked Ham & Swiss / Tuna Salad / Roast Beef
                                                                                        AGA PDC News and
All Cafe Sandwiches prepared with mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, onions,                     Fun Facts
tomatoes, salt & pepper. Assorted beverages.
                                                                                             Calling All Articles!
Member Price: $9 each // Non-Member: $12 each
Note: Luncheon Tickets are Non-Refundable. Please contact Jessica Carse               If you attended the National AGA
(3-9607) or Jen Hurles (3-0990) if you have any questions or special dietary needs.    21010 PDC in Orlando – we want
      Tickets will be available for purchase and pick up from Monday,                           to hear about it
            August 30th until NOON, Monday, September 6th:
BLDG 21                                              BLDG 10                                  An article about a
Jessica Carse (693-9607, cube 6C-268)                Jennifer Hurles                               Speaker
Barb Bail (693-0657, cube 6C-006)                    (693-0900, cube                                 Class
Joyce Maleski (693-1334, cube 6A-270)                 10-10-57)                                     Event
                                                                                          To share with your Greater
                                                                                       Columbus Members keeps them
                       – AUDIO CONFERENCE –                                            in touch with upcoming events,
                   No Audio Conference in September                                    processes, training possibilities
                                                                                            and the future of AGA
                         - AGA MINI-PDC –
                                                                                             Send your article to
    First Greater Columbus Professional Development Conference
                                                                                            Pam Nowicki, editor
                         October 19th and 20th                                                   TODAY!
                               Held at
                      Ohio Dominican University                                            pam.nowicki@dfas.mil
                 Watch your email for more information
      from the editor
  EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER                                              MEMBER NEWS                              PAGE 3

    September is a month that holds                                 5 NEW MEMBERS
special meeting to the United States
of America, for Friends, Family, and                                  PROMOTIONS
Nation.                                           DFAS-COLUMBUS AWARDS CEREMONY – AUGUST 24TH
                                                                Gene Petropavlovskiy
Labor Day is celebrated on the first
Monday of September. The first                               AGA Chapter Recruiters Award
Labor Day was observed on                                           Bob Palmieri
September 5, 1882 in New York City
by the Central Labor Union of New
York and became a Federal Holiday                              GOVERNMENT NEWS
in 1894 by President Grover. To find
out more – click the link.                           Civilian Agencies Feel Contracting Pinch
                                                                    By Robert Brodsky
9/11 – Never Forget. The day
Americans realized we are not               The Obama administration has taken out its paring knife and started
untouchable – but we are                 slowly peeling back recent layers of growth in civilian contract spending.
indomitable.                             The Office of Management and Budget urged federal agencies to cut their
                                         procurement budgets, insource some private sector functions & eliminate
Grandparents Day – Sunday,               high-risk contracts. More specifically, agencies must save 7 percent from
September 12th. Originated with          their baseline contract spending by fiscal 2011 and reduce by 10 percent
Marian McQuade, a housewife in           their use of sole-source, cost-reimbursement and time-and-materials
Fayette County, West Virginia, who       contracts. OMB expects these reforms to save $40 billion annually
championed the cause of our lonely       more
elderly in nursing homes. To find out
more – click the link.                                        TREASURER’S REPORT
Constitution Day. On                                             As of AUGUST 31, 2010
September 17, 1787, the US
                                         Checking Account                      Savings Account
Constitution was signed by 39 men
who changed the course of history.       Beginning Balance     $5,685.30       Beginning Balance         $6,598.92
To find out more – click the link.       Deposits              $ 571.00        Transfer to Checking      $    0.00
                                         Expenditures          $ 637.12        Interest Earned           $ 8.20
                                         Transfer from Savings $    0.00       Ending Balance            $6,598.92
                   Pam Nowicki, editor   Ending Balance        $5,619.18
                                                                              TOTAL Balance             $12,218.10

