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									             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
1 September, 1913: The Eastern Public School was formally opened on Saturday
(29th Aug.) by G Andrew, esq., H.M. Inspector of Schools, before a large and
representative gathering.

Work was started with an enrolment of 834 pupils and a Staff of
                     Robert Cameron, Headmaster
                     George Black, First Assistant
                     Jessie A. Penney, Lady Superintendent
                     William Davie
                     John M Forbes
                     Annie M Brown
                     Susan Soutar
                     Elizabeth Duncan
                     Helen P Cargill
                     Annie Fleming
                     Agnes M Tod
                     Violet Oudney
                     Nellie Stewart
                     Barbara Watson
                     Margaret Menzies, Infant Mistress
                     Eliza Nicoll
                     Agnes Murray
                     Jane Wylie
                     William Craigie, Manual Instructor
                     Elizabeth S Kidd, Domestic Science Teacher
                     Mary Smart, Physical Instructress.

8th September, 1913: The organization is gradually taking shape.

15th October, 1913: J. H. Craigie, Esq., H.M.I. visited school to make inquiry
regarding registration. (60 in class)

12th December, 1913: Two cases of diphtheria have been reported this week.

9th January, 1914: School was dismissed at 3 to permit of arrangements being made
for Staff Dance.

4th September, 1914: H.M. Inspector‟s Report on Physical Education.
        “The classes of the Senior and Supplementary Divisions are taught by the
instructress of Physical Education. The work, though elementary, is progressing
        In the Junior Division, the instruction is given by a male teacher (Mr Forbes),
and is lacking in vigour and precision.”
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
13 October, 1914: The attendance has been very bad this week owing to a large
number of pupils having gone to gather potatoes.

12th March, 1915: Whooping cough has made its appearance in the Infant

18th March, 1915: On account of the severe snowstorm this morning, only 38 out of
154 pupils appeared in Infant Department. …These attendances were cancelled and
[Infant] pupils were dismissed for the day.

30th June, 1915: Parents‟ Day was instituted – a huge success.

10th September, 1915: Pupils have now got their new books and work is proceeding

28th January, 1916: Headmaster spent a day in each of Jun. I, II, & III A classes –
taught classes and gave advice to teachers.

9th June, 1916: The Religious Knowledge Examination was conducted by Revs.
Messrs. Sym, Cairns, Mitchell and Sibbald.

24th November, 1916: Four supplementary pupils were punished for smoking in W.C.

26th September, 1917: A case of pilfering ribbon from girls‟ hats was investigated.

8th January, 1918: A teacher has been suspended by School Board for fraudulent

29th October, 1918: Medical Authority closed school on account of influenza

18th November, 1918: School was re-opened – 80% present.

7th February, 1919: Half-holiday granted to permit of preparations being carried out
for Staff Whist Drive and Dance.

16th May, 1919: A holiday was granted yesterday in honour of the visit to Dundee of
Field-Marshall Sir Douglas Haig.

3rd December, 1919: Mr Crosbie from Scottish Band of Hope Union lectured to
senior and supplementary pupils on Alcohol: its effect on Health and Efficiency.

5th November, 1920: Several pupils in defiance of orders have gone to potato
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
6 May, 1921: The Education Authority granted a half holiday to enable members of
Staff to attend Exhibition of School Books etc in Dundee Training College.

20th May, 1921: A rehearsal of Fire Drill took place this forenoon when the whole
school was cleared out in the remarkably short space of 1½ minutes.

1st March, 1922: By order of the King all schools were closed yesterday in honour of
the marriage of Princess Mary.

26th March, 1922: Robert Cameron ceased to be Headmaster on his retiral under the
age limit.

27th March, 1922: John T Thomson took up duty as Headmaster today.

27th April, 1923: Holiday yesterday on account of Marriage of Duke of York [and
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother].

24th December, 1923: Tomorrow, Christmas Day, is a holiday.

9th May, 1924: Holiday this afternoon to enable Staff and pupils to attend Dundee
Musical Festival. A Higher Infant Choir from this school is to compete. This choir
was equal first.

6th March, 1925: Dr. Ash called to examine a pupil who is somewhat deficient in

25th May, 1925: Whooping Cough is very prevalent and is spreading. One pupil has
died of it.

17th June, 1925: Afternoon a holiday by order of D.[undee] E.[ducation] A.[uthority]
to enable pupils to attend School Sports in Dundee.

2nd December, 1925: A skating half holiday.

12th November, 1926: Yesterday, Armistice Day, the pupils over 10 with their
teachers took part in the service held at the old town house.

16th May, 1927: This school‟s Intermediate Choir (Boys) won first place [at Dundee
Musical Festival].

28th June, 1927: The Dundee School Trophy and the Little Cup were handed over to
the respective football teams of this school that won them, each member of the first
team receiving an inscribed badge, of the second, a wristlet watch.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
7 September, 1927: Rain in torrents. Panmure St. and St. Vincent St. impassable.
Only 55.7% present in forenoon.

29th December, 1927: Competition for Leng Medal held by Mr Adamson.

5th October, 1928: Mrs Shand, Mrs Kennedy and Miss Bell [Dundee Education
Authority] visited the Cookery etc classes.

27th February, 1929: Mrs Kennedy, member of the Ed.[ucation] Authority, visited
the school, examined and signed all the registers and presented to the members of the
football team the medals awarded to them for winning the Dundee United Football
Cup this season.

11th November, 1929: Armistice Day. A short service for the Adv.[anced]
Div.[ision], Senior and Junior Classes was held in the lower hall.

9th January, 1930: Quick Dismissal (or Fire Drill) given today. Time taken under two

20th February, 1930: Many more cases of Mumps have been reported. An epidemic
is threatened.

10th September, 1930: Mr Lowson of Dundee Training College called to report on
progress made by two students who are in attendance here.

21st January, 1931: There arrived today three pictures on loan from the Chief
Librarian, Dundee, viz:- 1. “Dordrecht”; 2. “A Crofter‟s Biggin‟”; 3. “Castle

3rd February, 1931: John Thistleton Thomson retires on pension as from tomorrow.

4th February, 1931: James Leckie Reid, M.A., entered on duty today as Headmaster.

4th May, 1931: The Headmaster and Infant Mistress absent on Friday afternoon, 1st
May, 1931, at opening of [the new] Harris Academy.

12th June, 1931: Three handsome volumes were received from Edin[burgh] Angus
Club as prizes for pupils.

19th October, 1931: No. of pupils employed in outdoor work, before or after school,
found to be 101.

23rd December, 1931: A concert by the pupils for the pupils was held this afternoon,
there being 20 items in programme.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
8 January, 1932: Mr Adamson, Superintendent of Singing adjudicated in Leng
Silver Medal Competition this afternoon. There were 18 competitors, the winner
being James Latto, with Dorothy Myles proxime accessit.

14th March, 1932: 40 children and a teacher allowed off for a period on Friday
afternoon to attend “Peter Pan” at King‟s Theatre, Dundee. A special bus was
chartered for safety reasons.

27th June, 1932: The Headmaster places on record his appreciation of the care and
efficiency shown by the Staff in all divisions of the school.

3rd September, 1932: Headmaster absent this afternoon at the official opening of
Rockwell School.

21st September, 1932: Half-holiday for Sir Walter Scott‟s Centenary.

16th December, 1932: The Staff held a party in the School this evening.

8th February, 1933: Class Photographs were taken today by Mr Prophet.

21st August, 1933: The school re-opened today. Alterations to Upper Hall into a
Science Room and to the Cookery Room into Art and Needlework Room were carried
out during holidays.

10th October, 1933: This afternoon, Classes IIa and IIIa Adv. Div. Listened to a
broadcast on Rab and his friends given by Prof. Mackie. Very successful.

1st December, 1933: The School was closed yesterday on the occasion of the visit of
H.R.H. Prince George. Boxes of sweets were given to the children.

29th March, 1934: A concert in aid of Cinema Fund was held in the hall this

5th June, 1934: The Exam. for Apprenticeship in Aircraft held today. One candidate.

20th June, 1934: The Staff held their annual golf match and tea at Monifieth last

28th June, 1934: Lord Dean of Guild W. Halley Brown presented prizes to pupils this
forenoon. Dux Boy William Chaplain; Dux Girl Betty R Davidson.

7th November, 1934: New apparatus received for use in Gymnasium.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
21 November, 1934: The Infants and Juniors were given a Cinematograph

4th December, 1934: The number of bottles of milk consumed for two weeks in Nov.
was 3690.

7th January, 1935: Here commences another year with all the Staff on duty and a
very good turnout of pupils. The School is clean and in good condition.

1st March, 1935: A cinematograph lesson on “The Lake District”, “The Visit of the
King and Queen to Manchester and Liverpool” and a “Bee Hive” was given to pupils
of SIIf, SIIa, A.D. If, IIf, IIIf this afternoon.

3rd May, 1935: The following distribution of sweets and books in commemoration of
the Silver Jubilee of Their Majesties‟ reign was carried out this afternoon: Infants 151
tins of boilings, Juniors, Seniors and A. D. 562 Caskets of chocolates and 26 books.
The School was decorated with Flags and at the assembly before dismissal the 100th
Psalm and “God Save the King” were sung. 588 free cinema tickets were distributed
among pupils for a performance at 10.15 on Monday.

30th August, 1935: A Scheme of Service has been drawn up and various Psalms and
Hymns selected for use. The Service is to be held every morning in the Hall.

27th September, 1935: The sum of £6:18:3 [£6.91] was collected in the School in aid
of Dundee Royal Infirmary.

2nd October, 1935: A duplicating machine “Gestetner” received for School use today.

12th November, 1935: A Parliamentary Election was held in the School this
afternoon, the electors being all the Advanced Division Pupils and S.If. This election
(educative) was conducted in a similar way to the real election.

21st January, 1936: The Leng Silver Medal competition was decided by Mr
Adamson who awarded it to Betty Storrier IA2 A.D.

27th January, 1936: The School is to be closed tomorrow as a Day of Mourning for
His Late Majesty King George [V].

30th April, 1936: A class of 37 pupils in charge of Second Master visited Anti-War
Exhibition in Dundee this afternoon.

15th June, 1936: 76 pupils under supervision of 10 Teachers paid a visit to Edinburgh
on Sat. 13th. All the chief places of Historical Interest were visited and an hour was
spent at the Zoo.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
23 June, 1936: This afternoon prizes were presented. The Boy Dux was Robert
Whitton and the Girl Dux was Mary K. Duncan.

18th September, 1936: 90 children have handed in their names for tickets for
Broughty Free Library.

2nd December, 1936: The Advanced Division Classes put in a double attendance and
left at 1p.m. on the occasion of the Welsh v Scotland Football Match.

8th January, 1937: Heating was on for 1 hour today when a standard burst in Infants‟
Cloakroom and the boiler had again to be closed down.

21st June, 1937: The Staff held an enjoyable drive to Kirkmichael returning by

1st July, 1937: The Adv. Div Boys held a Cricket Match this afternoon.

2nd July, 1937: The School was closed this afternoon for the Summer Vacation. The
Advanced Division pupils are to be transferred to Grove Academy.

23rd August, 1937: The School opened under a new organisation, being now the
combined Eastern and Western School. [Eastern was now purely a Primary School.]

10th February, 1938: Collection for Dundee Charities‟ Week taken this afternoon.
Amount from children £4: 15: 4. [£4.77]

1st April, 1938: A choir and a number of pupils entered for events at Broughty Ferry
Musical Festival. The „Shield‟ was awarded to the Choir and 1st place for Solo
Singing to Esmé Davie, a pupil in Sen. If.

6th June 1938: A party of 78 children and 10 teachers, including Headmaster, visited
the Empire Exhibition at Glasgow. The excursion, favoured by a sunny day, was
entirely successful.

20th September, 1938: Two new drinking fountains installed in the Playgrounds.

28th September, 1938: Arrangements are being made to make part of the School into
a Casualty and Clearing Station in the event of Air Raids.

31st March. 1939: Schedule regarding evacuation of children completed today.

4th May, 1939: The Director of Education called today regarding arrangements and
allocation of rooms for A.[ir] R.[aid] P.[recautions].
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
30 June, 1939: The pupils for evacuation were allocated to the various districts to
this school.

21st August, 1939: The School re-opened today after the summer vacation. During the
summer vacation many alterations were made in the rooms on the ground floor for
A.R.P. and First Aid purposes. A cloakroom and a classroom (No. 9) have been put
permanently out of use. Two classes are presently being taught in one room (No. 19),
but it is hoped that more suitable arrangements will be made very soon. Two
structures have been erected in the Boys‟ Playground further limiting its size, while
the passageways in the school have been narrowed to facilitate the formation of
airlocks. Further information has been received regarding the bringing up to date of
the arrangements for the evacuation of the children.

28th August, 1939: An evacuation rehearsal of mothers, pre-school children and
school children was held today. Final arrangements were made for carrying out the

1st September, 1939: Parents and pupils who assembled in School this morning were
evacuated to Brechin and surrounding districts – 295 in all. The evacuation was
expeditiously carried out and the children were placed in their new homes without

3rd October, 1939: Members of Staff compiled numbers of children who are still in
Broughty Ferry. There are 560 of the children in attendance here still in Broughty
Ferry. B. F. has been divided up into 17 districts with a teacher allotted to each.

