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					                               Reading Resources for Special Education Students

 Grade      Format      Subject                  Title                Ranking          Evaluation Comments                  Location
Spanish 1 Web page   Culture       Don Quijote                   A              This website is a great resource for       Online
                                                                                Spanish students. All levels of            Resource
                                                                                students will benefit from this site, it
                                                                                contains many culture points and
                                                                                information, as well as links to other
                                                                                spanish websites.
Spanish 1 Book       Grammar       Avancemos by McDougal Littlell B             This textbook is a pretty good source Personal
                                                                                for beginning level Spanish students. Library
                                                                                I feel as though it has a great
                                                                                representation of the Spanish
                                                                                culture, as well as a great
                                                                                vocabulary list. The grammar points
                                                                                seem a little vague to me for a
                                                                                student who has little or no prior
                                                                                knowledge in Spanish.
AP        Book       Literature    Cien Años de Soledad by       A              This novel by Márquez is considered        Personal
Spanish                            Gabriel García Márquez                       one of the best of all time, in all        Library
                                                                                languages. It is a great
                                                                                representation of Spanish literature
                                                                                and culture. It is a more difficult
                                                                                book to read, so I have it suggested
                                                                                for upper level AP students.

Spanish 1 Book       Grammar       501 Spanish Verbs             A              The 501 Verb book is a great way for Personal
                                                                                students to find different verbs and Library
                                                                                their conjugations. It is a good
                                                                                resource for beginning students to
                                                                                increase their level of
                                                                                comprehension and writing ability.

                               Reading Resources for Special Education Students

Spanish 4 Book       Vocabulary    Usual: Gran Diccionario usual   A   This is a good dictionary for an           Personal
                                   de la lengua Española               upper level Spanish student, it gives      Library
                                                                       definitions to words in Spanish, so it
                                                                       requires a good understanding of the
                                                                       language. It acts like a small
                                                                       thesaurus in the Spanish language
Spanish 1 Book       Vocabulary    Webster's New World Spanish     A   This dictionary is a great starter level   Personal
                                   Dictionary                          dictionary. It allows students to look     Library
                                                                       up Spanish words in the English
                                                                       translation, and vice-versa. It is a
                                                                       great tool to increase vocabulary and
Spanish 1 Web page   Grammar       Spanish Resources Online        B   This is a webpage with links to many       Online
                                                                       different websites related to the          Resource
                                                                       Spanish language. There are many
                                                                       grammar websites, links to
                                                                       dictionaries and some with different
                                                                       games. One thing that could be
                                                                       improved on this webpage is the
                                                                       descriptions of the websites it
                                                                       contains links to. They are a little too
                                                                       vague for a good understanding.

Spanish 3 Video      History       Frida, Naturaleza Viva          A   This is a movie on Frida Kahlo, a       Personal
                                                                       famous female Latin American            Library
                                                                       painter. The movie is a portrayal of
                                                                       her life, starting in her childhood and
                                                                       going on to her adulthood. There is a
                                                                       more recent version of the movie,
                                                                       but this movie has a better historical
                                                                       value for students. There are a few
                                                                       parts that are unappropriate for
                                                                       younger students, so I placed this
                                                                       movie for a level 3 Spanish class.

                               Reading Resources for Special Education Students

AP        Unit       Culture       Sevilla/Andalucia WebQuest   A   This is a website designed for            Online
Spanish                                                             Spanish teachers. It is a project         Resource
                                                                    designed to last 2-4 weeks, allowing
                                                                    the students to research a city in
                                                                    Spain, Sevilla. The students will
                                                                    learn about different things to do in
                                                                    the city, as well as the culture of the
Spanish 2 e Book     Grammar       Caperucita Roja              A   This is the Spanish version of the        Online
                                                                    well known story Little Red Riding        Resource
                                                                    Hood. It is a good resource for a
                                                                    lower level Spanish class to learn
                                                                    different verb forms, and review
                                                                    older forms of verbs they have
                                                                    learned in past years.
Spanish 1 Web page   Grammar       SpanishDict                  B   SpanishDict is an online Spanish to       Online
                                                                    Engligh Dictionary. It gives the user     Resource
                                                                    as many different translations as
                                                                    possible, but once in a while I feel as
                                                                    though the dictionary does not
                                                                    contain words that it ought to. This
                                                                    is good for all levels of Spanish
Spanish 1 Web page   Grammar       Babel Fish                   B   The Babel Fish translation is one of      Online
                                                                    the best online free translation tools    Resource
                                                                    available. Most of the time it gives a
                                                                    great translation, although students
                                                                    or the user will want to check the
                                                                    translation with a Spanish speaker.
                                                                    This is good for all levels of Spanish
                                                                    students, lower levels in particular.