                                                            TECHNICALLY SPEAKING
                                                       GSA certifies Google for cloud computing
                                                                         By Tim Spoth
        …Fedramp                                                       federaltimes.com
       coming in the
          fall…                             Google's package of cloud-computing applications is the first to be
                                         certified by the General Services Administration as meeting federal
                                         cybersecurity standards, the company announced Monday.
                                            Google Apps — which includes well-known programs such as Gmail,
                                         Google Docs and Google Calendar — was approved by GSA chief
                                         information officer Casey Coleman last week under the 2002 Federal
                                         Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
                                            The certification only covers the use of Google Apps within GSA, but
                                         Google officials believe it gives the company a leg up in the race to move
                                         federal networks at other agencies into the cloud.
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    VOLUM            ISSUE 2                                                                   EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER
                          CGFM SPOTLIGHT                                                   CGFM NEWS!
                                  Name: Dwayne S Johnson
                                  Length of AGA membership: 4 yrs                            Join the
                                  Certification(s) received: CGFM, CIA                        CGFM
                                  CEC Position:                                           Study Groups
                                  Agency Company: Air Force Audit
                                  Position/Rotation: Accountant,                    AGA NATIONAL NEWS
Length of Service: (Provide military and civilian) 9 years Ohio Army                    The 2010-2011 Chapter
National Guard, 21 years Civilian.                                                 Recognition Program is now up and
                                                                                   running. Chapter officers have access
Alma Mater: The Ohio State University (BS/BA), Franklin University                 to view the information in the Members
(MBA)                                                                              only portion of the AGA website.
How has AGA positively impacted you and your job?
    AGA has provided me with the opportunity to stay current concerning                 AGA Extends a BIG ‘Thank
industry trends. In particular, the monthly teleconferences have brought           You’ to its PDC 2010 Volunteers.
in speakers that have provided insight into not only Federal Government            AGA thanks everyone who participated
Accounting initiatives by State and Local initiates.                               in our 59th Annual Professional
What are some personal accomplishments or highlights you would                     Development Conference & Exposi-
like to share with other AGA members?                                              tion. Record attendance, nice weather
   I just completed a year rotation in the Lean6 office. The experience            and an outstanding technical education
has really helped me to focus on the importance of data-driven decision            program made this a very successful
making in order to improve processes. I would recommend this program               event. We hope your experience was a
to anyone interested process improvement or project management.                    good one and hope to see you at next
                                                                                   year's PDC in Atlanta.
What advice can you give to other AGA members that may help                            We thank and gratefully acknow-
them receive their certification?                                                  ledge the significant contributions all of
    If you are new to Government service, spend some time developing a             our PDC 2010 Technical Committee
strong understanding of the Appropriation/budgeting process via on-line            and Orlando Host Committee volun-
courses and internal/external course offerings, then study CGFM specific           teers who gave their time, talent and
material.                                                                          enthusiasm to add to the success of the
                                                                                   conference. The conference would not
What are your future plans/goals (personal and professional)?                      have been possible without the many
   Get Air Force Audit ready by 2016! Along the way, I hope to use the             contributions from our volunteers.
knowledge I gained during my Lean6 office rotation to improve DFAS                 Congratulations on a job well done! See
processes that serve the Air Force customer. Lastly, I would like to               the complete list of Technical Commit-
obtain Project Management Professional (PMP) certification within the              tee and Host Committee Volunteers.
next year or two.
                                                                                   Future PDC Dates
                             CEC MINUTES
                                                                                   2011: July 10-13 - Atlanta, GA
                               23 AUGUST 2010                                      Theme: Celebrating our Past,
                 [Next CEC Monday, September 20th, 11 AM, B317]
                                                                                   Embracing the Future
Attendees: J Sponseller/Pres; J Maleski/Treas; D Sponseller/Sec; J Carse, J
Lynn, K Whiteman, R Palmieri, G Petropavlovskiy, L Barr, J Cox, Z                  2012: July 28-Aug. 1 - San Diego, CA
Balas, A Martin, P Nowicki, K Debord, J Barr, B Gordon, M Anderson,                Theme: Navigating the Winds of
& B Bail.                                                                          Change, Sailing into the Future