20th October, 1939: Extensive arrangements have been made to keep in touch with
the children who are still in B. F. The use of a room has kindly been granted by over
100 parents. No child will be more than five minutes from home and no danger will
be incurred by crushing too many children into one room.

9th December, 1939: A parcel of handwork material has been sent to Brechin for use
of evacuated children.

2nd April, 1940: Classes of older pupils which had been meeting in Western P. School
were transferred to Eastern P.S. Two classes meet in morning, two in the afternoon.

23rd May, 1940: Today the Infants(Junior in morning and Senior in afternoon)
attended School after being in Groups since September.

19th June, 1940: During the forenoon or afternoon that a class is not in School, it is
accompanied by its teacher to one of the open spaces or sea-shore for games and
observation lessons. As the weather has been dry during the month of June, this
scheme has worked very well.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
19 August, 1940: The new session commenced today after a most unsatisfactory
session 1939-40. Three shelters are provided in Craigowan Gardens housing 210
pupils. Classes II, III, IV and V each in 3 sections are accommodated here while Class
I Primary and all the Infants are housed in Western School.

22nd October, 1940: Information received from Director [of Education] that electric
light may be used in School on „dark‟ days.

4th February, 1941: A gift of 1 patchwork quilt and 6 hot water bottle covers, the
work from P. IIA2 and IIIA2, was sent to Red Cross Depot, Dundee.

13th February, 1941: Moira Davie, Class 5F was winner of Leng Silver Medal.

7th March, 1941: Headmaster attended meeting in Dundee regarding Fire Watching
of Eastern School. Names of Staff and FPs willing to assist in these duties asked for.

31st March, 1941: Children in Church Street Hall taken to shelter at Library during
Siren this afternoon.

29th April, 1941: Intimation received from Director of Education if an “alert” starting
at 10p.m. should continue for two hours, the School would open at 10a.m. the
following day.

20th June, 1941: Daily practice with Gas Masks. Two Rattles – Gas alarm – given to
School by A.R.P. Used to sound „Gas Alarm‟.

11th November, 1941: Armistice Service was held in Upper Hall this morning.
Included in Service was a message from the Ambassador of U.S.A. to the children of

3rd December, 1941: Collection of waste paper from pupils at Eastern amounted to
1ton 13cwt for first day.[1680Kilograms]

5th January, 1942: There are now ten classes in the building, all full-time since the
War began.

19th January, 1942: New drive for scrap commenced today. Headmaster found a
number of children without Gas Respirators today and also a number of Respirators
not serviceable.

31st March, 1942: Two members of the Fire Service examined the apparatus for Fire
Fighting and made various suggestions.

2nd June, 1942: Collection commenced for “Prisoners of war” Fund.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
5 June, 1942: The sum of £11:11:- [£11.55] was received from Cleansing Dept. for
Salvage Waste Paper. This money has been put into School Fund. The total weight of
paper gathered here was 5 tons 15 cwt [5585kg] during one month.

24th August, 1942: Miss Alison Crystal has been appointed Infants‟ Mistress of
Eastern School.

22nd September, 1942: Sixty-three children have offered to act as casualties at an
“incident” in Bro‟ty Ferry on Sunday, 27th inst.

23rd December, 1942: Mr Easson, Superintendent of Singing, examined candidates
for Leng Medal in Singing and awarded the medal to Janet Thomson, VA2.

14th January, 1943: 38 pupils and 2 teachers attended the B.B.C. concert in Caird
Hall, Dundee today.

30th April, 1943: The collection taken in School this week for “Wings for Victory
Week” amounted to £323:11:9[£323.59].

3rd May, 1943: The Infants‟ Classes which have been housed in Western School were
transferred to Eastern School today, this being the first occasion in which the whole
School was in the building since the commencement of the War.

4th April, 1944: The total amount of War savings for year ended 31st March, 1944
was £1779.

23rd June, 1944: The Headmaster was entertained by the Staff and pupils and
presented with gifts on the occasion of his retiral.

29th June, 1944: The Headmaster entertained the pupils and Staff at the Regal
Cinema this afternoon. 512 pupils were present.

21st August, 1944: Mr J. Leckie Reid, M.A., Headmaster of this School retired on
pension from this date. Mr James Cant, M.A., took over duties of Head Teacher.

3rd October, 1944: No heating in School today owing to burst supply pipe.

16th October, 1944: Heating System now in working order.

22nd February, 1945: Ministry of Information films shown to pupils of Senior

11th May, 1945: School resumed today after 3 days “Victory” Holiday. Instructions
for this holiday were received over the Radio late on Monday evening.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
20 August, 1945: Mr Andrew Fern commenced duty as Second Master.

10th December, 1945: Today the whole school from Infants 2f attended performances
by the Children‟s Theatre Co. There were two performances.

24th June, 1946: By permission of the Director of Education, School Sports were held
in Orchar Park this afternoon.

19th August, 1946: School re-opened. Staff and Roll is as follows:
                     Pr 5f Emma Comline                     36
                     Pr 5a Fleicia K Fernie                 37
                     Pr 4f Susan G L Soutar                 37
                     Pr 4a1 Andrew Fern                     32
                     Pr 4a2 James Rodger                    32
                     Pr 3f Margaret C S Gilchrist           33
                     Pr 3a1 Isobel Tait                     29
                     Pr 3a2 Mrs Minnie Russell              29
                     Pr 2f Annie P B Warrender              34
                     Pr 2a1 Mrs M Rouse                     30
                     Pr 2a2 Agnes M Tod                     25
                     Pr 1f Jenny Birrell                    30
                     Pr 1a1 Mrs Reid                        27
                     Pr 1a2 Mary Reid                       28
                     Inf 2f Dora Lowson                     33
                     Inf 2a1 Susan Robertson                30
                     Inf 2a2 Winifred Reid                  30
                     Inf 1f Jean Hall                       30
                     Inf 1a1 Elizabeth Sharpe               30
                     Inf 1a2 Lizzie Jack                    26.

20th December, 1946: Xmas Party for Infants was held this afternoon.

26th February, 1947: Owing to severe blizzard, school attendance very poor. Office
refused permission to close school for afternoon session.

25th June, 1947: Concert given in hall by Senior Pupils to parents and friends.

3rd October, 1947: Dr Dallas gave lecture on “Healthful Living” to Pr 5f, 5a1, 5a2 this

3rd December, 1947: Leng Medal awarded to Sheila Spalding, Pr 5f.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
23 April, 1948: School closed for Silver Wedding [of King George VI and Queen
Elizabeth] Holiday.

23rd June, 1948: Annual Summer Service for Infants held in Hall.

22nd September, 1948: Sewing arrangements now complete. Each Teacher now
responsible for Class Sewing.

27th May, 1949: Whooping Cough prevalent in Inf 1f and Inf 2a2.

22nd June, 1949: Afternoon holiday for visit of the Queen to Royal Highland Show.
[This was held at Riverside in Dundee.]

1st September, 1949: Sen 5a now attending Dundee Baths every Thursday morning,

14th December, 1949: Rev Mr Turner gave talks on Egypt and Palestine with film-
strip illustrations to Pr 5 classes.

6th March, 1950: Intimation of the death of Miss Jack has been received today.

1st June, 1950: Today 218 children proceeded to Belmont School Camp for a
fortnight. The pupils were drawn from Pr 3a1+2, 3f, 4a1+2, 4f, 5a1+2 ,5f and were under
the charge of Mr A. Neil Milne, Second Master. The following members of Staff also
went to Belmont, Miss Comline, Miss Kear, Miss Warrender, Miss Tait, Miss Hall,
Miss W Reid, Mrs Knox, Mr A. Knight and Mrs Tait.

21st August, 1950: School reopened. Mr William T Wilson, M.A., took over the
duties of Head Teacher on the retiral of Mr James Cant, M.A.

27th September, 1950: A link of the Junior Red Cross has been formed in the school
and its first meeting took place today at 4o‟clock. Mrs Berry is the instructress.

28th June, 1951: An exhibition of Art, handcraft and Needlework was held in the Hall
at night and was visited by a large number of parents.

20th August, 1951: School reopened for Session 1951-52. Visiting teachers are Mrs
Lowe – Sewing, Miss Alison M Mather – Singing, Mrs May J Macpherson –
Pianoforte, Mrs Elizabeth Easson – Pianoforte and Albert A Knight – Art.

3rd September, 1951: A new Infant class was formed today and will be called P1A3
(Infants). St Aidan‟s Hall, Broughty Ferry has been rented to house one of the Infant
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
15 February, 1952: At 1.45p.m. a service was held in East Church to mark the
memory of our late King, George VI. Classes P3 to P7 attended.

17th March, 1952: Mr Ian L Turner has commenced temporary duties as visiting
teacher of Art.

28th May, 1952: School closed for the afternoon owing to Dundee Schools‟ Sports
being held at Tannadice Park.

24th June, 1952: At 2o‟clock today, Prizes for school work were presented to the
pupils by Hospitalmaster Mrs Meredith who congratulated the children on their

25th June, 1952: A function was held to say good-bye to Miss Soutar who is not
returning after the summer vacation. Tributes to Miss Soutar‟s work (43 years service
at Eastern School) were paid by the Head Teacher, Mr Cant, his predecessor and
Convenor J Leckie Reid, who, on behalf of the Staff, presented Miss Soutar with a
string of pearls.

18th August, 1952: School reopened for the new session. Miss Isabel M. Aitchison
joins the Staff to take over the additional Infant Class which is being enrolled.

24th September, 1952: This morning it was discovered that the school had been
broken into by some person or persons unknown. Damage was done to the Ladies‟
Staffroom and the Head Teacher‟s room and some money was stolen. The matter was
reported to the Police.

8th December, 1952: Mr Milne left the staff to become Head Teacher of Grove
Primary School. His place has been taken by Mr Alexander Dryden, Second Master of
Butterburn School.

4th June, 1953: Primary school held a Coronation Service in East Church.

24th August, 1953: School reopened. Mrs Agnes Knox has left for Ventura,
California to do one year‟s teaching under the Anglo-American Exchange System.
Her place has been taken by Miss Janet Campbell from Ventura, California.

25th March, 1954: P4F along with Miss Campbell, Mrs Smith and the Head Teacher
visited Messrs. Largs, Dundee, to make a recording.

23rd June, 1954: School was closed today as the Queen Mother is being granted the
freedom of the city.

14th September, 1954: H.T. attended a meeting of the Musical Festival Committee.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
1 April, 1955: Easter Services were held in the East Church from which school was
dismissed for the Easter vacation at 3p.m.

2nd June, 1955: Safety First Lectures given in school by Police Officers.

6th October, 1955: Attainments Composition was held in the school today.

4th November, 1955: Miss Comline attended the National Savings Conference in

31st January, 1956: Today Miss Alison Crystal retired from the post of Infants‟
Mistress. The Head Teacher, on behalf of the children, paid tribute to her work and
handed over several gifts. She is replaced by Miss Margaret S Love.

16th April, 1956: Today approximately 240 children from the senior classes left for
Belmont Camp School accompanied by Mr Dryden, Mrs King, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Knox,
Mrs Reid, Mrs Brough, Mrs Rouse and Miss Stewart.

17th April, 1956: Today the Head Teacher visited Belmont Camp and found
everything going smoothly.

25th April, 1956: Eight bus loads of parents visited Belmont Camp today.

6th December, 1956: Rev Thos. Balfour, our new chaplain visited the school today
and spoke to classes 1A1, 5A1, and 7A1.

20th December, 1956: In the afternoon the Infants held a Service Hall. This took the
form of a Nativity Play and Mr Balfour assisted.

21st January, 1957: The Leng Medal Competition was held in the afternoon and was
won by Anna Henderson of P6A3.

4th June, 1957: Results of Promotions Exam. received today. 38 pupils have been
offered 5-Year Courses.

9th October, 1957: Immunisation of Infants carried out at St Aidans.

20th January, 1958: Leng Medal Competition was won by Carol McGlynn singing
“Jock o‟Hazeldean”.

3rd July, 1958: Prizes for the year were presented by Bailie Leckie Reid.

26th August, 1958: School was resumed. St Aidan‟s Hall has now been vacated and
all classes are housed in the school.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
9 February, 1959: Mr Dryden has left to become Head Teacher of West March and
Mr Alex Elrick takes his place.

30th April, 1959: The pupils of P2A2, along with their teacher, Mrs Lloyd and Miss
Love, Infants‟ Mistress, paid an educational visit to the Lifeboat Station, B. Ferry, in
the afternoon.

