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									Leeds Metropolitan University
Graduation Photography
A high quality photography service is available for all Graduates attending the Graduation
Ceremonies. The photographers can take a professional portrait of you as an individual
and with your family or friends in the studios, or as you are presented “On the Stage”.

                     Please order online at:
                     Please order as far in advance of the ceremony as possible

You may also order by post by completing this form. Send the form to the address
overleaf using the Graduate’s Name & permanent address in BLOCK CAPITALS please.
Title:              First Name:                                        Surname:



Daytime Tel:                                                            Mobile:

Email: (NB - Receipt will be sent by email only)

Your details may be used to send you other information. If you do not wish to receive any please tick this box [ ]

*IMPORTANT* - Please make sure you fill out the below information correctly

Ceremony Date:                                                                Ceremony Time:

The complete choice is shown overleaf. We recommend two packs described here which give
special savings…

                                                                    GRADUATION PACK - Including your
                                                                    Family Photographs
Pack Includes:                                                      Pack Includes:
1. Standard Portraits of the Graduate                               1. Studio Portraits of the Graduate
2. One set of Family Portraits                                      2. Extra 12”x 8” Photograph for framing
3. One set of Presentation Photographs “On the
                                                                    3. One set of Family Portraits
4. Standard Photograph Frame worth £24.95                           4. One set of Presentation Photographs “On the Stage”
                                                                    5. TWO special Brushed Silver Frames normally £60
                                                                    each, for your Certificate and the 12”x 8” photo.
                                                                    This pack includes all you need for your graduation
                                                                    and is shown on the coloured flyer.

FREE Standard Photograph                                            FREE Quality Brushed Silver
Frame worth £24.95 included                                         Certificate Frame worth £60 included
with this Pack                                                      with this Pack

You may order your photograph on CD for only £5 in advance – normally £10.

You may also choose to have the photographs printed on Kodak Professional Premium Gloss paper for £5 per scene.
Gloss papers enhance colour and clarity of the photograph and give added depth and resonance to the photograph.

(Please tick the boxes and add the amount to your total)

                                                                                                 IMAGE         GLOSS
 Packs include a selection of photographs and frames with special savings      Price £   QTY
                                                                                                 ON CD         PAPER

 Graduation Pack with Family Photographs
 Studio Portraits of the Graduate plus an extra 12” x 8” photo for
 framing. One set of Family Portraits, one set of Presentation
 Photographs and two very special Brushed Silver Frames (normally £60         185.00
                                                                                                Add £15 for   Add £15 for
 each) one for your Certificate and one for the 12” x 8” Graduate                               entire pack   entire pack
 photograph. FREE Brushed Silver Certificate Frame worth
 £60.00 is included with this Pack.
 Graduation Pack
 As above but without the Family Portraits.
 FREE Brushed Silver Certificate Frame worth £60.00 is                                          Add £10 for   Add £10 for
                                                                                                entire pack   entire pack
 included with this Pack.
 Combination Pack
 Standard Portraits of the Graduate, one set of Family Portraits, one set      85.00
 of Presentation Photographs and a                                                              Add £15 for   Add £15 for
                                                                                                entire pack   entire pack
 FREE Standard Photograph Frame (worth £24.95)
 Studio Portraits
 Three 10” x 8”, one 8” x 6”, four 5” x 4” and four smaller photos of the
 Graduate in the studio, and a
                                                                                                  Add £5        Add £5
 FREE Standard Photograph Frame (worth £24.95)
 Standard Portraits
 Two 10” x 8”, one 8” x 6”, two 5” x 4” and four smaller photos of the         29.95                            
 Graduate in the studio.                                                                          Add £5        Add £5

 Economy Portraits
 One 10” x 8”, one 8” x 6” and two 5” x 4” photos of the Graduate in           15.95                            
 the studio.                                                                                      Add £5        Add £5

 Family Portraits
 Two 10” x 8” and four 5” x 4” photos of ONE family scene. You may
 order multiple sets of “Family Portraits” for all the combinations of
                                                                                                  Add £5        Add £5
 family you have! Each set is for one scene.
 Presentation Photographs – ‘On Stage’
 One 10” x 8” and two 5” x 4” of the Graduate being presented “On the          24.95                            
 Stage” at the moment of Graduation – an essential photo to have!                                 Add £5        Add £5

 Postage, Packing and Insurance *(payable with every order)
                                                                               4.95*      1
 OVERSEAS post and packing £14.95 Europe and £24.95 elsewhere

      Please order online at                                   TOTAL £
                                                                                   add post and packing
   **We close POSTAL pre-ordering 5 working days before the Ceremony. If ordering by post,
           please send this form in plenty of time so it reaches us before your Ceremony**
Send this form ASAP with a cheque payable to SUCCESS to:
SUCCESS, 9 Reigate Rd, Sidlow, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8QH
For enquiries please go to the website, email or telephone 01293 822211.

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