                               Reading Resources for Special Education Students

Spanish 1 Web page   Country       The World Factbook            A   This is the CIA World Factbook, and      Online
                     Information                                     I have the link set to go to the         Resource
                                                                     country profiles part of the page,
                                                                     and the students will be able to
                                                                     select a country from the drop down
                                                                     menu at the top of the page. This
                                                                     will give the students all information
                                                                     pertaining to any country, for my
                                                                     classes specifically the Spanish-
                                                                     speaking countries.

Spanish 3 CD         Culture       Buena Vista Social Club       A   The Buena Vista Social Club CD is a   Personal
                                                                     great way for students to hear        Library
                                                                     Spanish music, as well as learn
                                                                     about some Spanish culture. It is my
                                                                     personal favorite for Spanish music,
                                                                     and I have provided a link to the
                                                                     website (there is a documentary also
                                                                     on the Buena Vista Social Club,
                                                                     which is what the website pertains to
                                                                     mostly, but there is a link for the
                                                                     music also).

Spanish 3 Book       Literature    Como Agua Para Chocolate by   A   This is a novel written in Spanish,     Personal
                                   Laura Esquivel                    the English translation is "Like Water Library
                                                                     for Chocolate." It is a fairly easy
                                                                     read, but being a novel, a third year
                                                                     student or higher should read this. It
                                                                     is a good introduction to literature in
                                                                     Spanish, with a plot line easy for
                                                                     high schoolers to follow.

                               Reading Resources for Special Education Students

Spanish 1 Web page   Grammar       Learn Spanish          B        This website allows the user to        Online
                                                                   "learn" the Spanish language by        Resource
                                                                   using the worksheets and lessons it
                                                                   has available. While it is a great
                                                                   review for a first year student before
                                                                   a test, I would not rely on it to
                                                                   "teach" someone the language.

AP        Web page   Vocabulary    Spanish Lesson Plans   A        This is a website upper level             Online
Spanish                                                            students can use to get ideas for         Resource
                                                                   different lessons to teach. I have
                                                                   used this before when coming up
                                                                   with a lesson plan for a Spanish
                                                                   lesson, and I think it would be a
                                                                   good resource for upper level
                                                                   students to use, because the best
                                                                   way to learn something is by
                                                                   teaching it to others.
Spanish 1 Web page   Vocabulary    Free Translation       B        This is an online free translator, that   Online
                                                                   can be good for first year students       Resource
                                                                   to learn the translation of English to
                                                                   Spanish and vice versa. As always, I
                                                                   suggest being careful when using
                                                                   free translators, they do not always
                                                                   give you what you need!

Spanish 2 Web page   Culture       El Mundo               A        El Mundo is a Spanish newspaper. It       Online
                                                                   is all online, which is great for         Resource
                                                                   Spanish students, as they are able
                                                                   to learn what is going on in the
                                                                   Spanish-speaking world, mainly
                                                                   Mexico with this newspaper.

                           Reading Resources for Special Education Students

Spanish 1 Web page   Grammar   Spanish Games          A        This website is a great tool for    Online
                                                               younger Spanish students. It allows Resource
                                                               the learner to explore the Spanish
                                                               language through games. This allows
                                                               the student to enjoy themselves
                                                               while learning.

   Format       Ranking      Subject      Grade       Location
e Book      A             Vocabulary Spanish 1      Personal Library
e Journal   B             Grammar      Spanish 2    NMU Library
Picture     C             History      Spanish 3    Online Resource
Web page    D             Culture      Spanish 4
e Video     E             Literature   Spanish 5
e Audio     F                          AP Spanish
                          Country Information

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