25th August, 1959: School reopened for Session 1959-60. Two rooms (21 and 22) are
now given over to housing pupils from grove Academy. The classes and their teachers
are a follows:
                     P1A Miss Birrell             Room 7
                     P1F Mrs Lloyd                Room 6
                     P2A Miss Annie Reid          Room 8
                     P3A1 Mrs Rouse               Room 2
                     P3A2 Mrs Lickley             Room 4
                     P3F Mrs Taylor               Room 9
                     P4A1 Mrs Mary Reid           Room 20
                     P4A2 Mrs Hendry              Room 10
                     P4F Miss Wilcox              Room 1
                     P5A Miss Tait                Room 18
                     P5F Miss Prosser             Room 19
                     P6A1 Mrs King                Room 15
                     P6A2 Miss Bowman             Room 12
                     P6F Mr Elrick                Room 13
                     P7A1 Miss Black              Room 16
                     P7A2 Miss Comline            Room 11
                     P7F Mrs Mackay               Room 12

29th January, 1960: Miss Love leaves the Staff today. She has taken up an
appointment in Nigeria.

26th February, 1960: School received a holiday to celebrate the birth of a Royal
Prince. [Prince Andrew, Duke of York]

13th December, 1960: Today Head Teacher attended the funeral of Mr James Cant,
former Headmaster of this school.

30th January, 1961: The new clerkess/typist, Miss Jean Stewart, commenced duty

1st February, 1961: A meeting of the parents was held in the hall at 7.30p.m. in
connection with the Dental Campaign.

20th February, 1961: Miss Valentine, the new Infants‟ Mistress took up duty today.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
31 May 1960: School was closed in the afternoon for School Sports.

3rd November, 1960: Today Medical Inspection of the new Infants was completed.
Dr Allison was well pleased with her visit.

22nd December, 1960: School was dismissed after a Christmas Service conducted by
Rev. Mr Galbraith.

18th April, 1961: School enjoyed two performances of “Pinocchio” (Theatre for

14th June, 1962: Canon Wilson visited the school this morning and was introduced to
the Staff.

19th September, 1963: Rev Jas. A. Reid, B.D., S.T.M., our new School Chaplain,
visited the school for the first time. He is to visit the school on Thursday mornings.

15th November, 1963: Much absence (18.8%) in the Infants due to Measles and
Whooping Cough.

12th December, 1963: In the evening, at Taypark Hotel, a Staff Dinner was held to
celebrate the Jubilee of the School which was opened on 1st Sept., 1913. The Head
Teacher presided over a gathering of 61 guests (including several ex-teachers) and the
main toast of the evening was given by James Jarvis Scott, Esq., M.A. Ll.B., an ex-
pupil of the school and now Junior Assistant Director of Education for Dundee. The
Head Teacher and J. Leckie Reid, Esq., M.A., a former Head Teacher, also spoke.

30th March, 1964: Today the Argyle Theatre gave two performances of
“Rumpelstiltskin” in the East Church Hall.

8th May, 1964: Classes PVIIA1 and VIIA2 attended a lecture given in the school by
Mr Moore, an educational administrator on leave from Uganda. His talk on Uganda
was much enjoyed.

26th May, 1964: Mr Harper and Miss Mackie from the B.B.C. were in school this
morning and sat in with PVIA2 watching “Science for the Primary School”.

1st July, 1964: In the evening classes PVIIA1 and VIIA2 held a leavers‟ party in the
school hall.

12th October, 1964: Temperature this morning was 49° owing to lack of heating
owing to boiler conversion.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
19 October, 1964: Heating at last. One boiler is now in operation.

29th October, 1964: Head Teacher and Mrs Mackay attended a Round Table
Conference on “Modern Languages in the Primary School” at the new Technical
College at Kingsway, in the afternoon.

30th March, 1965: Mr Walker, the School Dentist, and his assistant were in school
today to show the children some Dental Films.

27th April, 1965: The Head Teacher visited Belmont Camp [where some children and
Staff were in residence] along with a photographer and some films were taken for
showing later.

9th September, 1965: Head Teacher attended a meeting on “Primary Education in
Scotland” at 14 City Square.

21st January, 1966: There is evidence of some kind of „flu‟ epidemic in the school.
Close on 90 children are absent.

28th January, 1966: [Number of] absentees rose to 300.

7th February, 1966: Absentees have dropped to 136. There is evidence that the
epidemic is on the way out.

3rd March, 1966: The Leng Medal was won by Elizabeth Hedley, PVIIF.

24th March, 1966: PVIA2 along with the teacher, Mrs King, and a student visited
Balmossie Farm today at 9.30a.m.

26th October, 1966: Group Intelligence Test was held today for the pupils of Primary

5th January, 1967: School reopened. Mr William Steele replaces Mr Alex. Elrick
who has left to become Head Teacher of Balerno School.

23rd June, 1967: Miss Tait attended a meeting of the Chaplain-Teachers‟ Committee.

29th June, 1967: The Staff met together at Woodlands Hotel at 5p.m. to pay tribute to
Mrs Felicia Mackay and Mrs Mary Rouse who retire after 26 and 22 years‟ service
respectively. Both ladies were thanked by the Head Teacher for their long and
devoted service and suitable gifts were presented.

24th August, 1967: Miss Malone commenced Drama teaching today.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
10 October, 1967: Police Safety First Lectures which had been arranged for this
week had been cancelled owing to workmen busy in the school on windows.

7th December, 1967: Today a company from the Dundee Repertory Theatre visited
the school and gave performances of (1) “The Mirror Man” (to younger children) and
(2) “The Decision” (to PVI and VII).

14th February, 1968: Primary VA3 visited the Fire Station this afternoon,
accompanied by their teacher, Mrs Browne, and her student.

20th March, 1968: Dr Fee visited the school this afternoon and gave Anti-Smoking
Lectures to the pupils of PVI and VII.

3rd June, 1968: A photographer from the “Courier” visited the school in the afternoon
and took some photographs of the children.

24th June, 1968: Miss Mary Reid, Miss Comline and Miss Tait have been appointed
Senior Woman Assistants at Gillburn, Longhaugh and Clepington schools

20th November, 1968: School received a visit from Mrs Safi, a visiting teacher from
Afghanistan, who is in the country to study Educational methods.

27th March, 1969: Today the pupils of Primary VII attended a showing of Henry V in
the A.B.C. cinema in Dundee.

20th May, 1969: Head Teacher joined Mr Fulton, Grove Academy and Mr Bowman,
Forthill, in inspecting site for Queen‟s visit.

29th May, 1969: Today the pupils were transported by bus to Perth Road, east of
Glamis Road to see the Queen. They were then brought back to school. There was no

9th June, 1969: Mr Moir from the College of Education attended school today to test
children engaged in the study of French.

20th June, 1969: The Head Teacher and Infants‟ Mistress attended College of
Education Graduation Ceremony this morning.

18th September, 1969: Mrs Balharry took up duties today as clerkess/typist.

6th December, 1969: A Coffee Morning was held in the school today in aid of the
School Fund. The sum raised was £247.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
20 February, 1970: The Staff held a dinner in the evening at the Glencoe Hotel,

30th March, 1970: Today Mr Wilson attended the funeral of Mr J. Leckie Reid, a
former distinguished Head Teacher of Eastern School.

21st May, 1970: Police were in school today to conduct cycling proficiency tests.

12th June, 1970: The Head Teacher attended a meeting in Balerno School where the
Head Teachers of the schools to be feeding the new Craigie High School met its new

25th June, 1970: A dinner was held in Woodlands Hotel at 8p.m. at which a
Presentation was made to the Head Teacher who is to retire at the end of the session.
It was attended by over 80 guests which included the Director of Education and
several former members of staff.

1st July, 1970: Mr William Steele is to take up an appointment as Head Teacher of
Barnhill School. The Staff presented him with a gift token and wished him every
success in his new post.

20th August, 1970: School reopened. New staff include Mr Norman S Reid, Head
Teacher, and Miss Joyce Wood, Depute Head Teacher.

25th August, 1970: P6A1 began attending Swimming Baths for the next nine

30th October, 1970: Inspector Robertson led a Police demonstration team, police
dogs, patrol car, etc., for one hour‟s exhibition and talk with P7 children.

25th March, 1971: Mr Wilson, forester, visited Reres Park with H.T. and Mrs White
re Nuffield 5-13.

13th May, 1971: Mr A Robertson brought his golden eagle, polecat, owl, rabbits, mice
etc., in connection with a Conservation Year exhibition.

3rd June, 1971: [At Dundee Schools‟ Musical Festival,] school choir top in eastern
section. Chosen to sing at Festival concert.

9th June, 1971: School Sports. Eastern won three trophies: The Soroptimist Cup –
Girls‟ Relay; the Brown Trophy- highest points in girls‟ events; The Elementary Cup
– highest points in all events.

21st June, 1971: Mrs King took children going to Craigie High to visit the school.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
1 July, 1971: School closed for Summer Vacation. Miss Bowman retires after 40
years service.

23rd August, 1971: School reopened.
       Class         Teacher                       Roll
       7A1           Mrs Dobrucka                  38
       7A2           Mrs Salvin                    36
       7A3           Mrs Marnie                    35
       7A4           Mrs E Smith                   34
       6A1           Mrs Russell                   31
       6A2           Mrs Browne                    31
       6A3           Mrs King                      30
       6A4           Mr Goodman                    30
       5A1           Mrs Rae(Mrs Chambers)         38
       5A2           Mrs White                     38
       4A1           Mrs Cain                      30
       4A2           Mrs Edwards                   27
       4A3           Mrs L Smith                   28
       3A1           Mrs Norrie                    33
       3A2           Mrs Sandison                  36
       2A1           Mrs Wilson                    36
       2A2           Mrs McAlpine                  35
       1A1           Mrs Wylie                     26
       1A2           Mrs Stalker                   27
       1A3           Miss Moorhouse                26
       Miss Wood, Depute Head, has no class.

1st December, 1971: Chief Inspector Craig, S.P.C.A., presented the Sibbald Trophy –
overall winner of the Dundee Pet Show – to Neil Russell, P5A2, at morning service.

6th January, 1972: Repainting of school, begun in September, 1971, finished today.

24th March, 1972: P5 visited Monifieth Foundry.

16th May, 1972: Visit of Miss Acheson of Commonwealth Institute to talk to P7
children (140) on Malawi.

12th June, 1972: P6A2 take part in 1872-1972 display in Music centre in the evening.

22nd June, 1972: Staff dinner in Woodlands for the retiral of Mrs King after 33 years
service, 19 years in Eastern.

19th September, 1972: Partitioning of P.E. changing room completed.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
19 October, 1972: Eastern beat Douglas in Road Safety Quiz.

2nd November, 1972: P6 (Mrs Smith) made a guy for the Parks Dept‟s Bonfire and
Firework Display.

30th November, 1972: Head Teachers attended College of Commerce to meet the
new Director of Education, Mr David Robertson.

14th December, 1972: P7a2, Mrs Browne, gave a concert in the Old Folks‟ Club, B/F.

27th February, 1973: Mrs Leon, U.N.I.C.E.F., talks to P7a2.

28th/29th March, 1973: P3-P7 plant tress (sycamore) on Castle Green.

16th May, 1973: Gala – three firsts and a third.

1st June, 1973: School choir chosen to appear at [Dundee Schools‟ Musical] Festival

11th June, 1973: 6 children plus Miss Wood join “Uganda” cruise to Sweden, Poland,
Germany, Denmark – two weeks.

25th June, 1973: Miss Wood, Depute Head, Eastern, appointed Head of Hawkhill
w.e.f. 13th August.

8th October, 1973: School reopened. [after Autumn holiday] Miss McLaren joined
Staff as D.H.T from West March and Miss Clark as A.H.T. from Gowriehill.

13th December, 1973: Exhibition, “Grandfather‟s Schooldays”, here for one week.
Dinner at Woodlands. Presentation to Miss Valentine on her retiral.

7th January, 1974: Miss Margaret Wilson succeeded Miss Valentine as A.H.T. (Early

22nd February, 1974: The Repertory Theatre performed a play on David Livingstone
to P6-P7.

1st May, 1974: £122.80 collected by the pupils for Dr. Barnardo‟s.

5th June, 1974: School Sports. Eastern won the Coronation Cup and the Primary

15th October, 1974: Scottish Council for Research in Education. Teaching Strategies
in the Primary School Project – 1 week.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
4 February, 1975: Sponsored Swim for Orleans Party.

1st April, 1975: Mr Richard Broadhurst made nesting boxes with the two P7s going to

4th June 1975: Eastern did well at Dundee School Sports, winning two cups and
sharing a third.

13th October, 1975: Members of the Community Council visited the school by
invitation this afternoon.

18th December, 1975: School Choir rehearsal for appearance in Lord Provost‟s Carol
Concert in Caird Hall at 7p.m.

10th March, 1976: Police asked school to provide a cyclists‟ team to be entered in
Cycling Proficiency National Competition.

29th March, 1976: Tap left on in middle corridor cloakroom over the weekend,
resulting in flooding down through staffroom, lower cloakroom and boiler room.

21st May, 1976: Sports afternoon in Orchar Park.

31st May, 1976: Scottish Accident Prevention Council Annual Road Safety Trophy
Competition at Livingston, West Lothian. A cycling team from Eastern, Stephen
Hackney, Lesley Johnston, Thomas Knight, Susan Millar and Fiona Danskin,
representing Tayside Region, won their section and were presented with a cup,
individual plaques and certificates.

17th June, 1976: Open Afternoon for parents – P4-P7.

24th November, 1976: Over two days all classes shown the film, “Never Go With
Strangers”. This showing sparked off by an incident near school.

