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									                                Paxson PTA Minutes
                                 December 1, 2009

The meeting was call to order at 3:45pm. 7 people were in attendance. The
minutes from the November 3, 2009 meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $7,389.21
We have received $357 in profit for t-shirts this year.
We received $158 from Albertson's.
Under expenses we paid $5,087 to Sally Foster for the cost of goods, $72 for the
pizza party winners, and $150 for Target gift certificates to individual winners in
each grade.

Principal Report
It will take a few weeks until we know who the new Paxson Principal will be. In
the meantime, Roberta will be juggle both jobs. Paxson is a part of her region,
so she is still available if there is an issue that needs to be discussed. We will all
need to be patient as she is dealing with the transition.

Committee Reports
 •  Mitten Project-Paxson helps support other Paxson families in need during
    the holidays. This program is confidential, and we are helping 18 families
    this year, and so far the process is going smoothly.
        •     FRC-Shelley is coordinating the Mitten Project during the month
    of December.
        •     5th Grade Service Club-42 5th grade students are going to help
    with various service projects.

Old Business
  •   Directories-JoMay Salonen is currently working on the directory.

New Business
     •     Sock Hop is tentatively set for May 7, 2009.
     •     Green Project-Claudia LaRance presented the idea. She would like to
establish more of a systematic way of using green ideas at Paxson School.
There is also a concern about the new science materials adoption. She'd like to
get people together to talk about how to enhance science education at Paxson.
It was discussed that it might be a good idea to have the 5th Grade Service
Students help coordinate this project.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30pm. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday,
January 5, 2009 at 6:45pm in the Paxson Library.

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