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									                                                                                                                              July 2000

   Hispanic                                                           CLUE
    CLUE                                                    Cultural & Linguistic Understanding of Ethnicity                               c

                                                            Realities of Retail
                                        In the last decade Hispanics have at      •Target Corporation is aggressively and
       informa:                         once become much more numerous
                                        and less homogenous. These changes
                                                                                  successfully attracting Hispanic
                                                                                  consumers through altering its
                                        have spurred retailers into action to     advertising and merchandising.
    Check out this upcoming             create effective ways to market to this
    Ethnic marketing event:             segment of the U.S. population.           • They have used Latino celebrities in
                                                                                  their ads, created a Spanish-language
                                        •The Hispanic population has a            version of their Target Family Magazine,
 Seventh Annual Ethnic                  current buying power of more then         and run print ads in popular Hispanic
 Marketing Conference                   $380 billion.                             publications.
  September 25-27, 2000                                                           •Target also carries more smaller-
                                        • By 2020, that number is projected
  University of Chicago                 to surpass $520 billion.                  size clothes and brands that are more
Gleacher Center, Chicago IL                                                       popular among Hispanics at store
contact:   Many retail companies have already        with a high volume of Hispanic
                                        recognized the importance of              customers.
                                        targeting the Hispanic consumer
                                                                                  • At more than 200 Target stores
                                        market. Companies would be loco,
                                                                                  movies and music are available in
                                        to overlook this great opportunity.
                                                                                  Spanish. Bilingual in store
                                        •Sears has been a leader in               advertisements and product
                                        Hispanic Marketing by advertising         specialization is a key new focus.
 CREO International
                                        52 weeks a year in Spanish-
  520 Marquette Avenue
       .                                                                          • Other companies paying close
                                        language media.
        Suite 700                                                                 attention to the Hispanic consumer
    Minneapolis, MN

                                                                                                                                               Retail Marketing
                                        •They also have a Spanish-language        include JCPenney, General Mills,
       55402-4444                       magazine called Nuestra Gente that        Heineken, Best Buy, Ford, and
                                        is full of advertisements and             General Motors.
                                        editorials covering topics of             There are many ways retailers can
      (612) 342-9800                    Hispanic cultural importance as
                 or                                                               reach the rapidly growing U.S.
                                        well as in store advertising in           Hispanic market. However, truly
      (800) 632-1388                    Spanish..                                 establishing a presence in the
                                                                                  Hispanic marketplace takes time and
                                        •Fingerhut Companies Inc.has
                                        recently launched an ad campaign
                                                                                  Sources: U.S. News & World Report, “Hispanics don’t
                                        and catalog distribution strategy         exist,” 5/11/98 v124 n18 p26(6). Star Tribune,
                                        aimed at Hispanics. Their first           “Marketing to Hispanics heats up,” Ann Merrill,
                                                                                  5/11/00., “A special report on
                                        geographical focus is Chicago.            key trends that have driven the past 20 years and will
                                                                                  shape the next 20,” 4/3/00.

                                              Did you know Hispanics in L.A., New York, Chicago,
                                        ?     and Miami prefer to be marketed to in Spanish, but in other large
                                              markets such as San Francisco and San Antonio most prefer English?

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