17th February, 1977: Forced to close school – no heating – burst oil feed pipe.

28th April, 1977: Individual desks supplied for five rooms on middle corridor.
Worktop type cupboards supplied to all rooms. New electric duplicator and typist‟s

29th June 1977: Mr Reid retired as Head Teacher.

15th August, 1977: Miss Joyce D.L. Wood assumed post as Head Teacher on retiral
of Mr Norman Reid.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
21st September, 1977: Schools‟ Council meeting attended by a number of Staff to
discuss the future of Grove Academy.

13th October, 1977: Sponsored Swim held at Craigie High School.

25th October, 1977: Fire Drill. School evacuated in 2min. 20sec. Fire Officer present
– very satisfied.

24th November, 1977: Part of ceiling in cloakroom fell. No children present.

6th December, 1977: Wendy Clark, 4A1, received prize at Police H.Q. for Anti-
vandalism poster. Best overall Primary, best age group.

14th December, 1977: Open evening – great success. Over 500 attended and £491.81
was raised for school funds.

8th March, 1978: Swimming Gala – Eastern won 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze

17th April, 1978: Football team enjoyed a Training Session at Tannadice Park.

8th June, 1978: Maths Workshop Evening and needlework exhibition proved to be a
great success. Many parents were most interested in the Maths Scheme.

17th October, 1978: P7 attended a performance given by Scottish Ballet at Forthill

23rd November, 1978: Mr Flett, the City Archivist, called to collect the three log
books from the Western School.

12th December, 1978: P6B entertained the old people at the Five Ways Club.

4th January, 1979: School was unable to reopen after the Christmas holiday because
of flooding caused by frost damage. The children were sent home and the school
closed [for Thursday and Friday].

16th March, 1979: “People‟s Journal” photographer in school. The paper is to do a
school feature of Eastern P.S.

30th May, 1979: Cycling Proficiency Test – 100% pass.

15th June, 1979: Staff outing to Pitlochry Theatre.
             Eastern Bugle
                     ‘Blasts from the Past’
15th August, 1979: Pupils resumed – Roll 441. The P1 intake this year is very small
being only 44 children.

14th September, 1979: West Midlands Children‟s Theatre gave two performances of
“Firebird”. An outstanding performance. “The best yet”.

27th September, 1979: Scottish Opera Workshop – 33 P7 children enjoyed an
afternoon of opera workshop. A really worthwhile exercise by very gifted people.

18th October, 1979: Harvest Festival Service held by P1-3. Gifts distributed to elderly
of district.

19th December, 1979: Old Folks‟ Concert and Tea Party – most successful, approx.
70 old people attended and enjoyed concert and home baking.

15th February, 1980: Football team visited Dundee United Football team and were
shown round Tannadice.

5th March, 1980: Coffee Evening held from 7p.m. to 9p.m. – a great success. Well
over 400 attended and over £800 raised.

15th May, 1980: Paul Trophy won by Football Team.

12th August, 1980: Mr Alex Frew from Deep River, Ontario, Canada has joined the
Staff this year. Mr Park has exchanged with him and he is in Deep River for one year.

24th November, 1980: Work to eradicate dry rot on south stair continues.

29th January, 1981: Miss Dougherty, Coll. of Education, adjudicated Burns
Federation Verse Speaking.

23rd March, 1981: Work started on construction of new toilet block.

15th June, 1981: P7B outing on “Tay Queen”. Enjoyed sail around the two bridges.

15th September, 1981: P1 Parents‟ Get Together at 10a.m. Large attendance
addressed by school dentist.

30th October, 1981: New toilets opened for use.

27th November, 1981: Five trees planted in Orchar Park.

10th March, 1982: Coffee Evening – most successful. £1018.83 raised.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
8th June, 1982: P6B visited Bannockburn and Stirling Castle.

8th September, 1982: B.P. Road Safety Display for P1-5 – very successful.

28th October, 1982: Four teachers and an interpreter attended school from Japan. A
very successful visit.

14th December, 1982: Open afternoon. Many parents visited a beautifully decorated

4th February, 1983: “Dundee At War” exhibited delivered to school.

11th May, 1983: Rev. T Robertson conducted his first Assembly at Eastern.

3rd June, 1983: Choir and Orchestra performed at Caird Hall.

8th June, 1983: Football Team won Burgess Cup.

15th August, 1983: School reopened. Staff only for one day.
Head Teacher – Miss J. D. L. Wood; A.H.T. (Depute) – Miss R McLaren;
A.H.T.(E.E.) – Miss M Wilson.
1A – Mrs M Stalker                  5A – Mrs A Dobrucka
1/2 – Miss M Wilson                 5B – Mrs R Norrie
2A – Mrs A Cain                     6A – Mrs M Salvin
3A – Mrs E Edwards                  6B – Mrs A Marnie
3/4 – Mrs J White                   7A – Mrs E Smith
4A – Mrs P Russell                  7B – Miss R McLaren
Music – Mrs I Turner                Piano – Mrs Reid
Fabric Craft – Mrs Berridge         Violin – Mrs Davidson
Art – Mr Beveridge                  Brass – Mr Barrie
P.E. – Miss Ogilvie

15th November, 1983: Recital in Bonar Hall attended by nine string pupils.

16th December, 1983: Christmas happening – P1 – P7. Much enjoyed.

28th February, 1984: In-Service afternoon. Curriculum Guidelines. A full planning
discussion on Environmental Studies.

30th March, 1984: Eleven chickens hatched from the original fifteen eggs and they
have been given to an ex-pupil.

22nd June, 1984: Presentation from the Staff to Miss Margaret Wilson on her retiral
after ten years at Eastern.
            Eastern Bugle
                    ‘Blasts from the Past’
22nd October, 1984: Mrs Lamont, Education Project, Keep Scotland Tidy Campaign,
started project with 4A and 3A.

5th November, 1984: Two children from P7A were interviewed on Radio Tay.

14th December, 1984: P7A and P7B visited Tayside Technology Exhibition at
Craigie High School.

7th January, 1985: Mrs L Ferry took up her post as A.H.T. (E.E.)

12th February, 1985: Air samples taken by Environmental Health.

1st March, 1985: Miss R McLaren retired today after 38 years of teaching service.
She came to Eastern in October 1973. The staff entertained her to a dinner during the

27th March, 1985: Swimming Gala took place at 6.30p.m. 5 Gold Medals, 1 Silver,
3 Bronze won by Eastern.

4th June, 1985: Mr Ron Thomson of Grampian T.V. visited school to arrange a

14th June, 1985: Owing to very poor weather, the Sports had to be cancelled three
times. Wettest and coldest June on record.

24th June, 1985: Grampian T.V. filmed programme with Ron Thomson who started
school at Eastern 50 years ago.

19th September, 1985: School chiropodist in school, P5.

25th September, 1985: Fire Station Officer McRae called and approved exits etc.

16th October, 1985: Band Aid sacks of food taken to station.

6th December, 1985: Miss Wood and Mrs Ferry attended official opening of new St
Aidans Project premises.

24th February, 1986: Mr Garlow, teacher from Berlin, [was present] for day at

24th March, 1986: Mrs Cowie visited P6B and spoke about her time as secretary to
Gladys Aylward.

17th May, 1986: Motor Show prizes presented.
             Eastern Bugle
                      ‘Blasts from the Past’
11th September, 1986: Video recording of “paired reading”.

25th November, 1986: Book Sale for pupils and parents. Ochil Bookshop.

23rd December, 1986: Mrs Mary Stalker retired after 22½ years service.

11th February, 1987: Leng Medal won by Morag Gall.

25th February, 1987: P7A and 7B visited Blackness School to experience an
Edwardian School with Mrs Davey of the Museum Service.

17th April, 1987: Puppet Show for P1, 2 and 3. “Never Go With Strangers” by two
community education teachers from Dudhope Arts Centre.

25th June, 1987: At last, [after two cancellations] our School Sports were run.

23rd September, 1987: Meeting with parents to plan Fund Raising.

2nd October, 1987: Mr J Ferrier retired after almost nine years as “lollipop man”. He
was given his presentation by Staff and pupils after Morning Assembly.

21st October, 1987: The Education Convener, Mr M Rolfe, spent the morning visiting
Eastern. He enjoyed his visit and met all the children and staff.

24th November, 1987: A very successful Coffee Evening which raised £903.
Organised by Parent Group.

10th February, 1988: Parents‟ Group meeting held to discuss School Fund purchases
and 75th Anniversary activities.

16th March, 1988: P6A visited the “Discovery”.

22nd April, 1988: P5A, 6 and 7 visited Gold of Pharaohs Exhibition in Edinburgh.
Football Team presented with League Shield and McCafferty Cup by Stewart
Rafferty of Dundee Football Club.

6th May, 1988: Eastern presented with the term trophy for the best kept school award.

26th May, 1988: Mr Flight, Bank of Scotland, spoke about Banking to P6 and 7.

6th June, 1988: P7s left for 5 day trip to York.

22nd June, 1988: Open Day and Exhibition to celebrate our 75th Anniversary. Many
visitors and well covered by Press and Grampian T.V.
             Eastern Bugle
                      ‘Blasts from the Past’
15th August, 1988: School reopened for Staff:
Head Teacher – Miss J.D.L. Wood; A.H.T.(P1-3) – Mrs L.A. Ferry; A.H.T.(P4-7) –
Mrs E.S. Grant.
1A – Mrs Whyte                     4A – Mrs P. Russell
1B – Mrs V. Cumming                4/5 – Mr C. Knight
2A – Mrs L. Ferry                  5A – Mrs E. Smith
2B – Mrs A. Dryden                 6A – Mrs E. Grant
3A – Mrs M. Gunn                   6/7 – Mrs A. Marnie
3B – Miss S. Devlin                7A – Mrs M. Salvin
Learning Support – Mrs M. Clunie (share with Barnhill and Forthill)
Music – Mrs H. Mill                Art – Mr A. Beveridge
P.E. – Mrs Buchanan                Fabric Craft – Mrs M. Berridge
Piano – Mrs Reid                   Violin – Mrs Jamieson
Brass – Mr Barrie

8th September, 1988: Twelve children and three teachers received the Annual Award
for the “Best Kept School” at a reception in the City Chambers.

21st November, 1988: Scottish Chamber Orchestra played for P6/7 and P7A.

22nd December, 1988: P4-7 parties.

24th February, 1989: Mr Peterkin, Leprosy Mission. Film and Talk to P6A, P6/7 and

1st March, 1989: Leng Medal Competition – Rowena Logie.

8th May, 1989: P7s left for residential visit to Ayr.

30th May, 1989: Official opening of Grove Extension by H.R.H. Princess Margaret.
Miss Wood attended the ceremony and the children lined the route.

1st June, 1989: P5A attended Grove Book Fair to hear Ewen Kerr, editor of the

27th June, 1989: Mr Anderson, Rector of Grove, delivered the lectern which was
Grove‟s presentation for our 75th Anniversary.

27th June, 1989: Convener Gloag presented Eastern with a “Keep Dundee Tidy”

28th June, 1989: End of Session Service at 10.30a.m. One of the best yet. School
closed at 12 noon.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
17 August, 1992: I took up post as Headteacher of Eastern Primary School – DM

Nursery: Mrs Fiona McGarry, Teacher; Miss Marie Selby, Nursery Nurse.
P1A – Mrs L Whyte                  P4B – Mrs M Gunn
P1B – Mrs V Cumming                P5A – Mr C Knight
P2A – Mrs L Ferry, D.H.T.,         P5B – Mrs K Arcari
       Mrs S Duffus                P6A – Miss R Merry
P2B – Mrs A Dryden                 P6B – Miss K Barclay, A.H.T.
P3A – Mrs A Dick                   P7A – Mrs J Tunstall-Pedue
P3B – Mrs M Stewart                P7B – Mrs M Baxter
P4A – Mrs F Hainey
L.S.S. Mrs M Clunie; Secretary Mrs Balharry; Auxiliary Mrs S Watson; Janitor Mr J

31st August 1992: At lunchtime, a parent of a P6 pupil came in with the Store
Detective of the local branch of Woolworths to discuss the child‟s shoplifting offence.

2nd September, 1992: Both P7 classes attended Science Fayre at Dundee University.
       The H.T. held a Parents‟ evening meeting to discuss Home/School Links.

23rd September, 1992: School visited by Wendy Body, one of the authors of the
Longman Reading World programme in use throughout the school. An open meeting
for other Tayside teachers was held after school hours.

2nd November, 1992: TV cameras were in school to film footage as background to
Govt. report re. National Testing.

8th December, 1992: Interviews held for Senior Teacher post; Mrs Valerie Cumming
was successful candidate.

11th December, 1992: P1-3 went to Panto at Byre Theatre, St Andrews (a.m.). In p.m.
P4-7 went to Xmas Show at Dundee Rep. Theatre.

15th December, 1992: P6‟s performed “Scrooge” for school. P6 & 7s had parties in

16th December, 1992: P4 & 5s held parties. Nativity Play was performed at Age
Concern premises.