    PDC Planning                                                                  2013: TBD
    October 19th & 20th
    POC’s established                                                             2014: July 13-16 - Orlando, FL
             o Kortney Whiteman – Registration                                     Theme: TBD
             o Jessica Carse, Jenn Hurles – Food
             o Melody Anderson – Conference Gift                                     More information can be found at:
                                                             continued on page 5
   EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER                                              CEC MINUTES CONTINUED                       PAGE 5
                                                          o Barbara Gordon , Gene P – A/V Liaisons
                                                          o Diana Sponseller – Colorguard
         Attitude is a little thing                       o Joyce Maleski, Diana Sponseller – Conference Survey
       that makes a big difference.                       o Jeff Barr, Pam Nowicki – Publicity
          - Winston Churchill                   Members have been provided usernames and passwords for the website
                                               Committee Updates:
            TECH TALK                              Ways and Means
                                                          o Kroger Rewards program
  The Secret Sauce of Cybersecurity                       o Complete paperwork to enroll & then advertise to members
                                                          o Kroger does not advertise a fixed %, donates a % of their budget
       By J Nicholas Hoover
                                                              each quarter
       Informationweek.com                                o OSU Football games
     More than half the cyber forensics                   o Game/Work schedule passed out
analysts with government security                         o Aubrey to maintain list of members to work each game
clearances in the United States work for                  o Joyce to provide Aubrey past announcements/messages to write
                                                              a message to solicit volunteers to work
General Dynamics, which does about $2
                                                          o Need 6-10 people per game
billion in annual cybersecurity-related                   o Chapter will provide reimbursement to member for:
business. Too often, though, what's                                - Lunch $10 & Parking $10
behind work like that done by General              Chapter Historian
Dynamics is obscured.                                     o Citizen Centric update & info requested
     Though General Dynamics can't show                   o Report breakdown
off what's going on behind the scenes of                           - Page 1 – Chapter overview, President’s message
its classified business, the company's                             - Page 2 – Membership, development & challenges
services have played key roles in the                              - Page 3 – Progression of edu, certification & com serv
clean-up and responses to several recent                           - Page 4 – Moving forward, chapter goals
prominent attacks against the private                     o Requests input from edu, certification and com ser
sector, such as the theft of $9.5 million                 o Reference the National Citizen Centric report layout/info/etc.
from RBS WorldPay ATMs in a 24 hour                Programs
period and that of millions of TJX credit                 o AGA/ASMC Joint Luncheon – detail finalization
card numbers. In the case of RBS                          o Thursday, September 9th / Panera boxed lunches to be served
WorldPay, for example, General                            o OSCPA to speak about Elem & HS financial literacy game
Dynamics' team found out that hackers              Membership
had reverse engineered PIN numbers in                     o Awaiting $250 from national for membership recruiting
order to create counterfeit ATM cards.             Early Career
     With that in mind Thursday, General                  o Planning Early Career Month
Dynamics execs gave me a tour of a                 Certification
digital forensics lab in Annapolis                 Education
Junction, Md., near NSA headquarters,                     o Working on securing speakers for PDC
where it carries out cyber forensics for                  o Have identified luncheon speakers for the remainder of the year
commercial clients, and shined some light                 o Dr Bob Osborne can be contacted for possible speakers for
on the process by which cyber                                 luncheons and conferences – speakers would be ODU prof’s
investigators track down the bad guys in                  o Audio Conference ―Achieving Transparency moved to Nov 20 th
                                                          o Audio Conference ―Was It Fraud or Just Poor Audit Qualify?‖
preparation for a potential trial.
                                                              move to Oct 20th. All held from 2:00-3:50 pm
     "It really is a science," says Michael
                                                   Communications
Buratowski, General Dynamics' senior                      o Website update
program manager for the Department of                     o Pam requests that anyone who attended the National PDC
Defense's Cyber Crime Center (DC3),                           provide an article for the newsletter
which sets standards for and assists in            Community Service
cybercrime investigations being carried                   o Awaiting contact from FETCH coordinator
out by DoD (General Dynamics is prime                     o Program details – 3-4 instructors per class (5th/6th graders)
contractor on three of DC3's five                         o Dr Bob Osborne (ODU) & students will participate w/Chapter
subgroups). "Sure, there is a certain art to              o Wounded Warrior Program is in critical need of supplies
it, but in many ways it's a science, and                  o PDC 50/50 raffle proceeds to WWP, Nat’l will match
sometimes I think that gets lost."                        o Oct PDC – attendees who bring in an item on WWP list – get a
more                                                          free raffle ticket
                                                   By Laws
                                                          o Currently soliciting volunteers to write SOPs for each position
More related articles can be found at
    PAGE 6
                            CHAPTER OFFICERS                                                           VET’S CORNER
                                                                                                        EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER

