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									                         Class Exteriors Advantage
Conscientious Hardworking College Students. All of Class Exteriors managers are
college students. They have been hired by our company because they are studying Building and
Construction Management and possess the ambition and desire to work their way through school. They
have been professionally trained to satisfy our customers and will impress you with their knowledge and

Experience and Training. Class Exterior is an affiliate of CW Construction which has been in
business since 1994 and has developed a reputation for quality renovation jobs in apartments as well as
single family homes. All of our Branch Managers are continually trained on the latest construction techniques
and estimating procedures. They are knowledgeable about all exterior renovations/improvements and are
prepared to address your concerns. The managers have been certified by our company and trained to handle
all residential projects. In fact, we has already completed renovations on over 17,000 residential units.

Quality Workmanship. 70% of all renovation projects failure is due to poor surface preparation and
installation. All Class Exterior crews have been professionally trained in all aspects of renovation. We are a
unlimited licensed general contractor in over 12 states throughout the Southeast. Also, we have a built in
quality control system. First, we will not accept any final payments until the customer signs that they are
satisfied with the final project and second, our crew can't start another job until we receive your signature.

Detailed Written Estimate. While other companies are comfortable taking a quick look at your house,
Class Exteriors will usually spend up to an hour carefully examining and measuring your home. We want to
understand your concerns and answer your questions. Our goal: a detailed breakdown of your home with a
price that reflects the scope of the project.

Two Year Written Warranty. Class Exteriors guarantees quality. We understand the requirements of
residential renovation and feel that we renovate homes as well as, if not better, than most other full time
contractors. In fact we offer a warranty that they won't even consider two years on both labor and
materials. This further ensures our commitment to a quality product. We want your business now and
five years from now.

References. We have worked on almost every type of residential structure: most likely one similar to
yours. We have satisfied thousands of customers and can provide a list of references. One of our slogans is
"Take care of your customers and they will take care of you".

Good Value. Price isn't always the most important factor in hiring a contractor. Although we are
usually less expensive than most other professionals, we still offer all of the benefits. A guarantee of
quality workmanship, worker compensation insurance, and $1,000,000.00 liability insurance.
These combined with price make an unbeatable combination.

High Quality Materials. Class Exteriors utilizes only the top quality products from our national
accounts with Sherwin Williams, Owens Corning, Tamko, HD Supply and James Hardi Siding.

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