17th December, 1992: Choir performed at Tayside House. P1-3 parties held (also
Nursery). “Santa” visited whole school. Parents of P1 & Nursery invited to last part of
party. M. Alan Mair, Dundee United player gave talk to P5A.
            Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
18 December, 1992: Church Service for whole school held in p.m. in East Church.
Miss Wood was guest at this. The P1-3 (& Nursery) Xmas performance (to include
Nativity) was held for parents in the morning.

22nd December, 1992: Auxiliary post interviewed; Mrs Athene Bergamino appointed.

11th January, 1993: Heavy snow falls.

12th January, 1993: School closed by Director of Education.

13th January, 1993: H.T.s to decide on opening – this school open all day.

14th January, 1993: Director of Education closed all Tayside Schools.

22nd January, 1993: Mrs Mill, Music Specialist off work. Mrs Isobel Turner came in
to work on P7 production “The Evacuees”.

25th January, 1993: The H.T. attended an evening meeting at Grove to hear Director
of Education‟s address on the Govt.‟s plans for “Devolved School Management”.

27th January, 1993: Worrying incident in school (early morning) when teacher was
jostled and overbalanced on stairs. Teacher did not see culprit therefore had to be
treated as possible intruder and police called.

28th January, 1993: Meeting for August Entrant Parents held in evening.

29th January, 1993: TV crew from Northern College came to film in P7A for Maths
training material.

3rd February, 1993: Evening performance for parents by P7s of “The Evacuees”.

4th February, 1993: H.T. to all day course on “Staff Development & Review”.

5th February, 1993: Mr McKay, Mrs McGarry & H.T. heard all Burns Poetry
Competition finalists and chose winners. Very difficult!

24th February, 1993: Mrs Pedoe & D.H.T. attended meeting with Grove staff to
work on recording format for Maths 5-14.

26th February, 1993: Promoted staff attended Leng Medal Competition finals.
Standard over final 14 entries was very high. Andrew McMaster was declared winner.

2nd March, 1993: In the evening, Mr Hunter, Rector, Grove Academy & Senior
Management team spoke, at Eastern, to P7 parents.
            Eastern Bugle
                         ‘Blasts from the Past’
12 March, 1993: Non-uniform Day for pupils/uniform day for teachers to raise
funds for U.N.I.C.E.F./Comic Relief.

16th March, 1993: P6 & 7s attended Cross Country Championships at Camperdown
Park. Kevin Steele P7B won medal for 3rd place.

18th March, 1993: P7s visited Vane Farm and Leuchars Air Base as part of project
work on “Flight”.

22nd March, 1993: P2 & 3 pupils to Grove for technical rehearsal for part in Hydro
Electricity‟s Young Generators Drama Festival. This event is to encourage “Cluster”
productions. Eastern‟s input is “The Shoemaker & the Elves” performed by P2 & 3

24th March, 1993: H.T. attended “Fair Selection” course for H.T.s at Lovat Hotel,

29th April, 1993: The H.T. held a meeting of P7 parents to discuss Dalguise and Sex

5th May, 1993: A parents‟ meeting was held to discuss P4-7 Activities afternoons.

10th May, 1993: Mr C Robertson, S.R.U. worked with P7 pupils on Mini-Rugby

11th May, 1993: Mr McKay of the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf visited to collect used
stamps collected for the appeal.

13th May, 1993: An evening preview of “Sex Education” video was held for P7

18th May, 1993: Nursery, P1 & 2s had show by “Mr Boom” a well-known children‟s
TV personality.

20th May, 1993: Danish visitors spent the morning in school looking at Maths in
action (P1B & P7A). They found much in common with their own system and
expressed delight and enjoyment of the visit.

21st May, 1993: P7s had first video/lesson on Sex Education.

27th May, 1993: P4A were taken on the Michelin vintage bus for a tour of Broughty
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
2 June, 1993: Mrs Fee, Psychologist in for case conference (P2 pupil) and for
Reviews of S.E.N. Supported Group pupils.

9th June, 1993: Mrs Pedoe attended interview for post of H.T. Monikie P.S. – she was
successfully appointed to this post.

14th June, 1993: P7s leave for week of outdoor education at Dalguise Centre. H.T.,
A.H.T., Mrs Pedoe, A Mackay (Minister), A Thurstone (student teacher), J Brogan-
Shaw (student) accompanied.

15th June, 1993: P2 & 3 pupils performed edited version of “ Elves & Shoemaker” at
Caird Hall as part of Dundee Music Festival.

21st June, 1993: School Sports held p.m. at Orchar Park. This year a version of
“Potted Sports” was tried – successfully.

23rd June, 1993: Mrs Duffus, S.E.N. teacher is to transfer to Kellyfield in August; her
successor, Mrs Beaton visited. A social evening was held for the army of parent

25th June, 1993: Reports out to all parents. A disco was held in the evening for all
pupils as a reward for keeping the school litter free all year.

29th June, 1993: P7 parents attended an open hour to view Personal Projects and to
hear P7 choir. This was very well-attended. At the p.m. interval presentations were
made to Mrs Pedoe and Mrs Duffus. Mrs Strong, who will replace Mrs Pedoe until a
Senior Teacher replacement appointment is made, visited.

30th June, 1993: LAST DAY of SESSION 1992/93. Roll at end of year = 356 pupils.

16th August, 1993: Headteacher: Mrs D M Elder, M.Ed.; Depute Headteacher: Mrs L
Ferry; Assistant Headteacher: Miss K Barclay.
Class organisation:-
P1A – Mrs V Cumming, Senior Teacher                 P4A – Mrs M Gunn
P1B – Mrs A Dryden                                  P4B – Mrs K Arcari
P2A – Mrs L Ferry                                   P5A – Mrs L Strong
P2B – Mrs A Dick                                    P5B – Mrs M Stewart
P3A – Miss K Johnstone/Mrs M Beaton (S.E.N.) P6A – Mr C Knight
P3B – Mrs F Hainey                                  P6B – Mrs M Baxter
                                                    P7A – Miss R Merry
                                                    P7B – Miss K Barclay
Miss Johnston is covering for Mrs Lynn Whyte who is on sick leave recovering from
major surgery; Mrs Strong is covering the post vacated by Mrs Pedoe – this post of
Senior Teacher will be appointed after interviews held.
            Eastern Bugle
                            ‘Blasts from the Past’
Specialist Teachers:-
Art – Mrs Oswald                    L.S – Mrs Clunie
Fabric Craft – Mrs Sopala           Nursery – Mrs McGarry
P.E. – Miss Mills                   Nursery Nurse – Miss Selbie
Music – Mrs Hill
Instrumental Tutors:-
Piano – Mrs Reid                    Brass – Mr Barry
Chanter – Mr Duncan                 Violin – Mrs Jamieson
Ancillary Staff:-
Clerkess – Mrs Balharry             Auxiliary – Mrs Bergamino
Janitor – Mr McFarlane              Playground Supervisor – Mrs Swanky

17th August, 1993: Pupils resumed. New intake 52. Roll 347.

25th August, 1993: The H.T. held a meeting for English Dept. staff (Grove) and P7
teachers (Eastern & Forthill) to set up organisation of joint work on P7/S1
Transitional Unit in English Language.

26th August, 1993: The H.T. held evening meeting with P7 parents to discuss
Dalguise trip and “Joseph” production.

31st August, 1993: H.T. attended meeting of Regional Working Party on the
Government‟s new guidelines for “Information For Parents”. The Government would
now demand that the school‟s handbook for parents contains new items i.e. exam
results, truancy figures, school costs, policies for R.E. and S.E.N.

9th September, 1993: The H.T. attended a meeting for H.T.s on the joint Education &
Social work initiative “Strategy for Young People”. P7 pupils attended a Science Fair
at Dundee University.

10th September, 1993: Throughout this week the promoted staff have met with
teachers to discuss their Forward Plans.

11th September, 1993: The Dundee District Council chose Eastern as one of
Dundee‟s interesting buildings to open for the public from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

20th September, 1993: Mrs Whyte, Senior Teacher (who is on sick leave) was
appointed to D.H.T. post at Wellbrae P.S.)

22nd September, 1993: Mr Logue, Miss Tipping and H.T. conducted Senior Teacher
Interviews. Mrs Dawn Archibald was the successful candidate.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
28 September, 1993: Tonight the production of “Joseph” opened at Gardyne Road
Theatre – P6s are Junior Choir. Show to run all week with matinee and evening shows
on Sat 2nd Oct.

29th September, 1993: Visitors from Indonesia were brought by Professor Elder and
Mr Lindsay Logan, Northern College.

30th September, 1993: D.H.T. Mrs Ferry, offered position of Staff Tutor (cross-
curricular) – position accepted.

25th October, 1993: A staff presentation was held for Mrs Lynn Whyte as she leaves
to take up D.H.T. post at Wellbrae P.S.

1st November, 1993: Mrs Baxter, Mrs Gunn, Mrs Clunie, Mrs Strong, Mrs Cumming
and Miss Johnstone off. 61 pupils off. There is no doubt that we now have epidemic
of Beijing „flu‟. H.T. reports this to parents. Only 3 supplies sent to cover all

4th November, 1993: Mrs Christie, Adviser and Mrs Ferry assisted H.T. in
conducting interviews for Acting A.H.T. post. Mrs Val Cumming was the only and
successful candidate.

5th November, 1993: A staff presentation was held for Mrs Marie Selbie, N.N. as she
leaves to take up Maternity Leave. There are still 5 teachers off due to „flu‟ and very
high numbers of children.

25th November, 1993: Review meetings for S.E.N. Cluster pupils held individually
with parents, Dr Dewar, Mrs Fee & Mrs Beaton in attendance.

30th November, 1993: St Andrews afternoon held for P6 pupils – Mrs Spalding,
parent, provided bagpipe accompaniment for dancing; parents provided Scots fare for
eating – scones, pancakes, tablet, dumpling etc.

2nd December, 1993: H.T. covered P7s to allow teachers to take 8 pupils to Radio
Tay to present cheque for £5919.91 raised by “Joseph” production for “Caring for
Kids” appeal. 2 pupils were interviewed on Radio Tay.

13th December, 1993: Whole school went to Rep, Dundee to see Xmas production
“The Princess & the Goblin”.

14th December, 1993: Nursery, P1 & 2 pupils presented their Nativity Play to
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
24 January, 1994: Mr J Pole, staff tutor attended regular after school INSET
session to discuss new Report format for reporting pupil progress to parents.

26th January, 1994: H.T. held 2 meetings (p.m. & evening) for parents to detail
school‟s Assesment Policy and new Reports.

7th February, 1994: P.A.T. (Planned Activity Time) for teachers was concerned with
issue of Teachers‟ Workload due to number of new Govt. initiatives.

10th February, 1994: Mrs Dugdale and Mr R Robertson, Architect visited to discuss
brief for remodelling of school (scheduled for 1995).

18th February, 1994: Leng Medal Competition held – winner was Jenny Hart.

28th February, 1994: Interviews held for new N.N. Mrs Angela Valentine was
successful candidate.

8th March, 1994: Scottish Opera Workshop held with P5 & 6‟s. H.T. held “Spring
Fayre” meeting with parent volunteers.

22nd March, 1994: P7s visited Caird Hall, Dundee to hear talks by an astronaut and a
diver. Chess team played home game against D.H.S.

24th March, 1994: Senior Teacher interviews held: Mrs Irene Morton was appointed.
Visitors from Hong Kong spent p.m. in school discussing School Development
planning with H.T. and staff.

26th March, 1994: A very successful Spring Fayre was held in school: £2,400 was
raised to buy new Archimedes computers and ware.

25th April, 1994: P7s left for a week of outdoor education at Dalguise Centre.

13th May, 1994: H.T. attended briefing session: Govt. Performance Indicators.

17th May, 1994: P7 pupils hosted a meeting for their parents to show video of
Dalguise and follow up work.

26th May, 1994: Australian cricket coach, Mr P Drinnan, worked with P6 & 7 pupils.

10th June, 1994: Councillor Cathro presented chess set to school.

20th June, 1994: Presentations to retiring Kitchen Supervisor (Mrs A Martin) and
School Crossing Patrol Officers (Mrs Bingsell and Mr Jackson).
            Eastern Bugle
                         ‘Blasts from the Past’
28 June, 1994: “Oliver” for parents. H.T. and D.H.T. took 8 pupils to Dundee City
Chambers to receive Courier award for Best Primary School from Lord Provost. Staff
presentation of wedding gifts to Mrs Mill – to become Mrs Thompson after holidays.

29th June, 1994: Presentations to Mrs Hainey who takes up maternity leave and Miss
Johnstone who moves to a permanent post at Hillside P.S.