  Chapter President        Justin Sponseller             justin.sponseller@dfas.mil           Our Vets are not the only ones who help keep
  Chapter President-       Lori Mikesell                 lori.mikesell@dfas.mil                      our Nation Safe and Free.
  Treasurer                Joyce Maleski                 joyce.maleski@dfas.mil                   A Tribute to Elyse H. Lewis
  Secretary                Diana Sponseller              diana.sponseller@dfas.mil                  excerpts from her eulogy part II

                              CHAPTER DIRECTORS                                                 Mom would tell us that she and her
                                                                                             brother Carl were orphaned at a very
  Membership            Zachary Balas                      James Cox                         young age. They were taken in by a
                        zachary.bales@dfas.mil             james.cox@dfas.mil                foster family but she mentioned time
  Early Careers         Kristina DeBord                    Melody Anderson                   and again that her only blood kin was
                        kristina.debord@dfas.mil           melody.anderson@dfas.mil          her brother Carl. It was not too long
                                                                                             after WWII started that her brother
  Communications Jeffrey Barr                              Pam Nowicki                       joined the Navy and was to serve in the
                 jeffrey.barr@dfas.mil                     pam.nowicki@dfas.mil              war in the Pacific. That was to be her
  Programs              Jennifer Hurles                    Jessica Carse                     first sacrifice of many to see a loved
                        jennifer.hurles@dfas.mil           jessica.carse@dfas.mil            one leave for war. I can only imagine
                                                                                             her concern and worry for her brother
  Certification         Robert Palmieri                    Barbara Bail                      Carl and fortunately he did return from
                        robert.palmieri@dfas.mil           barbara.bail@dfas.mil             the war unscathed.
  Education             Gene Petropavlovskiy         Barbara Gordon                              Mom married a U.S. Army man and
                        gene.petropavlovskiy@dfas.mil barbara.j.gordon@dfas.mil              saw him leave to do duty in Korea dur-
                                                                                             ing the Vietnam War and her oldest
  Community             Kortney Whiteman                    Jennifer Lynn                    son; Tim joined the U.S. Navy after
    Service             kortney.whiteman@dfas.mil          jennifer.lynn@dfas.mil            high school and she endured seeing him
  Ways & Means          Aubrey Martin                      Robyn Ruble                       off at the airport in Albuquerque also
                        aubrey.martin@dfas.mil             robyn.ruble@dfas.mil              during war time. Both dad & brother
                                                                                             Tim returned safely. Mom could
  Chapter               Lyndsey Foell                                                        breathe a sigh of relief for a few years.
  Historian             lyndsey.foell@dfas.mil                                                   When her 2nd son, Dave stated he
  By Laws               Nancy Zmyslinski                                                     wanted to serve his country in the late
                        nancy.zmyslinski@dfas.mil                                            60’s; she begrudgingly signed the papers
                                                                                             to let him enlist before he was 18. I
                      THE MENTORING MINUTE                                                   know she had misgivings but Dave felt
                                                                                             the need to serve his country. He did 4
                     Are you the Leader you want to be?                                      tours of duty in Vietnam and during his
  Today’s federal employee wears many hats and the ability to lead a Team, a                 last tour he stepped on a land mine and
  Project, or an Organization has never been a more needed skill in your                     lost his legs at the tender age of 21.
  toolbox for the future.                                                                    Mom was obviously devastated but she
                                                                                             put up a strong front and never let
  Leading takes on many forms – one of them is Mentoring.                                    Dave know how much she pained for
  Your skills, knowledge, networking links – all these components form the                   him. She leaned heavily on my dad for
  basis for developing leaders. Now what are you going to do with it?                        strength and together they showed
  Watch the announcements for the Mentoring & Leadership Brown Bag                           support for my brother.
  Luncheons starting in October.                                                                More in October about this Mom, Wife,
                Accept the Challenge – Expand your Tool Box!                                   Sister, and her unwavering dedication to the
                                                                                                        United States of America

The Federal Focus is provided free of charge to members of the AGA Greater Columbus Chapter. It is intended for educational and
chapter news sharing purposes only.

Submissions for publication should be submitted by the 22nd of the month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter.
Submissions can be sent to either Communications Director. Consideration for inclusion is based solely on the Editor’s judgment.

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