16th August, 1994: Class Organisation:
P1A – Mrs D Archibald (Senior Teacher)    P5A – Mrs M Stewart
P1B – Mrs K Arcari                        P5B – Miss A Singer (covering Mrs
P2A – Mrs V Cumming (Acting A.H.T.)       Baxter‟s sickness absence)
P2B – Mrs A Dryden                        P6A – Mr C Knight
P3A – Mrs I Morton (Senior Teacher)       P6B – Miss W Gold (covering D.H.T.
P3B – Miss M Hair (covering Mrs Hainey‟s Maternity Leave)
P4A – Mrs A Dick/Mrs M Beaton             P7A – Miss K Barclay (Acting D.H.T.)
P4B – Mrs M Gunn                          P7B – Miss R Merry
Headteacher – Mrs Doreen Elder; Secretary – Mrs H Balharry; L.S.S. – Mrs M
Clunie; Nursery – Mrs F McGarry (Teacher), Mrs A Valentine (N.N.); Visiting
Specialists – Miss M Gray (Art), Mrs H Thomson (Music), Miss P Mills (P.E.), Mrs
H Wightman (Fabric Craft); Piano – Mrs A Reid, Violin – Mrs V Jamieson, Brass –
Mr Barry, Chanter – Mr Duncan, Janitor – Mr J McFarlane, Auxiliary – Mrs A
Bergamino, Playground Supervisor – Mrs M Stewart.

2nd September, 1994: Visit by Mr McLafferty and Mr McConnel re. school

28th September, 1994: P6 pupils visited Baldovie – unfortunately their bus was
involved in a slight bump and the pupils had to return to school. Two children were
taken to hospital but were found to have very minor injuries.

18th October, 1994: An afternoon session of the Early Language/Reading Workshop
was held for P1 parents.

29th November, 1994: Immunisation programme for Measles/Rubella held in school
for all pupils.

6th December, 1994: Interviews held for new Playground Superviser. Mrs Morag
Stewart appointed.

7th December, 1994: H.T., A.H.T. and Secretary attended D.S.M. (Devolved School
Management) course.
            Eastern Bugle
                         ‘Blasts from the Past’
17 January, 1995: Financial Monitoring visit. H.T. to meeting re. Local
Government Reorganisation.

20th January, 1995: H.T. meeting at Dudhope Centre re. P6 boy transferred there due
to behavioural problems.

23rd February, 1995: “Soiree” for parents: pupils playing instruments, Burns Comp.
Winners, Leng Medal winner.

20th March 1995: Visitation of directors of Gillies, Furniture in connection with
schools project – part of firm‟s centenary celebrations.

25th March, 1995: Spring Fayre held 10-12 noon. Superb response raising approx
£2,500 for school.

29th March, 1995: Presentation to Mrs Lorna Ferry as she leaves to take up headship
of Gowriehill P.S.

30th March, 1995: Presentation to Miss Singer, Probationer who has covered Mrs
Baxter‟s 9 month absence.

31st March, 1995: Presentation to Mrs Heather Balharry, Secretary, who retires after
26 years in the post. Presentation also to Miss Hair who has been covering Mrs
Hainey‟s Maternity Leave.

26th April, 1995: In the evening a buffet supper was held at Woodlands Hotel, for
present and former staff, to mark the retiral of Mrs Balharry and promotion of Mrs

8th May, 1995: V.E. Day Holiday – to commemorate 50th Anniversary of end of
World Was II. 2 pupils taken by Mrs Archibald to attend the Provost‟s street party.

12th May, 1995: Interviews held for Secretary‟s post: Mrs Agnes Stark appointed

16th May, 1995: Short leet interviews for D.H.T. post: Mrs Anne Whaley appointed.

26th May, 1995: 20 pupils taken to Castlegreen to witness the installation of a new
climbing frame donated by Gillies.

14th June, 1995: P4B Parent/Teacher Interviews held by supply teacher, Miss Young,
in Mrs Gunn‟s continued absence.

16th June, 1995: Entertainment by “Whinny Kids” for new P1 entrants, current P1‟s
and 2s.
            Eastern Bugle
                         ‘Blasts from the Past’
Tragically, Stacy Menzies, prospective P7 pupil died of “sudden death syndrome”
during the holidays.

15th August, 1995: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Mrs A Whaley, A.H.T. – Miss K Barclay.
P1A – Mrs F Morrison
P1B – Mrs K Arcari                        P5 – Mrs M Stewart
P2A – Mrs V Cumming (Senior Teacher) P6A – Miss K Barclay
P2B – Mrs A Dryden                        P6B – Mrs M Baxter
P3 – Mrs A Dick                           P7A – Mr C Knight
P3/4 – Mrs I Morton (Senior Teacher)      P7B – Miss R Merry
P4 – Mrs M Gunn
P4/5 – Mrs D Archibald (Senior Teacher)/Mrs M Beaton (S.E.N. group)

24th August, 1995: Very sadly, our Music Specialist, Mrs Heather Thomson died
after a short illness.

31st August, 1995: H.T. and A.H.T. met with P7 pupils to discuss a project in Stacy
Menzies name and memory:- to put on a big musical production, “Flying High”. It
was hoped that this will prove to be a therapeutic activity for these grieving

5th September, 1995: Visit by P4 & 5 to Family Awareness Week at Our Lady of
Good Counsel Church (all classes visit during week).

12th September, 1995: Penny Mile laid by P4-7 pupils at Castle Green to raise funds
for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. Mrs Spalding came to play pipes as
pupils danced up the “mile of pennies” once this was laid. This was quite a
spectacular event.

18th September, 1995: Parent/Teacher Interviews to be held for parents of P3,4 & 5.
These were classes “composited” this session. This step was cause for concern by
parents. However, at the end of these P/T Interviews, Reports from teachers showed a
more positive view by parents as pupils had settled well and were presenting as happy
in school.

16th October, 1995: Winter Term begins – Miss Barclay D.H.T. in France on
residential visit as part of French course.

27th October, 1995: Evening Halloween Disco for P1-3 & P4-7 pupils.

3rd November, 1995: Current playground craze of playing with POGS is beginning to
cause some problems of theft. Promoted staff investigating and advising staff and
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
22 November, 1995: Evening meeting for parents on Discipline held by H.T.

28th November, 1995: After some weeks of absence, Mrs Marta Gunn has been
granted early retirement on grounds of ill-health.

4th December, 1995: Sandi McGregor P5 attended Tayside House to be presented
with a prize in the Director of Education‟s Christmas Card Competition. Winners of
the school Christmas Card Competition were P1-3 India Russell; P4-5 Alice Hewett;
P6-7 Jill Buick and Gillian McCrae.

11th December, 1995: The upper school P3-7 attended the matinee performance of
“Cinderella” at Dundee Rep theatre.

18th December, 1995: Presentations were made to Mrs Gunn on the occasion of her

19th December, 1995: P4/5 visited Dens Park.

20th December, 1995: Mrs Karen Anderson appointed to replace Mrs Gunn.

1st & 2nd February, 1996: Evening performances of “Flying High” – memorial
production by P7 for Stacey Menzies – played to a packed theatre on both evenings at
Gardyne Theatre. We were pleased that Stacey‟s parents had the courage to attend on
the Friday evening.

7th February, 1996: Heavy snow closed school.

20th February, 1996: Alison Beattie, Ross Kenny, Zoe Laing and Jody Mitchell to
rehearse weekly with Grove Junior band.

6th March, 1996: Scottish Opera Workshop with P7.

13th March, 1996: The absolutely shocking news was heard that a gunman had
entered Dunblane Primary School and had shot and killed 15 Primary 1 pupils and
their teacher, Mrs Gwen Mayor, before shooting himself. The H.T. took all classes
into the hall in stages to discuss this dreadful happening and to try to prevent panic
and fear from infecting the pupils.

26th March, 1996: Pupils‟ performance – Scottish Opera Workshops – Bonar Hall.
Parents performance (evening) – Scottish Opera Workshops – Bonar Hall.

23rd May, 1996: Inset Day. School‟s Out pupils found refuge in school (a.m.) while
Security Services checked East Church Hall in preparation for the visit by Princess
Anne in p.m. H.T. was amongst number presented to Her Royal Highness.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
30 May, 1996: H.T. to Security Seminar – part of follow-up to Official Enquiry in
the aftermath of the Dunblane tragedy.

14th June, 1996: P3 held medieval banquet with superb food provided by parents.

20th June, 1996: Cricket team led by Pete Drinnen and Craig Knight won the Scottish
section of the Wrigley Soft-ball Tournament. They are invited to participate in the
British final to be held at Edgbaston in mid July.

24th June, 1996: Farewell to Eastern presentation by P7 to parents. Last day. In p.m. a
large party left the school to travel to Edinburgh to see “The Phantom of the Opera” in
the Playhouse.

19th August, 1996: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, Depute H.T. – Mrs Anne Whaley, A.H.T. – Miss K
P1A – Mrs V Cumming (Senior Teacher) P5 – Mrs M Stewart
P1B – Mrs K Anderson                     P5/6– Miss Barclay/Mrs Beaton (S.E.N.)
P2A – Mrs F Morrison                     P6 – Mrs D Archibald (Senior Teacher)
P2B – Mrs K Arcari                       P7A – Miss R Merry
P3B – Mrs A Dryden                       P7B – Mr C Knight
P3A – Mrs A Dick
P4 – Mrs I Morton (Senior Teacher)
P4/5 – Ms M Baxter
Secretary – Mrs A Stark, Auxiliary – Mrs A Bergamino, Janitor – Mr J McFarlane,
Playground supervisor – Mrs M Stewart.

20th September, 1996: P7 pupils enjoyed Safetaysiders event – simulated safety
situations organised by various services – Police, Ambulance etc.

4th October, 1996: Harvest Thanksgiving Service in school – food donations to the
Cyrenians. Last day of term.

30th October, 1996: Anti-Drug Team Discovery Challenge: Eastern‟s team – John
Nicoll, Rachel Gibson, Jed Davis, Sally Gowland, Sam Tilston and Rebecca White
came 3rd in this event and enjoyed a civic presentation evening at the City Chambers.

January, 1997: Burns Competition: All pupils from P1-7 participated with very high
standards of recitation in evidence. Our “outstanding” pupil was Maroua Al-Saffar
who had arrived in the country and in the school with no English the previous August.
            Eastern Bugle
                         ‘Blasts from the Past’
13 March, 1997: Author‟s Visit: P5, 5/6, 6 & 7 benefited from meeting and
listening to local authors; Ron Thomson, Dr Anne Swinfin, Andrew Jeffrey and Emil
Pacholek. This was followed by the Official Opening of our new library by Mrs Anne
Wilson, Director of Education.

19th March, 1997: Information Evening for all parents on Drugs Awareness.
Presentations by Social Work personnel: Rita Keyte, Frankie Claridge, Ron
McIlquhan, David Mitchell. Fairly poor attendance of 30 parents.

18th April, 1997: Jack & The Beanstalk: The P6 & P7 show attracted a full capacity
audience at Gardyne Theatre. This was a superb production with very high standards
of acting and singing by the pupils involved.

7th May, 1997: Cross Country Event: 26 schools took part in this event. The overall
winner was Nicolas Rosenweig P6, Ross Howie, Robert Cannon, Ross Duncan, Lewis
Reid and Marco Caira all won 3rd prizes.

9th June, 1997: Dundee Music & Drama Festival: Pupils playing musical instruments
and a P7 choir were entered for this bi-annual event. Douglas Campbell (1st
Elementary) and Jenni-Lee Brown (3rd Advanced) did very well in the Bagpipes
Chanter competition. A brass ensemble of P6 pupils (Ross Kenny, Billy Smith,
Caroline Cumming, Colin Erskine, Alison Beattie, Zoe Laing and Jody Mitchell)
came 1st in their section.

19th June, 1997: Film crew from Northern College of Education filmed teachers
conducting “Circle Time”.

Mid-June, 1997: H.T. notified of school inspection by HMI to begin Sept. ‟97.

Mrs Karen Anderson was transferred to Hillside Primary due to reduction in staff
numbers at Eastern.

August, 1997: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Mrs A Whaley, A.H.T. – Miss K Barclay.
P1A – Mrs K Arcari                P4B – Mrs I Morton
P1B – Mrs F Morrison              P5 – Mrs M Baxter
P2A – Mrs V Cumming               P5/6 – Mrs D Archibald
P2B – Mrs A Dick                  P6 – Mr C Knight
P3A –Mrs A Dryden                 P6/7 – Miss R Merry
P3B – Mrs M Stewart               P7 – Miss K Barclay
P4A – Mrs A Whaley
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
Session 1997/98: H.M.I. School Inspection: H.M.I. inspected the school at the end of
September ‟97. The Report published in January 1998 was described as “the best
report of a Dundee Primary School” in recent years”. We were extremely proud of our
very positive Report highlighting the many strengths of the school and stating that no
educational aspects were judged to be in the “fair” or “unsatisfactory” categories. The
Report was an accurate reflection of the hard work and dedication of the school staff.

School Refurbishment Programme: From October ‟97 to May ‟98 the school has
undergone a major refurbishment programme. The exterior toilets have now been
removed and we are enjoying the luxury of indoor facilities. All classrooms were
painted, carpeted and had vertical blinds fitted. This entailed a great deal of upheaval
as classes were moved to accommodate the work. Again, great credit to the teachers
who ensured that lessons for the pupils continued smoothly throughout the upheaval.
New security measures have also been installed and should be operational for the new

Stop That Goose: The P6 & 7 show attracted a full capacity audience at Gardyne
Theatre over both evenings. This was a superb production with very high standards of
acting and singing by the pupils involved.

Burns Competition: All pupils from P1-7 participated with very high standards of
recitation in evidence. Our “outstanding” pupil was Jimmy Ross, P7. Six other P7
finalists were awarded 1st prizes for their word perfect recitations of all 8 verses of
“To A Haggis”.

Leng Medal: 12 finalists with superb voices made judging extremely difficult; Emma
Johnston was this year‟s winner.

Hosannah Rock: P4 pupils rehearsed and performed this musical version of the
Christmas story to their parents and families. Their performance was excellent and
greatly enjoyed by large audiences. Thanks to their two talented teachers, Mrs Morton
& Mrs Whaley.

Pupils‟ Council: After official voting by all upper school pupils, the Pupils‟ Council
came into being. This year‟s representatives were – P5 Catherine Beattie & Joel
Hewitt; P6 Laura Wighton & John Nicoll; P7 Sally Gowland & Andrew Thomson.
These representatives have met regularly with the Headteacher to discuss ongoing
school matters. One of the innovations from the Council was the setting up of a
School Tuck Shop which has been quite successful.

Cross Country Event: 26 schools took part in this event. The overall winner was
Nicolas Rosenweig P7. Ross Howie, Robert Cannon, Jed Davis, Lewis Reid all won
1st prizes.
             Eastern Bugle
                           ‘Blasts from the Past’
Anti-Drug Team Discovery Challenge: Eastern‟s team – David Wilson, Catherine
Beattie, Stephanie Hutton, David Gourlay, Robert Cannon & Zoe Laing represented
the school.

School Staff: Mrs Dawn Archibald and Mrs Fiona McGarry were promoted to
Assistant Headteacher posts (Blackness Primary School and Kinloch Primary School).
Mr Jim McFarlane, school janitor and P.C. Sid Keillor, Community Liaison Officer
both retired. We anticipate the departure of Mrs Moira Beaton, S.E.N. teacher who is
transferring to Grove Academy. We were pleased to welcome Miss Lesley Ward as
new Nursery teacher and Ms Rhona Merry as new Senior Teacher.

August 1998: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Mrs A Whaley (later Miss K Barclay),
A.H.T. – Miss K Barclay (later Mrs P Baxter).
P1 – Mrs F Morrison                 P4/5 – Mrs M Baxter
P1/2 – Mrs V Cumming (Senior Teacher) P5 – Mrs I Morton (Senior Teacher)
P2 – Mrs A Dick                     P5/6 – Mrs D Archibald
P3A – Mrs M Stewart                 P6 – Mr C Knight
P3B – Mrs A Dryden                  P7 – Miss R Merry (Senior Teacher)
P4 – Mrs K Arcari                   P7 – Miss K Barclay

Session 1998/99: Reading for Enjoyment: In line with our H.M.I. Action Point: to
improve pupils‟ motivation to read for enjoyment, the following activities have taken
Reading Records kept by each pupil over Winter and Spring Terms with a target of 6
books per term read by P1-3 pupils and 4-6 books by P4-7 pupils. The majority of
pupils completed Records with the result that they had vastly exceeded the target set.
We have been fortunate to be able to substantially increase the amount of books
available for pupils. This has been done by Government funding (Year of Reading),
Book Fairs, tokens from crisps and newspapers etc.

Alice: The Musical: The P6 & 7 show attracted a full capacity audience at Gardyne
Theatre over both evenings. This was a superb production with very high standards of
acting and singing by the pupils involved. The show was produced and directed by
Miss Barclay, D.H.T. and Miss Merry, Senior Teacher.

Leng Medal: 12 finalists with superb voices made judging extremely difficult; Calum
Stewart was this year‟s winner.

SafeTaysiders: P7 enjoyed a day of simulation exercises with Firefighters, Ambulance
teams, Police, Gas/Electricity representatives etc, to increase their awareness of risks,
how to act and react in emergency situations.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
Anti-Drug Team Discovery Challenge: Eastern‟s team – Andrew Melville, Lisa
Wojciechowski, Katie Lockhart, Alistair Small, David Mitchell & Emma Knight
represented the school.

New Computer Systems: We are all excited by the installation of new PC Tulip
Computers with colour printer, CD Roms etc. These computers can be networked
across the school and offer the pupils greater opportunities for increasing their
expertise in Information Technology. In addition to the 9 new systems installed by the
Education Authority we are grateful to have acquired 2 additional systems: 1 from
Spring Fair funds and 1 from Tesco coupons kindly donated by school parents and

Accidents/Illness: Over this school session there have been 2 road accidents
concerning a P2 and a Nursery pupil. Fortunately both children recovered quickly but
were very alarming and frightening experiences for their, & other, parents & school
staff. Very recently we were all extremely concerned about P1 pupil who was
hospitalised with suspected Meningococial Meningitis. This was a very traumatic
experience for the child‟s parents with which all other parents could empathise. It was
a great relief when the final diagnosis of Septicaemia was made and the child began to
make a good recovery.

School Staff: Mrs Whaley, D.H.T. was appointed to Headteacher at Hillside Primary
School and took up this post in January. We were delighted when Miss Barclay,
A.H.T. was appointed as Depute Headteacher to replace Mrs Whaley. Mrs Cumming
conducted the duties of Acting Assistant Headteacher until the new A.H.T. is
appointed. Mr Larry Whyte took up post as Janitor.

August, 1999: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Miss K Barclay, A.H.T. – Mrs P Baxter.
P1 – Mrs A Dick                   P4B – Mrs K Arcari
P1/2 – Mrs V Cumming (Senior Teacher) P5 – Mrs M Baxter
P2 – Mrs F Morrison               P5/6 – Miss A Dalziel
P3A – Mrs M Stewart               P6 – Mr C Knight
P3B – Mrs A Dryden                P6/7–Mrs R Merry-Donaldson (Senior Teacher)
P4A – Mrs P Baxter                P7 – Mrs I Morton (Senior Teacher)
Session 1999-2000: H.M.I. Majesty‟s Inspectors of Schools returned in November to
check on the progress made by the school to meet targets set from the initial
Inspection. It was concluded that the school had satisfactorily met all targets and that
there would be no further visits required in connection with the School Inspection
reported in January 1998. We were delighted with this outcome. All staff at Eastern
are commended for their commitment to meet these Action Points. We were also
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
delighted that the Dundee City Council Education Authority met their targets to re-
surface the playground, re-site the entrance to the staff car park and install pupil
toilets within the school building. The lead Inspector, H.M.I. Mr Muir, set a problem-
solving challenge for the P7 pupils to investigate the optimum number of staff cars
that could be fitted into the irregularly shaped car park. This involved the pupils in a
great deal of data-gathering, measuring, drawing plans and creating models. Group
findings were presented to Mr Muir and he expressed praise for their high standards.
The winners were judged to be: Gary Oswald & Zen Butt and Kaya Chatterji and
Katherine Devlin. They received book tokens and all pupils shared an enormous tin of

P6/7 Show: Moving On: “Moving On” was a show written especially for the new
millennium. It was an ambitious project involving large amounts of parts, props and
costumes. The show attracted a full capacity audience at Gardyne Theatre over both
evenings. This was a superb production with very high standards of acting and singing
by the pupils involved. The show was produced and directed by Miss Barclay, D.H.T.
and Mrs Merry-Donaldson, Senior Teacher.

Leng Medal: 12 finalists with superb voices made judging extremely difficult; Kaya
Chatterji was this year‟s winner.

Anti-Drug Team Discovery Challenge: Eastern‟s team – Stephen Devlin, Lizzie
Findlay, Charlotte Sutherland, Philip Cipriano, Joanne Duncan and Michael Groves.

Millennium Events: With the assistance of the Ranger Service a new tree was planted
in the playground. The millennium tree planting ceremony was conducted by
Councillor Fiona Grant with the help of the following children to represent their
classes:- Ruairidh Morrison, Nuala Boal, Allister Robb, Libby Francis, Andrew Mills,
Joanne Findlay, Senan Alsanjari, Craig Malone, Melanie Webb, Daniel Tyrell, Alice
Cannon. All pupils in school contributed to the contents of a millennium capsule
which was buried in the playground when the playground was being resurfaced. The
unveiling of the plaque to mark the place of burial of our Time Capsule was
conducted by Mr Sandy Weston, Education Services Manager, with the following
children to represent their classes:- Julia Walker, Callum Laxy, Fiona Hay, Alexandra
Todd, Matthew Landsburgh, Cathleen Holligan, Richard Sim, Lesley Anne Philip,
Ben Robertson, Ailsa Moir, Rachel Boath, Liam Bonar. The School Board supported
this event by providing each child with a newly-minted 2p coin.
We received many compliments re. the attractiveness and novelty of the children‟s
millennium wishes “dressing” the trees in the playground. An additional excitement
was when Mr Bob Grant from BBC Radio Scotland recorded a few of the children‟s
wishes for one of the editions of “Good Morning Scotland” to be broadcast during the
week between Christmas and New Year.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
New Computer Systems: Development work has continued very successfully in this
aspect of our work. Teachers and pupils have benefited from training provided by the
local Education Authority. Parents also had the opportunity to become acquainted
with Authority policy and practice when Laurie O‟Donnell, Development Officer,
attended a parents‟ evening to talk on current and future innovations and
developments in ICT work in Primary Schools. Eastern School Board hosted this

Visitors To The School: We have benefited from having high numbers of students,
studying both Nursery and Primary Education, working in school. Some of these have
been final year students from University and College conducting thesis work. This
includes two students from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. We also
accommodate a large number of Work Experience pupils from across the City. Many
guest speakers from various agencies e.g. Police, Fire Service, Health, etc. have added
their expertise to class project work. Several neighbouring schools have come to
Eastern to look at our programmes in R.M.E., Maths and Early Reading, with a view
to themselves adopting these, after tapping into our staff‟s experience and expert

School Staff: Some changes to the school staff have taken place this year. We
welcomed the following staff into post: Mrs Pamela Baxter as Assistant Headteacher;
Mrs Linda Marshall as part-time Clerical Assistant; Mrs Maureen McIllravey as
Classroom Assistant.

August 2000: Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Mrs K Barclay-Bayne, A.H.T.
– Mrs P Baxter.
P1 – Mrs F Morrison              P5A – Mr C Knight
P1/2 – Mrs V Cumming             P5B – Mrs K Arcari
P2 – Mrs A Dick                  P6A – Mrs I Morton
P3 – Miss S Elder                P6B – Mrs M Baxter
P3/4 – Mrs A Dryden              P7 – Mrs R Merry-Donaldson
P4 – Mrs M Stewart               P7 – Miss A Dalziel

Session 2000/2001: P6/7 Show: All On A Summer‟s Day: “All On A Summer‟s Day”
was written by Alan Urquhart, Headteacher of Dunnikier Primary School in
Kirkcaldy. Alan also wrote two of our previous successful productions: Flying High
and Stop That Goose. The show attracted a full capacity audience at Gardyne Theatre
over both evenings. This was a superb production with very high standards of acting
and singing by the pupils involved. The show was produced and directed by Mrs
Barclay-Bayne, D.H.T. and Mrs Baxter A.H.T. Our Music Specialist Mrs Linn and
class teachers Mrs Merry-Donaldson, Mrs Richmond, Miss Dalziel, Mrs Morton and
Mrs Baxter all worked tirelessly and enthusiastically with the pupils to present this
superb show.
            Eastern Bugle
                         ‘Blasts from the Past’
Snow Days: For the first time in many years we lost two days this winter when, due to
adverse weather conditions, the Director of Education closed all schools.

Leng Medal: 12 finalists with superb voices made judging extremely difficult; Chris
Hainey was this year‟s winner.

P6 & 7 - Weekly swimming lessons and participation in Dundee Schools Swimming
Competition (organised by Mrs Morton). The Eastern Team won this event. Our
winning team members were: Stephen Smith, Andrew Philp, Alan S Mann, Tom
Phillips, Laura Herd, Natalia Webster, Claire Farrell, Ashley Smith, Mark
MacKintosh, Ben Robertson, Angus Johnston, Lewis Knight, Katie Young, Charlotte
Sutherland, Rhiann Livingstone and Roana Ashford.

Meningitis Immunisation Programme: All pupils, with parental permission, were
immunised at school to protect them from this condition.

School Staff: We welcomed the following staff into post: Mrs Linda Marshall as
Secretary, Mrs Linda Dingwall as part-time Clerical Assistant, Mrs Dawn Taylor as
Classroom Assistant, Miss Lyndsey Soutar as Nursery Nurse to our enlarged Nursery,
Miss Sarah Elder, P3 Teacher, Mrs Hilary Richmond to cover for Mrs Merry-
Donaldson‟s maternity leave.

Property Matters: All pupils‟ desks were renovated with new tops by Dovetail.
Modifications have been made to turn a middle corridor cloakroom into an Art Room
and    the    Upper     (hitherto   unused)    Mezzanine      corridor    into  a
Science/Technology/Problem-solving base.

August 2001: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Mrs K Barclay-Bayne, A.H.T. – Mrs P
P1M – Mrs F Morrison             P5B – Mrs M Baxter
P1B – Mrs P Baxter               P6K – Mr C Knight
P2D – Mrs A Dick                 P6R – Mrs H Richmond(later job-share with
                                 Mrs R Merry-Donaldson)
P2C – Mrs V Cumming              P7D – Miss A Dalziel
P3 – Mrs A Dryden                P7M – Mrs I Morton
P3/4 – Miss S Elder              L.S. – Mrs M Clunie/Mrs M Logie
P4 – Mrs M Stewart               Nursery Teacher – Mrs N Hutchison
P5A – Mrs K Arcari

Session 2001/2002: P6/7 Show, The Wizard of Oz: “The Wizard of Oz” is a long
established and well-known show. The P6/7 pupils of Eastern brought a freshness and
liveliness to the whole production that made it tremendously enjoyable. The show
attracted a full capacity audience at Gardyne Theatre over both evenings.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
This was a superb production with very high standards of acting and singing by the
pupils involved. The show was produced and directed by Mrs Barclay-Bayne, D.H.T.
and Mrs Baxter A.H.T. Our Music Specialist Mrs Linn and class teachers Mrs Merry-
Donaldson, Mrs Richmond. Mr Knight, Miss Dalziel, Mrs Morton and Mrs Baxter all
worked tirelessly and enthusiastically with the pupils to present this superb show.

Theatre At School: Pupils in P3-7 had a performance of “The Lion, The Witch and the
Wardrobe” by M&M Productions in school. Pupils in P1 & 2 and the new August
entrants enjoyed a show by Mousetail Puppets as part of their induction programme.

Dundee Arts Festival: For the first time, the Education Department of Dundee City
Council provided a showcase for the multitude of artistic, musical and creative talent
in Dundee schools. We were delighted with the array of gold, silver, and bronze
awards to the pupils who represented the school in the various events:
Violin solo – 1 gold; Bagpipe solo – 2 gold; Brass solo – 1 silver; Vocal solo – 1
silver, 1 bronze; Piano solo – 1 bronze; Cello solo – 1 gold; Choral Group – gold;
Brass Group – gold; String Ensemble – gold; Gymnastics Group – bronze.

Golden Parties: All pupils enjoyed an afternoon of 1950‟s games and feasting on
“golden party food” (supplied by parents) to mark the Golden Jubilee of H.M. Queen
Elizabeth. This event was joint venture between school and P.T.A.

Leng Medal:12 finalists with superb voices made judging extremely difficult;
Mohinoor Chatterji was this year‟s winner.

Disco: Eastern Staff and P.T.A. combined to run two enjoyable discos for Halloween
and St Valentine‟s Day.

P7 Sports Champions: This year‟s winner of the Boys Trophy was Stephen Smith,
with Stephen Devlin (2nd) and Dean MacDonald (3rd). The Girls Trophy was won by
Laura Herd, with Ailsa Moir (2nd) and Sara Kemal (3rd). Well done all!

Broughty Ferry Art Society Prize For P7: This year the local Art Society has offered a
prize for the best piece of artwork in P7. This prize was won by Stevie Strachan.
Stevie‟s picture was on display at the Art Society‟s exhibition in St Aiden‟s Hall.

Channel 4 Interviewing Skills Opportunity: 12 of our P7 pupils were chosen to
participate in the above event whereby Channel 4 personnel were trawling for “young
interviewers” around Britain‟s schools. We are delighted that one of our pupils,
Mohinoor Chatterji, has won through to the next stage of this event which takes him
to London in the Autumn.
             Eastern Bugle
                           ‘Blasts from the Past’
New Computer Systems: Development work has continued very successfully in this
aspect of our work. Teachers and pupils have benefited from training provided by the
local Education Authority. We have now built up enough computers to add a
Computer Suite to our facilities to enable dierct ICT teaching opportunities. We were
delighted to receive a huge amount of Tesco Vouchers which will enable us to add to
our hardware.

Spring Fayre: Organised by the P.T.A. in aid of School Funds with a target of
improving playground facilities, e.g. playground games, environmental garden, etc.
Once more this was a very successful venture with a tremendous response both in
terms of donations and numbers attending. Total raised was £2500. Although we have
added many playground games to our stock, most of this year‟s Spring Fayre profits
were used to provide water coolers for every classroom. This is in line with the
“Hydration For All” research which has shown the many beneficial effects to health,
concentration etc, of access to regular drinks of cool water.

Art Area: This academic session, we have had a cloakroom altered and refurbished to
create an Art/Craft area for the use of all classes. The lack of sinks in classrooms has
always made Art work problematic in that water had to be carried into classrooms.
The new facility comes complete with sinks.

Science/Technology Area: Staff have recently been working to transform the Upper
Mezzanine on the 4th floor from a “catch-all” for unused items to a
Science/Technology Resource base. We hope to have this fully operational next

Parent/Teacher Interviews held in September ‟01 and March ‟02 were very well
supported. The new McCrone agreement has given teachers a greater influence in
determining the use of hours outwith the class contact hours. In most Dundee schools
the 2 sets of Parent/Teacher Interviews have been decreased to 1 set. Teachers at
Eastern chose to continue with 2 sets with a slight alteration to the timing i.e. the 2nd
set changed from June to end of March. Staff at Eastern have also opted to trial the
new electronic Reports to Parents this year.

School Staff: We welcomed the following staff into post – Mrs Aileen Wilson as
Classroom Assistant, Mrs Hilary Richmond and Mrs Rhona Merry-Donaldson as job-
share partners, Mrs Natasha Hutchison as Nursery Teacher.

Broughty Ferry Traders Art Competition: The winners of this local competition were
Ruairidh Morrison (P3) and Amy O‟Donnell (P4). The competition was judged by Mr
Paladini of Eduardo Alessandro Studios and prizes were awarded there.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
August 2002: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder, D.H.T. – Miss K Barclay, A.H.T. – Mrs P Baxter.
P1C – Mrs V Cumming (Senior Teacher) P5 – Mrs M Baxter
P1E – Miss S Elder                       P5/6 – Miss A Dalziel (to become Mrs A
P2M – Mrs F Morrison                     P6 – Mr C Knight
P2D – Mrs A Dick                         P7A – Mrs K Arcari
P3D – Mrs A Dryden                       P7M – Mrs I Morton (Senior Teacher)
P3S – Mrs M Stewart                      L.S. – Mrs M Logie
P4 – Mrs P Baxter
P4 – job-share Mrs Merry-Donaldson (Senior Teacher)/Mrs H Richmond
Nursery – Mrs N Hutchison, Nursery Nurses – Mrs A Valentine, Miss L Soutar;
Classroom Assistants – Mrs A Wilson, Mrs D Taylor; Auxiliary – Mrs A Bergamino;
Playground Supervisor – Mrs M Stewart. Secretary – Mrs L Marshall; P/T clerical
assistant – Mrs L Dingwall.

Session 2002/2003: P6/7 Show, The Rocky Monster Show: “The Rocky Monster
Show” is a long established and well-known show. The P6/7 pupils of Eastern
brought a freshness and liveliness to the whole production that made it tremendously
enjoyable. The show attracted a full capacity audience at Gardyne Theatre over both
evenings. This was a superb production with very high standards of acting and singing
by the pupils involved. The show was produced and directed by Miss Barclay,
D.H.T., Mrs Baxter A.H.T., Mrs Morton and Mrs Arcari. Our Music Specialist Mrs
Linn and class teachers Mr Knight and Mrs Gleig all worked tirelessly and
enthusiastically with the pupils to present this superb show.

Pantomine: Pupils from P1 through to P7 had theatre brought to the school by M&M
Productions, Kosmic Krew. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience funded by
the P.T.A. The Nursery enjoyed an outing to the cinema.

Theatre At School: Pupils in P3-7 had a performance of “The Little Princess” by
M&M Productions in school. This production has an anti-bullying theme. Again
P.T.A. funds covered costs. Pupils in P1 & 2 and the new August entrants enjoyed a
show by Mousetail Puppets as part of their induction programme. P.T.A. covered
costs for P1 & 2 pupils; School Board financed the production for new entrant P1s.

REME Engineering Challenge: This event, hosted by Eastern involved teams from 4
schools and 2 teams from Eastern (P6 & P7). Pupils were awarded points for design
plans and written specification as well as for effectiveness of vehicle produced (tested
by distance travelled). In a close finish between our 2 teams, the P7 team won.

Dundee Mini-Enterprise: A group of P6 participated in this very interesting event.
The challenge was to build a time-saving machine. Our team‟s “Mean Dream Wonder
Machine” was much admired!
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
Willow-Weaving: The P.T.A. funded further work being done by upper pupils and a
team of 2 Willow Weavers to repair and extend the Willow-weaving on our railings.
This work was filmed for Scottish National Heritage.

Science Tutor: The 5-14 Science Programme has recently been reviewed and a new
programme devised. In order to assist implementation, P2-7 have benefited from
some model lessons by Science Tutor, Gill Paton.

Semi-Chem Safety Waistcoats for P1,2 & 3 Pupils: As part of the “Be Safe, Be Seen”
campaign, pupils in P1-3 had a talk from Road Safety personnel and each received a
fluorescent vest financed by Semi-Chem.

P3 – Spring Into Science: P3 pupils enjoyed a morning of Science workshops at
Powrie Primary School.

Leng Medal: 12 finalists with superb voices made judging extremely difficult; Caitlin
Raeper was this year‟s winner.

Football: The school football team coached by Mr Knight had another very successful
year which led them to play in the final for the Burgess Cup. They played v Forthill
who won the cup. Well done boys!

Planetarium At Eastern: P4 pupils, when studying “Space”, as a topic in
Environmental Studies were very fortunate to have the renowned Astronomer,
Broadcaster and Writer, Mr Brian Kelly bring a marvellous transportable Planetarium
to school to illustrate his talk.

P7 Sports Champions: This year‟s winner of the Boys Trophy was Connor Hutton,
with 2nd Danny McGuff and 3rd Aaron Green. The Girls Trophy was won by Rachel
Crowe, with 2nd Laura Robertson and 3rd Sarah Irvine. Well done all!

Broughty Ferry Art Society Prize For P7: This year the local Art Society has offered a
prize for the best piece of artwork in P7. This prize was won by Roberto Caira. This
picture was on display at the Art Society‟s exhibition in St Aiden‟s Hall.

P7 – creative writing lessons with Matthew Fitt, Scots Language Development
Officer. This work culminated in a workshop at DCA in Dundee to make a large
collage of work. This was exhibited in DCA for a time.

Pupil Council – A Pupil Council of 4 Primary 6 and 4 Primary 7 pupils has been
meeting regularly. They have led the setting up of a Healthy Tuck Shop in the
Summer Term. The P6 members will be involved in the setting up of the new P1-P7
Buddy System to begin in August ‟03.
             Eastern Bugle
                          ‘Blasts from the Past’
Recognition By SEED/HMIE: It was a great honour that Eastern Primary School was
selected as one of only 11 schools in Scotland to be case-studied for excellent
practices within the seminal document of the Government‟s Improvement Agenda
(How Good is Our School).

August 2003: Class Organisation:
Headteacher – Mrs D M Elder (until 3rd October), D.H.T. – Miss K Barclay, Acting
A.H.T. – Mrs Natasha Hutchison. Senior Teacher post now removed.
P1M – Mrs F Morrison                      P4B – Miss Susan Bruce (supply)
P1D – Mrs A Dick                          P5 – Mr C Knight
P2C – Mrs V Cumming                       P5/6 – Mrs M Baxter
P2E – Miss S Elder                        P6 – Mrs A Gleig
P3D – Mrs A Dryden                        P7A – Mrs K Arcari
P3S – Mrs M Stewart                       P7M – Mrs I Morton
P4R – Mrs R Merry-Donaldson/Mrs H Richmond L.S. – Mrs M Logie

Session 2003/2004: Autumn Term begins: This will be the final term for H.T. who
will retire on 3rd October. The A.H.T. post vacated by Mrs Pam Baxter (who was
promoted to H.T. of Park Place P.S. in April) remains vacant – this is due to the
McCrone Agreement which advocated the removal of A.H.T. posts. The replacement
Promoted Structure has yet to be agreed. It is envisaged that the new H.T. will appoint
Mrs Baxter‟s replacement. In the interim, Mrs Natasha Hutchison will continue to
fulfil the Acting A.H.T. duties and Miss Susan Bruce will take over the teaching
duties (P4).

19 August, 2003: School began for pupils. Roll = 352 Primary and 60 Nursery pupils
(7 new Primary pupils enrolled today). In the p.m. Dr Harrower conducted a Briefing
session with appropriate staff on the use of epipen for emergency use with pupils who
have severe allergies. (5 pupils in Primary, 4 in Nursery).

20 August, 2003: P.T.A. meeting where H.T. discussed arrangements for 90th
Anniversary celebrations.

21 August, 2003: Evening Telegraph photographer to take pictures of P1 pupils and 3
sets of twins who have entered P1 (Leslie; Mullay; Lilburn). Mrs Linda Samuel,
Educ-Psychologist (school) visited – as did Mrs Mary Taylor (Ed.Psych – Nursery).

12 September, 2003: School‟s 90th Birthday was celebrated with a Birthday Cake
ceremony, class parties and playground games.

13 & 20 September 2003: A superb Exhibition of photographs and memorabilia
spanning the school‟s nine decades was held on both Saturday mornings attended by a
substantial crowd. This material will be stored for the school‟s Centenary in 10 years

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